Chanté Moore - Guess Who I Saw Today Lyrics

You're so late getting home from the office
Did you miss your train?
Where you caught in the rain?
No, don't bother to explain

Can I fix you a quick martini?
As a matter of fact
I'll have one with you
For to tell you the truth
I've had quite a day too

Guess who I saw today, my dear
I went in town to shop around for something new
And thought I'd stop and have a bite when I was through

I looked around for someplace near, and it occurred to me
Where I had parked the car, there is a most attractive
French cafe and bar, it really wasn't very far

The waiter showed me to a dark, secluded corner
And when my eyes became accustomed to the gloom
I saw two people at the bar who were so in love
That even I could spot it clear across the room

Guess who I saw today, my dear
I've never been so shocked before
I headed blindly through the door
They didn't see me passing through

Guess who I saw today?
Guess who I saw today?
Guess who I saw today?
I saw you

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Chanté Moore Guess Who I Saw Today Comments
  1. Patrick Jackson

    I miss her singing like this, She still sounds good though.

  2. DruElla Partee

    Nice Chanti😀... Very Nice😉🌹

  3. tim cox

    I like BOTH VERSIONS ... Nancy's is the original, so it's the tops ... but Chante Moore nailed it. She's a couple generations younger than Nancy, but she gave it the classic jazz flavor ... PLUS SOME NEWSKOOL SOUL TOO. Thanks Chante MOORE, and whoever the producer is .. great job. I heard it on HBCU Sirus Radio this morning; thanks for hipping us to CM's version.

  4. Jessie Brown

    I think Diana Ross and chanta Moore should do a song together do anybody agree out there

  5. Jessie Brown

    This is just awesome I think Diana Ross could have sung this song too do anybody agree out there

  6. Edward B Morgan

    I would like more of this style from Chante, great rendition of a classic and great improvisation at the end of the song.

  7. Linda H

    Nancy Wilson would be proud.😁

  8. mizpahboy

    I'm sure all minds are on Nancy Wilson's passing and sadly so. But as this is a Chante Moore video I will give big props to her at this time. Definitely a over looked and underrated talent. Only Ms.Moore could dare take a signature song by a well known artist and make it uniquely her own, that's talent baby!  My heart brakes over the death of Nancy Wilson but I rejoice in the knowledge that she has influenced so many vocalist to take up her mantle to keep jazz alive. So today I'm morning Ms. Wilson but I am celebrating Ms. Moore as well. Nancy Wilson, Chante Moore "C'est si bon"

  9. J Willis


  10. Mrs. H

    Such a great song and it has that vibe!!

  11. Mrs. H

    GreAt memories of dancing with the man I love too this song. Sounds so amazing..😍😍

  12. milton goins

    Kissing,Huggin, and Holding hands!

  13. OctoberLibra1

    I happened to see Ms. Chante and Jesse Powell live and they had separate sets of course, but when I tell you Chante has one of the most beautiful and well-controlled voices I have ever heard..and when I say powerful, she killed it, just like she did this song, her voice just gives you chills ...and Jesse Powell, OMG- those two in concert together - AMAZING.....He has a powerful voice as well and if any of you ever get to see them in concert, separate or on the same bill, please do so...

    Anne Williams

    Chante is definitely way underrated!!..She is awesome!

  14. William Sims

    I love it!!!

  15. DooWopRonnieM

    Great rendition. Queen Nancy keeps her crown!!!!

    queen bee

    ITs not a competition dumbass..smh

  16. John A.

    Awesome rendition, boy, does this song ever tell a story...

  17. Omar Garcia Teniente

    marvelous !!! its sound great !!! unique !! beautiful voice !!

  18. richard perez

    Don't explain because I know what I saw

    Rashad Brown

    Yes!!!!!! That part!

  19. richard perez

    it's happen to me, I saw you, 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  20. vqicom filmstudios

    This song used to belong to Nancy Wilson, but take a bow Chante... You own this material from first bar to last. KUDOS!!!

  21. Therone Dawson

    Chante, keep doing you. You did a fine job in singing one of Nancy Wilson classic . Whether some think you were trying to imitate her or not the point is you brought a classic song to a younger generation who would not even think about listening to Nancy Wilson. Bravo bravo bravo

  22. Stephanie Craig

    I like Chante version not as much as Nancy but I like.

  23. Dianna Blair


  24. Wayne Johnson

    I for one love Nancy Wilson, but for this song I have to go with Chante's version. The reason I prefer Chante's version is because she had more instrumental background which picked up the tempo and filled more......just my opinion

  25. Kangaroo Jackson

    Excellent cover.

  26. Gary Matthews

    Love This Cover!!!

  27. Darrell Phillips

    Great cover of Nancy Wilson's classic.


    Darrell Phillips not many people would try Nancy Wilson version

  28. Tony Clackos

    Been wandering on Youtube all night long to find some new sounds...I was about to quit empty-handed when i found this ! So moving and smooth at the same time... I don't care if it's a cover or somethin like that ! Chanté I love you !

  29. Keith McGillicuddy

    Beautiful voice Chante Moore has. The lyrics were written by Elisse Boyd, my Great Aunt.  She was a unique lady as well!

    Sara Williams

    I like my girl Nancy Wilson singing it!


    Your Great Aunt did a great job!

    Valerie Johnson

    Is your aunt still living?
    She must have experience this, b-u- tiful song!!!

    P R

    Chante you put it down!!!!!

  30. Anthony Compton

    It would have been better if she had sung it like Nancy Wilson and had sung it like Chante. She pretty much does it note for note Nancy's version. Stop imitating Chante. You're better than that girl.

  31. Poetmiester

    Not too many artists  can do remakes justice, but Chante' nailed it!  Hands down!  

    Mario Washington

    Poetmiester She nailed Minnie Riperton too


    Poetmiester yes she’s underrated also

  32. Shun Jackson

    Of all the cd's etc, this one is my Favorite.  if only artists take they own music seriously!  I have the other one (precious) in my cd, play it very regularly but this one it was like She Matured into a Blooming Flower, despite the bullshit She was going through. 


    Shun Jackson a blooming flower before it's time.

  33. Shyone013

    I like this one.

  34. shelly farr

    this is now my favorite song todate.................gooooooooooooooooo chante

  35. BNB


  36. bobby williams

    great tribute to nancy wilson

  37. richard perez

    Best singer u never hear about

  38. Gene Barrett

    Have you heard the new cd? It's......ok. I had to listen to it a couple of times. I like everything after Track 3.

  39. Judge Davis

    Man I totally agree. Chante has that versatile voice that could handle jazz with ease and add that extra punch to stand out

  40. Kimberly Sanders

    No 'one' broken heart is ever alone at any given time

  41. paytonfit

    Ms Moore, I grew up listenin, livin, and lovin to Ms Nancy Wilson. This was a classic signature song of hers. I am here to say you would make her proud. You did this classic not only justice, but I am now a fan. Absolutely beautiful! Thank You!

  42. Shun Jackson

    Chante Moore:
    You beautify My Universe, with your presence alone
    Your essence describes unique colors, all elements shone
    Rainbow, your face I know i seen before in a magazine
    You decorate in full bloom, a definition that is seldomly seen
    May in my dreams, ina course a head of time
    Someone in my future, if friendship is combined
    you can define tunes from the innermost part of my being
    if it's cool with you, may i show you my everything

  43. Fran hightower

    This woman is sooooooooooooooooo Talented Truly a Gift From God!!!!!!

  44. Gene Barrett

    I wish Chante would go back to her roots and switch back to jazz completely. She would do so much better as a "smooth jazz" artist.


    Gene Barrett I wished the same too

  45. Michael Elam

    I agree! And I especially love her ending to the song. Not how the great lady (Nancy Wilson) did it in 1960, but it made the song contemporary with the new millenium.

  46. JazzysCookie

    Yes :))

  47. JazzysCookie

    My pleasure! ♫♫ ʝαʑ ♫♫

  48. JazzysCookie

    My pleasure! ♫♫ ʝαʑ ♫♫

  49. MrsRedmond79


  50. felice simmons

    She honors Nancy with this remake!

  51. mdwarlick

    Its not often that a cover is just as good as the original. Chante KILLED it. I love Nancy AND Chante. I missed her in her heyday of the early 90s. She is in heavy rotation now, though. Thanks for posting.


    mdwarlick my pleasure so sorry for the late reply

  52. crystala917

    I like Chante Moore's version of this song, but I'm a devoted fan of Nancy Wilson! She did her thang when she sang this song!!! Thanks for sharing!!! :-)


    crystala917 my pleasure so sorry for the late reply