Chaka Khan - Hair Lyrics

People ask me everywhere
"Is that really all your hair?"
I just tell `em, "If it ain't
Then it sure don't mean
That now I can't"

I just don't believe it's fair
To judge a girl by the length of her hair

Take two words like "hip" and "square"
The truth will shine and not your hair
Even the blind can almost see
What's outside you and inside me

Down or high, truth or lie
A weak girl's laugh can be
A strong girl's cry

Black or blond or nappy or fair -
You can't judge nobody by hair
If I thought that you would care
I'd wear a wig up under my hair

Down or high, truth or lie
A weak girl's laugh can be
A strong girl's cry

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Chaka Khan Hair Comments
  1. Carla Williams

    As I watched this video, I'm sorry she said she's shy, so singing is her craft, speaking, interviews are not her thang, I think she did a great job..her hair is FAB....💯💓💓💓

  2. Ncagnes

    I love Chaka but didnt like this interview at all

  3. Tiffanie Barnes

    Wassup with all the negative comments, "she's high" " her vibe is off"...she doesn't have to act the way you want her to act. Everyone is different, we all have different personalities. If she's not behaving in a manner that pleases you, that's your problem, not hers.

  4. Demetrius Johnson

    I think she is Mary J Bilge long lost aunt

  5. Lilli Lizzy

    Stay strong Chaka. You are Loved.

  6. M j G

    She is so hopelessly rude in this interview. And I really like her music. Couldn’t finish it til the end.

  7. beghz z

    If Chaka said she wanted me to sing I would’ve been ready!!! However she seem like she don’t wanna be there

  8. Chyba Zartujesz

    "Is Chicago your favourite audience to perform for?" - what an idiotic questions, what is she gonna say?

  9. Be-MediaTV

    She seems to be fidgeting and agitated....not a good sign.

  10. Demetria Streeter

    She seems high

  11. Shenika Ducky

    Chaka was unbothered lol

  12. Bernice Garvin

    Does she have ah bio yet?? If not Nikki Minaj better step up.. I swear they look alike!! Beautiful Woman!😍😍

  13. DEE H

    Chaka allows looked Indigenous to me💖💖💖💖💖

  14. Regina Hoggan

    Saw her in Detroit and that woman is bad to the fuckin bone

  15. Sam G

    Whats wrong with her? She isn't friendly towards the hosts or audience.

  16. Soaribb

    I don't see her as dificult or high, a little aloof but overall chill.

  17. Tyana Helm

    I love her! She is a beautiful woman! Her voice is amazing and she is one of the greatest of all times

  18. jassmine james

    She seems very awkward?

  19. Mzmaryd

    She sounds like a recovering alcoholic. She is terrible at interviews. But she is my favorite artist.

    Hope Floyd

    I don't think she's recovering just yet.. it clearly looks like she took something to calm her, I believe she's battling again, keep her in prayer

  20. Ruby Sole

    Seems to me that: She doesn’t want to be there!!

  21. Pat

    A little touch of something going on.

  22. miah lo

    That female interviewer is such a bitch

  23. Amelia Cunningham

    I am a very big fan of Ms. Chaka Khan that voice gets me going sometimes when I'm feeling down and depressed I put on I'm every woman to lift my spirits and it works I have never heard that she was on drugs and if she was so what most of the celebrities are on something not here to judge but here to say thank you Ms.Chaka Khan for the great music over the years you are still a beautiful lady ❤️ who doesn't age🙋

  24. soultree serenade

    She does NOT seem to festive during this interview. But Chaka Khan is my favorite classic soul singer.

    Also , I noticed..she says what ALOT of these other artists seem to say when explaining their disposition on performing: SOMETHING SPIRITUAL TAKES OVER ME..IM NO LONGER IN CONTROL. IT'S ANOTHER PART OF ME. MY ALTER EGO..why do they ALL SAY THAT.

  25. Ruby Chew

    I love to hear her sing Mitchell's material. Joni has written some great material.

  26. Ntombi Ncube

    she was high AF here

  27. Geniene Turner


  28. Memememe 1

    I like her, but she seems standoffish here

  29. Kinyun Jarmon

    This interview was painful to watch. I love Chaka but I yikes!

  30. Glory2 TheHighest

    All Glory to our Lord Jesus Christ🙏thank you ....Chaka🌹🌹🌹God bless you

  31. CatOfNineTales


    I saw her in concert decades ago at Shea Stadium. She was great. Some of the crowd was not behaving, even though she had given them warnings. So, she left. ( The Commodores and KC and the Sunshine Band were also performers there...)

  32. Kim L. Hooper

    dude is wearing fake lashes.

  33. leocancer 69

    She was real shady to them

  34. Sandy Red

    I think she was tired or something! I think she's dope and she's herself! I used to be Called shaka Kahn hair all the time! 😆

  35. one ladie

    Now I love this lady alot but the attitude thats coming across during this interview is horrible be respectful if you werent feeling up to this interview then why do it

  36. Damo Trent

    The energy is off and Chaka is jittery. What is going on here? Boredom, substances, annoyance or sleep deprivation? Among potential other explanations, is Chaka really just being her artistic self? This is an odd interview to decipher, especially since its in her hometown....

  37. June Simmons

    I love her too! She seems a little down. Let’s send her some positive energy that all is well and she continues to be happy and heathy.........

  38. Kimothy Storey

    Love her and yes she seems very irritated by those same mundane questions that she has answered a million times but she has a job to do, there is plenty to ask her. 1-her charitable work, 2- her love of Jazz/ Joni Mitchell tribute album. 3-Rufus/ R-R hall of fame nomination and what it means to her.4-her Children /Grands. I could go on. with an artist like her, you have to stimulate and challenge/acknowledge their intelligence

  39. Donna

    Nikki Manaj bears a very strong resemblance to her. Wow!!

  40. AvaBinGood C.

    She is HIGH hunny.

  41. Tameka Anderson

    why she seen kinda bechee!like WHAT!!!##Snappymood

  42. Nichol R Spearman

    Keep fighting Shaka.

  43. Darrell Mason

    Look Y"ll we all have our days

  44. Conscious Wright

    Them drugs is destroying Chaka disposition. Such a beautiful talented woman.  Sadly, this interview is horrible.


    Yall think a person gotta be on drugs if they look tired dam she human my goodness and shes a older woman what you expect her to jump around laughing acting crazy she is mature now the media makes you think these artist are high but they are tired getting up early interview after interview show after show you love your career but it gets overwhelming

  46. keke g

    She's playing with her meditation beads. It calms you down

  47. saphiffer talbert

    I love this woman one of my favorite songs she ever done was call at midnight your love will lift me up that’s just one of a few but this interview with her is a little bit off I’m sorry to say that I’m a little bit embarrassed for her she’s not feeling this I’m definitely not feeling this and I feel every thing, but that’s just it maybe she’s shy I’m shy myself but not around certain people , but have anybody ever had that feeling of people put me on front Street right in front of other people not a good feeling.

  48. Cassandra MahoganySoul

    How can I get the color? ❤

  49. Lynn Mayfield

    I Love Chaka but in this interview she is definitely not focused...Her body movements, Aura is way off ...When the talk host called her out a bit she picked her cup and it looked like she was getting nervous...I Lnow she struggled with addiction in the past I pray she doesn't relapse..

  50. NubianP6

    I love Chaka, but she is obviously high in this video. Reminds me of the video of her awful drunk/high performance a couple of years ago where people were actually walking out.

    She a legend, and I pray that she gets it together and lives her best life.

  51. Insoltric Entertainment

    She loosen up more as the i interview went on

  52. gabrielle

    I cannot take my eyes off of her hair!!! 🤩

  53. KP11520

    Sweet Thing is her masterpiece! EPIC Amazing! Still always love it like the first time! Chaka and Joni? Beyond WOW! I want to be there!

  54. Acts2:38

    Chaka still looks good for her age and has been through a lot in her life. Folks need to chill with the negative comments because at least Chaka’s been honest about her past and who are you to keep bringing up 💩and judging her because I’m sure some of y’all have and are doing worse. The only difference is you’re not in the public eye and have the world picking you apart daily. Artists, Celebrities, and Athletes are human and no one is perfect so stop putting them on a pedestal and let them be. I don’t know what was going on with Chaka in this interview but hope everything is well with her and won’t judge her because I’m too busy working out my own salvation with fear and trembling. It’s none of my business. ✌🏾

  55. Tammie Dixon


  56. Todd Anthony

    I absolutely love Chaka Khan, she is one of my favorite female artist next to Anita Baker, Sade and Stephanie Mills. I have seen a couple of other interviews she has done and she had this same odd behavior...don't know if she just doesn't do interviews well or personal her regardless. 😍 🎤

  57. CANDIDVOICE 4Humanity

    Intoxicated girlfriend?

  58. TheMsLady4Real

    Chaka is her "Genuine Self", I love Chaka the musician, her personal life isn't my business unless she asks us for help, that is what she has a family for! I haven't seen her give lots of interviews where I would even begin to say she is high/drunk! This lady is a living legend and deserves respect!

  59. Elaine Graves

    Speaking voice of a smoker. Wonder if it shows in her singing voice. Anyways... she seems distracted and concerned with something going on somewhere else. Still... love her oldies!!!

  60. Red Sunshine


  61. Free 2 B Me


  62. OldSoul

    Aries ♈is Chaka khan... i❤her..she look good . Powerful voice🎤🎶

  63. Ernest Whitaker

    I was fortunate enough to see her live when I lived in Atlantic City.Great show!!!🎧🎛🎚🎙🎶🎵🎼

  64. Shauntee Nelson

    I think she's high. ..Opioids!

  65. Sariah Lace

    I ❤️💕❤️💕 Chaka.Looks sexy as youthful.I ❤️💕❤️💕💕👍👍👍 her lipstick.

  66. Sheree White

    Is it me or does she seem high? Her speech is a little slurred, she seems exhausted. She's still beautuful, always has been, always will be cause..."She's every woman, it's all in her!"

  67. lucinda talton

    She seems a bit off think she's maybe buzzing.

  68. Gabriella Barker

    I Love her, she's very shy and her big hair and her fan is something she uses to coup with being uncomfortable in interviews!

  69. sexy black

    I love her but let's be real that , she is on something

  70. Tee Ramirez

    They probably all have smoked the same.....! They all seem high!

  71. Tee Ramirez

    I want to move to Chicago!

  72. Tee Ramirez

    I was called Chaka in the 80's cause I had big natural hair! Insulting then cause I was 12, but now I would think of it as a compliment.😀

  73. Tee Ramirez

    Nicki Minaj.... Mom, grandmother?

  74. Khyle Armour Waters

    The 8th Wonder

  75. Gisele Lord

    She looks so annoyed

  76. Missy G

    Why do it seem like she don’t wanna do the interview. I’m seeing a lot of eye rolling and barely wanting to talk. It seems she was more kool with the woman asking questions verses the white guy.


    It's always more comforting to be with the sisters

  77. Ms. 811

    love chaka

  78. blue100000

    I saw Ms Chaka khan at the airport in Chicago, she was so nice, beautiful and approachable...
    I'm her fan forever... ❤

  79. Tiger Lilly

    She is tired of that music industry, but that people has to go were they told....she is not having a good time...they are puppets...

  80. Chiffon Smith


  81. gmgmusic02

    Chaka Khan does look exhausted, she is also a diabetic and fatigue 🥱 is one of its side effects even when well under control.

  82. angelica

    I find it interesting the legends from the good days are introverted and don't like interviews. Its endearing that they cherish mystery and need for privacy. Chaka Khan Chaka Khan❤💫👸🏽❤🙆🏾‍♀️❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  83. Katy Arnold

    Mrs. Chaka Khan never ages. Beautiful!! and talented woman.

  84. kimata muhammad

    Yes, Chaka! Beautiful, a Timeless Icon...

  85. Lizzy Elliott

    Chaka has a Nikki Minaj finish...looks and jumpy fidgety behavior included, but I love her 😊

  86. Shana

    I stayed for 5:45 minutes. I think Chaka would rather be doing something else. Overly perky TV interviewers, TV entertainment news anchors, TV morning show hosts, etc. are hard for me to deal with too and I ain't even there with them. They're too much and too typical. Are they, should they be representing real people? Love Chaka's big, beautiful, seemingly effortless voice.

  87. Edgar Austin

    The interview lady was horrible

  88. marchbabi323

    8:19 Nicki Minaj-ish

  89. Tracy Hawkins

    Chaka is High, I don’t like the way she’s responding to the young lady.

    Sunny Whigham

    She is soooo high! I saw her in concert when in July when she did this interview-She does not engage with her audience. I love Chaka and she is a fellow Aries but damn. We noticed a lot going on with her while she was performing. Fabulous artist but...I don't know.

  90. black_girl_rocks

    WHY Chaka gotta be high? Maybe she was tired, or not feeling well or just wasn’t feeling like being there!

  91. Clarke Bailey

    I’m not sure I like her attitude at times she comes across unapproachable at times, and moody

    Mark White

    She's definitely a moody woman, But Real!!

  92. Clarke Bailey

    I’m not sure I like her attitude at times she comes across unapproachable at times, and moody

  93. Clarke Bailey

    I’m not sure I like her attitude at times she comes across unapproachable at times, and moody

  94. yknight

    Nicki Minaj aunti they even talk alike! Chaka Khan ages beautiful melanin Queen!

  95. Kelly I.

    She's drunk and/or high.

  96. Anthony Mcintyre

    She is one of my moms long time friend I never care for her shes really snoody and If any of you guys believe that all that is her hair your dumm She is bald headed

    Mark White

    Don't put lies out there, Chaka is far from ball headed

    Love Always

    Omg you sound like the biggest hater ever!

  97. Wanda Corley

    Hi, I always knew that's Chaka Khans hair, mines was like that too during that 60's n 70's era. I went back to my natural hair five years ago. This year I did a big shed. I guess it comes with age. I love my length, I just wash n press it holds better in these winter months.

  98. Antonio Jjohnson

    Chaka can get it

  99. zay zay

    Ladies and Gents............PLEASE DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE Indique is a RATS nest of a hair brand.........back in the day they had AMAZING donors and their hair lasted forever no lie I still have a bundle in good shape from 2013 no joke but I went back in 2019 and the hair is an actual RATS nest after 1week NOOOO lie and if you call them they will tell you to bring the hair in and let them co-wash (like I cant do that) and give you the run around for an hour until you take you %&& home with your $500 rats nest weave!...........I digress..........Chaka you look great and I"m sure they are giving you hair from somewhere else sure cant be their hair stock!