Chaka Khan - The Drama Lyrics

In this ever-changing world
Where things become unfurled
And tethered
Like a lioness in her pride
I was gonna stay by your side

As a planet keeps her moon
Your love I had assumed
And taken
And if this love can't come to pass
Then I would be alas

The drama of the chase
The look upon your face
Make up your mind
It would be a waste
If you didn't love me
It would be the drama of all time

If I'm not good enough for you
What else could I do?
I could change
You know, they say like wine
You get better with passin' time
How strange :.
I wish that in your eyes
You saw me like the others
See me
I could never say enough
Darlin' just how much I
Wish you'd keep me


Drama, drama of all time

It's been ten long years
Since I fell in love so dear
It's got to be the drama of all time
Called you on the telephone
And wondered if you were alone
It's got to be the drama of all time
When I called you back, it was busy
What was that?
It's a drama, drama of all time
Who were you with last night?
Busy, busy, you must be busier
Than a one-legged man in a kick fight
Got to be the drama of all time
Drama, drama of all time

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Chaka Khan The Drama Comments
  1. A'Doris A

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE me some Chaka Khan, but........I DIDN'T love this song! It drags and it doesn't showcase her voice like it could. This sounds like sloppy seconds from Prince's scrap table. Chaka is soooooo much better than this tired song; I don't care if Prince did write it. Not everything he wrote was good. This is a good example.

  2. Anselmo Carlos Spinelli

    Essa música magnífica da Chaka Khan é a minha preferida do álbum " Come 2 My House".


    there should have been a music video for this song, it's so good.....


    Prince did a excellent job producing this song......

  5. Eileen Pizarro

    Love hearing Prince "sanging".

  6. SoulSir

    I like this song. p.s. Funny intro, "CLICK"...lmao!

  7. EmDilla

    BEST SONG ON THE ALBUM!!!! Had it on repeat for a month when it came out! Lol.

  8. Kyndall Parkinson

    There is a music store in the Dallas Fort Worth area that goes way way way back with their old school, found it there. It's called Forever Young!! Couldn't Believe It!!!

  9. Ron Simmons

    Chaka-almost complete.

  10. reliableNference

    I still come here for a good cry. O-+->

  11. Rita Walker

    MrKenndawg I beg your pardon their is no bigger Fan of Chaka I maybe have been one before you were born depending on how old you are so watch it. At one point in my life I worked to support my kids on third shift which afforded me the only sleep time after taking care of them was during the day after helping take of my other family member my mother had custody of because she was a Minister on call. No one Loves Chaka more then me so maybe not in exile but yes maybe just maybe asleep. : )

  12. Rita Walker

    Still trying to figure out why there are so many songs I never heard of by Chaka funny I don't remember being in exile.

  13. iplayyed diss


  14. reliableNference

    I fucking cry every time I hear this song. It's annoying.

    A'Doris A

    I agree. I feel like resurrecting Prince and beating his tiny little ass for this.  Chaka is too good for this awful song. He should have sang it his damn self. It does NOTHING for me. I love Chaka and I liked some of Prince's stuff, but this one misses badly for ME! I'm a musician/singer/songwriter too and this just doesn't showcase what either of them do well in my opinion.

    Tracey Parkinson

    Perhaps you should STOP listening to it, I'm just saying 💯💯

  15. tetamantivm

    my favourite album CAME TO MY HOUSE

  16. Leslie Marie

    hey I love this c.d can u put some other songs from the cd on here..Pleasseeee!

  17. virgo rule

    It's hard to find this song! It is the shit, I heard it on the Yahoo music station and could NOT find it anywhere else!

    Thanks for posting this!!!!