Charles Kelley - The Only One Who Gets Me Lyrics

Kinda selfish
A little crazy
But you love me anyway, baby
I'm hard to handle
I'm sometimes reckless
With a heart that's always restless

You're the only one
The only one who gets me good
Who knows me like nobody ever could
Who holds me, strong
Who puts me back together when it all goes wrong
Yeah I want you to know you're the only one who gets me

You're timeless
A little glamour
With a little wine you're my tiny dancer
You're the calm
You're the steel
When my mind starts spinning those wheels

You're the only one
The only one who gets me good
Who knows me like nobody ever could
Who holds me, strong
Who can put me back together when it all goes wrong
Yeah I want you to know you're the only one who gets me

Yeah we're home
That's what you feel like

Yeah girl you're the only one who gets me
I, oh who could steal all my attention
Even after all this time
Who loves me so strong
Who can put me back together when it all goes wrong
And I want you to know you're the only one who gets me

You're the only one

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Charles Kelley The Only One Who Gets Me Comments
  1. Steph

    Who could ever dislike this song ?? it’s so beautiful it makes me cry every time ❤️❤️

  2. Amanda Truan

    I want this to be my wedding song

  3. theditti1010

    Beautiful. ❤️

  4. Matome frans Mogoma

    South Africa loves your music

  5. Lucinda Alexander

    what a great voice! Not too hard on the eyes either.
    Love those long legs. Cassie ~ you are a lucky woman.

  6. Steph

    I mean 😭😭😭😭😭😭❤❤❤

  7. Kristine Lusby

    This was our Wedding song, brings me back to our first dance every time.  Thank you Charles!

  8. Saree 981

    Isn't that Darius's guitarist?

  9. Graham King

    One helluva voice this guy was blessed with. Absolutely beautiful singing voice

  10. foreveraftergirl

    Thank you Charles for this amazing love song. I feel your heart for your wife when you sing it, it's why my hubby and I love it SO much :) Thank you for pouring out your heart into a beautiful song.

  11. Lauren McAdams

    This is going to be our first dance song in 31 days. It's such a perfect song!

  12. Sophie Howell

    Is there an instrumental version of this anywhere??

  13. Dawn Behunin


  14. catherine lamarre

    Your wife is a lucky woman 😉👍

  15. Shireen Hendricks


  16. M B

    The first dance song at our wedding last year!

  17. christopher hovell

    Get it !

  18. Sarita


  19. Joseph Dvorsky


  20. Tracy Richards

    Awesome Voice, saw him on batchelorette also. Will definitely be looking out for this guy , Brilliant 😀

  21. Jasmin Bentley

    Could listen to his voice all day!

  22. kitty susca

    PERFECT pitch

  23. kitty susca

    This song is beautiful.Someone should use it in a movie.Not a reality show.A movie.

  24. Kadence Grimes

    how is this song not a hit

  25. Shannon Thibeault


  26. Shannon Thibeault

    You rock! Keep on keeping on!

  27. Patty Korhummel

    love his voice

  28. Jes B

    There's only only one...

    Julie Carrillo

    Jes B "I want you to know you're the only one... who gets me.."

  29. Grace Kelly

    Oh my gosh this is beautiful 💋🐂🐴☃️👢👢

  30. Lee Alexander

    Love this song I feel like my husband my best friend is the only one who gets and loves me for me

  31. lisa sterling

    awesome voice with great lyrics

  32. GooseTeamSix

    This is just one of those songs that explains the relationship between you and that special someone. In other words, it is perfection on a whole nother level.

  33. Kerry-Ann Bailey

    EVERY time I hear this song I'm in tears. So beautiful!

  34. Augie Tsukiyama

    My favorite favorite song💖💖💖

  35. sharon m byrne

    wow music lyrics ♡♡♡♡♡♡☆☆☆☆☆

  36. sharon m byrne


  37. Leila Karimi

    I wanna be his wife 😂😂

  38. Leila Karimi

    This is so beautiful

  39. Julia Love

    This song literally makes my heart ache cause I'd love to have this kind of love. Damn....

  40. Jess

    Bought the cd ! I loooove it !! I blast it all day haha
    Great work Charles ! ❤️

  41. Karhy Burns

    oh my gosh what an amazing song . I love it

  42. Amber S

    This is a pretty song! :)

  43. BevAnn

    OK!!! Charles Kelly SANG on "The Bachelorette"!!! I am sorry, I thought you All were saying that He was a BATCHLOR!!!! Ha-ha!! Yes, I agree with All of You, He is a great singer & the song "You Get Me" was written for His Wife of 4 years, on the Show!!! So many of You have never heard Him or known His background with the group Lady Antebellum!! I would recommend anyone interested in Him more do a search on Him here on UTUBE & listen to more of His latest Solo album or the many great song's He sings with the group"Lady Antebellum"! He is truly a great singer!! 💜 👍

  44. BevAnn

    Maybe the Bachelorette used this song on the show but Charles Kelly is Married and is the singer of Lady Antebellum!! Hillary whom He's done many Duets with had a baby & Lady Antebellum is just taking a break!! They are still a band. Charles and Hillary have both written songs on their own but, it's a temporary deal. I agree He's doing great on His own but, I have to say Hillary is also writing some beautiful song's!! HE'S NOT A BATCHLOR & even devotes a song to His Wife on "The Driver" called "She Gets Me"!! Take a listen!! 💜 Charles Kelly and Lady Antebellum too!! 👍 💗 👏

  45. anonýműs ON

    Que voz é essa migs???

  46. D.C. Turza

    Could have been written for my beloved wife of twenty years and me...for all the years, for all you are to me, thank you! CK, thank you immensely!

  47. Clara Medeiros

    I hope it melts your wife like it does the rest of us listening...

  48. Te labelle

    Thanks Bachelorette for letting us know this amazing song ❤️

  49. Caroline Slezak

    Bachelorette brought me here! ❤ Best song ever

  50. Matt P

    Chords please? I see Bb, then Gm?

  51. Brittany Moldovan

    Yessss. I heard this song on the bachelorette and I had to look it up! It made me cry💗💗💗 Sooo Beautiful!

  52. Christine Bories

    beautiful song lovely words

  53. Trish R

    I hope Lady Antebellum didn't split up!! Having said that, such a beautiful song, Mr Kelley..

  54. Vanessa Hutras

    Your voice is absolutely amazing!! Would you perform at my wedding?! 😍😭

  55. Jessica Gong

    heard this on the bachelorette😍

  56. Celia White

    Because of the Bacherlorette I know of this song. My BFF is getting married on a beach this summer and she needed a song and I recommended this song! It's PERFECT!!! Thank you Charles!

    Aleigha Catherine

    I was just thinking how beautiful this would make as a wedding song too!!!

    pukhraj singh

    even i got to know abt this song bcoz of the bachelorette.

  57. Erna Roinestad


  58. Amanda Waddington

    I cried thinking about my babe this will be our wedding song ♡

    Angie Butler

    That's sweet Amanda Waddington. It is a beautiful song for a wedding :)

    Amanda Waddington

    +Angie Butler ty sweetheart ♡

    Angie Butler

    +Amanda Waddington you are welcome :)

    Phil Goodwin

    Great singer

  59. Judi Kinnart

    Sweet love song

  60. Martha Bowen

    Didn't know he parted from Lady A, but sure glad he did! He's amazing on his own!! Big thanks to the Bachelorette for making me notice him!

    Jonathan Personified

    He didn't, the female singer from LA just had kids and they are just taking a hiatus.

    Martha Bowen

    +JonathanPersonified oh okay! Thanks for the clarification

  61. Judy Sherman

    This song will be a hit. I didn't know of it until the Bachelorette. Charles were not known until tonight. Good Luck and great song that hits home. Thank you. I needed something new for my ipod. Imagining the song with a band behind it...has potential for even more greatness.

  62. Criselda Aguirre

    Charles Kelley is the songwriter and founding member of Lady Antebellum! Loving this song!

  63. Joel

    Saw this dude on bachelorette and I don't know who he is but I def dig the chord change he does at the end of the chorus. Respect that.


    He wasn't on the bachelorette!! He's been married for year's!!! He's the guy who sings Duets with Hillary of Lady Antebellum!!! They've been around a long time now. He dedicates this to His Wife in the beginning!!


    Yeah no he played this song on an episode of the Bachelorette not like he was participating trying to get the girl lol

  64. tbpowers

    Reminds me of a Billy Joel song...

  65. BevAnn

    💜 LOVE IT 💜

  66. Chlohohed

    this album has made my life so much better!!!! love this song !

  67. Lauren

    Such a terrifically beautiful song!

  68. Ice Queen

    beautiful song

  69. Wendy Soto

    I'm not sure who the 17 people are that don't like this song. I swear, people thumbs down things just because it's there. Poo!

  70. Marc Primeau

    This is such a passionate song to your wife and neither to say it is so thrilling to hear you sing it!

  71. JohnG500

    This song is incredible. Love it.

  72. Rita Antunes

    Discover the band in the late show! One of the reasons i still like to watch these shows..
    So thanks a lot Colbert, you rock on the jokes and on the invited bands :P you got the stay human, but i prefer to stay kelley! :)

  73. iofrasio23

    Wish this song getz more and more watcherrrr.... Lovin' this trax
    *warm regard frum indonesia

  74. iofrasio23

    Wish this song getz more and more watcherrrr.... Lovin' this trax
    *warm regard frum indonesia

  75. Gnay Anit

    Love it!

  76. Kah

    Amazing! ♥

  77. Linda Bailey

    Love it ..totally awesome

  78. Emily O'Callaghan

    Wish I had the guitar tabs for this, sounds awesome!

  79. MrBurningvolcano

    I am so glad the real, passionate songwriting lives on. Thank you, Charles, for your music! It's shivers down my spine.

  80. Joanna Reid

    I just want this album already!!!

  81. lxs0hbnk

    I absolutely LOVE this!

  82. Randy Hynes

    Awesome tune!! Always great songs!!

  83. Lukain Beks

    Omg i came home and i saw this was uploaded. Best day of the week

  84. spacegazer14

    Absolutely brilliant - can't wait for the album!