Chaka Khan - I'll Never B Another Fool Lyrics

I'll never open my legs again
To a man who's insecure
I'll never open my legs again
Unless I'm really sure

No I'll never, never
Never be another fool

Sad but true, I slept with you
I thought we were in love
I even got me a rose tatoo
But that was not enough


Never, no!
Never, never, never

Nothing but the best of me
I gave with open arms
Alive and well, I'm back from hell
Released from your charms
(It's time to go)

Scene 23, exit, fade to black
Tel me, why'd you have to come back

This love you need to fade
Leave the best to yesterday
If this only one thing is true
I ain't gonna be another fool

Never be another fool

You think about callin'? - Don't!

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Chaka Khan I'll Never B Another Fool Comments
  1. Ericka Cervantes

    if you ever think about calling.. DON'T.

  2. Sharri Garvin

    Damn old time Fumk. you can do some 'thangs with that ! !

  3. Loretta De Herrera

    I love this...Absolute Truth...💘 💘 💘...

  4. A'Doris A

    It seems like the stuff Prince wrote for other artist didn't serve them well.  This song has funky elements but it just doesn't do much for me.  Meh! The best thing about this song is when Chaka says: "You thinkin' bout callin'.....DON'T!!!" lol  I love Chaka, but Prince didn't serve her well with this. It's just.....Meh!

  5. Mark Graves

    3:29 to the end is EVERYTHING funky!

  6. gerald deyounge


  7. Glors

    So funky I've been listening to Prince's version on repeat for hours LOL It's the beat that's got me hooked 🧡💖💙💚💜💛

    Adriana Copeman

    What album is his version on?


    No podés mas Chaka!!! Años luz..

  9. Michael Prescott, Jr.

    Written by the Gr8 Sandra St. Victor. Superb tune!

    Steven Stone

    Written By The Greater PRINCE, not Sandra. But, thanks for playing.


    I'm a huge Prince fan, but you're wrong on this occasion Steve. This was originally called "I'll Never Open My Legs Again" from Sandra's unreleased debut album. He adapted a few of her songs (including Soul Sanctuary on Emancipation), and didn't treat her entirely fairly it seems.


    Thanks for playing though. ;)

  10. Kirana 13

    Underrated album

  11. John Arundell

    Prince's own version of this song with him singing is fantastic :)

    Adriana Copeman

    What album is his version on?

  12. MusicLover P

    I love this CD

  13. TheKoolkanadian

    Haha. Most welcome. Chaka really bared it in that lyric!!! What a talent. Thank you for the comment and the "LIKE". Please share. :)

  14. I can't think of a good username

    Can't stop listening to this. Been on repeat for like an hour, seriously! Thanks for sharing!