Chamillionaire - Judge Judy Lyrics

They won't let me out
I'm locked up, they won't let me out
Locked up, they won't let me out [x2]
Ay, ay, ay, just let me out [x4]

Gettin' paper's my duty, gettin' paper's my duty
The police pull me over to me to jail in the tooly
When the law ask me why? I said my life is a movie
Will Smith wanted happiness, haters try'na pursuit me
Then I bumped into Judy, yeah I bumped into Judy
I ain't F-ing with apples, most of these rappers is fruity
Yeah, ya'll honer the industry, it's try'na pollute me
I just bumped into Oprah and want to feel on her booty
I just want a lil peace, that won't give me the cutties
Got a father with money, like Vanessa and Rudy (Huxtable)
I'm the type to get moody if you don't like it then sue me
Naw don't sue me, cause really I had enough of that truly
You dis chick she was boogie she really think she a cutie
She be puffin at night, getting higher than cooly
Bags looking like Gucci, cars smelling like? gucci?
I don't wanna say her name so let's just call it Suzy
Try'na act like she knew me, try'na act like she knew me
Try'na friend me on Myspace like how come you wanna prove me
She be lying a lot, people say she a groupie
She had told me she got a lot in the grease like Judy
So the judge looked at me, and the judge said to me
"Your a slick-tongue rapper, your rap could never could fool me"
Then she gave me my sinners like I had spoke to a ruly
She said "I'm goin give you LIFE, if you don't come here and do me! "
What? !

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