Chamillionaire - Best She Ever Had Lyrics

[Chorus - Chamillionaire]
I be hustlin everyday, you know I love the money
Say they do it real big, they ain't done it like I done it
Put you on an airplane, send you where ever you want it
Yeah I told you never but tonight I'll spend some cheddar on it
When I hit ya town, just make sure you hit me up
The other night she told me that she couldn't get enough
And when she get bored and need a little love
She gonna say the same thing when I come around
She say Koopa you the best (yes)
Koopa you the best (yes)
Koopa you the best (yes)
Koopa you the best
I'm the best she ever had (man)
Best she ever had (man)
Best she ever had
Best she ever had
Baby, Koopa you the

[Verse 1 - Chamillionaire]
Show me to your residence and I can be your roommate (yeah)
We can see how comfortable the pillows in your room ain't (yep)
You ain't gonna sleep, ain't no time for countin sheep
Sweat is runnin down your back, the running back is runnin deep (hut)
Michael Vick ya 'cause I swear I'm 'bout to kill it dog
Only spit a couple bars and she can feel it in her drawers
When the album drop they'll say Chamillionaire's official
I'm lyin, there's not a album 'cause these verses like a scripture
But back to the topic, told you I'd never unlock it
Your body lookin so chocolate that tonight
I'll probably drop it
Hop into my cockpit, put you on some of my chicks
If you like chicks like I like chicks, then maybe y'all can swap spit
Normally she sip a little wine before she go to sleep
She say it help her relax but nothin help her more than me (Woo)
Your chick is showin, she Naughty by Nature, (O.P.P.)
You might call it Treachery, I guess I'm just a ODB
Uh, that's when I knew that it was time to jet
Soon as she just st-stuttered and start starin at my shiny neck
Told her that tonight your blessed 'cause later you'll have time to stretch
I put ya on the floor and stretch ya out like a P90X
Yes (yes), I write the script and she just play along
Told ya it was on, the best evening she was ever shown
Wake up in the morn' and say she "So Far Gone"
And I didn't make it to the fourth, I only played Trey Songz

[Chorus - w/ ad libs]

[Verse 2 - Chamillionaire]
Freestyle, come on
This is a singin freestyle, she reppin H-Town
Got her own money and she got her own house
And I mean that
I can't stop starin at your cleavage
I'm just playin

They say in money that we trust and you would think that I'm crazy
If I let another man get in the bed with my baby
Ben Franklin that's the homie, so I say it's all gravy
That's the only person in the mattress under my lady
And she don't need no toys, there's no need for vibratin
When I lay her on the matt', get back, the doc is operatin
Some live to knock my hustle but they'll probably die hatin
Hustle like it's three of me, give a m©nage a muah, baby

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Chamillionaire Best She Ever Had Comments
  1. Alexandre GTi

    "She say
    Koopa you the best (Yes)
    Koopa you the best (Yes)
    Koopa you the best (Yes)
    Koopa you the best

    I'm the best she ever had (Man)
    best she ever had (Man)
    best she ever had
    best she ever had
    Baby Koopa you the..."

  2. chenzy4200

    2019 im here

  3. Victor Ramirez

    ill put you on a cab back to your house lol

  4. reppn863

    where was i at when he fell off cuz almost everything ive heard from him jams

  5. Raven Miyagi

    he aint fall off bruh

  6. Josue Patricio

    so much better and more catchy

  7. Josue Patricio

    Chamillionaire kills Drake's beat

  8. Arylum


  9. Dylan Christensen

    y'all heard z-ro wrecc this track? check it out!!

  10. ItsVenum

    FACT: Chamillionaire kills any beat

  11. ItsVenum


  12. james wilson

    67,226... come on thats the problem today. real musics hard to find, but imma keep it real and continue to listen to the all mighty king koopa. even tho i get made fun of for likin his music

  13. flashsupressor

    fire man no one comes close to chamillionaires lyrics.

  14. Jeremy Catledge

    i dont even like dude like that but this song is the bidness like forreal

  15. Rudy Chavez

    Stretch you out like a P90X,

  16. Jayy Thunda

    Man i used to listen to it on my ipod everyday but my ipod got restored SO CAN LISTEN TO IT NO MORE LOVE THIS TRACK CHAMILLIONAIRE GOT SOME HEAT ON THE MIC........

  17. C0lt45

    Drake be good but chamill got him on this one !

  18. S. Beeb

    This shit go harder than Drake

  19. ayo ajaz

    i find dat chamillionaire 1 of the few people who can rap and sing at the same time

  20. Kevin Phillips

    chamilionare put drake in the dirt :)

  21. Fezx

    @LyricCWalk chamillionaire would kill drake in any beat and he killed him on this one

  22. Ulrik Brink

    You gotta be kiddin - it's fuckin fire, but far from Drake's version!

  23. Stephen Catalano

    @BigBuddie504 Im not comparing the rappers im comparing there versions of a song. calm down

  24. Christopher Brian

    @ThexPranksters Really is annoying that every rapper has to be compared to either Wayne or Drake. REAL LAME!

  25. raylene tua

    this is the song of the year baybee!! I BE HUSTLING EVERYDAY U NOW I LOVE THAT MONEY.. too tru

  26. youngstar7078

    y does chamilly do other peoples songs better then they do ?????????

    Big Nate

    youngstar7078 😂😂this shits trash


    You inbred are subscribed to ASMR channels and think your opinion holds weight lmao

    Vicious shadow

    Sprul SA it’s not that bad

  27. rick berra

    dude he fuckin kills this song this is BEAST!!!!

  28. PimpCoop

    This blows Drake version out of the water!!!!!!!

  29. Jonathan Chang

    Wayne can rap. His flow is hilarious. He's good.

    Chamillionaire on the other hand, I think, is far FAR better.

    He can sing WITHOUT auto-tune. His lyrics have awesome flow and awesome lyrics. His freestyles utterly destroy every track he touches from sheer awesomeness in lyrical barrage. In Roll Call Reloaded, he showcases his skill in vocal imitations.

    Why compare him to Wayne?

  30. sogstabetch

    at the end did he diss drake?

  31. Kellie S

    chamillionaire is worth shit lol

  32. Heath H

    drake and chamillionaire are both raw. they are the best we got in the game right now. as far as keepin it real goes they dont rap about all their money they rapp bout real shit they goin thru and come with good flow, drake killed it but chamillionaire buryied it

  33. Kellie S

    conceited bastard...."best she ever had"??
    all this music is worth shit

  34. * Droop *

    Michael Vick Ya Cuz I Swear I'm Bout Ta Kill It Dogg

  35. deathedge2000

    And Chamillionaire once again proves why he is the Mixtape Messiah

    sucks that 7 is his last ;_;

  36. nfs444

    Sooo much better

  37. Stephen Catalano

    sooooooo much better then drakes original version

  38. mike ruiz

    chamillionaire is tight mixtape wise....his albums im not too crazy for...but you gotta hand it to him cuz hes made his mark already.

  39. Matt Ryan

    cham kills every mix tape he releases

  40. Logan Donovan

    he slayed this song

  41. MezmerizedCA

    Lmao, drake can't sing. He uses autotune.

  42. Ferno Martinez

    i think that this song is better then drakes

  43. Heath H

    i like this nigga. he even shout out to drizzy and his mixtape so far gone at the end of his first verse, that shit go hard. "The next mornin she said that she was so far gone and i didnt make to the 4th i only got to treys song(z). in which trey was featured in drakes 3rd song. you gotta think bout that, that shit right there went raw! chamillitary mane!

  44. 1090028c

    koopa went harder on this than drake did!

  45. jkbezo

    Its aight!!

  46. T.C.Skillz

    Koop's a beast, much better than the original song

  47. Victor Modesto

    so do I, im not a fan of screwed and chopped tho so i dont really listen to the 2nd disc

  48. Zeke D.

    I thought he cancelled venom

  49. Zeke D.

    Mixtape Messiah 7 go hard i got both discs on my zune


    Zeke D. Zune lol. How the times have changed.

  50. kenny a

    sick i underated koop but hes a beast

  51. Victor Modesto

    idk I hear alot of people sayin that but I kinda like it when he raps over other pplz beats. He always looks at it a new way.

    I know what you mean though, I wish he would drop an actual album....