Chapin, Harry - Caroline Lyrics

Comes from the rain
Glistening and shivering
She laughs as she shakes off the weather
Whispers her words
Saying she'll always love me
At least when we are together
Starts closing in
Surrounding the spot
Where watching in wonder I stand
She's shedding her rings
Her bracelets and stockings
And placing her skin still moist in the palm of my hand

You're pressing she smiles
It's too soon to ask
For me to cast off my cover
You assume that I'm caught
Up there in your head
So now I must go to my lover.

Her world is such a sudden place
A minute flashed before my face
To fly to feel to fall from grace
Oh Caroline - I'm leaning, careening

This bubble that I choose to chase
Keeps breaking on the brink of space
Just as I'm about to taste
It's meaning - Caroline

Comes from the full moon
Trembling and grieving
Afraid of the march of the seasons
You're too young to be running
Too old to be lying
Too wise not to see all the reasons
Hangs her cape and her jeans
And surrenders her tears
To christen my pillow with sorrow
She remains after times
To explain what she means, she speaks of today
More than she dreams of tomorrow

She says - Never has life
Been so full of the urge
To let go of the night and believe
She collects all her things
While she's still of a mind
So soft it's like breathing she leaves.

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Chapin, Harry Caroline Comments
  1. Frank Grail

    So Harry did Caroline, and James Taylor did Carolina.

  2. sling3shot

    God rest his soul.......this is my favorite harry song.Thanks for posting.

  3. Tiny Dancer

    @Sheri451 We oughta start a club for all us wannabe Carolines ;-) Found another good one with your name, though, check out "Mon Cheri" by The Georgia Satellites, if you haven't already, there's one copy here on YT. Nowhere near as lovely as this song, but at least your future lovers have another choice, lol!

  4. Tiny Dancer

    Always made me wish my name was Caroline :-) If I had a nickel for every dime store cowboy that serenaded me with "Help Me, Rhonda" over the years, why I'd have at least a buck! For all you lucky Carolines out there.