Chainsmokers, The - Save Yourself Lyrics

I should have known what I started
You should know where your heart is
But I don't, I won't be a part of
Expectations when I grow up

So call it what you call it
But I just won't be afraid of myself
'Cause I know what I got in
I won't give it up just to save myself

1, 2, 3

1, 2, 3

I hit it till it's hollow
It's your pride, you should swallow
But I won't, I'm not one to follow
I won't explain all the things I love

So call it what you call it
I'll be the first one to blame myself
'Cause I know I get caught up
I won't give it up just to save myself

1, 2, 3

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Chainsmokers, The Save Yourself Comments

    mas atta?

  2. Gacha Selfie

    Andrew is sick so I prefer calling a ambulance 🚑🚑🚒🚓😆😋

  3. Avery Hachmeister

    What you still doing at my front door mann...

  4. Daniel Chirirán

    Algun Latino presente?
    Yo soy de #Argentina 🇦🇷

  5. Jivesh Upadhyay

    Chainsmokers you the. Best

  6. Haley Melton

    Let the revolution begin

  7. Haley Melton

    Am I the only that’s thinks that’s he is so smoked hot

  8. lucyongbok fel_

    this music video is so creepy

  9. Noob Life

    So underrated

  10. A.J. Armstrong

    This tone is massively underrated.

  11. Red Fall

    Nightmare? Hah come to my village lol than tell my about nightmares man....

  12. Bebby A

    Wow I just found this video. A treasure!

  13. Ezorde

    Kinda reminds me of the creepy Lavender Town music from Pokemon

  14. Ana Maria Nunes Godinho

    1 year💕💕💕

  15. Jesús Murillo Travels

    The Chainsmokers haciendo este tipo de música más pesada... ¡Me encanta! Ojalá hagan más... Y ojalá hagan dubstep >:D

  16. Who Cares

    Sounds like siren... Lame

  17. Channu Rooshi

    This the nice song I never and ever heard up to now.. Nice nice and nice..

  18. Bashir Khan

    Do u also think that its deserve more credit????

  19. Fram3D1rty

    It’s so weird because this is shorter than the original vid

  20. lisa sweeney

    Wow this is by far great it your great hope i will see u in dec sacramento . hard with five kids. My teen whom is 15 wants to go its kinda hard to do that hoping fam will buy us a ticket. She is a great artist in anime..but like to go to her first concert. Cant wait to make that happen keep up the grest music.

  21. Tijn Kros

    Niceeeee dubstep.

  22. peachy miaaaf

    Drew so cool...

  23. 乄CaЯlos酱乄

    Hola 911?
    Si dime
    Tengo un loco en la puerta!

  24. Bazil

    me and the boys storming area 51

  25. Nitro Omg

    Holy shit! The Paranormal is just ummm- Indescribable! 😂 I'M IN LOVE!

  26. vinh le

    Headbanger 💥💥💥💥💥

  27. KRX Gaming

    I have been looking for this all my life. This is my dream music video.

  28. Andrew Ralph

    Nice editing wow

  29. Yuli :3

    OMG so beatufull <3<3<3<3<3<3

  30. Кендрик Ламар

    Music is cool, but that video suck

  31. Reparter

    NGHTMRE makes some pretty dope beats.

  32. RAVE'n Chan Boi

    Nice tik tok vid, ahuh

  33. monkokonco9


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    Andrew in Owsla

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    This is some real purge shit

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    O my God I'm Scared🤥

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    Plz make more songs like this

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    Fresh 👍

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    Something like purge movie

  40. Digitz

    At 0:50 the way went away from the camera looked so cool

  41. Bagaskara id

    This is so creepy.. what if this happens in ur home security camera at 3am 😑

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    None of your song spared me Alex! I have to dance everytime!

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    This song reminds me of a serial killer

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    This is sooooo Archie Andrews

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    So the only reason why I'm here is because I wanted to see Andrew without shirt. So I am done. ^Nando

  49. javier rodriguez morales

    It does not seem to me that it leads to violence and murder and what happens in the United States. Now I believe that it is insuring you to commit crimes and everything just for a moment of unrestrained and revolted hormones of some young people. All this is in my opinion.

  50. Vitasta Sahu

    Why Does it have only 1.5 views🙁

  51. Pedro Enrique Hernandez Carhuajulca


  52. W. Moore

    Even if Drew said Scat play is the ONLY thing that gets him off, I'd possibly make an exception to normal thought processes LOL #ImDown #DTF #Fetish #Scat #Thirsty #Sad

  53. PeaceInGMark

    Lyrics (more accurate than the description)

    I should have known what I started
    You should know where your heart is
    But I don't, I won't be a part of
    Expectations when I grow up

    So call it what you call it
    But I just won't be afraid of myself
    'Cause I know that I got it
    I won't give it up just to save myself

    One, Two, Three

    One, Two, Three

    (there is more lyrics in the lyric video)

  54. Night Walker


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    Is The chainsmokers a deep web maker ?

  56. Dj Intelligent

    August 22 is literally my birthday

  57. Jessica Hutchens

    Not gonna lie I kinda like this song


    The future is coming!!!

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    I hate that it's too short I wish it was long and DAMM THAT BEAT

    Gacha Selfie

    Your stupid and dumb

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    bery bad vifei

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    My freind showed me this and months later he died i will remember him

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    Was this song produced by skrillex

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    Looks like a trailer for a new The purge movie

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    Musiknya keren.I from indonesia

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    The song and the music video is fucking perfect !!! Your doing it right Chainsmokers, keep it up !

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    I stopped at August 3, 2018 at 12:32:09 AM.

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