Chanté Moore - Baby I Can Touch Your Body Lyrics

Baby, can I touch your body?
Baby, can I touch your body?

Touch you,
That's what I want!
My fantasy inside of me
I miss the fight,
I wonder who taught you how o love me
The straight'
And the small of my baby
Back and forth, back and forth'
Uhhh I never wanna say goodbye, baby!

Touch you
Baby, can I touch you?
Baby, can I touch your body?
Touch me
Boy, you know I have a heartache!
Let me touch you
Baby, can I touch your body?
That's all'
Touch you!

Willing down in space
In spite of all of this world
It's the only way I wanna fly to you!
The rhythm of your kiss
Keeps my' like this, this!
Inside my head I wanna'
I wonder if I can fly!

Touch you
Baby, can I touch you?
Baby, can I touch your body?
Touch me
Boy, you know I have a heartache!
Let me touch you
Baby, can I touch your body?
That's all'
Touch you!

I just wanna touch, I just wanna love you
Baby, can I touch you, baby?
Right there, touch me all the way, touch me all the way
I don't care! I just wanna, I just wanna

Touch you
Baby, can I touch you?
Baby, can I touch your body?
Touch me
Boy, you know I have a heartache!

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Chanté Moore Baby I Can Touch Your Body Comments
  1. Kris Williams

    Chante never disappoints! She is one of my favorite vocalist!!!!

  2. Tori Hamilton

    I'm str8 as an arrow... But Chante exudes so much sex appeal..shes like a caramel Marilyn Monroe..😎✌️

  3. LookSoDamnGood Phattygurl

    Fire 🔥

  4. Rhiaanon

    My girl! Thank you for posting!

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  36. Gemini King

    ♡ Simply Beautiful

  37. Rose Williams

    I love chanta Moore she is a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice

  38. T.E Letsela

    Damm this is very good song,i love it...........

  39. T.E Letsela

    This is song for the lovers in bedroom

  40. Crystal Kinchen

    Chante Moore featured at El DeBarge Concert (11/12/16) in New Orleans brought me here. Her live version is even better than this. Sang her face off and sang it back on. I have always liked Chante Moore but now I am official an official fan. This is the song that describes in song how I will feel and what will happen when I wait to have sex until married. I am trying to operate spiritually daily in my next relationship & get my Ciara Harris and Meagan Good on!

  41. Blessed One

    Baby, can i touch your body? This song needs to be played on the radio.

  42. Sarah Jackson


  43. Jaleesa Cunningham

    Thanx for this video.

  44. Kendra Hueston

    This is my ish! Can't wait to be in love again and sing this for my man.

  45. Gully G. Que

    Now you betta sang, Chante'!

  46. Sandra Lentz

    Great song

  47. Sobayo

    Lovely voice, lovely song

  48. herman peal

    Kenny & Kadeem. . .how do you spell stupid? She's too gorgeous for words ! ! !

  49. Shun Jackson

    I guess this song is for your man roy huh

  50. Sunshine Smiles

    Sexy song for sure!

  51. Adrian Chambers

    How did this song not hit the airwaves

  52. Fiskgyrl2

    I looove the background vocals on this track!

  53. jsull81079

    This should have been the single...This is so Chante. Love it!

  54. marcia domingos

    Muito linda, fiquei apaixonada.

  55. Mickey Black

    The production on this track isn't up to her standard. Sounds a little under produced and mundane


    +mickey rouke
    To be honest, this was one of the few songs from the album that I actually liked. Moore is More is her weakest album to date, IMO.

  56. Shun Jackson

    it's not amen never has been never will be
    it's a woman

  57. ddoddy76

    This song is taken me in... So beautiful

  58. Shun Jackson

    Chante` is this what you want, Im high
    and the thoughts of you just pass me by
    all of myself wants you, needs you, I want to satisfy
    and these feelings I cant deny, but hard to describe
    my mind is preoccupied on how you receive me
    giving you all the pleasure you need
    im just being me, and you I want to please
    and your  your your your, can I touch your body
    never thought about you this way
    your body I want to explore and your moods I want to taste
    pt 1

  59. rick wilson

    chant'e sang the shit out of this song .

  60. Shun Jackson

    instead of touching the body, think about the spirit
    instead of the bedroom, the ocean is more explicit
    I can concentrate on the inner most part of you, Water
    have you hotter, wetter, than they ever cared to bother
    I want you satisfied, better than you've ever been
    and I really want this to be between friends
    all my women, find a space in your mind
    a place, without time
    and when you have the time let me make love
    the type of love, My Universe
    but first, because I don't have a body to physically touch
    I want your spirit to be "reserved" cant look at you too much

    willie c

    Amen sister.  Shun tell em like it is.  I'm learning that touching the soul of a women is way more important.  

  61. Mitchell Stephens

     I am still trying to figure out why this song is not getting any RADIO Air play?

    willie c

    I've had this song on repeat for ever now

    J Williams

    exactly....the music on the radio is so weak, that's why it doesn't get played in the ride.

    willie c

    You sure right


    +Mitchell Stephens It should have impacted radio in a large way. The song is fabulous! For what ever reasons, it did not receive the support from radio.

  62. Shun Jackson

    excuse me if I think my thoughts
    as you understand this is what God brought
    and your body, ive never had
    and sometimes I get really mad
    you I want im what you need
    and you I can be myself, feel free
    your hands remind me of a soft touch
    and I want you to touch me slow much
    volcanoes corrupt so we move my toughts to mmy universe
    I want to kiss y9u , for the first time
    and I know you are feeling my divine
    the rhythms of tug and pull
    and your pink seed, a mouthful

  63. chris sullivan

    shes a candy bar thats for sure

    Michelle Johnson


  64. Angela decane


  65. Recosha Mcclellan

    This is my girl always have been!!

  66. Candace G

    Thank you!!! You are the ONLY person who got the lyrics right! OMG it was bugging me that people couldn't do it. I love this it

  67. Nuzhat Sikander

    you sing very touching heart songs.I wish happy songs too

    Michelle Johnson

    Nuzhat Sikander bavidmother

  68. Jennifer Dudley

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤ it !!!!!

  69. dawn tallman

    So honored to be a part of this song... #BGV

  70. Alan Vierra

    <3 it!! Can we have more? Mrs. Understood, Alone, Doctor Doctor....

  71. Shun Jackson

    the small of your back, how do you want me?
    up side down, me, hanging all way round?
    and you, i want, all of you
    so what do you want me to do?
    i need my clit back, sorry if im to direct
    but youve got my universe do give back
    my garden, i grew
    and like maze, i need you
    just brainstoming off the top of my head
    and my vagina monologues, ive written and read

  72. DistinctiveMusicTV - Plus

    Yes Please.....