Chamillionaire - Say Goodbye Lyrics

[Intro - Chamillionaire - talking]
So what are you gonna do, is you have to pick your weapon of choice
It's not easy but, somebody's got to do it
Who said it wasn't easy?
Give me that, I got this
Let's go

[Chorus - Chamillionaire]
I told you a million times (I told you a million times)
I'll live mine, you live your life (you live your life)
They say it but it's a lie (haha)
'Cause it's not hard to (hard to ...), say goodbye

[Verse 1 - Chamillionaire]
Follow me I could lead you, hate on me and I will leave you (now say goodbye)
Know your friends will deceive you but I'm mad that I believed you, so I (say goodbye)
Peek-a-boo I could see you, I could see that you are see through (say goodbye)
I see that you're evil but even Evel Knievel could never pull a stunt on me (say goodbye)
Stayin on top of my cheese like it's nacho beef
If I didn't call your name than it's not your beef
I swear y'all soft as a taco be
I got hard shells, promise you the glock on me [gunshot]
That's what I call a virus, he's inside of your camp as he hides from your eyelids
Then before you realize this, he surprises you by knowin the date that your demise is
I'm an insomniac, tryin to live "Happy Days" like the Fonzie cat
They try to put bullets in the army hat and I'm feelin like you tryin to be a copycat
Wait a sec, let me paint the Picasso
They be sayin what they sayin but it's not so [gunshot]
They be sayin what they sayin 'cause I got dough [gunshot]
But to me, you're deader than a fossil

[Chorus - Chamillionaire]
I told you a million times (a million times)
I'll live mine, you live your life (haha, you live your life)
They say it but it's a lie (you know that's a lie)
'Cause it's not hard to (hard to ...), say goodbye (not at all, not at all)

[Verse 2 - Chamillionaire]
It's the death of a dynasty, it'll D-I-E, if I could minus me (say goodbye)
Chamillitary and it's finally, the time for me to give some shine to me (say goodbye)
Everytime I come out, they doubt me but you'll never take over the south without me (say goodbye)
Look how many miles and counting but look how Oscar the Grouch your mouth be (say goodbye)
Trash what I'm hearin ya talkin, I'm hearin it often, go get in a coffin (get in a coffin)
I feel like I'm big as a shark and I'm finna rip the limbs off the littlest dolphin
Head to ya seat quietly, I'm feelin like a movie what you tryin to see
I don't know if Scarface, what you tryin to be but I'm "lol" and that's comedy (haha)
Timeless that my grind is, you can search forever but you'll never, ever find this
People tell me that I'm mindless but if I lost my mind, I'm not really tryin to find it
Not crazy, I'm more than crazy but one thing I know is you ain't gonna play me [gun cocked]
Take a shot [gunshot], ballin baby, 'til the Forbes tell you that I made more than Jay-Z

[Chorus - Chamillionaire]
I told you a million times (a million times)
I'll live mine, you live your life (I'm hearin ya cry)
They say it but it's a lie (you ready to fly?)
'Cause it's not hard to (hard to ...), say goodbye (haha, haha, haha)

[Break - Chamillionaire]
Say goodbyyye
Say goodbye
Say goodbyyye
Say goodbye

[Verse 3 - Chamillionaire]
I'm not anyone of them dudes from Boyz II Men
Say (It's Hard To Say Goodbye), it was one of them
We can be in the trees, standin on a limb
And I would watch you fall like a ornament
Psycho I am not no, psycho with the mic though
Even white folks, will agree that I'm quite dope
And I'm si-si-sicker than a slight cold
I kick through instrumental, I slip into your fence too
Hit your window, I'm Ginsu to your pencil
I talk to myself like I'm mental, tell my mental
That you ain't 'F''in with me
Like the letter that come after 'E' and before the 'G'
And I'm definitely, gonna rep for the street
And that's where your gonna be layin when I'm lettin the heat go

[Chorus - Chamillionaire]
I told you a million times
I'll live mine, you live your life (your life)
They say it but it's a lie
'Cause it's not hard to (hard to ...), say goodbye

[Outro - Chamillionaire - talking and impersonating "The Godfather" - w/ ad libs until the end]
All I know is there was no glove, no silencer, no sound (say goodbye)
No shells, no footprints, no nothin (say goodbye)
So when they asked me for a statement
All I could really do was just (say goodbye)
So for you my friend, I'm sorry but this is where I must just (say goodbye)

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    Took marijuana through 5o hand changes and 17 feet.

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    No matter what we die every week that's why it never matters what we say


    Not a police station until you look at this . Your wearing bages but your not you .


    Boxed off your not you no matter what you do won't be you unless accept report if you get tired of not being you accept report .

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    Still one the greatest 🥀

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    The best till this day 2019 👌

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    This song is a fucking classic in my book

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