Chapman, Steven Curtis - Lord Of The Dance Lyrics

On the bank of the Tennessee River
In a small Kentucky town
I drew my first breath one cold November morning
And before my feet even touched the ground
With the doctors and the nurses gathered 'round
I started to dance, I started to dance

A little boy full of wide-eyed wonder
Footloose and fancy free
But it would happen, as it does for every dancer
That I'd stumble on a truth I couldn't see
And find a longing deep inside of me, it said

I am the heart, I need the heartbeat
I am the eyes, I need the sight
I realize that I am just a body
I need the life
I move my feet, I go through the motions
But who'll give purpose to chance
I am the dancer
I need the Lord of the dance

The world beneath us spins in circles
And this life makes us twist and turn and sway
But we were made for more than rhythm with no reason
By the one who moves with passion and with grace
As He dances over all that He has made

I am the heart, He is the heartbeat
I am the eyes, He is the sight
And I see clearly, I am just a body
He is the life
I move my feet, I go through the motions
But He gives purpose to chance
I am the dancer
He is the Lord of the dance
Lord of the dance
Lord of the dance

And while the music of His love and mercy plays
I will fall down on my knees and I will pray

I am the heart, You are the heartbeat
I am the eyes, You are the sight
And I see clearly, I am just a body
You are the life
I move my feet, I go through the motions
But You give purpose to chance
I am the dancer
You are the Lord of the dance
I am the dancer
You are the Lord of the dance

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Chapman, Steven Curtis Lord Of The Dance Comments
  1. Cristina De Lima

    Amo essa música 🎵 ❤️

  2. Vaul, Dog Warrior

    The image of a new born Chapmsn dancing before he even reaches the ground is hilarious to me. I know he probably means he was dancing before he learned to walk, but the image of the new born Chapman dancing an Irish jig to this music is just hilarious to me. 🤣

  3. SonniSkies

    I think this song is why I like bluegrass

  4. Leadtheway 678

    always loved this song Steve, its a classic. inspirational, motivating and encouraging. God Bless You!

  5. Juan Pablo Mendez

    I recorded this song from the radio to a cassette back in the 00s and i listened it all day

  6. William Fries

    “We were made for more than rhythm with no reason, by the One who moves with passion and with grace, as He dances over all that He has made...” What a line! Our Lord dances over us, His creation. Simply amazing to think about that.

  7. Gloria Momoh

    He is good with the strings...

  8. Jonathan Connolly

    So many old comments, as if it needed to end! I say yes. Im going to go dance now

  9. Christopher Quan

    What an awesome song song. Old school Steven Curtis Chapman. May God truly be my heartbeat and he is truly the Lord of the dance.

  10. 레나TV

    👍🏻 thank you for making good praise songs!

  11. Dacia Helm

    I pray God is always my heart beat and purpose.

  12. Cynthia Stryker

    I still adore this song! (I think it even became part of my "conscience" since I first heard it, years ago!)

  13. Melanie Williams

    Wow. I forgot about this song. Glad I found it again! Grew up listening to Steven.

  14. Donato Garcia

    i love this song

  15. Meshach Adams

    One of my favorites growing up! SO long ago. 2018!!!

  16. Elizabeth Joslin

    Love this.

  17. Jacob Bonner

    Chapman's pre 2000's music is an example of how Christian music could be authentic.

    How to make a contemporary Christian song in the 2000's:
    1: give every instrument an extreme echo, giving the song the effect of being played in a mega church.

    2: use one drumming pattern; beat that bass drum at 2 beats per second and neglect every other drum and symbol in your kit. This will make all the kids think they are clubbing.

    3: in every verse, at the end of every sentence, stretch that last word out for about 5 seconds. "God is greeeeaaaaaaat. God is gooooooooooood. He is poooooooweeeeeeerfuuuuuul."

    4: don't be scared of that Yamaha synth track. lay that baby overtop of EVERY song, drowning out every other instrument.

    5: don't write about life struggles or life issues or philosophy or doctrine; write every song as a worship song.

    6: and lastly. If you ever sing the word "you", which will most likely be in every other verse, makes sure it sounds like "yaeeeeuuuu".

    7: if you are above 50 years old, make sure to rock them skinny jeans and spiked hair, because that totally makes you look like a kid. We call this the "McCartney Relevance Syndrome".

  18. Daniel Cook

    The only good Christian artist I ever heard in Christian school, well, aside from Bob Marley. I had the album on CD!

  19. Amber Abundantly Favoured

    Still sounds good!!!!

  20. Nancy EL

    Love this!!!

  21. eric sands

    Almost exactly one yr ago, back at this video and can see even more in this song than I did then! In lite of media inspired racism, this song is prophetic in that it reaches across racial barriers from when the song was released, through 2day! Even the globe being held at the end of the song(John 3:16)! This kid is "livin out loud"!

  22. SusantheRestorer

    I love it.

  23. Nathan

    My dad listened to this a lot when I was younger. Brings back memories.

  24. SOS

    chrys' song

  25. Luke Pike

    "I am just a body. He is the life." Chills.

  26. Wayne Wilkes

    Wow! What an amazing song.

  27. Patricia Knox

    One of the most amazing songs I ever heard ! LIl'l bluegrass !

  28. snozzlehead92

    I'm an atheist, but always thought this song was damn catchy when I saw it on TV once in the 90's. Never knew who sung it, but the lyrics been stuck in my mind ever since. Googling some fragments of them brought me here.

    Jonathon Dos Ramos

    snozzlehead92 same boat


    Welcome snozzlehead. Glad you are enjoying this song.

    Dane Watson

    I would encourage you to pray. Maybe you don't believe in Jesus or that he could be "the one" but what does it hurt to pray "God, if you are actually real, please reveal yourself to me". Either way, bless you :)


    Same here. I jammed to this when it came out. The chorus is very catchy and good.

  29. Salvação em Cristo

    Victor Pradella me trouxe aqui! BR BR BR

    T Neves

    haha eu também

  30. Fernando Estrada

    How to play lote of the dance

  31. Scott Gaetjens

    SCC is hands down the best thing contemporary Christian music has produced. He's the perfect blend of technical prowess on the guitar, having a phenomenal singing voice, being able to write the catchiest melodies, and the most thoughtful and profound lyrics. No one has all of those categories mastered, but he's by far the closest. Today's music scene has no one comparable.

  32. Debra Benoit

    I am a fairly new Christian and someone gave me a CD with this song on it....I loved it and played it over and over...decided to come on line to see if there was a video for it....what a great video to go along with an incredible just touches my soul!!!! I love the music, the lyrics, and he has an awesome voice! Now Ive got to find some of his other songs to see if they touch me the same way : )

    Dacia Helm

    He is still making music today. There's over 20 years of great song to choose from. He's an amazingly gifted artist.

  33. j. spri

    "...i started to dance..der a dee da deedum..." i love this jam.

  34. Samn Rivera

    my condolences

  35. Ptah Arawn

    man this brings me back to when i was first brought to God. awesome lets not ever forget Gods love for us He is always there even though when it doesnt feel like it. He is Patient and forebear-ant. all that Jesus gave the Father none will be lost!!!!!

  36. Nancy Bainbridge

    1996 Creation Festivals Northeast​, my first Creation Festival, and the only year that Creation took over Hershey Park due to flooding at the Agape Farm Campground. I wasn't able to attend to whole festival, but did see the Wednesday night concerts and stayed Friday night into Saturday. The artist I most wanted to see that year was Steven Curtis Chapman who was the closing act on Saturday night. dcTalk was on right before him, and it started drizzling during their set. Steven came on and did his first song and it began to pour! Lots of people ran for their cars or tents, including Wayne and Sara, but not me! No, I came to see SCC and as long as he was willing to play, I would stand there and watch. Carrie stayed with me. After the first song, he asked the dwindling crowd if they wanted to leave or listen to another song, and of course those of us left screamed for more. He introduced this song that night, and I danced with the Lord of the Dance! I will always think of that night when I hear this song!!

    Dacia Helm

    What a beauty memory! Thank you for sharing it.

  37. eric sands

    Wow! Reading some of the awesome comments of true believers, still amazing how we like to criticize each others gifts and talents! Guess its jus human nature. Steven Curtis Chapman, as Well as Chris Rice are unique in their delivery of their individual delivery of gifts. Jesus, the Lord of the Dance, that's not hard to figure out that,thats who Steven is praizin!

    eric sands

    Tre Toco Hey Taco! So simple a song! Speaks over so many thresholds! Yeaaaeyuh!

  38. Jesus is God! The Second Person of the Trinity!!!

    Simply one of the best songs ever. The Lord has used Steven to bless so many us .

  39. SamScareCrow

    Still one of the best voices in all of Christian music.


    +David Scarrow I think THE best!!! :-)


    IMO, he is the greatest Christian Artist.

  40. Scienceitworks

    This guy, Rich Mullins, and Michael W. Smith were my age 5-9 youth as far as music, :Edit: I was probably older than that, since this song is 20 and I'm in my 30's

    Debra Benoit

    +Scienceitworks I had no idea this song was that old lol I just recently got back into my faith and had never ever listened to Christian music before. Someone gave me a mixed CD and this song was on it, I instantly fell in love with it, didnt realize it was a classic : ) guess im behind the times a bit huh? ha ha Its awesome that people still love this song after all of these years, otherwise Id probably never got the chance to hear it.

  41. Chadetta Blankenship

    Indeed, I am JUST THE BODY---I need the light!!!!

  42. Ladywillo

    First time I heard this song, & I played it over & over! It's now my favorite SCS song! BRILLIANT LYRICS! What a blessing Steven Curtis Chapman is & how he uses the incredible talents The Lord gave him!!

    Debra Benoit

    +Ladywillo Ive only just recently heard this song also and instantly loved it, just watched the video for the first (and 2nd, and 3rd time lol ) and just love it! What a gorgeous voice! The lyrics and music just touch me in an awesome way


    First time I heard this was when i was at a church camp in 1997 and we did a dance to it. After that I went and bought the cd.

    Vaul, Dog Warrior

    It's a great song. And I'm not even a Christian anymore. It's a song about living and enjoying life!

  43. Lilian L

    He dances over us...I give back the best that I have to give, the gift of dance, that He put in me. 

    Chadetta Blankenship

    Lilian---the bible scriptures say HE 'sings over us' as we sleep.....what a picture.

    Lilian L

    if we receive His agape Love we can give it to others

    Chadetta Blankenship

    I know that is true true true...

  44. Winnie Raj

    Love this song!!!!  Still one of my favorites  :D

    Winnie Raj

    Hello, Tre Toco. I am not a vegetarian, but I do cook lots of vegetarian dishes.

  45. quek hui kiang. ada

    This song meant we are a body of CHRIST! GOD fill us with the HOLY SPIRIT who is at work in our life. without HIM, we are a heart without any heartbeat. is not by chance we are here today; it is HIS will that we are placed in different offices to live/glorify HIM and to give our best in everything we do.

  46. scott hoovler

    leish tek if you like this music then part of you just beleive in GOD just listen to the music and GOD will find your heart trust me on that ok

    Ashley Bostic

    Hoovey; is that you? Ur from Ohio???!

    Ashley Bostic

    [email protected]              

  47. DashtaElizabeth19

    hands up, who remembers this guy with a mullet?... !!! :D :D 

  48. Rebecca D'Aloia

    on repeat

  49. Grace H

    I absolutely LOVE this song! I luv Steven Curtis Chapman! :) I luv God!

  50. Nancy Foix

    Life is a dance. I am the dancer.
    I need the Lord of the dance.
    I need His grace and mercy.
    I need His Love
    that brought me forgiveness of sins.
    I need His salvation
    that came through
    His shed blood;
    His great sacrifice.
    I need Him to give me strength
    through each day.

  51. DonDraperism

    I'm Catholic and I love this guy. What an awesome musician for your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Play it brother.

  52. YodaBauer

    I wish there was a Re:created version of this!

  53. aucifer1970


  54. Travis Freeman

    I Love this song Bless Steve.

  55. bradenevans514

    I love this one and Dive.

  56. Meticularius

    And here's a message to YouTube: you're getting way too commercialized. Don't force on me your advertisements while I am looking at and listening to my interests.

  57. Meticularius

    I just discovered Steven Curtis Chapman. I like this guy. The Holy Spirit is in his music.

  58. Scott Shirey

    Powerful song. Powerful video. It's all about purpose. This one moves me to tears.

  59. Anthony Jimison

    trying to play the intro is really tough especially without a slide but i love the guitar in this song.

  60. Anthony Jimison

    dive is a pretty good one to & Long way home.

  61. kingcrimson234

    The world beneath us spins in circles
    And this life makes us twist and turn and sway
    But we were made for more than rhythm with no reason
    By the one who moves with passion and with grace
    As He dances over all that He has made

    I am the heart, He is the heartbeat
    I am the eyes, He is the sight
    And I see clearly, I am just a body
    He is the life
    I move my feet, I go through the motions
    But He gives purpose to chance
    I am the dancer
    He is the Lord of the dance

  62. kingcrimson234

    Definitely his best song, IMO. I hadn't heard it for a few years, I forgot how awesome it is!

    homer king

    Maybe you should listen to The Great Adventure. Not only his best song but maybe the best song ever..

  63. Leish Tek

    I'm an Atheist and I really like the music for this song. (=

  64. bbr48

    Love this...brought me to my feet...and to worship

  65. Tomas M

    Wow that's a riff!!!

  66. banshee46

    ...Does SCC actually dance? Because if so, there should have been a *rocking* dance solo in that video. In all other ways, it's a fantastic song. But you can't make a song called "Lord of the Dance" and not, you know, dance awesomely.

  67. theR0nin

    One of my favorites!

  68. mrm64

    lol thanks

  69. fRo0tLo0p

    Braids. Lern tew spel.

  70. Samuel Markham

    yah steven u rock !!!!

  71. thenudo

    Such a powerful song, such is a POWERful video!! My FINEST!!!!!

    and ONLY my FINEST!!!...

    KUDOS ..... to the video editor!!!

  72. townbiscuit

    2 people never learned how to dance.

  73. mrm64

    This song is so hot. Just look at one of the break dancers with the brades. Thats SOOO 90's!

  74. Mary F

    @NXLproductions How could you put more feeling into such a passionate song?? I can't imagine anyone doing it better than Steve!! hehe

  75. Mary F

    I think "not a 'god' person" either means they are an atheist or they just don't care one way or the other about God, whether or not they believe in Him :P

  76. Aimee Ward

    Thank you for posting this. I haven't heard this song in ages.

  77. funn1f1sh68

    @Tarafriend33 haha they can be

  78. msglimmertwin52

    i love rock and roll, but sometimes i just like to listen to people like steven curtis chapman, mercyme and michael w smith, people who are truly annointed by the spirit of God and are blessed with the gift of delivering a message of hope, peace and God's love, right now i need all that stuff.

  79. funn1f1sh68

    not a "god" person, but I still like this song like a lot

  80. jose alvarez

    i like this video is a prety song

  81. NXLproductions

    i love this song, but if i could record this song and produce it and stuff, i would put a lot more emotion into it!

  82. LegendStormcrow


  83. Nathan mcAllister

    Yea i have looked at most of his music videos and he has gotten like the least amount of dislikes.

  84. Guigs

    main theme looks like "She's got te look"

  85. electragoob

    this song is worth our time... not this Justin Bieber junk... Steven Curtis Chapman and Michael W Smith are the ideal sources for uplifting music!!! Good beat to keep you from falling asleep and great message to keepp you from falling away. Thank you!

  86. SingWithInNow

    This is an excellent video-why make a new one. It show the juxtaposition of pain in not dancing (people covering their eyes in pain) and then it brings in the joy of the dancing from infant hood to elderly years. I love it!

  87. jarod paver

    trying to create a new video with this song.. God help me with this one.

  88. Reva Hash

    Since May of 2008, everything you do now and have done has taken on a brand new meaning. May God use you to the fullest. Young and OLD listen up! Steven Curtis Chapman is B..A..C..K..!!!