Chanté Moore - Jesus, I Want You Lyrics

I've been waiting all my life
For that someone
Who would truly satisfy
I thought that if he came he would make everything alright

I was looking for a friend
Looking for a man
I was longing for flesh and more
And suddenly one moment I knew

Jesus I want you to touch me with your Spirit
Jesus I need you to hide me under your wings
More than anyone on Earth
More than anyone on Earth
More than anything on Earth
Jesus I want you

I thought the man who promised me forever
Would hold me than just one night
And I believed nothing could be sweeter
Than being his delight

Maybe you're looking for a friend, looking for a man
Are you longing for flesh and bone
Well I pray one day you'll say

Jesus I want you to touch me with your Spirit
Jesus I need you to hide me under your wings
(So Much) More than anyone on Earth
(So Much) More than anyone on Earth
(So Much) More than anything on Earth
Jesus I want you

Jesus I want youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu hoooooo yes

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Chanté Moore Jesus, I Want You Comments
  1. Chantay Harrison

    GOSPEL singers should know BETTER when it comes to how to dress when singing Christian music.Much is given much is required.

  2. Chantay Harrison

    I believe when secular singers are use to dressing a certain way because they, are secular singers first, this is the way they are use to dressing as a secular singer, A GOSPEL SINGER definitely SHOULD know better. Scripture Much is given much is required.

  3. Larry Webb

    If you listen to the words and what she's seeking, then you understand that the way she's dressed is an appropriate part of her message, as she seeks to grow from carnal to spiritual love... 

    "I've been waiting all my life for that someone
    who would truly satisfy
    I thought that if he came he would make everything alright
    I was looing for a friend
    Looking for a man
    I was longing for flesh and bone suddenly i knew
    Jesus i want you to touch me with you spirit
    Jesus i need you to hide me under your wings"

  4. geminiwilliams037

    Sorry ppl you can't serve two masters! One on Saturday & another on Sunday,that's not how it works! Amazing song but it gets skewed (visually) by the low hanging fruits unfortunately! If your going to give praises to God clear your mind & respectfully display honor to him! You as an adult know right from wrong but if your trying to change the rules or ignore biblical teachings then what or who exactly are you giving praise to?? Artist change outfits regularly when performing so this could've been handled more appropriately.

  5. puremusicluveer

    Beautiful song

  6. Larry Webb

    "You're Watching VideoWebb" @hb6Y

  7. Phala Bowles

    But I guess as long as you slap a little "Jesus" on it. Sick😵

  8. Phala Bowles

    Girl go put some clothes on. We see enough nudity in Hollywood. Pleaseeeee ...

  9. Austin Gibson that outfit is a bit naked for the house of God and a lady of God! As a lady of God I like to be sexy, in God. Nothing wrong with being a beautiful women, this is interesting!

    My female bishop would have never let that fly.

  10. Chantay Harrison

    Ms. Moore ministered this,song from her enter being, well done. Luv It

  11. Katryn Little

    Beautiful voice and to all , a woman should dress modest that what the Lord instructed that's what we are to obey period we are to be holy not whorish

  12. nicolette destin

    she's right. why? she's honest bcz she say she need Jesus. if Jesus come to help her and she accept Jesus and Baptize in the name of Jesus she will dress properly and decent. she will know 1Thimothy 2:9-15 said. God bless u if u say Jesus u need him with a sincerity heart i telling u He will ready to help. Mizericodia

  13. Fabiana A.

    I can't believe what people are doing with my Jesus.....

  14. Reg

    Cover your top up jesus would tell u

  15. Kkay Barb


  16. ladyofwisdom2

    She looks stunning. She can sing her face off. "Jesus I want you". Amen to that😙👏👏❤❤

  17. Shauna Odiea

    I love you are a blessing to the world!

  18. D-club

    God bless you this sunday morning my sister

  19. D-club

    She coming to God just as she is and God say come just as you are and thats to everyone come just as you are and we accept you, maybe you never heard the hymn just as I am and we are suppose to set the example how to do that which is pleasing and acceptable in God sight yes this is Gods amazing grace if you have to show her how to walk how to talk how to walk go to her privately if opportunity presents it self and tell her in love if you are spiritual and reconcile or restore our sister God accept us all in our undone conditions

  20. Allan Drayton

    A great song, but a total disgrace how she is dressed, yes she really needs Jesus to touch her.

  21. Robyn grier

    Amen! Praise Him!

  22. Channah Racham

    All these Christians on here judging this woman, but will be quick to say, don't judge.....You hypocrites need to make up your mind.

  23. Shunshunz1975 Jackson

    She should have stuck to this song

  24. Tj Bryan

    I find that this artist is very amazing and her voice is the only thing that should be judged here.. any lady who hasn't tried to show their breast in this fashion or is without sin can throw the first stone

  25. Clive Nzama

    Beautiful song but I'm not sure if the dress goes with the message.

  26. Clybert Twist

    This lady just gave me 20 dollers yesterday I love you lady

  27. Shellie Kittrell

    This song touched my heart,it brought me to tears.

  28. LaTonya Jones

    Thank u Chante beautifully song 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎷🎷🎶🎶🎶🎤

  29. Cappi Catcopo

    I don't care what she wears. Chante' is beautiful n her voice is a pure gift from the Most High. I can listen to her all day everyday.

  30. Colette Sable

    Everybody who are excusing this dress, have you ever heard of modest apparel? No one is judging anyone but I call a spade a spade. You are compromising if you think her dress is ok! She is dressed inappropriately! This is why the world can't separate the world from the church, because people are constantly accepting things contrary to His Word! Cut the sound and watch the video and you would never guess she is singing about Jesus! Jesus said come as you are, he was talking about your heart, not come dress provocatively! She could have chosen a dress to cover up her breasts. This is nothing but mockery!

  31. Jarrod Porter

    Girl you betta sang it. I feel you. Thank you!

  32. Yvette Marshall

    I love your music and I'm your biggest fan.

  33. Yvette Marshall

    Hope you. Keep Your Songs I. Love. It.

  34. Scott H

    Flawless as usual.

  35. Miss Lioness

    Yes Jesus I want you

  36. Shantel Hobson

    put tots tit S away he can't focus

  37. D'Renell D’Renell

    Beautiful voice and women sing for the son of God who died for our sins

  38. Vernell Riley

    This song so drips in Knowing Jesus!! Thank you Chante Moore for this song. And I pray that Jesus continues to usher you in His presence as you've done for me this evening. Bless in you Christ!

  39. Ajay Dwayne

    She Blessed Me

  40. Larry Webb

    Jesus, over a quarter of a million people so far have been blessed here to hear Chante' Moore convey in song... " Jesus I Want You!" ... Jesus, your opinion is the only one that matters, because only you truly knows her heart.

  41. Wanda Hicks

    😘 I love her singing

  42. B Bryant

    But her whole chest is out lol!

  43. John Trini

    typical Luke warm christians

  44. John Trini

    who hath decived you.

  45. Ronald Smith

    Jesus I Need You.. ♥♥♥♥♥

  46. Jordan speed

    JESUS 🌹🌹🌹❤️❤️💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  47. Jesusisgreater JesusLord

    Jesus threw them out beat them , made His House a den of thieves .

  48. Jesusisgreater JesusLord

    sad these pastors . God will Judge . Judgment will begin on the house of God.

  49. Jesusisgreater JesusLord

    She gone continue attracting the wrong attention.

  50. Jesusisgreater JesusLord

    what is wrong with people?

  51. Jesusisgreater JesusLord

    why is she naked in a church ?

  52. Carolyn Gilliam

    Listened to the message, not looking at the messenger. Beautifully done!! My prayer " Jesus I want You, to touch me with Your Spirit. Jesus I need You, to hide me under Your wings. More than anyone/anything on this earth."

  53. Reedie Russell

    I first heard this song a couple of years ago and cried because only Jesus can fill any void! Any emptiness! Thanks Chante'.

  54. anthony alston

    i had another tab open and thought this was a recorded version. def a great live sound


    Hi,I just wanna respond to all of the comments about her dress. As a minister,the dress is a message. She says in the song that she was looking for the wrong things in a man,flesh and bone. The way Chante was meeting men was to show her flesh,but in doing that she hasn't received what she thought she was looking for in a man. It shows that the only man that you will receive Full satisfaction from is Jesus,and you don't need to reveal any flesh to the Lord. Sometimes before passing judgement,pray for her if you feel anyway negative about her message. God didn't punish her as she sung the song. It's a Message to all women that you don't need to reveal Anything to man,and when you do,you'll attract the wrong type of man that God has for you. Remember,she's asking Jesus for His spirit to change the wrong she has done.

    VaJezatha Payne-Hines


    Mista Phat

    @VaJezatha Payne-Hines are we not all in sin ...just bye even watching... are we not all even in he said "For this man is blind and he will reach the kingdom of heaven before us all" Jesus


    Oh yeah,as far as haters,people hated Jesus Christ,and He never did anyone wrong,so I'll say pray for your haters and those in the industry who has sold their souls for money and fame. They still have time to repent and ask for forgiveness.God bless you!!!


    Hi,I pray Chante Moore reads this. This has been the absolute best sounding live performance I've ever seen. I wish I could've witnessed it live. I thank God that you have Not sold your soul for riches,it's artist as yourself that should be played on the radio constantly and selling millions and millions of records. Though I'm not in the industry,I'm definitely not blind. Yes I'll be the one who says it,singers like Beyoncé who sold her soul for riches and can't compete with you at all when it comes to singing, needs to realize this earth is only our testing grounds,not our final resting place. It's with Jesus. Please continue to keep the faith. I love all of your music.

    Kasey B.

    .... AMEN

  58. Jaygirlaa5

    Typical, hypocritical so called "Christians" not paying attention to the message of the song but rather hate & judge the woman based on what she's wearing. She's not exposed! If you're really a Christian, then convict yourself for paying attention to the wrong thing & not focusing on God while this woman is using her voice to praise him in this video!



  59. juanitag75

    Oh my goodness some of you are just ridiculous. She is not sinning. She is covered up.

  60. Dylan Chambers

    Chanté Moore - Jesus, I Want You this is my favorite

  61. Relona Gee01

    I sing this to my residents who are confined to their beds..they make eye contact with me..I love it!!

  62. King Prince

    her breast

  63. John Trini

    she is naked in a church , that is a curse . God is not mocked . you want to curse God ? God gon curse you .God is not mocked that what a man sow he shall also reap !!

    Xavier Smith

    +John Trini : This response is yet one of seven billion confirmations on why you shouldn't entertain superstitions as an adult.

    Sarah Jackson

    god is love and love is everlasting. respect the Goddess. yall dicks got some nerve, well you can have that burning in hell.  you ignorant sex organ.  God is Zornicing! ty for this song ChantE'

  64. John Trini

    i am sick of this . people blind . play with devil play with satan play with sin . make reason for sin . keep making reason sin and watch you fall to a place you will not know how far you have left God until you almost died . that is scary . do not wake up until you almost to the point the never coming back to God . you play with it cause that is one of scariest things ever . ever body lying to you playing you until you almost dead .

  65. John Trini

    i am sick of this . people blind . play with devil play with satan play with sin . make reason for sin . keep making reason sin and watch you fall to a place you will not know how far you have left God until you almost died . that is scary . do not wake up until you almost to the point the never coming back to God . you play with it cause that is one of scariest things ever . ever body lying to you playing you until you almost dead .

  66. Larry Webb

    If you weren't so busy hating... it's the lovely & loving message from this lovely & loving lady that you'd be lovingly appreciating.

  67. Chiquita Scott

    Love this song! One of the best from Chante Moore!

  68. Wanda Hicks

    Love this woman singing

  69. Relona Gee01

    sing Chante'

  70. Eboni Henry

    Maybe she trying to find Him

    Eboni Henry

    like we were

  71. Delaney Alexander

    the dress fits .remember she's looked for love in a physical man so she has to dress to attract him and then she realized that Jesus love is so much more

  72. Cynthia Powell

    This song just ministers to my soul. For those of you who gave half good and half bad reviews just remember as one person has already said, "We are all imperfect" it is all about the message.

    Tamika Marshall

    u said nothing but the truth

  73. John Trini

    no . that is nasty . all you are decived . God say do not be decived. , that is sick .

    pinkN yellow

    +John Trini i agree with you partially.. she should not be revealing so much. she is a beautiful woman and does not need to show so much. I do not think it is "evil" tho. That is us looking with a natural eye.. but in a godly eye i see someone who loves jesus and is willing to sing about it under any circumstance. we as CHRISTians should not be judgmental... that is unGODly... it is the sin in us that sees the bare skin and flesh. remember adam knew nothing of the flesh until it was uncovered by sin. no man is perfect.

    Larry Webb

    +John Trini ... If you weren't so busy hating... it's the lovely & loving message from this lovely & loving lady that you'd be lovingly appreciating.

  74. John Trini

    she can not do that . all her breast is out side . oh ' all because you a big star you can do evil ? no . shame on her .

    Tiffany Fincher

    don't worry about her appearance focus on the beautiful meaning of the looks on the outside but God looks at the heart

    John Trini

    no . she dressing ungodly is not good . don't mix God with the devil .

    Doc Owino

    +Tiffany Fincher nonsense...whatever is born of God is hates the world. she dressed like the world...sensual....if it doesnt make me focus on God then it doesnt help much

    Larry Webb

    +John Trini If you weren't so busy hating... it's the lovely & loving message from this lovely & loving lady that you'd be lovingly appreciating.

    Larry Webb

    +The Cephas If you weren't so busy hating... it's the lovely & loving message from this lovely & loving lady that you'd be lovingly appreciating.

  75. Daniel Sumbayak

    this is what called "partly hot-partly cold". The song is hot, the appearence is cold. This is exactly like me. Jesus will spit me and the "lukewarm" Christian out of His mouth, unless I soon repent. Help me God

  76. Kendell Lenice

    My favorite singer!!! Chills! Whew!!

  77. Teeyah2

    Sang Chante!

  78. Thor Bacote

    Amazing live vocals from the beautiful chante Moore is nothing new...Awesome overlooked talent!##breathtaking vocal performance

  79. Captain Noah

    Great song poor choice on dress.

    Nielsen Makay

    +Noah Cherry nope......dress if fine...

    anthony alston

    +Nielsen Makay yup lol

  80. Jimmy Campbell

    The Beautiful Chante Moore...God's Anointed Daughter!

  81. tunett123


  82. Gina G

    Love Ms. MOORE, love the dress, the Lord knows her heart and knows what she is going through deep inside. She is a beautiful women, and reading some of the comments got me SMH. She can sang, I've seen on gospel awards dresses similar to what she had on and worse. She is covered showing a little V - neck cleev, so what!!!...she's not a nun who's never lived. She is Chante Moore, I'm a fan of her from the 90's so embrace who you are Ms. Moore.....The Lord sees your heart, not your dress!

  83. Heaven& Earth


    Sarah Jackson

    jesus aint nothing but a word, it's what you do after it.  yall white folk really think yall smarter than love and its so fucking pathetic! religion aint shit but a fucked up mess a man's thought but yall gon be too hot to ignore the flames! lol hope and faith lol greek thoughts yall really needs to do some research before you start believing a book don't no one really know who wrote God is Love and Love is Everlasting!

    Heaven& Earth

    I have black inside of me and I believe in the most high God Almighty. You should come to God understanding and not of your own understanding. Check out Draw back Jacobs & Abbayael Isreal. The truth shall set us free.

  84. Keith Steward

    Not a problem. Just close your eyes and listen to the song. The message and not the messenger.

    Victoria Ezell

    I Agree Keith.. just close your eyes and listen to the song ... ( the bible says judge not, and also it says he who is without sin cast the first stone, remove the beem out of thy own eye.. ) the song is beautiful... the choice of Salvation Jesus I want you. it was a message in this song...

  85. Shelia Wilson

    Shante' Moore has a voice like an Angel.

  86. charon banks

    GOD loves everybody including the hypocrites so it doesn't what she was wearing, she looks beautiful! Get yours!

  87. Kathy Griffin

    The song is beautiful the showing of the cleavage takes away from it. How many men who saw this had their minds focused on what the words of the song were trying to convey. Someone could have pulled her aside asked her nicely if she could cover up.

  88. Theresa M Izquierdo

    When you're down , feel like there is no hope, feel lost or depressed or sick or your man just left you, calm yourself and listen to this song. I guarantee it will touch your heart & lift your spirit !!!

  89. Joanna Heberle

    I love this song

  90. Mia M. Carter

    Love this song it has been a blessing to me. It has gotten me threw a very dark time . when the devil was at my hills I listened to this song. And I'm still pressing our Heavenly Father in Jesus name

  91. Shylisle Patterson

    She sounds great....however, I know I wouldn't have worn anything like that.  It's like having sex while listening to gospel. Couldn't do it.

  92. cutenu2

    Out of all the clothes in the world, this is what she chose to wear? Yes, I am judging, using righteous judgment. It's not like she doesn't know any better. Even before I became a Christian I knew better. If she knows enough to sing about Jesus, then she knows how to dress appropriately.

    Lorenzo Covarrubias

    Yea it's real sexual


    Yes, the clothing is taking away from the song, because that's all you see...If there wasn't a video...this would song would a different effect

    Tj Bryan

    It is only sextual if you are looking at her breast.. the dress goes all way to her feet and she isn't showing anything else... in other words STOP LOOKING AT HER BREAST

  93. shay robinson

    MY new anthem!  BEAUTIFUL al around beautiful....God is working

  94. Divina Antonio

    Her outfit really needs Jesus no wonder she wants Him

    Sarah Jackson

    lol and then next week she was with that man in the boat

  95. Joyce Richardson

    God is using this woman to minister to others,especially those who have been hurt in relationships . The only one who you can truly trust and be satisfied in is Jesus!! Don't be distracted ( critical spirits) .Don't leap to judge look to heal. Since the fall in the garden of Eden man has fallen short of the glory of God. ( before Adam and eve didn't know they were naked) As Christians were called to correct out of love and not out of selfish motives .Instead of criticism of her dress, Pray for her to come into the full will and purpose for her life that God wants for her .Remember God's thoughts are higher than ours. He has a plan for her life that is beyond what she's wearing. She has already touched many hearts through her musical gift. Ask yourself who's heart have you touched today.?💖

  96. Radstudent71

    I just felt the yearning for God in her heart when she sang. God looks at the heart at the end of the day. If we honor Him with lip service but our hearts are far from Him then what's the point?