Chaka Khan - I Remember U Lyrics

I remember you
From a long time ago
When my eyes were new
It could be just a feeling
But I don't think so
I'm trusting all my senses
That's how I know
I remember you

I remember you
A warm and simple memory
Soft and all aglow
Like a mother's love
That every baby knows
I've listened to my heart
And it tells me so
I remember you

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Chaka Khan I Remember U Comments
  1. Jeffery Carroll

    Great Groove Love It

  2. B.Allen

    This song is so perfect. A true masterpiece. I luv U Chaka

  3. Rita Walker

    Thisbisbmy favorite song.

  4. gerald deyounge

    Timeless.......Ms. CK


    I love this tune, Just beautiful.

  6. connie collins

    Prince I do , ❤💜💜💜💜💜💜💜❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  7. Cynthia Walker

    Very pretty song 💕

  8. connie collins


  9. Eileen Pizarro

    Love u eternally Prince. RIP.

  10. Rocío B

    I'm crying again hearing this. My Sweet Prince wrote this song with Chaka. It's so beautiful. I'm missing him EVEN MORE somehow.

    Prince, you were truly The Beautiful One.

    We Remember U.


    Oh my yes, I always loved this but it has that special meaning to it now for me too. RIP Princey. We will never forget u❤ oh wow now I want to cry

  11. Gregory Eberhardt

    Chaka Khan is the best. This is a very beautiful selection.

  12. Carl Allen

    beautiful song from a beautiful singer

  13. Rita White-Crump

    There's something special here for me....

  14. gerald deyounge

    Beautiful collaboration with Larry, Prince and Chaka. I beautiful ballet from the great CK