Chaka Khan - Don't Talk 2 Strangers Lyrics

Lil' darlin', gotta go now
Don't know when I'll be coming back
Got my future all planned out
Got my bags packed
Things don't always turn out right
But that's just the way it goes
Before I leave you, there's just a few
Things you should know

Don't talk to strangers
Don't forget to say your prayers at night
Remember God - He made you
And one day He'll make everything alright
Don't cross on the yellow
You always got to wait for a green light
Remember God - He made you
And one day He'll make everything alright

Lil' darlin', gotta go now
Don't worry, you'll be just fine
When it comes to good luck
I just know you'll always be first in line
Nobody will ever love you as much as I do
But that doesn't mean other people won't love you, too

Don't talk to strangers
Don't forget to say your prayers at night
Remember God - He made you
And one day He'll make everything alright

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Chaka Khan Don't Talk 2 Strangers Comments
  1. Patrick J

    She is the ONLY artist to cover 2 of Prince's songs & honestly her versions are both better than his. Thats incredible!

  2. E mckinney

    Omg I didn't know Prince wrote this and sung backgrounds for C.K. I remember BET showed this video in 1998.Prince a talent that is gone too soon .

  3. destiny khan

    You know. That's Chaka Khan mother and granddaughter in the video! Mrs. Sandra Coleman and Raven.

  4. destiny khan

    Prince Production!

  5. I STAN Kim Jong-Un but Can't stand Trump

    Never heard this in 2010. Radio don't play n e thing good!

  6. the promise man

    Chaka Kahn is so beautiful OMG ..she really did Prince song some justice sounds so beautiful

  7. Jordon Hanlan

    I can't find Prince's version of the song anywhere! I use to have it, I'm sad I loved his version

  8. Dennis Bailey

    Originally intended as princes version on girl 6 I'm biased I think the Prince version is better

  9. B.Allen

    I luv this woman.

  10. L G

    Prince, I'm so glad you recorded your version too & let Chaka do your song.

  11. ɴᴏ ɴᴀᴍᴇ ᴘᴀᴘɪ

    21 December 2018 baby, took forever to find this amazing song, took me almost 20 yrs

  12. George Williams

    I played this song on YouTube on January 11th of last year the day after I paid off my 2008 Ford Ranger pickup in full, and cried tears of joy & relief the whole year due to the fact that I've paid off my 2008 Ford Ranger Pickup early in advance.😂

    Also the movie Down in the Delta brought me here too.😀

    Thank you Chaka Khan🎶🎤.

  13. Shyteeshia Tiarah

    Awwww look At Raeven when she was little such a sweet song to milini 💕😩

  14. Peter Sinton

    Beautiful version no doubt though the greatest musician to ever walk the earth PRINCE did it a billion times better.

  15. Tyjah Khan

    Alright Chaka you know you can sang country music & any other genre like the queen you are!!!

  16. Royce Rowland

    This song is so beautiful and simple.

  17. Vicki Bravo

    Nice... Prince's version bring me to tears though

  18. trayon4reel

    Miss these times


    bet only showed this video one time when I first saw it back in either 1998 or 1999....


    Prince's original version is so much better but this is good...

    Westsidestory368 368


  21. Shonda Pryor

    Rip Prince

  22. Spicy Hot

    Good Prince classic!

  23. orpado1968

    i prefer prince's version

  24. Star Mac

    Such powerful words, yet so sad. Parents, never abandon your children. Chaka Khan and Prince could relate. Wishing my Prince Heaven...

  25. Denise Gray

    So beautiful as always Chaka and Prince

  26. Eileen Pizarro

    Nice job. Prince is a whole package. RIP baby.

  27. Montreala Brancherto

    Prince smiling on a yet another classic he wrote....RIP to the artist ....the genius

    L G

    His'version means so much now that he's gone.

  28. Roger Smith

    Sheesh! This song is about a mother abandoning a daughter, for what?


    could be a metaphor of many things

    Becky Madrid

    I did not like the interpretation to this song by Chaka. But when Prince sings it, I feel he is talking to a young person that he has mentored that he cares about so he gives them advice in life. He has to continue with his life but gives advice to this certain person.

  29. Gustavo P

    Another great Prince song with Chaka´s beautiful voice. Prince´s backing vocals and guitar solo too :)

  30. BDizzleNY06

    Man this is a great song!

  31. Blindianswirl Two

    This video features Chakas mom, daughter bad granddaughter.

  32. Leroy Maxwell II

    down in the delta

  33. Janet Jefferson

    Soli, especially the guitar Flavor! Favorite! Always! My life! Love and Peace!

  34. Soliloquy Love

    Prince, I hear you singing in the background. ❤

    L G

    Prince wrote it! He also recorded his'version. Now that he's gone, the lyrics are fitting & make'me cry.

    the promise man

    Prince wrote this but Chaka Kahn killed it

    I STAN Kim Jong-Un but Can't stand Trump

    @the promise man killed it like I want Kim Jong-Un to kill me.

    the promise man

    @I STAN Kim Jong-Un but Can't stand Trump 😆

  35. Zorn Wyche

    The movie "Down in the Delta" starring Alfre Woodard, Loretta Devine, and Wesley Snipes brought me here. Great movie!

    Update: I still love this movie! I’m still hanging on, trusting that one day God “will make everything alright!” God bless all of you 🙂

    Kanieceia Booker

    Zorn Wyche same

  36. Attaliah Jean

    I love this song! It's so Beautifu

  37. computerpurple

    Wow such a beautiful song.  Love this song. The world could use more beautiful uplifting songs like this. I think it was Prince (my favorite musician)  that wrote this song.

  38. AdrinaJohnson

    Down in the delta I love that movie!

  39. George Rice

    just imagine, there are songs of his that we'll never hear.

  40. Brandall Cole

    Prince's version is on the Girl 6 movie soundtrack. Can someone please post it on here if you have it?

  41. Janet Nelson

    Prince's songwriting and musicianship >>>>> 8') And yas, Miss Chaka SANGING IT

  42. TheKoolkanadian

    Thank you!!!!! Beautiful video. Didn't know it existed til you posted it here. Have the "Come 2 My House" cd & this song instantly became yet another favorite Chaka song. Now, this video - featuring her mother, daughter AND granddaughter is ...just ... WOW! Yeah. Probably the best of her videos. There should be more. CHEERS! ~K

  43. iplayyed diss


  44. chillbrutha82

    I saw Down in the Delta years ago when it first came out. I recently bought it on DVD. When I heard this song, I fell it in love with it as soon as I heard it. CultMaster, thank yoiu, thank you, thank you for posting this video!!!!!!

  45. Ronald Huffmyer

    Miss Chaka is always gonna be the "Queen" & "Professional/Gifted" vocalist of so many creative genres of music. To say I am a FAN of long-standing is certainly an understatement.

  46. linda hofman

    Chaka sounds and looks simply divine!

  47. john josiah

    johncharles4 love ur comments,the world needs more of you

  48. troubledone

    god ,xxwish i knew this title before now.xxxxx

  49. gritney23

    @Lakiea79 Prince wrote this and sings background vocals all instruments too

  50. trayon4reel

    @Lakiea79 he wrote it

  51. trayon4reel

    @RetroSami he wrote it

  52. Southerngirl675

    this is really beautful. thanks for sharing.

  53. Lakiea79

    Prince also sings a beautiful version of this song...

  54. iluvmyboba

    This is probably Chaka's most beautiful and inspiration video. I love the images of her Mom (Sandra) and her granddaughter (Raeven).

  55. ChakaFanTV

    Love this video!! It's one of her best.She looks amazing!!!!

  56. Viic Akam

    This song is soo beautiful..! everybody who loves it too, thumbs uup..!! :D

  57. televisionobsessed

    Wow! I've never seen this before. Thanks for sharing!!

  58. mrlsanders

    wow this is the orignal video the changed it for the down in the delta video

  59. darkbarbas

    gorgeous chaka

  60. darkbarbas