Chairlift - Met Before Lyrics

Did I just catch your eyes like familiar fish in the water
It could be anywhere that we’ve passed each other by
Were you at that one party? That one up on the ninth floor
Were you the quiet one who stopped to hold the door?

Have we met before? Amongst the buzzing of billions?
Clear like yesterday when you look at me and smile

Was that you on the screen or just in line for the movie?
Because my heart is beating fast and I wish that I knew why

Have we met before? Amongst the buzzing of billions?
Clear like yesterday when you look at me and smile.

Have we met before? Amongst the buzzing of billions?
Clear like yesterday when you look at me and ba-da-da-ba-ba...

Have we met before? Amongst the buzzing of billions?
Clear like yesterday when you look at me and smile

Have we met before? Amongst the buzzing of billions?
Clear like yesterday when you look at me and smile
Oh you look at me and smile
Oh you look at me and smile

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Chairlift Met Before Comments
  1. Michael Chukinas

  2. Matthew Smith

    I've bern looking for this song for five years! A random yt recommendation comes through where intermittently searching variations of "parallel universe song" failed. Pleased to find the song is just as good as i remembered!


    I love chairlift and caroline poachek and I'm honestly surprised people loved this song sm. Out of all there songs by her and the band this is one of my least favorites and I never really watched the video for this and I'd thought I'd try it and see the comments and I'm stunned to see someone comment at 2am on this random video from in my opinion one of the weaker songs from the their second album.

  3. CJC Carta

    Damn. I love loud music. Reminds me of some sixities music!!!

  4. lmm05005

    No one ever makes a music video about doctoral students. As a doc student, this is much appreciated, even if the video is ridiculously unrealistic. haha


    I wish I was a rock star instead of a doctoral student...haha

  5. Lilith O Power

    Me in class to everyone: 0:45

  6. bh617

    The synth parts remind me so much of Thomas Dolby

  7. pandalakanat

    Ahhh I remember the premiere of this video on their website - you could choose how the story went in different timelines. Is this still available somewhere?


    it's on jordan fish's website, the director of the music video


    @rm2.50 Ah! Thank you so much!


    Nice unibrow at 0:01


    The superorganism speaks within itself.
    What does the waggle dance communicate?

  10. Nature Boy

    I cant deal with how good this song is. I'm about to leave work for the day.

  11. Goyte Spirit

    The anceint art & right of intoxication:
    Subtitle; Formulitic equation to stimulate an emotional reaction the supports a cogniative funtion.

    Goyte Spirit

    Subtitle B: relations between proportions & intensitys of varying degrees.

  12. Fernando Javier

    miss u guys! 2019

  13. ismoke oxyjin

    If there exists a parallel universe I want to be dating this girl in that universe

  14. omkar tendulkar

    I'm loving you so much ❤💜💗

  15. Nico Bellic

    I like her so much. 😄

  16. Goyte Spirit

    A Chairlift production is usually indicudive to the right of passage between Princeton University and Harvard University of higher learning. I learned my physics in the mirror though; I was fully acredited in study class at Harvard. After experiencing the Harvard standards of snub your ass I was under less commonly acredited Princeton standards of giving. Hears to the proliferation of Chailift! 📻 Love Sam Lee

  17. Vecrek

    Какая она красивая!

  18. Aman kumar

    2019 anyone?

    Aman kumar

    Oct 2019

    Gen-hong Liu

    @Aman kumar After her solo video with the shaved armpits I came back for nostalgia and hating change.

    Aman kumar

    @Gen-hong Liu ok

  19. Guilherme Pavanello

    I miss those guys so much, maybe in a parallel universe they never disbanded

  20. Guilherme Pavanello

    I miss them so much...

  21. jesus f wept

    I miss old Chairlift :(

  22. Vinit Kumar

    , awesome,🤡✌️

  23. T- GR8:1


  24. sergio rozo

    vio abajo

  25. AOnTheWeb

    anyone know what school this was filmed at?


    Probably Columbia due to them being based out of NY and Columbia having science facilities (not that other schools around here don't, but you can see out the window in one shot in the video and it looks like it's in Manhattan).

  26. Gussy Rikh

    ...a perfect popular song ..

  27. Stanley Brodie

    Your Name (2016)

  28. Nico Bellic

    I love this song 😍 a lot reminds me of my childhood.

  29. Goyte Spirit

    yo guys the ricky tree his mother and a woman named becky moved in acouple months ago they stole from myself and my mother they are abusive peaple

  30. Prerit _714

    Déjà vu.

  31. Catrina

    3:13 if you look at the date you’ll realize that that’s the date Something was released

  32. Seven Physical Principles of Sam

    Those were the days old friends =_=

  33. Chaitrali Sonawane

    I love this song

  34. Chris Joy

    Where are those damn pants from?

  35. Goyte Spirit

    Hey fellow coleages students teacher and freinds. Linsey stirling needs help. I made a promise but it's big math. :(

    Goyte Spirit

    Cryogenic freezing

    Goyte Spirit

    The sun is hoter on the outside than just on the surface flash freazing :D slow freeze burst cellular life. Water compression flash freazing 40 % gravity 7 deep space yes we have met before :)

  36. Thomas Walsh

    i made sure she was single at the end of the interactive video

  37. Harmeet kaur

    This song deserve views.

  38. flower tree


  39. Rodney McKay

    Good music brought me here.

  40. shoftim

    She has Italian, Asian, and English Features, she is just so perfect....! I never thought that I would look at perfection, face to face.

  41. Lucas Quiroga

    So sad, the interactive video was gone! :\

  42. GreenStorm01

    Yeah, thats how PhD courses look in the US?

  43. CLOUD 9

    Vraiment une bonne chanson :)

  44. Eric Kolkey

    GENIUS!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

  45. Dave Teves

    Whoa, I was just listening to Nico hours ago. And she sounds just like Nico

  46. normandyangel

    microscopic data, gel electrophoresis, and a centrifuge omg this is the best music video ever!

    Patrícia M

    that is the best hype I've ever read haha

    James Mertz

    Late to the party but fellow Bio grad here in total agreement.


    @D I think you severely overestimate "most people" bud.

  47. gmpyearof96

    this song makes my dad tell me to grow spider webs around me. he's dead so i'd prefer phone calls

  48. Ella Mari

    Still my favorite!!!!!

  49. michelle ables



    michelle ables I know those poses in the yearbook tho

    Charlotte Cumberbatch

    Patrick is so fucking cute, I swear

  50. Luan Maia

    esse video é uma das coisas mais maravilhosas que o mundo ja recebeu, amém chairlift!

  51. Hendra febriadi

    when scientist fall in love

  52. Calo Nico

    So good

  53. Kerry Mayers

    I keep hearing Guile's theme song



  54. Zsófia Sörényi

    how cool is this

  55. Stirling Attfield

    He's explaining Murphy's Law at the start, right?


    murphy's law not even remotely related to science

  56. Mark Arandjus

    There's a parallel universe where I never discovered this band, BUT IT AIN'T THIS ONE, sucks to be you, alternate timeline Is!

    Tommy Rocket

    hate to be them right now :P

    Lemon Scarf

    Sadly there is actually an infinite quantity of timelines where you didn't discover it. But good job, you're not part of this infinity :D

  57. Sarys

    He we go this is the good stuff. Please drop your new stuff and go back to making some good tunes. ty for this album

  58. eladbari

    So.....Whats the story here you guys think?


    +eladbari Exploring parallel realities


    i understand..but theres an inner story inside them being bee-researchers. It's like theres an inner story between the girls & guys in the video..

  59. Tanuja Meitei

    So much C-H-E-M-I-S-T-R-Y in the video.

    (PS: Idk which science stream is showing here)

  60. Matt Tarchick

    Microscopy, PCR, Gel Electrophoresis. Checks out. Actually is science. Can confirm


    pablum for the head down light face phoner children

  62. Cricket1-Adriana

    i love this video!

  63. Eric Kolkey

    Great song and album!!

  64. Kalinda Tabord

    She's so damn pretty


    Painfully pretty lol

  65. Nitish Dobhal

    drugs help you visualize better.

    La vita agra | Nonsense and other Poems

    +Nitish Dobhal t r u

  66. Not-An-Asian

    The interactive video is too damn fun

  67. Oliver Matich

    delia derbyshire vibe strong with that haircut

  68. Harrison Lucas

    They're so so so curte! <3

  69. Homer Simpson

    Sounds so much like one of those 80's British Girl Groups - Bananarama, Belle Stars etc etc.

    Sasha González

    Bananarama was a shitty band :/

  70. thatdapperfellow


  71. Roger Liquids

    The way the camera moves reminds me of my memories.

  72. google user

    Donnie darko?

  73. Emily Iannielli

    awesome band!

  74. Amaury Lannes

    I think I've heard this song before...

  75. David Mace

    Luv this song!

  76. Neurotic Cat

    0:21 Her friend is so appealing tho

  77. crazyaboutnature

    She looks like the type of girl you'd want to date.

    Jordan Haleigh

    I was wondering what it was about her but you said it perfectly


    crazyaboutnature ia

    Tim Smith

    tbh I think it's her hair that does it for me.. she looks like an actual princess angel

    Aamir Ahmad

    Definitely 😏

    Namey McNameface

    No, the type of girl you fall in love with but never talk to because she's too beautifully intimidating.

  78. Mark Encinas

    Great song

  79. Hailley Middaugh

    Ugh I just LOVE this song, it's so damn cute and uplifting. perfect album & band 

  80. Christian Con

    I saw this preformed live, and it was great!!!!!

  81. Lyalda

    Why doesn't she make anymore songs..?


    +Lyalda Album just released today!


    Ay! The band's breaking up!


    Mm I love how I discovered this band two months after they broke up. Lovely timing there, couldn't have been better. XD

    Lich Glitch

    literally same, and I love like every single song. This is the worst and best at the same time.

  82. arsel2

    Why she is so fukadhldskfj*** cute?

    lil li

    +arsel2 they both are!

  83. Muhammad Hafidz Zahirly

    wow so pretty

  84. Chloe Beetlejuice

    The Blairwitch project!!

  85. Good Segismundo

    Caroline Polachek is extremely attractive. Really, and her voice is beautifull as it is sexy.


    ....In a Jane Austin kind of way. Yes totally agree

    Jarda P

    karolína poláčkova :)

    beautiful girl

    Héctor Gómez Escobar totally agreed

  86. lil li

    why would you circle someone's pic like that omg

    Diti Sikdar

    Gave me the feeling of she is the next victim

  87. Lao Tzu

    How is _that_ girl going for _that_ guy??

  88. Dave Adams

    This song makes me 18 again


    this song gives me vietnam flashbacks


    I’m not 18, and this song makes me feel 18 again 😣

  89. Dave Adams

    I would love to produce this band...the  offer is there....we could do it at Mitch Easter's Studio in North Carolina..www.fideletorium     I love you guys


    Pretty sure they don't need you to produce their album, Alan Moulder did their last album.

    Dave Adams

    @basehead617 Alan Moulder is a great engineer..but he's not right for this band..He is a professional London engineer with lots of credits..but this band is not NIN..he's more of a hardcore guy and he's brilliant at that..but this band needs a sensitive melodic touch..that was all I was put down intended..

    Oliver Matich

    +Dave Adams I'm actually with this guy. mixing of the whole album is just not right, still a great album but it needs more room to breathe.

  90. Charmander Gemuk Kmph

    Somehow when i discover a new artist and follow them, they will turn to become mainstream music

    oh, Strain.

    Do you really call this mainstream? its been 2 months and your comment is still readable hahaa.

    Charmander Gemuk Kmph

    I don't follow them lol!


    @TheReal Kmph so pls start following them lmao, they need money

  91. L'Quik Shrtz

    DUDE!!!!! i was about to say the same fucking thing!!!! NO WAY!!! she is my future ex wife!!!

  92. LucidDream

    One can't help but admire Caroline's beauty. I've been in love ever since I knew who she was. :) She's more that beautiful...she also seems to have her own charm.

  93. Earl Lemongrab

    They're both so wonderfully dorky. I don't want to marry anyone, I just want to hang out with them, eat pizza and watch Japanese commercials on YouTube.

  94. svetotehnik

    fantastic work! watched almost all versions of reality)

  95. fsrballer2

    is that why she always has long sleeves?? i wonder what else she doesnt shave? mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :D lmao jk

  96. alok666sharma

    I would Love to sit on a CHAIR and LIFT Her there.

  97. vivi Castellanos

    I want To marry her and him ♥♥♥♥♥