Chamillionaire - Won't Change Lyrics

[Intro - Chamillionaire]
Downtown, livin in that H-Town
Ya know I love how ya love to love me baby

[Chorus - Chamillionaire]
I ride for my home and state
Where we be ridin vogues and swangs
And cups be overflowed with drank
No, we don't care what people say
My city been through so much pain
They love me and I sure won't change, won't change

[Verse 1 - Chamillionaire]
Music slow but I'm such a speeder
Tried to exit the feeder, spotted me like a cheetah
Looked in the car, then he asked me if I'm a dealer
Keep a tool and some Screw, so I told him I'm Bob Vila
Young Tela, feelin like Derek Jeter
I'll show ya girl how I swing it as soon as I get to meet her
Hate on me from the rear, while they playin follow the leader
All these Caucasian diamonds, I must've caught jungle fever
First they love it and then they hate it
Welcome to Texas, where flip-floppin is overrated
Must've not got the memo, say they happy ya made it
But really full of hot air like the skinnies I just inflated
Hard to say R.I.P. after timelessness get created
You think that we live forever with music that's never dated
We gon' treat every day like it's UGK birthday
When Bun say he happy ya made it, just tell him "Happy Belated"


[Verse 2 - Chamillionaire]
Yeah, it's just foolishness that ya hear
Some that never will get it will tell you that it's their year
Some will say that you're finished, the minute ya disappear
But if diamonds could tell the future, my future look crystal clear
Can't get too comfortable when you no longer livin petty
Ordered the chicken over the Alfredo with spaghetti
She in the mirror for an hour say she gettin ready
That fifty-nine minutes that I could've been gettin 'fetti
Uh, let's get back in the mix
You can dream about sleepin while you out stackin your chips
Stuntin on 'em with all this candy immaculateness
They walkin in houses that isn't worth more than half of your wrist
She said this, but do you think that you can run long as you did with Paul?
Do Photoshop make models think that they ain't got a flaw?
Funny, how most be talkin like they did it all
And what's ironic is I can't see anything they did at all

[Chorus - Chamillionaire and Tami LaTrell]

[Chamillionaire - talking over Chorus]
I ride for my city mayne
I ride for my city mayne
I ride for my city mayne
I ride for my city mayne
And you know I won't change
I won't change

[Verse 3 - Chamillionaire (Tami LaTrell)]
She said that you've been gone for too long, ya know ya so crazy (crazy)
You know I love how ya love to love me baby (oh, uh)
Now I'm a drop the top, she gon' bop, she's sayin that's so amazin (amazin)
I'm on them spokes, I just hope this ain't your lady
Now I'm a put it down, put it down for Texas and that H-Town (and that H-Town)
Say it so proud (say it so proud)
Oh, they love how I hold on this grain
Crawlin super slow on these swangs
With the candy coats on my paint
And the city know, I won't change, hold up mayne

[Chorus - Chamillionaire and Tami LaTrell]

[Break - Chamillionaire (Tami LaTrell)]
(There's no rain, there ain't no cloudy days
When you're rollin on swangs
They all know I won't change, I won't change)

I ride for my city mayne
You know, I ride for my city all day
I ride for my city mayne
And you know I won't change

[Outro - Chamillionaire]
Hold up, they tried to knock us but we never froze up
You in the presence of players who react like grown-ups
Hold up, if I would have known they would try to own us
I would went out and purchased stock in Styrofoam cups

[Chamillionaire and Tami LaTrell]
Hold up

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Chamillionaire Won't Change Comments
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    Just dropped a new track cham... 444

  2. Jedi. Fergy

    A few verses with no cuss words good to hear a nice flow with a message...

  3. Jedi. Fergy


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    love this song makes me think about the homiez while im in lock down!

  5. William Donaldson

    We gone treat everyday like its UGK birthday when Bun say he happy u made it tell him happy belated

  6. Keon Quashie

    chamillionaire is the boss

    Jamel Griffin

    Keon Quashie and yes he always gonna be the boss like 50 Mann lol

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    Great song!

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  9. Julien Alexander

    the person that dislike this, needs their ass beat.

  10. David Medina

    hold up mayne I ride for my city mayne 210

  11. Phillip Ferguson

    dope asf

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    Super King Koopa

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    i love this song <3

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    Thats that down in h-town feel good music.

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    Great Musik!

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    2nd comment
    Anyway rRRRREAL

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    This is pretty tight