Chairlift - Romeo Lyrics

On your marks
Get set!

Step up, lover
Big talker, take a number
I've got all day
To wipe the smile off your face
If I win, you're done with
But if you win, you win my heart
Isn't that what you want…

Hey Romeo
Put on your running shoes
I'm ready to go
Hey Romeo
Put on your running shoes
I'm ready to go

The only way he
Can catch up to me is to cheat
There is no veto
What's done is done once I am beat
So roll me, race me
With all your tricks and all your heart
I'm not wishing you luck…

Hey Romeo
Put on your running shoes
I'm ready to go
Hey Romeo
Put on your running shoes
I'm ready to go

On your mark
I'm gonna run 'til you give me a
Reason to stop
To fall on my knees
To need love
On your mark
I'm gonna run 'til you give me a
Reason to stop
To fall on my knees
To, to fall on my…

Hey Romeo
Put on your running shoes
I'm ready to go
Hey Romeo
Put on your running shoes
I'm ready to go

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Chairlift Romeo Comments
  1. Sneaky V

    at least you're not chasing her romeo...
    more women gotta run with you not expect you to chase xD

  2. Sneaky V

    at least you're not chasing her romeo...
    more women gotta run with you not expect you to chase xD

  3. rancid.raven

    wait wait wait wait this this this is why I love Caroline Polachek so much, and her voice felt comforting and familiar for this reason... I used to listen to this but I guess I never looked into the members? Anyway yeah, here I am. Caroline had me falling before I even knew who she was. 💖

  4. game over,bāby

    stream PANG

  5. Daniel Arkangel


  6. Ben Waterman

    wooooah I dig the kevin abstract aesthetic at 2:43

  7. Nathan Lerud

    Call or add 0

  8. paul Wollersheim

    she looks so much like alice glass with that hair

  9. Al Galav

    How did I get here and why SO LATE?

  10. Emily

    Wtf 1:29 is literally where I live!! People are always filming music videos on my damn street lol but I didn’t think it was anyone cool ever

    Edit: wait the whole video is them running up and down my street holy hell

    Paul George Loading screen

    time to stalk you. Thanks for telling me bud

  11. Clip God

    2k17 and Need for Speed vibes...

  12. Renzo Marines

    is that arca

  13. César Valle

    Wong Kar Wai

  14. Boredthom

    this band was 9 years too early to make it

  15. Hanzo Hanzo

    NBA 2k17 tho

  16. I'm your REAL dad.

    She looks like Karen O.

  17. Hasan Edwards

    For some reason I feel like this should’ve been featured in Alita batte angel

  18. Gelics

    2k17 best 2k no cappp

  19. Dr.Xtratrill

    this a 2k community gem🥺

  20. Abdel Nader


  21. darkroo233

    Wish I could have seen you all before you stopped. Maybe there'll be a Chairlift reunion one day :)

  22. Popping Piggie

    so who won the race

  23. insomxniac ひ

    Reminds me of the good 2k17 days

  24. Mr. Money


  25. Live

    Tbh this song makes me wanna punch somebody and act like it never happened

  26. Big Chungus

    95% of comments: Who here from 2k?
    5% of comments: something other than that

  27. Merida Coria

    Blade Runner

  28. Giovana Togni

    Hana's version of this song brought me here, and is soooo different! She gives an dramatic and hurt feeling to this song, while the original is more sassy

  29. Denny Kaleal

    Lol surprised so many bruthas on here.


    2019 who's still here ?

  31. Green Apple 2000

    I love that song on NBA 2K17

  32. james wills

    the internet bought me here

  33. Rayan Itani

    Who came because of the memories of 2k17 although nba2k19 already came out

  34. Kenon Douglas

    Everytime I take an L in 2k this Ong comes on

  35. Xch4r3nd4X

    Ive got my running shoes on and ready to go!!

  36. Umut Aydemir

    Missed 2k17

  37. MacK Korris

    this is almost three years old !! wtf !! and it doesn't even have 1M views yet !! double wtf

  38. Lich Glitch

    I want this band back so bad. Why did they split? D: I mean, I know why they split, I mean why in the existential sense. WHYYYYYY

  39. yawn011

    Whos here because chairlift is awesome? Lol

  40. Edgar Constantine

    Not gonna front, 2k17 surprised me and had a nice playlist. It reminded me of the fifa 14 playlist (epic tracks).

  41. JustmejustRey

    To he honest who ever got NBA 2k And like this music Like this comment

  42. JustmejustRey

    I need evidence

  43. JustmejustRey

    I wish X could've made another video about Chair lift band if she wouldve died x Could make a song about her

  44. JustmejustRey

    Is chairlift dead??? Or Alive

  45. JustmejustRey

    This makes you think about All the games that we played since we were kids

  46. 마리야ᄏᄏᄏ

    I came here from MTV 2015.

  47. Sincere Wallace

    Nba 2k17 i think you for all the great songs

  48. フ ァ ッ ク フD E E P

    Im here cuz of 2k17

  49. Los Trem

    This song has such an original feel. Cool. 2k got it stuck in my head.

  50. Angel Isern

    I think I found my next ringtone for my morning alarm.

  51. Tha Dude

    happy times with 2k17. great memories.

  52. Anthony Anekwe

    My favorite 2k music

  53. Juwan Uehara

    Man this brings memories from 2k17 just found out this video.

  54. Marvel Fan

    2k makes every song sound so. . Catchy.

  55. jayson taylor

    2k17....put on ur running shoes lol

  56. Gabriella Farinelli

    This is a cool song, but why is she rocking that Mike from Stranger Things haircut?🤔🤔

  57. Jeudy Cueto


  58. Memory Mathis

    Nba 2k17 bought me here

  59. Nagoragama

    Modern Atalanta

  60. Madi

    Were they recreating that scene from Wong Kar-wai at 2:48?

  61. Mark Eugene Balce

    god damn 2k17

  62. Reese Dilworth

    Who came here from NBA2K17


    but i came

  63. Sa Christina

    2k17 I’m checkin in

  64. Finn Davis

    I'm here from 2k17😂

  65. Wahyu Saveme

    is that Kirt Feldman from Ice Choir?

  66. JusPsycho

    All these views is from 2k players

  67. Chaitrali Sonawane

    She used to look good in long hair

  68. iiØmq Hanna

    i saw dis song in NBA2k17

  69. MotoPaisano

    What's this goofy bitch talking

  70. Josh Billz

    Put on ur running shoes I’m ready to goo I’m here cause of 2k lol

  71. Darkus

    *breaks someone's ankles, makes a three pointer* CURRY WITH THE THREE!

  72. ealing456

    Did Wong Kar Wai make this?....

  73. Rory C

    Who's here from 2k

  74. geenatron

    the wardrobe and overall color palette in this video is sick

  75. Fluggert

    Lmao i saw some lesbian pastel art and the lyrics were written with it. I looked up "Romeo put on your running shoes"

  76. Jaydens Private Channal

    I'm a wwe fan and I got nba because my friend's got on my ass for not being a nba fan

    Thank god for my friends

  77. FowadLowad

    And rooooooommmeeeeeo, put on ur ready shoes on ready to go, ready to goooooo. 2k17 ?

  78. James Wine

    Bro did he beat her?

  79. Nate Boi

    Who is here from 2k17

  80. Jr 18


  81. Rachel Manalo

    Nba2k17 led me here

  82. Billy McGee

    2k dam you!! Dam you too heck

  83. DF Production

    2k18 fans

  84. Adriana PV

    ¿This is Katy Perry? JAJAJA

  85. Gamez 25

    Facts 2k brought me here

  86. Hutsonthebeast

    This looks like a song for Gran Turismo not for 2k

  87. Ugly TY the zombie

    doing it for u mom only for u

  88. OG Blackman

    Fuck 2k for getting this song stuck in my head

  89. Perfect Dreams3


  90. Prerit _714

    i was here at random... am i normal?

  91. King Zay

    When She Says Mmmhh Aahhhh😂🔥