Chainsmokers, The - P.S. I Hope You're Happy Lyrics

Welcome home
How's your summer been?
I heard you moved in with your boyfriend
In New York

What's his name?
I heard he works downtown in finance
Is he just as good at romance
As we were?

Okay, enough
P.S. I hope you're happy
I started acting out when you moved on
I tried to call you
To eliminate the distance
I cared about you once
And always will

And I tried my best
Cross my fingers for the rest
And I will find a way somehow
To be more than photos to you now
I blame myself
For when I was someone else
I might not get over this

But I won't be sad for the sake of it
But I won't be sad for the sake of it
But I won't be sad for the sake of it
But I won't be sad for the sake of it

But I won't be sad for the sake of it

What the hell?
I couldn't help but check your phone
Who the fuck is Drew from home, anyway?
This vacation
You said going home was boring
Left out that part of the story on your way

I might deserve it
But I can't take it
Maybe I should keep this to myself
'Cause if I'm honest
My record's less than flawless
You know that I get lonely when you're gone

And I tried my best
Cross my fingers for the rest
And I will find a way somehow
To be more than photos to you now
I blame myself
For when I was someone else
I might not get over this

But I won't be sad for the sake of it
But I won't be sad for the sake of it
But I won't be sad for the sake of it
But I won't be sad for the sake of it

But I won't be sad for the sake of it
But I won't be sad for the sake of it

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Chainsmokers, The P.S. I Hope You're Happy Comments
  1. Not fxbz.

    *i dont know how much i love this Song*

  2. Queen Badar Jauregui

    I'm sick but men this is awesome

  3. mrd m3

    Kool one of their last songs was my very favorite songs playing today and now this song is! You outdo yourselves

  4. Adam Mann

    All you zoomers talking about how it sounds like a song after blink already sucked. It sounds like fucking Toms Diner.

  5. Brandon Morgan

    Why are ppl mentioning Halsey? What's the tea?

  6. ruben angel

    The chains and blink rock!!!

  7. Keoke

    1. I love this song, it's on repeat.
    2. Personally I think Blink 182 with Tom is WAYYY better than with Matt.
    3. Lyrically, yes this song is similar to I miss you, but I still don't think you can compare them.
    4. I miss you is still better than this.
    5. To be clear, this song is 10/10. Blink 182 I miss you with Tom is 11/10.

  8. Neywa Eyong

    I can't hear sort of sounds of blink 182 in this song.

  9. belltully1yahoocom

    Lol, the cars rpms are sometimes higher at 82 than 88. Not a problem if the car's in a lower gear but then it goes lower at 82 during other parts of the video. NOW YOU NOTICED!!!!

  10. ltnward

    Wow Thats a really cool song! I Love the mix Chainsmokers+ Blink 182 so much

  11. chrisb1356

    I will find a way somehow to be more than Thanos to you now.

  12. Lion Of Truth

    1:40 Who came here for Blink 182?? ❤️❤️❤️🦁🙏👍

    eXist. channel

    Of cause I did

  13. Masked Man

    As soon as I heard it start singing it was like reliving Rins death.

  14. Alvin. TJM

    who here after the behind the scene !! =1

  15. TheBeechum831

    I miss you (2019 version)

  16. Mason Howard

    Chainsmokers blow, but this song is good af

  17. 鹿卡鹿卡

    niiiiiiice !!

  18. ersa yuliangga

    I enjoy it. It taste like blink and the chainsmokers.

  19. iseerizki s

    "i won't be sad for the sake of it"
    (p.s. i hope you're) damn man, like tom

  20. Jeudi Cáceres

    Now this is a collab I wasn't expecting to see...

  21. Widy Azalea


  22. Misha

    This video is fire, kudos to the artist


    I never thought this would happen My Favorite Band and the chainsmokers collabing!!!!!

  24. Larzz Wright

    Where is Matt?

  25. Brent O'Connell

    Middle fingers up to the 1k that disliked .

  26. Dimi -

    I hope you're happy,
    You ruined me for the second time...
    But I won't be sad for the sake of it

  27. Lucy Judge

    Sooo no one's gonna talk about how amazing this lyrics video is? I'm in love

  28. Kevin Benincá

    we learn something in this video the earth isn't flat

    Ahmed King

    The earth is flat u stupid


    Play that blink-182 song

  30. PurgeMaster 33

    This collab must've happend a long time i love Tom De Longe and love to Blink the band you guys aren't dead and never will be♥️

  31. syamuシェル


  32. 난관대

    ' l miss you ' find is fun

  33. Prateek Chachra

    'Don't waste your time on me you're...'

    Oops wrong song

  34. Boxwine

    I am appalled.

  35. Nobel Rey Marchiano

    "I Miss You" REMAKE


    Not even a little bit. smh

  36. Sikandar s.a.rahim


  37. Victor José Luis Valencia Ambriz

    P.S. this make me happy.

  38. Andrew Raines

    Getting major "Owl City" vibes from this.

  39. Rizky Septiawan

    The song is not ear catching idk

  40. Bichon Frise Newton hitchkock

    That song sounds like a reggaeton puag!!!!!
    I think you might change this rhythm

  41. prajwal yadav

    This song really made my day because last day I had said to my special

    Thanks chainsmokers

  42. Khulafaur Rasyidin

    The chainsmoker ft. Tom Delonge 🙏

  43. nibbles matt

    i miss tom

  44. Arturo Palencia

    lame af

  45. Laken Parker

    This made me so nostalgic, sounds so much like music i listened to in Jr.High. still slaps though

  46. Johny Help

    Sounds like chester bennington sing this song

    Larzz Wright

    No.... Not really

  47. Above Stars

    So basically the vocal melody is the same as every Chainsmokers song..... How original.😒🤦‍♂️

  48. Erry Hafriandy

    blink banget ini mah,,...

  49. Fyrecide

    Woah, those graphics though.. so realistic!


  50. John Kamperschroer

    Can't take these melodies without Tom! Also come up with something more creative the recycled song beats from yourself and Blink smh

  51. Dj stylez

    Best collab of 2019!!!❤❤❤❤

  52. Mark Mirabella

    We need a music video!!

  53. Nathaniel Blake

    I love the animation

  54. Wh1t3Shark

    I love Blink 182! When I was younger I listening the Albung Enema of the State up and down <3

  55. God of Siopao

    Is this OwlCity 182? or Blink downgraded to 181?

  56. Luis Pineda Jr.

    P.S. - I hope you're happy....

  57. Nestor Benjumea

    What a piece of shit(for blink) :S can't believe this is happening... What the fuck Mark?????

  58. Thepeoplesperson

    This sounds like owl city.

  59. Mile high Denbroncos

    I like this one! !! Sounds like the music in the good old days classic blink 182/ Jacks mannequin sound. 2000s In 2019 great Times! !! 2019

  60. TheGhostWing 1

    I so fucking cant wait for the remixes

  61. Rob Dgaf

    And I want pizza for the sake of it..

  62. May S

    Everyone is talking about the song, which is indeed very good, but can we appreciate the video? It is so fckn beautiful, I can't get over this aesthetic

  63. Ethan Benavidez

    My shitty ex girlfriend shared me this stupid song . I love blink 182 and the Chainsmokers but no music. Makes that pain worth it . .


    Damn, this isn't blink-182 this isn't Rock. Sad

  65. Charm

    Absolutely love this colab!! 😍😍

  66. William971

    depressing shit

  67. xnixxi

    I feel like Michelle Phan would dig this video

  68. Nivin Vinod

    Still waiting for the drop...

  69. StandOutInACrowd1

    Stole the melody from the verses in I Miss You.

  70. Henrique Ricci

    First thing I tought was about Closer when I saw the name of the song and blink on it

  71. Gabby L

    This has big "summer bop" energy. But you can bet your ass I'm gonna listen to it anyways

  72. Azain Abbasi

    You know what went through my head when I saw this? “Stay. Play that blink 182 song”

  73. Dave Rowse

    I've tried so hard to be a fan of Blink the past few years... They've been my favourite band growing up from the mid-90's until just a couple of years ago, The TOYPAJ logo has been on my arm for the past 8 years... After 25 years of love it's so sad to see what they've become.. Yes, I'm aware this is only a feature on someone else's song, but California was passable with some great moments, the deluxe improved on it slightly, that amilly/what's my age again mashup was diabolical, 9 is mostly trash and now this... from a life-long, die-hard, Blink fanboy, Blink is dead...

  74. April Newton


  75. April Newton

    My soul is melting ✌️💕
    Reunion show with Fireworks in Jax plz ❤️ Thx 😘 @chainsmokers @blink @firworks book daily's!

  76. Luke Robinett

    So Chainsmokers + Blink = Owl City. Haha

  77. 焼肉クラウドファンディング

    this is the best music in their work
    i think it.
    from Japan :D

  78. Taufiq Qurahman

    I feel owl city vibe
    It's just me or anybody else?

  79. Dark Matters

    Blink 182 saving the era is just wow

  80. belikedaniel

    20 years since American Pie and when I first started listening to Blink 182. Where the f did the time go...

  81. Carlos Farias

    Só aprecie.

  82. CappaKrunch CappaKrunch

    PS - Im not.

  83. Spaceship Earth

    wow this is horrible lol

    Lyger Music Productions

    Its nice. And I'm a blink fan

    Spaceship Earth

    i like Marks part but the song overall, sounds like Abercrombie & Fitch.... everything Angels & Airwaves is doing is far superior!

  84. Robert Yeager

    Fireflies and i miss you put together?

    Lyger Music Productions


  85. Robert Yeager

    Omg it’s finally here

  86. Stan :u

    Yep, they died after memories do not open

  87. Jerrijoe Alerta

    Its wack

  88. Denmarynne Domingo

    Kudos for the video 😍

  89. Ricky Jay Joven

    im addicted to this song. that means im a chainsmoker

  90. Leo Rodrìguez Guti


  91. Maha Qamer

    @emo/former emo kids, Whoda thought 😔

  92. chrishdk

    PS I miss you

  93. Ninaskies


  94. Vlog Epicness

    I came for Blink and wasn’t disappointed

  95. Isaac Leal

    blink-182 - I Miss You

  96. jeremy todd

    These guys are now the world’s biggest simps..

  97. Guy B

    Pure trash