Chambers, Kasey - Railroad Lyrics

Your mother don't cry
Your daddy don't go
The spies don't let the government know
The water don't rise
Living on the railroad
Your brother don't lie
Your lover don't cheat
The ground wont fall
From under your feet and the wind don't blow
Livin on the railroad

Living on the railroad, living on the railroad

Your colour don't fade
Your sorrow don't show
The shadow don't follow wherever you go
The butter don't melt livin' on the railroad
Your cards don't lose
Your brakes don't fail
The rain comes down to cover your trail
But the wind don't blow living on the railroad

Living on the railroad, living on the railroad
Living on the railroad, living on the railroad

Thunder, lightening,
Stealing, fighting
Crashing, cryin, breakin', dyin',
Failing, fallin', lyin'
These are the things I never see

Living on the railroad, living on the railroad
Living on the railroad, living on the railroad.....

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Chambers, Kasey Railroad Comments
  1. eyescream

    From a FNQ boy it's a fucken classic!

  2. Iranian Bob

    Yikes!!!! Too much crack through the old Bong Chambers

  3. rocket cover Mick bundy

    That's all folks till next time hope you enjoyed. Rocket cover

  4. Catherine Hopkins

    It's a completely different song, idiot.

  5. Urgent Pointer


  6. Makayla Johnston

    Kasey chamners you must like trains most of your songs have trains in it but is COOL

  7. Montana Lipscombe

    your so incredible love this song such a talent family you are and dead ringer is still NY favorite band xx

  8. Ruby_Playz_Mixtures

    Kasey its me Ruby do you know lorraine gassman? well its me

  9. Cynth

    Kasey Chambers was my childhood, I grew up listening to these songs, and hearing the familiar riffs and lyrics feel me with nostalgia.

    Mitchy Babe

    Cynth same!

  10. Zac Cahill

    I'm sure this is a good song but Soul Asylum sang Runaway train much better.


    lol... completely different song, just same title!


    Not a cover song at all, for starters, different lyrics

  11. Arjen Treurniet

    Beautiful song! Isn't that Buddy Miller on guitar and backing vocals? I seem to recognize him, but I am not sure

  12. Steven Adams

    she is fucking hot

  13. tarapia tapioca

    This is MUSIC!!!

  14. IgNiz

    I thought this is a cover version of Soul Asylum's Runaway Train

    V Greg

    StarboyP same here

    Social Step

  15. Cody6918

    her dad sounds just like Paul Kelly

  16. Jai Dixon

    listening 2016

  17. Micael Håkans

    Is this a ripoff or pure luck that two really good songs are so alike!???

    Blu Eyeangell

    +Micael Håkans this is from 2009 and the other Runaway train is 2010. (and exactly 1 year difference for uploading as well)

    Toddzillar H

    +Blu Eyeangell FYI this song was from 2001 not 2009

  18. Justine Bowman

    who listening in 2015?

    Aliens Made Us

    Justine Bowman I am listening in 2017 :-)

  19. IOANNA333

    Well, that's an odd look for Kasey.


    Yup, she looks a bit more normal now.

    Makayla Johnston

    IOANNA333 kasey can be like that if she wants to


    Makayla Johnston Sure she can.

  20. Ben Ward

    my favourite song by far XD

  21. Breezy Harris

    She stole a title of another song..

  22. Flickie kids

    love you kasey !!!

  23. Timothy Wray

    @kaysangle who said she was chubby? she looks ok to me.

  24. foxrebel368

    Love this song!! Keen to see her in Tamworth In Jan!! YEEHAH!!!!

  25. kaysie cannon

    the reason she chubby people is because she got kids. but yes she is happy with herself clearly or she would have done something bout it. dont jusge a book by its cover u would be quite suprised bout who is actually beautiful on the inside and way nicer then the people who actually judge.

  26. dazbot11

    you tell em kasey!.

  27. upinsmoke656

    kasey's mint as....... ive liked her since she started singing. and she's a beautiful lady with a beautiful voice.......

  28. Pinky Malin

    Everyone is beautiful in their own unique way. I say she's beautiful.

  29. Pinky Malin

    @aussiielady4lyf IKR?! A lot of phenominal singers aren't recognized merely because they "guly" or whatever. In my mind everyone's beutiful in their own special way. Everyone looked one was or the exact same.. be pretty damn boring I'd say.

  30. TARH8R

    @likefred02 rkn she looks better in i still pray

  31. upinsmoke656

    @rogerson61 ugly she's far from it.......

  32. Timothy Wray

    so ugly... but i cant help being attracted to her.. shes awesome with that hoarse voice and the sex appeal...

  33. christian Gonsalves

    she is great , unique

  34. hobochlobo

    people should make lyric vesions to kasey chambers songs

  35. Diana VR


    I'm not sure when this vid was shot, but this album came out in 2001, so not too far off..