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Mixtape Messiah

What would you do?
If he was hating on you and never to you
He gon' make sure that he don't bump into you
He gon' pretend he don't see and never knew you
And just avoid you
What would you do?
If everythang he was saying wasn't truthful
He gon' pretend that he ain't did nothing to you
See you can love me or hate, whatever suits you
But I'll destroy you, and you know it! Nigga

[Chamillionaire talking]
Nigga knew he had messed up when he put me on his DVD at the front
Nigga put me in the footage like I'm co-signing this nigga running the game
What type of disrespect is that?
I knew you that messed up nigga, caught you red handed with all your feminine ways
Running round, talking all that noise behind my back
and wasn't man enough to say it to my face man
Real type of nigga you is man
Should of known you was that broad ass nigga that everybody was saying you was
What type of hoe ass nigga talk down on his own click
to niggas he ain't even really that cool wit
What type of hoe ass nigga don't say it to a nigga face
And when he see ya he start smiling and shaking hands
A hoe ass nigga, a fraud ass nigga
You gonna have to take it how it hit you nigga
Cause I mean every word that I say on this CD nigga
You know what I'm saying?
Standing on my own two feet like always and I ain't really tripping offa anybody else
Anybody got a problem, speak up now or forever hold your peace
Oh and it will get worse, let me let y'all know I ain't done with this nigga
It's not over yet
Mixtape Messiah 2, Controversy Sells coming soon

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Chamillionaire What Would You Do Comments
  1. Brian Vetrano

    Underrated Paul Wall track.

  2. Alex K


  3. Zac Did That

    Haters will say it need auto tune

  4. Anthony Sayles

    I gave this out to the haters

  5. Arturo Solis

    H taaiiwwn hold it daaiiwn

  6. Quise G

    2019 and on

  7. William Roberts

    Still swang that screw...
    Swisha house like What it do???

  8. Dalila

    Live your life
    Don't let your life live you
    Just keep on movin

  9. Lawrence Matthews


  10. はかななかさ


  11. 90sKidDCN

    Still bumping this in 2017

  12. alan johnson

    I wonder if Paul would have stay writing like this if he still had chamillionaire helping him

  13. Dey Dey

    2015 still better than modern rap

  14. 415 Balla

    best song on the album!!!

  15. Dee Cruz

    Still bumping this shit in 2015

    415 Balla

    @Damian Cruz its a classic!!!

  16. Matthew Mayer

    I love this song

  17. Naturally Angie

    Got me thinking bout my life u everything dats happening

  18. Joseph Corwin

    old school favorite all day

  19. Shaun

    Paul Wall and Chamillionaire old stuff are better to listen to.

  20. Soul Wavy

    This that ol skoo paul wall hell yea wish he would go back to this flow

  21. 415 Balla

    this song is slept on. real talk