Chaka Khan - Sticky Wicked Lyrics

Carmel-coated pseudo happy
Call her sticky wicked
Will she answer agin today or pray that love'll kick it?

Kick it love, see her little baby
Hey girl, she don't remember your name
Kick it love, mama gettin' busy
Got no time 4 games

Sticky wicked
She just got a pair of tickets to the opera in her mind
No applause, no encore if she dies


Kick it love, visions of her childhood
When her heart was gold
Sticky wicked
Tell me people what reason's good enough 2
Die before U're old? Kick it love, covenants of promise lay before your eyes
Stick wicked will trick U, lick U, then it kicks you aside!


People crashing in the middle of the day
When U wake up sticky wicked don't go away
Sticky wicked
Pretty stick wicked

(Scenario of a mother who can't remember her daughter's name)
Hey little baby, what's your name?
Oh ain't she cute?
Mama got 2 run today
I don't have time 4 games
No don't worry about me, I'm alright
I'm alright, I'm alright

Carmel-coated pseudo happy
Call her sticky wicked
People crashing in the middle of the day
When U wake up sticky wicked don't go away
If U want it, help is here today
There's a better God, don't U wanna play?

Sticky wicked, love'll kick it
Sticky wicked, love'll kick it

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Chaka Khan Sticky Wicked Comments
  1. PurpleRain500

    You can hear those classic “Lovesexy” era licks all OVER this record! Just listen at those horn riffs! Recorded around the time he had Miles at Paisley Park for New Years Eve ‘87. There’s just something about THAT ERA! I ALWAYS say that “Lovesexy” was his best era, with his best work, best clothes, hair and best TOUR!!!!! The absolute greatest! ✝️💟☮️☁️☁️👁☁️☁️👁☁️☁️💜

  2. Rome Jones

    (P)rince funk!

  3. Arayna Hamilton


  4. Jennifer Mullis

    My neighbors in 214 John and Tina Culleeny are totally sticky wicked

  5. lalaland

    One of the very few Prince tunes released with Miles Davies! Recorded around the LoveSexy period right?

    Chaka is soooo cool here. Bless ya lady!

    Satish Robertson

    Miles Davis not Davies


    lalaland: was recorded around his "Lovesexy" album period...

  6. Dri

    Man I LOVVVVVVE this track!


    my absolute favorite song on the whole album....Prince gave away only the best out of the kindness of his heart. never again, will we ever see a genius legend as loyal and as generous to his fans and his fellow man as well as the whole world as Prince was.....

  8. musicnerd 72

    One of my favorite Prince productions

  9. Brian Harman

    Prince and Miles on this one! Nice!