Charles Kelley - Leaving Nashville Lyrics

Pour out your heart in 3:20
The one you didn't write for the money
You turn it in, nobody's listening
But you got a cut, so the check's coming
If it ain't a single, it don't mean nothing
But every girl with a dream wants to be your friend

One day, you're the king, and the next, you're not
It's handshakes and whiskey shots, boy
And throwing up in parking lots all by yourself

But I ain't never leaving Nashville
I ain't never leaving Nashville

You're getting calls from old friends
They say, "Heard your song - wanna write again?"
You're coming up with brand new ways to say no
Then you're six months without a hold
Every other day, you're getting canceled
Calling up old friends; that's just the way it goes

One day, you're the king, the next you're not
Handshakes and whiskey shots
And throwing up in parking lots all gone to Hell

Hell, I ain't never leaving Nashville
I ain't never leaving Nashville

Oh, and your friends are friends with country stars
Yeah, they're buying homes and here you are
You're two months from living in your car

But you ain't never leaving Nashville
You ain't never leaving Nashville

Oh, one day, you're the king, and the next you're not
It's handshakes and whiskey shots, boy
To picking up the pieces you lost of yourself

Well, I ain't never leaving Nashville
I ain't never leaving Nashville
I ain't never leaving Nashville
I ain't never leaving Nashville
I ain't never leaving this town, oh

One day you're the king, and the next you're not

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Charles Kelley Leaving Nashville Comments
  1. Nick Foxer

    There's so much in this song that only a Nashville writer will understand. So fucking beautiful.

  2. Georgia Baldwin

    Miss that one man I started my journey off with going Los Angeles and he got off at San anything if he would come back to Dallas

  3. Jaycee mulholland

    Miss Nashville so much 😩😭😢

  4. Randy Smith

    Beautiful song and it’s really good

  5. joeyandthestingrays

    Great job. I know I'm a couple years behind this post but this is Great. Amazing voice and Soul. Charles you Rock!

  6. Candace D

    The true messiah is king Ewtn mass on 8am 12 noon 7 pm 12 midnight rosary on with Mother Angelica through the day
    Keep God God keeps you
    Colin Raye became Catholic at 23

  7. Candace D

    Another record please 🙂❤️🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. Candace D

    I hope you continue to cherish your gift ❤️🙏❤️🎄☦️☦️☦️

  9. Candace D

    You make your music for God The most high Amen mass on 8 am 12 noon 7pm 12 midnight Rosary on through the day with Mother Angelica

  10. Valquiria Bueno

    Descobri esse cara talentoso cantando com Kris Kristofferson e uma mulher chamada Lady...ficou magnífica a música,uma das mais linndas que eu já vi ❤️❤️❤️❤️🎶🎶🎶🎶🙏

  11. John Klimah

    Love the lyrics and Charles voice perfect fit. Can't wait to visit Nashville for my Birthday!

  12. Elenice Castro

    Venha cantar aqui no Brasil....Você vai arrasar 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🎤🎼♩🎶🎵

  13. samoo sheepers

    Although i listen to mostly kendrick lamar this song I think is amazing

  14. Elenice Castro

    Lindo e canta muito bem, parabéns, continua

  15. DERedhead65

    his voice is INCREDIBLE!!!!


    I know right? Can’t get enough, I’m in love with it

  16. Dan Collett

    Great song rendition of a song written by Donovan Woods.

  17. Rachel Ruiz

    So much great emotion in this song. Love it.

  18. Robert McCarthy

    This song is true about the plight of the Songwriter everywhere! Cheated out of royalties by a broken system, 'til one day, the music dies! I'm tired of getting songwriters off my porch in Nashville just by paying for my Pizza. Give the they respect and money they deserve! Thanks Charles!

  19. Robyn Taylor-Drake

    I love this song.... so authentic! It describes so many people I care about. Songwriting is a noble profession and songwriters deserve to be able to make a living with their songs, but sadly the old days are gone && we've not quite figured out the future when it comes to paying the songwriter a decent wage for his or her time and talent. Somehow that hasn't dimmed the intense need for writers to write, singers to sing, & pickers to pick. it's a soul thing and I suppose the payment is the doing of it...... and once in awhile one of us wins the lottery and gets one on the radio and makes a few bucks! Go Charles, this is a great song!

  20. Alex Carlsen

    Awesome song, amazing lyrics and a voice to give the chills! Fantastic!

  21. Michael Moore

    Great vocal, shame about his squeaking leather jacket. Country Stars!

  22. kevinsbestgirl

    Incredible song, brilliant album and what a fabulous solo voice Charles Kelley has, on the strength of this I will be buying the album.

    Alex Carlsen

    Me too! All his songs are amazing! And I love Nashville :)

  23. Dan O'Brien

    DONOVAN WOODS wrote this and sings the hell out of this song. F this guy. I can sing this better. It's like he just read the lyrics for the first time

  24. Rev. Scott Barrettsmith

    "Pour out your heart in 3:20" You got that right Charles Kelley :) Revelation 3:20 New King James Version (NKJV)

    20 Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.

  25. Helen Bangs

    I cried when I heard this song. No singer or musician can hear it without a tear. Leaving is saying goodbye to your dream. Cried when I left, but I wasn't prepared to do some of the things I saw people do to get noticed. It's a hard business.

  26. Terri Miller

    Beautiful man with great cords!!

  27. Stephane Demers

    Great performance, with great lyrics by the one and only (one of my favourites) Donovan Woods!!!

  28. CAKEvid

    Why so many dislikes? This song is friggin amazing.

  29. BevAnn

    Great song!! Love them all. As another Fan said "Beautiful Story Telling"/Lyrics!! Charles has a great voice and a talent that's good enough to venture out on His own. Best of luck to you Charles. I do hope this is NOT the end of Lady Antebellum because Hillary's voice and yours really harmonize & what comes out in the end is great. Do love what your doing too!! 💜 👍

  30. Steve O'Dell

    This just tied "I Drive Your Truck" for my fav all time

  31. Ron Woertz Sr.

    Beautiful words to a beautiful song,,,,

  32. Tod Winn

    Good song and a great voice.
    ...but seeing a dude with a wanna-be hipster beard, another with Pippi-Longstocking braids, and another with a top knot makes me wonder "What the hell happened to Nashville?"
    Certainly not the Nashville I remember.

  33. DaveShooter1

    I left Nashville years ago along with the so called Music Biz !!!- Got screwed over real bad....

  34. Madison Stephens

    Holy fuck! Beautiful!!!!! You remind me of Springsteen and Vedder! Royalty :)

  35. Brooklyn 1251 Madison

    Well, i hope he isn't leaving Lady Antebellum, he has an amazing voice ;)

  36. Wesley Davis

    Song hits me so hard. We are all just out here trying to make a life out of what we love, whether we make it or not, we will all keep trying until it runs us into the ground.

  37. Garrett Hall

    Anybody else get a Jackson Browne vibe? Great song.

  38. GAYLE

    I seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! I also really Love Nashville. You are really amazing!

  39. Unsubscribe Now

    so long Nashville TN ! Never thought that in Music City , not a small break could happen in 5 years! I do not care for the lyrics on this song , it repeats 3 times but others think its Cool , There must be 1000 songs like it 1million broken music souls 2 Million broken Songwriters and all he could say was , I ain

  40. dekorahlive

    Wow you have such an amazing beautiful voice Charles Kelley. this song really got to me.........

  41. Woodland Studios

    Wow. Great lyrics

  42. 1stSaintsFan

  43. Mark Williams

    So awesome!! If God would ever give me one wish. I would wish to have a voice like yours. It is so awesome.

  44. Brooke Moss

    I might not live in Nashville but this is such a beautiful song!

  45. Julie Hudson Curtis

    Luv it! There are those of us who still love the songs with some Heart!!

  46. John Tucker

    No more Lady Antebellum, and I'm not even sad about it. This is worth it

    Tiernan Flaherty

    Well about that lol...he should continue with this tho

  47. Sara Hardin


  48. Tony Bailey

    Great song, great voice !

  49. Jules Rolland

    Stunnini. Hey, what's up?$ matter sassy "

  50. Vicky Elliott

    As the wife of an aspiring songwriter who attends Tin Pan South Nashville annually, I can relate to every lyric! Beautifully written and love Charles Kelley's flawless performance! Well Done, thank you for recording this for all the songwriters out there who need someone to believe in them!

    Matthew Machanda

    song written by the insanely awesome Donovan Woods actually! Which makes the lyrics even stronger. The lyrics talk about not making rent unless your song gets bought and here it is, his song done by someone else but "as long as I get a cut"

  51. Kenneth Morris

    Never got a chance to know how good he can sing with Lady Antebellum, this is a good change!

  52. mrsmusicforlife

    I love Charles so much. His voice is absolutely beautiful. I'm proud to call myself a fan

  53. Jess Brown

    to all the people that comment,that are living through this,keep your head up.Music is a friend when u have none,write what u know,and u will find ur way.God bless u guys.

  54. Austin Evans

    99% of the world won't really get this song, but for the 1% that do this is a perfect representation of a songwriter's journey. Thanks Charles!

  55. Alyssa Fernandez

    i really like it hey0 look juvenile what do you think, guyt...

  56. Matthew Aguilar

    I like Charles Kelley and he did a good job. I think Donovan Woods (who co-wrote the song) did it a little better.

  57. Ted Skolits

    Amazing. Real talent. One take

  58. Ryan MacGibbon

    His voice reminds me of Sting. Glad i stumbled upon this music vid! Great stuff.

  59. vahid amiri

    چی بگم والا

  60. vahid amiri

    چی بگم والا

  61. Kavals Pressen

    As a black person I enjoy country music a lot. Country artists should expand into urban culture...Check out my commentaries on this and more. Click on my image icon..

  62. Jasper East

    I like his song "Dayman" a lot more

  63. Froy Destroy

    I never lived in Nashville..

    Daniel Johnson

    +Froy Lan Traffic sucks balls, rent is hella 'spensive and the people here are rude. Don't worry about it

    spell binder

    ummm i love it and the people are amazing

    Froy Destroy

    So many diferent opinions :c

    Froy Destroy

    what's the truth?

  64. Trent Domonic

    Watch my cover of hollow by tori kelly 👍🏾👍🏾


    +Trent Moyer i did its sick!

    Trent Domonic

    +ALEJANDRO thanks so much dude


    no prob bro!!!your talented

  65. Daniel Johnson

    This guy gets it. He knows what it's like to live here.

    laurette holland

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    Tyson Renshaw

    +Daniel Johnson ...written by a Canadian...

    Daniel Johnson

    @Tyson Renshaw I thought he was born in Georgia...

    Tyson Renshaw

    +Daniel Johnson
    the guy who wrote the song is Donovan Woods. check him out!

    Jordan Keffer

    Nashville represents song writing as a whole. Although there are many diffulties and ups and downs to it he just can't leave it.

  66. Lawrence Jachimowicz

    This dude sounds like Bruce Springsteen...................amazing voice.......makes you feel the music....right from the soul.

  67. Joshua Watson

    Anyone else glance at this and think "finally, Charlie Kelley got signed!" But was disappointed when you clicked on it and saw that it was, in fact, not a joke done by It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia?


    yes. I am very disappointed

    Saul Garcia

    +Joshua Watson night man aaaaAAAAAaaaaa

  68. ariel p.

    Great voice! Should be much more popular than what it's now...

  69. виктор мазилов

    Fantastic song! Did not listen the same for a long time!

  70. Crystal Belle

    Great lyrics and voice

  71. Megan Conard

    This is actually great. I've lived in Nashville my whole life. I actually go to Hume Fogg in downtown

  72. Gerardo Moisés

    ¡Que canción! tienes un talento maravilloso, serás reconocido en todo el mundo cómo uno de los mejores en poco tiempo ¡Ya lo verás! Saludos desde Latinoamerica. :)

  73. Susie Kelley

    Beautiful song about the gritty truth

  74. augusto prates


  75. Alicia Beale

    Fantastic. Please keep doing songs like this. Real songs.

  76. Ariya Ikhsan

    love it.


    +Ariya Ikhsan youthink you can check out my music??

  77. John Kelly

    how cool!...poignant...

  78. nabiha sami

    SO COOL cooo

  79. TING X.


  80. Shahedul Hasan

    sounds good

  81. Shahedul Hasan

    sounds good

  82. Frank Holly

    All that I can say is, "Wow!" Thanks for that, Charles.

  83. Frank Holly

    All that I can say is, "Wow!" Thanks for that, Charles.

  84. Debbie Hennessey

    One of the most incredible voices! :-)

  85. Leo Joey

    left me in tears

    Leo Joey

    @***** wish I could go there !!

  86. dale fuller

    dude....sounds like a jackson browne tune.
    like. really nice.

  87. Alana moses

    love it

  88. James FLINT

    Incredible, so much emotion in every word

  89. WendyB0907

    Beautiful love song to Nashville, and the highs and lows of the songwriter's life.

  90. Danielle Lee

    As a songwriter and performer in Nashville, I can definitely relate to this! These lyrics have so much truth in them! Thanks Charles! Hope to play and open for you again someday soon!

  91. Travis Myatt

    Great song, someone's finally singing the truth again

    Alicia Beale

    My thoughts exactly.

    Brett Gutoskie

    +Travis Myatt Yeah, except he didn't write it. It was written by Donovan Woods, and his version is way better.

    Madison Stephens

    +Brett Gutoskie It doesn't matter if he wrote it or not, he obviously identifies with it and is able to convey the message and emotion, right? So what does it matter? Just sayin' :)

    Isabelle Soto

    +Brett Gutoskie Just listened to Donovan Woods' version. Totally like Charles Kelley's version way better. So much more emotion in his voice. But thanks for giving me the option of another singer singing it. I like to hear different versions.


    Travis Myatt sad truth.:'(

  92. Danny Carlin

    Love it!!!get these songs on Spotify ASAP 😍

  93. Wildflower Duo

    Absolutely incredible song... and amazing performance.