Chapin, Harry - Dreams Go By Lyrics

There you stand in your dungarees
Looking all grown up and so very pleased
When you write your poems they have so much to say
When you speak your dreams it takes my breath away

You know I want to be a ball player
A regular slugging fool
But both our dreams must wait awhile
Until we finish school

And so you and I
We watch our years go by
We watch our sweet dreams fly
Far away, but maybe someday

I don't know when
But we will dream again
And we'll be happy then
Till our time just drifts away

There you stand in your wedding dress
You're so beautiful that I must confess
I'm so proud you have chosen me
When a doctor is what you want to be

You know I want to be a painter, girl
A real artistic snob
But I guess we'll have our children first
You'll make a home, I'll get a job

And so you and I
We watch our years go by
We watch our sweet dreams fly
Far away, but maybe someday

I don't know when
But we will dream again
And we'll be happy then
Till our time just drifts away

Listen to the seasons passing
Listen to the wind blow
Listen to the children laughing
Where do broken dreams go?

There you stand in your tailored suit
So many years gone by, but you're still so cute
We take the car to go and meet the bus
When our grandchildren come to visit us

You say you should have been a ballerina, babe
There are songs I should have sung
But I guess our dreams have come and gone
You gotta dream when you are young

And so you and I
We've watched our years go by
We've watched our sweet dreams fly
Far away, but maybe someday

I don't know when
But we will dream again
And we'll be happy then
Till our time just drifts away

You and I
We'll watch our years go by
We'll watch our sweet dreams fly
Far away, maybe someday

I don't know when
But we will dream again
And we'll be happy then
Till our time, drifts away

You, you and I
We'll watch our years, years go by
We'll watch our sweet, sweetdreams fly
Far away, maybe someday

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Chapin, Harry Dreams Go By Comments
  1. patricia loturco

    Please join the FB page, Harry Chapin Fans to keep his legacy alive!

  2. emgatsby

    Tell her how you feel. Why are you here, anyway?

  3. Alice Trask

    I was at this concert in San Diego. This was my very first one. I remember them saying it was being recorded for an album. I bought the album and had my ticket stubs taped inside.

  4. Rock Star

    So So sad. I wish I could go back to this time when everyone was still alive.

  5. Peter Nicholson

    I never could afford this album. Harry Chapin, i subscibed to.

  6. Gene Waters

    went to every concert he had in

  7. Chuck Imburgio

    Wish I could have seen him in concert

  8. Michael Bilow

    just wish there was a video to watch with this great music

  9. marc smouha

    It's a super scary song when you think about it

  10. Jim Branch

    This album had the perfect name. Greatest stories live. They're not songs but stories. Thanks Harry, you are greatly missed!

  11. dave anthony

    Damn I miss Harry!! RIP.

  12. Brian Fullerton

    Sorry, 72yrs. Listening again like when Harrry was in Hamilton!

  13. Matty S

    I bought the LP in '80. I was 15 then. Started listening to folk music and other genres. I still have the LP. worn well and one of my favs..still played on the same Thorens turntable , crazy

  14. Stinky Pete

    My Dad gave me his record collection, all vintage releases and this is one i always love to spin! One of my first musical memories is a live show my dad taped off the radio, part of the coffee with harry series from the Cleveland Agora. Will always love Harry Chapin!

  15. paul tennant

    Circle is my favourite song on this album

  16. Space Dog


  17. glenn murray

    still have the album-just got the C.D.

  18. glenn murray

    Greatly Missed !

  19. libertas1776

    My favorite album! Miss Harry Chapin. Saw him at least 3 times live, and had tickets to see him in Phoenix yet again but he was killed away right before that show.. So sad! But the privilege of seeing him in a little high school auditorium in Santa Cruz, CA years ago, when it was just him and his guitar - no band, no backup. - bring back the best memories When he needed a duet, he would bring up someone from the audience. OMG! Probably the best "concert" I'd ever attended.

  20. Scott Schumacher

    "Harry, don't mess it up...."

  21. zeiter71


  22. archerboy58

    "There are songs I should have sung" that line gets me all the time. What's sad is that he never got to meet his grandchildren.

  23. FromMyEyesToYours

    Oh my.. after decades of owning this album, I just this moment saw something on the cover photo that is totally blowing my mind! I have to wonder how many other people have ever seen it.. or perhaps even the reason they used the picture in the first place. Who knows. Okay.. ready?? If you look at the very bottom right of his hair.. you will see a small profile of Harry's face in the blur. Check it out. See it?? That is SO cool! It actually looks more like Harry than the straight-on photo does!

  24. William Ridge Sr.

    What kind of asswipe steels the man's album then sticks a bunch of crappy commercials between the songs. Thanks for fucking up a great Album.


    It isn't the channel owner/poster who does that... it's the YouTube ad department.

  25. Joe Masci

    We had tickets to see him in Buffalo. Unfortunately, the day before the concert was the day he was in that horrific car crash

  26. Siham EL

    Love it !

  27. spencer me

    you're suposta dream while you are young...

  28. William Morris

    The best!

  29. Nancy Hsia

    Harry's music will never go old. Still miss him.

  30. jerrodsdad

    Listening to this song as I am apt to do, brought me an urge to create a poem that is probably applicable to a lot of us that enjoyed Harry's work, and especially this song. I hope you like it.


    Though I know I'm older still;
    Over the top of an unnamed hill;
    And yet I dream a young man’s thoughts,
    Of unfollowed paths and dreams to be sought.

    The song says dream while you are young
    And yet I must look forward some
    To that which truly lies ahead
    This life I share with the woman I wed.

    The time I have left, though short it may seem
    Will be time well spent, as I live my dream
    This dream unfolds every day of my life
     I thank God I  share this dream with my wife.

    ©2016 Old Dude Publishing

    Michael King

    jerrodsdad great words mate..harry wouldve approved

    Don Rice Jr.

    I agree with Michael King. Harry would definitely have approved.

    Grant Albrecht

    very good!

  31. Big bear 88

    Greatest storyteller ever!!!!

  32. Henry

    0:47 song start

  33. Steve Hoyland

    Well, I'm afraid that your lyrics from "The Harry Chapin archive" are wrong!....1. "But I guess our dreams must wait a while", 2. "You'll find a home, I'll get a Job". 3. "Winds that blow". 4. "You're s'posed to dream when you are young". Just a few examples, but I find It difficult to understand why your ears don't seem to work correctly regarding Harry's lyrics, considering you're such a fan. I'm not criticising, but It doesn't exactly do a lot for the memory of this underestimated talent.

    Craig Bell

    Harry was famous for changing the lyrics of a song on the fly in live concerts.

    Steve Hoyland

    @Craig Bell Well I guess so, but the matching tracks on the studio album and live album that I have are pretty much Identical, apart from 'I wanna learn a love song' where "Kinda Crass and corny....more than a little bit horny" changes to "Kinda lean and lazy....more than a little bit crazy", but that was probably a conscious decision for younger listeners! But I do see your point. 

  34. hightonight

    Life has changed,this music is a thing of the past,so sad.

  35. Donna Kurtz

    luv n miss

  36. Mac Mcginty

    how on earth could i have forgotten this song & how many others are out there!

  37. Wes Fletcher

    . this never gets old just better I miss you Harry you're one of the greats

  38. IRISHSTEW 21

    This song "Makes me feel so happy and it makes me feel so good."

  39. asimov72455

    This is the album I had Harry autograph when I met him at a mall in Flint, Michigan in the late 1970s. I still have it. I first saw him perform at a World Hunger concert at Cobo Arena in Detroit. Along with Harry were John Denver and Gordon Lightfoot plus a "special surprise guest" which turned out to be James Taylor. I also saw him perform at Rochester, Michigan, and at Lansing. At Rochester he sang a lot of his songs from 'Dance Band on the Titanic'. He performed solo at Lansing because his band was snow bound at Valparaiso but he still managed to blow the roof off the joint. It was the first time I heard him sing "Circle." What a song! The last Chapin concert I attended was in Orlando, FL. It wasn't long after that he was killed. Way back when I had a cassette of the now hard-to-find 'Legends of the Lost and Found' but my toddler daughter found it and pulled all the tape out of it.

    Chaffin Parrish

    Wow. I thought I was lucky to have seen him at the Mosque in Richmond, VA. He did miss a show. Or two. Or three. It was amazing and wonderful.

    Wade Manley

    That was Olympia the round. His voice was hoarse...could barely sing... from being on the radio all day, raising $$$ in a hunger tele-thon.

    Don Rice Jr.

    I first saw him in New Bern, North Carolina, on July 4, 1976 at a free outdoor concert he gave for the bi-centennial. I saw him again a few years later at the Bayfront Center in St. Pete, Florida, and again at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, New York. I was totally broken up when he got killed in that car crash....

  40. Carm Picken

    Thanks for posting this great album.  I've always loved it.

  41. Luis Paz

    Thanks for posting :) I saw him in DC in 82 I think, best show I have ever been to!

    Minecraft OFP857

    I highly doubt it was in '82

    jim l

    @Minecraft OFP857 correct
    he died in 1981

  42. Vic Goodman

    I completely wore my cassette of this album out. One of the best albums of all times.

    paul tennant

    Vic Goodman I have it on my iPod play it all the time bloody awesome album


    Certainly one of my favorite albums of all time.

    Joey Huitt

    Great music

    Kevin Luce

    Would have loved to see one of his concerts. RIP Harry.

    Chris Bruce

    @Kevin Luce they were the best conserts I ever saw. I tried not to miss him whenever he came to Phonix. Love this man.

  43. Diamondgirl Kat

    Thanks for posting!  LOVED this album.
    I've got it bookmarked to cheer me up when I need a pick-me-up.

  44. kayleeQuinnn

    That line "there are songs I should have sung" gets me every time... I wish we could have heard those songs.
    I am 18 years old and I grew up on Harry Chapin, it started with my grandma, then my mom and now me... And I certainly won't be the last. <3


    Well said. Such an amazing man. The beautiful songs he could have given us & all the good he would have done in this world- it blows my mind. Gone much too soon- but forever in our hearts!

  45. chelby carlson

    I will never forget the first time I heard cats in the cradle and I want to write a love song, my heart just burst, it was an amazin feeling to hear this man singing stories not just songs! I still listening to him today and my 15yr old autistic son loves his voice!

  46. charlene powell

    why cant in 2013 we have story teller's like harry ? another one gone too soon

  47. Gileg1

    The best live act I ever saw. So sad that he left us so soon . . so many of the gifted do.

  48. Sebine LifeWind

    I agree whole-heartedly.

    I make very few exceptions on live songs
    Harry Chapin, Garth Brooks, and a few you wouldn't recognize...
    Just because the live is so much more than the canned

  49. johnTMcNeill

    never a better teller of poignant stories.....

  50. pugskins

    couldnt have said it better.just wish i could have seen video!

  51. Steve DeMarco

    I've been playing guitar and singing most of my life, and whenever I pick up my guitar, I'll always start with some of Harry's best music. Everyone I play for, always wants more. And why not, his writing was genius. The passion and experience is what makes him one of the best ever. Heaven is a better place with Harry in it. All our lifes a circle indeed!

  52. Larry Novak

    Greyhound is on You Tube

  53. Larry Novak

    I agree with you 100% Live audiences made Harry's songs so much better, I saw him 6 times from 1977-1981

  54. Larry Novak

    This album is what made me go see him in concert, I saw him 6 times from 1977 to 1981

  55. Tim Olsen

    Harry was the best performer I have ever seen. His live performances were all better than the studio versions. The studio versions do not appear to have the same passion. I have always felt Harry enjoyed performing his music in front of an audience and was fueled by rhe pleasure his music brought to the audience.

  56. StevieB1362

    Does anyone know where I can find his Take the Greyhound? It's one of my favorites by H.C. Can't find it anywhere. Thanks for this posting. Great memories.


  57. Sebine LifeWind

    Harry recorded has NOTHING on Harry live.

  58. SongsofHarry

    And all the while our dreams go by

  59. JarsofMayo

    Agreed, sjplwc... My Mom played this album all through my youth and the energy in the place comes through with so much power that is lacking in the studio versions. Circle was always my favorite growing up... Still brings a tear to my eye...

  60. Steve Pauwels

    Generally, I prefer studio versions of songs to their "live" counterparts - however, I make an exception for Harry Chapin in this regard. Having heard these covers live, I find the original (studio) versions nearly unendurable. These live performances are so superior- this, particularly, is one of my favorite songs of all time. A gorgeous, joyful celebration of life. Particularly poignant when u consider he was never able to experience most of these delights owing to his premature death.

  61. Tiny Dancer

    @nutballgazette Oh, I know what today is, hon, trust me :-) Thanks to SongsofHarry uploading so many treats, I've been working on upgrading my YT playlist all week and am tweeting 30 of Harry's best tunes today in celebration (weird word for his death, I know, but you know what I mean). I knew what John Lennon meant to people when he died. Harry was my Lennon.

  62. Larry Novak

    @TinyDancer500 After I saw him the 1st time It was a must see whenever he toured near me. You do know that Saturday will be the 30th anniversary of his death, Next to losing members my family and 9/11 and the day the challenger blew up that was the saddest day in my life.

  63. Tiny Dancer

    @nutballgazette SO jealous here, Larry, you lucky, lucky man! Having only heard his songs on the radio at this point, this album was quite the revelation to me. What a fun entertainer! Didn't take me much longer to fill in my record collection from there, but I never had the chance to see him live. I'm 47 now and have very few real regrets, but that's my biggie.

  64. Larry Novak

    This album is what got me into becoming a harry Chapin Fan, I saw him every year from 1976 through 1981 at least once a year. Met him and talked to him in all but one after every concert, The only time he did not stay he was doing up to testify in front of the House of Representatives along with John Denver, and Kenny Rogers about Hunger in the World.