Chairlift - Doves Of Summer Lyrics

In a sweet and slow vibration
It was all I had to hear
He came shivering the plaster
In a long coversation
In a long, long conversation

Come and take your last rebuttal
From the battle that you'll lose
Pit your fear against your senses
In a long conversation
In a long, long conversation

Cus I won't go far from here
To watch you as you float away
I can hear the doves of summer
They are migrating today

Cus I won't go far from here
To watch you as you float away
I can hear the doves of summer
They are migrating today

I'll take a cold, magnetic hammer
We'll smash them all up into shards
The static flying doves of summer
Will lay there eggs in our backyards

Cus I won't go
Far from here
The flying doves
How can you hear?

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Chairlift Doves Of Summer Comments
  1. Theresa Carrera

    ❤️ Best late night drives of my life involved this song!!

  2. kenzie kirby

    This song soothes my essence

  3. kenzie kirby

    This song soothes my essence

  4. girl in a gale

    The mode of goodness, played.

  5. Edward Lindley

    Well writing,& very nice singing,thank you for this kind moment of relaxation.

  6. cindy barbosa


  7. watchingmefall83

    i appreciate your help, but the mp3 link is not better quality than the video. i was looking for maybe a 320 kpbs mp3, not a 192. I guess until the song is officially released I should be thankful for what we've got. :)

  8. watchingmefall83

    i love this song. is this going to be on the new album or is it an older track? is there a better quality version floating around?

  9. peachy podling

    I actually like this song better then bruises... Hmmm.... idk? Lol

  10. Matt

    Really sweet tune.

  11. sureshir

    Is there really no way to get/buy this song?? can't find it anywhere

  12. kerrieanne0408

    ahhh man...what a BEAUTIFUL song!!!

    only just came accross this band - does anyone know any other bands like this?


  13. Nicole Robison

    @Kaaaaaattiiee lol nice

  14. KatyaEro

    Chairlift is one of my favorite bands. i've never heard this song until now, but its very good. love it!

  15. sureshir

    Do you know why didn't they release it? I absolutely love this song... but can't find it anywhere. :( I might buy an album just for this. they should release the single or something.
    Look at the comments/ratings... i'm sure others would as well!

  16. WilliamHBonnie


  17. Kevin Barone

    I think I need to get their CD.
    Should I?
    Where are they from?
    I really like this.

  18. Pea E.

    this is the type of song that you can always listen to no matter what
    its so soothing love them!

  19. daravanh

    LOL what.. well anyway, i love chairlift <3

  20. BagofSunshine1001

    this is probably their best song
    amazingly peacefull

  21. supercr1

    i need the lyrics to this song, because im not sure what shes singing.
    still very relaxing, i almost fell aslep listening to it! LOL

  22. Jordan M

    who even said i was 12 years old, im not

  23. Sadhbh Heneghan

    he/she is slagging you for having such a big opinion for a 12 year old. (i think!). they could just think that ur comments wer funny.

  24. Roy

    Sounds like Massive Attack / The Cranberries hybrid, this song. :)

  25. Jordan M

    all of em? there was 1
    good for me? whats good for me
    stop not making sense

  26. David Karpay

    I saw them last night with Peter Bjorn and John. Cheers to the both of them

  27. Jordan M

    but a sheet is only how thin, it still wouldn't make up for the mattress being really firm

  28. tylove110

    YES I AM 12! I AM EXACTLY 12 YEARS OLD! IM GOING TO BE 13 ON 8/6!!! lol (i swear) well, its not the bed thats soft anyway... its the sheets u put on a bed. they expect u 2 put a sheet on so the bed itself is never soft...

  29. tylove110

    noo... some beds really suck... like temporpedic matrises. theyre rocks. and air matresses are 2 motion sensitive. water beds are squishy. you see, some beds arent good.

  30. tylove110

    Absolutely beautiful. I'm loving this song and the band. I should hear more of Chairlift!! (sorry for stealing your comment rowdyisawesome911 but i feel the same exact way)

  31. Alex Alba

    i need that song, but i cant download it, not even with rapidshare or torrent

  32. Zanite

    not something ide usually listen to but its Nice.i gotta start listening to more of this.

  33. benemuzik

    buena cancion se nota que hay influencia de RADIOHEAD especialmente de los discos KID A y AMNESIAC...

  34. DadliestDad

    the singer sounds like regina spektor to me, maybe not to you.
    but i love both of them! i especially love the song "evident utensil" X)

  35. Emma Twomey

    hahah very true.

  36. orbital151

    ALl three of them are AWESOME.

  37. epsilonspacecake

    LOL nice

  38. RockURLife09

    well dats how i rite wen i talk w/ma friendz on d internet. dont they talk lyke dis where ur frum?? it makes it alot easier.

  39. RockURLife09

    wow r u cyber bullying me lmao
    wtf i do noe how 2 spell (u dont noe me!!!) learn sum damn courtesy

    nd fine i dont need ur help anywaiz =P

  40. RockURLife09

    damn wats dis song about can sum1 help me =/

  41. doremon9

    this is one of the greatest songs ive like ever heard

  42. Zoae Finucane

    whats the lyrics??? i cant find them on the net ... cool thanks

  43. Elena Stratopoulos

    Oh damn only makes me want the lyrics more now that I've heard the song it's quiet beautiful.

  44. baboo2byc

    This is truly a great song but it's hard to understand the lyrics

  45. ducklingville

    she sounds like Dido + the lead singer of the Cranberry ... nice song!!

  46. kiwatari

    Someone knows where can I download this track?

  47. Unknown Five

    Little boring i though but thanks for uploading.