Chainsmokers, The - Siren Lyrics

Three weeks down, but you're on the mend
You swear that you're free from my passenger seat
As we drive through the night, yeah, it starts again
You blame it on me 'cause you're three pills deep

I tell myself I love the silence
But maybe I just wanna hear the sound of the sirens
I tell myself I love the silence
But maybe I just wanna hear the sound of the sirens

Here comes the sound of the sirens
Here comes the sound of the sirens
Here comes the sound of the sirens

Here comes the sound of the sirens
Here comes the sound of the sirens
Here comes the sound of the sirens

Here comes the sound of the sirens
Here comes the sound of the sirens
Here comes the sound of the sirens
Here comes the sound of the sirens

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Chainsmokers, The Siren Comments
  1. Keylor V

    5k of people doesnt like this style :c

  2. Raoni Lucas

    boaz van de beatz

  3. 45 GAMING

    Siapa disini yg gara gara editan di kinemaster like

  4. Fathurrahman Prasetiyo

    Play this song when i'm act so badass in party, hell yeah this one is fire of party🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. Gunslinger Gaming BGS

    1:02 that elephant tho😂

  6. 100k subs without videos

    That crash dummy ass is *T H I C C*

  7. Ary steven

    Yg kesini gara" liat editan kine master 😂

    Vanes Balubun

    Ary steven hadir:v

  8. Redadoxx

    Chainsmokers's songs with few views are the best 🔥❤

  9. CraftyRayRay

    The drop sounds like squeaky toys 😂😂

  10. Carl Ghanem

    This song is better quality than my grades

  11. Tanish Baranwal

    What is wrong with you guys
    How can't you like it

  12. Tanish Baranwal

    Who else can hear this song with good bass earphones on at max volume

  13. sadman XD

    Only 5 mil :(

  14. faze inaction

    Real EDM finally

  15. mnjsh __

    Sounds like skrillex'song

    Nandu krishnan

    Yaa dude...I felt so

  16. Kevin De Carvalho

    Should be in NFS Heat


    Official PUBG Chicken Dinner Song

  18. Arix YLO

    This is a chicken drop love it.. (Ka ka ka ka kak)..

  19. kaitlin rowell

    i’m sorry but there’s nothing i love more than this drop

  20. SaD_ Man

    Drops like A chicken 🐓 roaring

  21. Gocha Polok

    Love this meme

  22. Imran Khan

    amazing song

  23. abhishek nehriya

    Here comes the sounds of the Chicken, elephant,dog

  24. Ansh Patwal

    Illuminati confirm

  25. Randonium TJ

    why so less views :-(

    Krish Garg

    It's an EDM buddy. The fake Chainsmokers POP Fans don't like it. The same situation happened with Save yourself, Beach house, Somebody and Do you mean. These fake Fans only like what popular in Billboard. May their souls Rest in Peace.

    Randonium TJ

    @Krish Garg yes exactly

  26. shamim sheikh

    2:11 illuminatI confirmed

  27. Tudor Stoica


    It costs you 1 like

  28. Kartik King

    ʕ´• ᴥ•̥`ʔ

  29. cesar perez


  30. Prayag Chawla

    Here comes the sound of the sirens ........

  31. Aline Domingos

    even the drop was good

  32. Devansh Jain

    Skrillex : wait. That's illegal.

  33. Cherrie Rosal

    Chick music with a nice bass drop

  34. •*• Moonlight •*•

    The first beatdrop sounds like a chicken and the second one sounds like a dolphin lmao

  35. TheOzeanGorgon

    Fuck im allowed to listen to this song once a montgh cuz it makes ma dopamine go to 110 percent

  36. stanislav shabaltas

    This is a very nice workout song

  37. BusterGamingYT

    The Visual Effects makes me a little bit dizzy

  38. 義を知る虫?蟻


  39. Hey there

    Listen it on headphone
    Thanks me later

  40. Tyler, The viewer

    That beat drop harder than my weight.

  41. Andjélina Ali Hamidou

    Why the drop reminds me Chucky's step ?😂

  42. SHIRΛSU Music


  43. mohamed tube

    I was thought that i saw all song of chainsmokers
    I was so wrong
    From sudan africa

  44. Felix

    Pattnaik ko bhi Pattu his bulatein hai

  45. Crylone Music

    My chicken's 🐔 favourite Song

  46. It's MoNoChrome

    The drop is similar to the purple lamborghini one

  47. Wandabell Lion

    Came here after listening to a remix of them and I am a bit disappointed of the drop. Of course it’s just my opinion, and I don’t say that it’s awful but I think it’s sad that the remix is better than the original song.

  48. Matthew Munoz

    It would be better if they wrent devil worshipers

  49. Peyton Musselman

    Does this song make anyone else laugh?!?! I’m probably the only one though. I’m weird😂😂😂


    Don don don

    Tee tee tee tee tee tea tee

    Tee tee tee tea tee

    Tee tee tee tee tea tee tee

    Don don don

    Tee tee tee tee tee tea tee


    Tee tee tee tea tee

    Tee tee tee tee tee tea tee


    Peyton Musselman

    Wow ur weird

  50. Sanjay Bhagare

    OUT OF RANGE !!!!!

  51. Alexander Prigoda

    Every time I listen to The Chainsmokers music, I start to cry like a child. So soulful music that it penetrates you and makes you remember many things and situations in your life. This is my favorite group ever since 2015!

  52. Jars_39

    I just imagine hear a fire truck with a siren like that.

    Fun Art with Srithi !

    That would be so cool!! But not for the person who's house on fire lol

  53. Sickboi3

  54. Right here G

    When you cant stop playing this on repeat

    *laughs* I'm in danger



  56. Ameya Bhagare

    OUT OF RANGE !!! 👍

  57. Mystic Boy

    Best dubstep

  58. Khosel

    Anyone after paisa song?

  59. Kyle Moore

    i didn't even know they released this song.

  60. Ahana B SRIKANTH

    when the beat dropped, i fell from my bed and banged my head. but it was worth it! LOVE THE CHAINSMOKERS

  61. Manisha Kushwaha

    The drop was so powerful that 5.2k people missed the like button

  62. Güddúkümar Singh

    Any 2019

  63. Leo Boft

    How to ruin a good song with an orrible drop

  64. Clifford The Cuber

    Editor: how many effects do you want to add

    Chainsmokers: Yes

  65. The Warlock

    Another awesome song from you guys 👍👍👍👍

  66. R3PLAY music

    I am from Vietnam, and I am one of the few to learn and enjoy this genre here ;/

  67. ALEC.

    These visuals

  68. Charlston Requiez

    It was on auto play when i heard this song while in car.

  69. SloopBird

    How does this only have 4.6 mill views???

  70. 0Tenshi0

    Now that I've read the comments saying the beat drop sounds like a chicken... All I can picture is the band doing their normal thing on stage and then it pans to a dude all epic like and then... he brings out those dumb squeaky rubber chickens and starts playing them to the beat.

  71. Evann Blaze

    Anyone who knows how to make visual like these please let me know

  72. Second First Try

    I Love The Vocals 💓

  73. Cristopher

    To me, this sounds incredibly similar to Elliphant's "Only Getting Younger"

  74. BudiGaming

    Beat Drop🔥

  75. Alexander Levin Ståhlberg

    Think this is good? listen to vosais remix first

  76. Syafri R


  77. Aadarsh Patel

    let's go

  78. Syawal Ibrahim

    This is lit 🔥 but I love *Sunmi Siren* more

  79. Yas :3

    Como cuando sabes super poco ingles pero te encanta la canción <3

    Re tarde :U

  80. Chain Shaw

    Speed it up 1.25. You are welcome. d&b ftw

  81. Carl Michels


  82. Bubbly Unicorn

    Bass drop: sirens
    Me: 🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓

  83. Night Walker

    Chain smoker x skrillex collab

  84. Jorge Porres

    And the music video WTF???

  85. Ayzor

    Dj battle:
    Like: Aazar
    Comment: Dj snake

  86. Matthew Munoz

    No hit bounces like me

  87. Matthew Munoz

    I dunno what to say about zeus what happend killed that icin played a terrorist in a video what happend to thr russians and the hypnosis telling me dreams in color on purpouse 1

  88. stefanus lorenso

    I like your drop

  89. Rahul Vadakanz

    31 March 2019

  90. Trap Boss


  91. Walter Coimbra

    How d'ont to jump!

  92. Tomas Bartusek

    Please too many songs like this 😍😄