CG5 - Soldiers Fallen Lyrics

Stay alive
Keep on striving
These are darker times
We are not confined, no

Soldiers fallen we have left behind
We will fight for them and all mankind
Reach is doomed to fall, but we stand high
We will fight for all until we die

Our broken world, it crumbles under our feet
But we're not done
Our pain and suffering will end when they meet their defeat

Sing this anthem, bring it to the skies
We shall be victorious tonight
Reach is doomed to fall, but we stand high
We will fight for all until we die

There is no end to glory
There is no end to hate
But look for light at the end
And you will find your fate
These aliens play dirty
But we all know their place
They're here to overtake
But we'll just punch them in the face

This is our last stand
Our legend will remain
Everyone on my command
We will not die in vain
Humanity's final hope
And we will never fear
Now sing the anthem proud
For everyone to hear

Soldiers fallen we have left behind
We will fight for them and all mankind
Reach is doomed to fall, but we stand high
We will fight for all until we die

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CG5 Soldiers Fallen Comments
  1. Losty Knight

    2:07 That taken me by surprise the descend into a feels feeling if you know what I mean

  2. Shockwave

    Legit almost made me cry since I’ve played reach so much and know the people


    Love this song

  4. Dooploc

    ITS BACK BABY!!!!!!

  5. Saienne2010

    This brings me in the destiny vibe

  6. Bass killer Gaming, hunting and fishing

    Do you know what game this song also fits in

    Aliens colonial marines

  7. Toomeyboy 10

    Did you know 200+ Spartans died from the battle of reach

  8. A-Goat the Great

    I also love how this is a Halo Reach song which if I remember, was exclusive to Xbox, but you can correct me if I'm wrong. Love it!

  9. Zenny Vassallo

    Maybe the new Halo could have this for Nostalgia to Halo reach

  10. Walmart Erie

    This is reallllllllllllllllllly good dang man you make the best songs!! + marshmello too.

  11. JM Vita

    Why are you not making instrumental versions of your songs?

  12. Danny Delima

    i love master cheaf

  13. Danny Delima

    i love HALO soldier fallen

  14. Shockwave Prime

    Who else is here after the launch of reach on mcc

  15. Luke Moua

    Thank you I love halo

  16. Shockwave

    Legit got saf

  17. Shockwave

    Drop a like if u know the halo story and got sad

  18. Shockwave

    That was mindblowing

  19. Lone Kreiger

    Is it weird that I think of reach as halo’s version of Cadia?

  20. Mythical Hype

    0:50 *YES*

  21. Bacon Man

    This reminds me the old days when I play halo my fav was maybe halo 3 because it is the only childhood halo game I played

  22. WMB 101

    I've never played a single Halo game in my life, but after this, I just might look into it. Nice bop!

  23. Cane Xzander Sanchez

    I just started now i lovet

  24. Alexis Vetter

    I played Halo 3.....nice song though

  25. kittemb _

    This song... I thought it was a myth... Great job Cg5

  26. Neon Doggo

    fun fact: I started campaing on legendery

  27. Carlos Rodriguez


  28. Elite sniper

    I can't stop listening to this music plus I have halo reach but I can't play it any more cuz my Xbox 360 is broken and it broke right when I got to rank commander so I'm proud how far got on halo reach😂😂😂

  29. ninja killer 9005

    Who is here after it was released

  30. Shy Guy gaming

    now that Reach on PC is coming out i'm waiting for this to surge in views

  31. Halo Halo

    Today we can go finally back to Reach never forgotten and we Remembered

  32. L O N E L Y H E L P

    Guess I gotta add halo to playlist

  33. FinfeeGaming

    3:55 he doesn't even have a character 😒

  34. Gabrien Ortega

    HALO REACH FOR PC TOMMORW GET HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. MrAverage GD

    of very nice

  36. M4Ze_RubyLitten

    This song is so good I refused to open fire

  37. Still chill

    Isn't Halol Reach halo 4?

  38. Still chill


  39. kasia nitka

    My favorite song is soldiers fallen

  40. kasia nitka

    Do you play halo reach??

  41. kasia nitka

    Thats good 👍👍 the best song

  42. broken arm

    I am here to stop the devil from invading the comments. If you haven’t knew, it’s at 666. Thank me later. Oh and I love the song.

  43. Moto Moto

    666th comment satan would be proud

  44. SwiftBlade4

    0:33 "Left Behind"

    HE STOLE FROM DAGAMES!!!! (This is a joke.)

  45. yeezy clout

    Rip noble 6

  46. FNAFAnimator06

    Amazing song. I love playing Halo

  47. Nickolas D. Wolfwood

    58 dislikes
    58 people must have sneezed and hit the wrong button

  48. TouchOfThorn

    You should also do some destiny songs

  49. FinfeeStudios

    Time to play Reach at 2 am.

  50. blue gryphon

    Good job best song I've heard this year

  51. ivat ISPG8015

    Dead CG5

  52. Jumble Drops1029

    I actually have an OG Xbox that works, and I have Halo 1 and 2, along with Underground 2.

    Is retro gaming.

  53. Loaded Loris

    Spartan never die...

  54. Shaymin Sky Form

    i like this song, pika pika ! <3

  55. michel turner

    i cant see that this has only 144k views it should have 10m

  56. Evolve 117

    Cadia broke before the Guard did

  57. Jordan Garcia 2

    when I first heard this song it made me use my imagination and made me think I was in a sad war

  58. Deez Nuts

    Beast song of the year ever

  59. TheOneWhichWasLost _

    Want more halo songs...

  60. Sarnix YT


  61. Diamond Knight Playz

    Remember Reach

  62. Plustrack

    We need another halo movie

  63. Plustrack

    Halos the best booooiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  64. Plustrack

    Finally a halo reach song

  65. PAUL65

    It would be nice to hear an epic version of this song

  66. FireNado

    this guy is super underrated

  67. Gabriel Walling

    Go to settings and put it on a playback speed of 1.25 its great but so is normal

  68. PirateHellFox Foxy

    Ah the memories will live on. Glad to see people still love the game and that people will create content with it. I personally haven’t played reach in two years but this is making me want to go back again.

    Remember Reach. Never Forget the sacrifices made.

  69. Dark Lucario

    I see this playing in sixes helmet during the lone wolf mission as he uses weapons that the rest of Noble team used

  70. Slav Pybro

    I like how the thought of this being their anthem is actually fitting tbh. It be boppin'.

  71. Thomas Martin

    This song is touching

  72. Owen Willicome

    I’ve been waiting almost a decade for someone to make a Reach tribute song! Thank you so much! Reach is my all time favourite game

  73. AloneWolf343

    A Halo song with dubstep, that's new and unexpected

  74. Joselyn Garrastazu

    Master chief revealed

    It’s Charlie

  75. Spiritual Stew

    If you think about it master Chief is the newest Spartan, there was probably thousands of Spartans before him that fell. Halo Reach is a great example of this. In the end every legend will end. It's just a waiting game until master chief's legend will end

  76. that one Russian clone trooper

    I legit got goosebumps from this song

  77. broken arm

    Sir, i’m finishing this big awesome song.

  78. Derek Haedt

    This is my new favorite video game song!! Nice job Charlie!!!

  79. Salamon 000

    Я тут один русский?

  80. Seth Ross

    Fun fact: humanity had lost about 35 billion people military and civilian, while the covenant lost around 60 billion mostly grunts which was around 30 billion over the 27 years of war. (I didn't want to try and spell the grunts real species name)

    RedRecon Studios

    Seth Ross Yeah unggoy is annoying to spell and don’t even get me started on autocorrect...

    Seth Ross

    You are very correct all the other name are a pain the spell with autocerrect changing it

  81. Inflex Of Random Pixles

    This one of a handful of more serious songs I use serious very losely

  82. Caleb Smith

    Needs harder hitting tribal drums and some guitar riffage. Love the lyrics.
    2:47 - 3:08 is amazing

  83. Katlyn Rabbitskin

    i like this song😇

  84. hmm yes the beans are made from beans

    remember reach

  85. Skeley

    Instrumental version pretty please?

  86. Sebastian Malacara Morales

    It has a great a rythm

  87. Abria Carlson

    Whoa. The passion in his voice combined with the lyrics nearly made me tear up, and I know next to nothing about Halo! And then that beat drop sent shivers down my spine (in a good way!). Fantastic song, as always!

  88. future trunks

    if you dislike this video you cant hear out your ears

  89. Jaden Merritt

    I love it, my sister plays Halo and I watch. I'm definitely going to show this to her.

  90. Nikolaj Steffensen

    in memory of reach

  91. William Smith

    I’m lovin it.
    10/10 delicious

  92. Ghost26

    Over 117,000 views....hmmmm.....

  93. J H

    Yes, yes, and YES!

  94. dipped deku

    This is a lonely WORLD OF GRAY
    but remember todays just ANOTHER DAY

  95. DHeusta

    What a boppity boppin bop.

    Mr. Stripes

    What does any of that have to do with this game?


    the most boppity there is

    The Dârk- Réàpêr

    If this song was added on audiomack that would be great right now

    dipped deku

    Lmao 😆