Chamillionaire - Roll Call Lyrics

Attention, little kids
I know, you're fans of his
If it ain't no Cham, then it ain't gon jam
I threw it, off a bridge
And, if it hurts your ears
And you're tired, of what you hear
Homie have no fear, the Messiah's here
We gon shut it down, this year yeah

A.N.I. out in Cleveland, Eminem out in taller
Lucky Music in Abilene, waiting for my arrival
Music City in V.A., say hey ain't nobody tighter
Super Sounds in Atlanta, like where that Mix Tap Messiah
Colorado fa sho, they say that Koopa's on fire
Ask James at Eackazam, he'll tell you I'm no liar
Been in the game for a minute, I'm one of the biggest suppliers
I'm the rapper they waiting for, you the rapper they tired of
How the hell you say you blew up so quick, and then rub it in
When you ain't seen a royalty check, and know nothing bout publishing
I feel sorry for the thirteen year old teenagers, who loving him
They try to tangle with the sharks but I'm sorry, he doesn't swim
I'ma rip off another limb, no need for partici-hating
I suggest that you get to shaking the spot, and just switch locations
I wouldn't stop if he told me, if him and Clark Kent was dating
Cause he couldn't spit hotter than me, if that pussy was kissing Satan
I know the public is waiting, for Controversy to sell
Most of the rest of the real niggaz locked, and ain't made bail
Pimp, Z-Ro, 50/50 locked up behind jail
Cause of snitch figga ass niggaz, like Dike Jones trying to tell
Who (hell naw), who (hell naw)
He told me a different story, then the one he trying to tell y'all
Who (hell naw), who (hell naw)
I don't wan' diss my old dog, so I'ma chunk a deuce for Paul
Who told DSR, that he make more than me and P
And my nigga Slim Thee, Dike Jones could it be
You could of praised my whole body, and couldn't afford a sleeve
I don't even drop a c.d., and still clear more than forty G's
A month and it's just my check, and ain't even got to my savings
The money the bank is saving, plus the money my safe is saving
Let's flame him, since he say that he blazing
He blew up quick, and nobody was there to save him
Keep it cool I tried to, but you know I'm a rider
Get respect in Louisiana, and all the way down to
Florida DJ Smallz, Atlanta with DJ Drama
Off this money I make, I'll probably go hit the Bahammas
Get respect in Cali, Vallejo they popping collars
Get respect of the streets, you get respected to tollers
So what I'm trying to say is, I'ma be here regardless
I'm the rapper they waiting for, you the rapper they tired of

Tha-thank you Chamillion, um
You hear it here first, at WKTB work your booty
Pimp radio station, and um
There seems to be an excessive amount of fraud artists out here
And we have a couple of artists here, that feel the same way
Uh, let me hear what you have to say here sir

Let me silence all the talk, can't match up with my vault
You ain't getting no respect, from real G's on the North
You get put in duct tape, you cupcake you too soft
Ain't no rapper got broke off, this hard since Tha Boss

I've seen your chain, but how much did it cost
You can't be like E.S.G., and let your body defrost
Seen the studio that you was saying, was Swishahouse
But that was Tow Down's studio, and that was the South

You ain't, in the dope game
Real niggaz know, he wasn't moving cocaine
Real niggaz po' a whole cup, of that drank
Niggaz I know, ain't repeating your name

What you gonna say now, Dike is a clown
Come around hurr, and you gon get beat down
Man hold up I'm in the club, sipping crown
And niggaz getting tired of Dike Jones, in D-Town
And a one and a two, and a three nobody
Who he messing with, man it sho ain't nobody
(pass me the Nina), don't worry I got it
Say whodie I'll blow his chest up, he won't have nobody

I was gripping on my steal and wood wheel
Music on the radio, I couldn't feel
Popped in a grey tape, cause I'm trill
Pussy gimmick nigga nigga, get real (get real)

But nigga don't make me grab this steel
Pull it, I'll levitate your crew
Nigga you don't represent the real
My nigga, don't ever say you do
I turn that scene, to a crime scene
Don't make me, yellow tape your shoe
Cause DJ Screw, elevated Screw
And Screw, elevated you

Man bring it back, I'm with it

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Chamillionaire Roll Call Comments
  1. Degenarate Scum

    This is all camm , ive been listening to him for years , other niggas thought this was a collab lol , most underrated, miss you koopa

  2. I'm So Fly

    That Game impression :0

  3. Cleveland we the best

    I dont care what yall haters say on YouTube he He didn't just kill it kill it he murdered it

  4. Nano Nano

    Young Jeezy killed it 😂

  5. Nano Nano

    He did Jay Z better than Jay Z

  6. adnanojd

    Chamillitary mayne

  7. Degenarate Scum

    2019 shit still fire , miss you cam

  8. Malcolm Spears

    2019 still bumping this

  9. Clue Wyatt

    Had to bang this throwback H-Town !!

  10. Cray DeCray

    I've consistently listened to this a few times a year ever since this video dropped and it never ceases to amaze me. Would love for Cham to make a come back. Would be interesting to see what he does in today's market.

  11. Holy Saint Of Allah

    The Game was absolutely garbage.

  12. D Owen

    who else high asf remembering this song exists!

  13. Gregg Murray

    The goat

  14. Arm Garnett87

    Fuckin Legend!!!

  15. The movie 10

    cam been the truth he smash the game and have it back!!!! 💪🏾💪🏾

  16. Lindsey Sifuentez

    nobody else does this thats why hes one of a kind best ever

  17. Rocky 90

    2018 and Cham is still the best.

  18. Anthony Urban the gamer!

    Still a 40oz on my coaster!

  19. The real Cody Borelz

    Hold up

  20. thefatalveli1

    Cham one of the greatest from the Souf !!! his Jeezy Part was insane....

  21. Gregory Murray

    August 2017

    kid mid

    Gregory Murray you my
    age lol



  22. wheelmanstan

    damn I was looking all day for the game's song, but it's cham's song!

  23. Chelly Montoya

    He KILLED This!!!!

  24. George Dominguez


  25. Damien X

    most underrated rapper of all time!!!

    Shir'o Khorshid

    Damn right.

  26. S197 Cyclone

    notice he didn't even try to do em.. this is tight but he can't fuck with em...


    That's because it isn't the 90s anymore and no once gives a shit about Eminem.

  27. MRNES

    I really liked your channel Mrnes :) great

  28. Geo

    I did like ten flows tonight

  29. Geo

    I did like ten flows tonight

  30. zzz

    A Genius, one of the best Southern Rapper ever, probably The Best.

    Saiyan Sleek Media

    +Vabbociao Cirinuncio hes the best

  31. johnnyboy4352


  32. macdabluepanther

    Cham always been hott...I was thinking bout this song the other day...One of the best mixtape tracks, clever, and raw...

  33. D'Michael Myers

    @AHIDFIRJG Its Roll Call Reloaded 4rm Mixtape Messiah 2

  34. IG: Spyda_337



    Roll call reloaded off mixtape messiah 2

  35. BanjoStory

    I like how Rich Boy is the only one not in the picture.

  36. dave demontigny

    still best hear too

  37. ricky rubio

    when did he switch from rick ross to rich boy?



    Mr Standley

    That shit was whack as fuck . Cant rap with chamillionaire. Do 17 mixtapes and come holler at ya boy

  39. LesContrairesx

    LMAO rick ross was great

  40. Bradley Gray

    mAN WHY DONT THEY FIRE EVERYBODY n da Game And Jus Let Cham Wreck it THE BEST EVA Mayn!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TEXAS STAnd up

  41. ecripps

    @P3rfecto2009 its chamillionaire immitating peoples voices

  42. DJPaulOhoo1


  43. somethingeasy97

    koopa hit eveerybodys voice and style on the nail.,wonder if the actual rappers listened to this.

  44. Blah Blah

    Lol he sound just like B.G. 2:12 - 2:34

    Mike Pourch

    Clinton Rowsey I enjoyed his verse the most lol

  45. Martian Lynch

    Lol he embarassed Lil Wayne, that's the kind of stupid crap he says these days too. I really like Cham.

  46. big973e

    damn i was crackin up through the whole thing....especially on houston to HARLEM line.....if cham roll called anyone else... i would like to hear paul wall, ludacris, david banner, 50 cent, kanye west, 8 ball and mjg, and kanye....this shit too funny

  47. Golfcart

    Cham can sing too...such a bad ass artist all around

  48. amega20

    he sounds exactly like young jeezy sounds like snoop hes preety much on point with all the rappers and their styles

  49. kobe2bynum

    his jim jones tha hardest


    damn Cham wrecked this bitch lol. 5 *****

  51. Tha Savage

    He KiLLeD E-40 aNd ROss

  52. ZeKeN

    your opinion is as irrelevant as a xxl columnist... ha ha

  53. coolhomieo

    Ammm he kiiled Dream at the end to!

  54. QuiKstahz

    Haha, his Jim Jones coulda passed for the real thing.

  55. Kenny13k

    lol he did Rich, didn't you hear after Rick Ross. Hint he said throw some d's on it. Also Rick Ross is mad easy just say boss and your Rick Ross. STR8 FIRE CHAMILLIONARE = MOST VERSATILE RAPPER EVER

  56. deadlyedley

    aint that the truth, that's y lyrics is everything

  57. Ellbee

    King Koopa lyric killa hes on the mic like a willy woofta recking all the other poofters

  58. devon rector

    he did the game really good

  59. VolumeMHZ

    cahm has a dope bunb imitation haha

  60. Max Anderson

    chamillionaire meh nigga for real nigga yehhhh 40 on meh coaster haha dat nigga go hard dat boy b crazy hahahaha yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh fuck nigga i cant see straight

  61. Dill Winter

    7. is slim thug

  62. aragenj

    10. is the game, 12. is the dream

  63. qbone20

    lol he killed the dream part. koopa got vocals too.

  64. Anthony Gene

    rediculous... keepin it fresh and new.. damn...

  65. KillaDilla76

    now thats talent

  66. John Hancock

    fucking crazy
    mad props

  67. Johnathan Butler

    dont think anyone else would hav thought of this or hav the skill to pull it off (no offense to other artist)

  68. Kelon713

    da is da most creative shit i ever heard,dis sum real shit , dat boy chamillionaire is a beast

  69. mkfan900

    no the dream

  70. Tru_ Champ

    that's why he is chamillionaire= cameleon he can change on demand. Cam is the best rapper alive or dead yeah i said it but you were thinkin it.

    Degenarate Scum

    This man changed my life

  71. JayK817

    yeh he hella good at this lolz

  72. Rich Eklund

    he actually makes him sound exactly like bg

  73. Anthony Taylor

    Fire Drill.

  74. King John

    Jim Jones and Wayne made me laugh.

  75. seeumx4

    aha yea. he was imitating all the other rappers ;D!

  76. Ice

    Flat out one of the most versatile rappers in the game today. Further proof Weezy is not the best rappers alive. Not saying Chamillionaire is but you know!

  77. Brandon McPeak

    What instrumental is this?

  78. Johnathan Butler

    he got snoop down

  79. IH8Retards4Life

    this shit good

  80. IAmBlu3

    This is a shame. he takes other people's styles...and makes them sound better *smh*

  81. Riste Stojanov

    y does it just stop like after 5 mins ???

    Derek Jones

    Riste Stojanov right

  82. bozotheclown9

    love the e-40 part haha. cham is so versatile

  83. christisamust7

    lmao...he spit better lyrics then some of the original one'

  84. Kidd Kirbs

    This always cracks me up. XD

    Decent song.

  85. dervan lewis

    LMAOOO ooo fuck ...this track is proper i respect it more than alphabetical slaughter.......chamillionaires a fucking genius

  86. SyDeWiNdEr628

    dudes like the frank caliendo of rapping haha
    na just playing this just shows how nasty he really is ha
    these are all his lyrics too
    so good
    i love how he made waynes make no sense :P

  87. SURtifiediLL

    Koopa was outstanding on this track. Much respect.

  88. King

    what beat is this?

  89. KeezKeez

    uhhhmmmmm no no he is not

  90. Antt Capone

    that's how he iz

  91. Antt Capone

    no idiot

  92. Antt Capone

    u killed it

  93. Charlie Carter

    is that all cham?