Chaka Khan - Democrazy Lyrics

I got a problem with democracy
Don't know what it really means
A livin' lie, devoid of honesty
Where nothing's really what it seems

I'm in a funky situation
Doom is lurkin' ever nearer
I'm waiting for a revelation
Each day the signs are getting' clearer

Lies to my left, wrong to my right
Compassion unknown
This must be the twilight zone
A grizzly affair
Caught unaware
Why am I so scared
Where have all the flowers gone?

I've got a problem with democracy
So where exactly do I stand?
Who is this dark cloud hangin' over me?
It ain't from God; it must be a man
He is the one that you will seldom see
The new world order is his name
He's got a plan in mind for you and me
There are no winners in this game

Lies to my left, wrong to my right
Compassion unknown
This must be the twilight zone
And I'm standin' here
Tryin' to lose the fear
For this I would die
The truth will open up my eyes

Love will set you free from democracy

Supreme power invested in the people
Is a bit extreme
The highest rank of authority
Only God is Supreme!

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Chaka Khan Democrazy Comments
  1. Aloe Antinous Aquila

    🎼it's a Chaka khan music year for me 🎶...

  2. Kirana 13

    You can tell the song titles on the Come 2 My House album are by Prince.

  3. MusicLover P

    This is my jam right here This song is was written solely by Chaka Khan
    Larry Graham on Bass and background vocals and Prince on multi instruments and background vocals

    Jeri Mccombs

    I agree Music L this thing is smokin to me!! that Bass .....Son of Gun!!! Love her and this whole thing.

  4. Rita White-Crump

    Well...  knowing that I love me some Chaka, all I can say is better late than never.

    MusicLover P

    This CD is off the chain.

  5. Brooklyn Agnew

    Love this

  6. MercuryX

    this really should've got more radio play when it originally came out! catchy & awesome!