CG5 - See Dem Aliens (Area 51 Song) Lyrics

Goin' on,
20th September,
All in this together.
Let's take a stand,
So we can "see dem aliens."
Ok, so here's the plan.

Naruto runners, go around,
Stay quiet, don't even make a sound.
Kyles, better stand yo ground.
Drinks at the ready, getcho buffs on.
Rocks, hold steady,
Aim and get ready.
Guards ain't gonna see the rocks rain heavy.
All of you gamers, march in place,
Save our friends, take 'em back to space.

We wanna see dem aliens. (hey)
'Cuz they can't take all of us.
We're bringin' the storm right to your door, (hey)
'Cuz you can't take all of us.

Hold on,
Let's just think about this.
It seems quite wrong.
To even wanna try this.
I don't want to die just for a stupid meme.
But nothing is what it seems.

The outcome really depends,
If the aliens wanna be friends.
Wouldn't you agree with me?
I don't wanna start World War III.
If we gonna try, hope we don't get seen.
But I don't want a guy pickin' up my spleen.
All of you gamers, march in place,
Save our friends, take 'em back to space.

We wanna see dem aliens. (hey)
'Cuz they can't take all of us.
We're bringin' the storm right to your door, (hey)
'Cuz you can't take all of us down, down, down, down.
You can't take all of us down, down, down, down.

Today's the day,
We've got a plan to follow,
And fears to swallow.
Everyone be very quiet.
I said be very quiet.

Runners go,
Yeah, this is what it's all about.
Oh no.
Everybody scatter!

Everybody gettin' caught,
Everybody gettin' shot.
Everybody fallin'.
I just wanna stay alive,
With the boys right by my side.
Oh, there goes Jerry.
We should've thought this through,
I blame all of you
Stupid people.
This meme went too far.

We wanna see dem aliens. (hey)
But they just found all of us.
We brought the storm right to their door. (no)
But they just took all of us

Down, down, down, down.
Down, down, down, down.
Down, down, down, down.
Down, down, down, down.

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CG5 See Dem Aliens (Area 51 Song) Comments
  1. Quintin Waters

    "dem" aliens

  2. Agent 474

    What the hell is this,i know much better song for area 51 raid.

  3. Abydaby Hdi

    This is hilarious

  4. Alex Nunez

    When it said I don’t want to start world war lll bro world war lll might happen already USA vs Iran 😭😭😭😭

  5. The Creeper King

    Who Else Wants To Start Another Area 51 Raid On May 25th?!

  6. AS - 07FJ - Alloa PS (1457)

    2014-2018 People be like: “ArEA 51 Is fAkE It’S jUSt An uRbAN LeGEnd”

    2019: *people Literally go to Area 51* “You were saying?”

  7. Jozy Yzoj

    Me and the boys when mom gives me a pop tart than she start yelling

  8. Eggy Egg

    The guy in the background: woah

  9. BlueDogg08

    Parts i loved:
    selling for one atom

  10. Harper Family


    *there goes jerry*

  11. kienan's reaction


  12. Zully Menendez

    Nice video

  13. Power Saturn

    Ion wanna start world war 3

    Me m: It’s too late for that my friend

  14. Mine Craft

    \(•-•)/ Dem alians

  15. Cassandra Marquette

    This song is cool and the best make more songs

  16. Karen Rosado

    I cant wait I hope the Naruto runners win 😭😭😭😭😭

  17. NightWolf




  18. Eggy Egg

    And now we raid the scp foundation

  19. radom cRy

    If none of us have been to area 51 then how do we know there are aliens :@

  20. Akiya Burst

    World: 1:20
    Trump: you weren’t supposed to do that

  21. Subject 61

    Me: *Doing school work*

    Youtube: Hey! Hey! Over here! Watch this!

  22. Highanite

    We need this enthusiasm to save Hong Kong

  23. Wackyyy

    why havent i found your channel before? ive been missing out on whole lotta good things

  24. shrek birthday it's tommorow

    😂me when I ate to much sugar and watching this and dance with them😂😂

  25. Aj Dolocab

    Before: i dont wanna die

    After: *oh there goes jerry*

  26. Maximum Effort

    It got forgotten so fast
    After 20th

  27. Silver sheep244

    "I dont wanna start world war 3" *looks at 2020*

  28. Ardie Bardie

    Me: breaks into area 51
    The Aliens:

  29. Bald Martin69

    i was in my dad’s car on the 18th of september and was listening this. this makes me happy listening to it again after a few months.

  30. Hatty Hattington

    *The sound of 20 million Red Bull’s opening in the distance*

    The guards: *pee running down their pants*


    This is how many people thought raiding area 51 was gonna be fun


  32. SquidBazooka

    When all the narutos, Kyles, and rock throwers went to area 51, only 150,000 showed up, not 3,000,000...

  33. Ben Schnur

    we did not start world war 3 but trump did

  34. Nixano

    Soldiers: *Noticed that area 51 gonna get raided then laughs* this is gonna be easy
    Pilots: I know right *laughs*

    the next day

    *2M Runners showed up*

    Personnels: oh sh-


    Aliens: yeaaaaaaaa we wanna see dem aliens

  35. Gerardo Martine

    THERE IS AN ID FOR THIS IN ROBLOX real gamers will play this in roblox

  36. JadevatorPlayz Yt 2

    And that's why kids you dont raid area 51 without a professional like CG5

  37. SureTOlike

    Its area 52 idiot

  38. Kendrick Evans

    I’m still wondering if you got to see dem aliens

  39. MaMiMuMa

    I love that the meme didn't die even in 2020 because like... I love the fact we consider it sort of a 'success'

    Sept 20th 2020!

  40. BrandonBoi YT

    This song was copyrighted with songs lol

  41. BrandonBoi YT

    Wait it’s has DANCING IN SEPTEMBER in the biggining

  42. Shiny Prisma Why is dead

    plot twist: this meme is dead

  43. Nicole Sirota

    Guards: what’s that in the distance? The raid: Guards:*shoots* raid: oh there goes Jerry

  44. Bird Man IM A LIL BIRD

    Anybody January 2020?

  45. Tech Support scammer

    Me at 3pm

  46. Ava Fye

    Lol i love dis!

  47. Aron Hawkins

    the area 51 raid didnt happen

  48. Brave Bread

    Now I see what happened to leafy and all the great YouTube's that got banned their in space with aliens planning the next raid

  49. Riffy

    This will be an interesting song in the future.

  50. Viktoria life2012


  51. KuroCluber

    This is my new favorite song hahahahaxD



  52. • lazy wolf• Idk I’m lazy

    My eyes died because of the dancing aliens RIP EYES

  53. soapyu

    I have contributed 30+ views.

  54. DAstudioph Animation and games

    Cg5 try play roblox this song is in roblox try play it

  55. AJ LIFE


    Haha... haha haha HAHA

  56. CLOUDS Coolv

    I thought it was gonna say
    *Save our friends then masturbate*

  57. Alex The Glitch

    “I don’t wanna start World War 3”

    Well the good news is YOU didn’t start it...

  58. Tiffany Oledan

    Waw sow they deid for seing aliens and and runing while there aliens waw ... :[

  59. Microd456

    Area 51 Raid.
    Expectations: *this video
    Reality: *bruh sound effect #2*

  60. Ble Watcharapan

    People: were gonna save all the aliens

    Xenomorph: ALL OF THEM!?!?

    people: ok then most of them

    Xenomorph: :/

  61. Joshua Villafuerte

    We failed again as humans

  62. Zex

    Isn't sad that he don't wanted to start World War III but it's happening anyways?

  63. Daydreaming Cub

    Can we just talk about how the green alien is still dancing while his friends just got shot in front of him.

    Tasty Toast

    Well he was having the time of his life with his alien friends

  64. Still Chill Gaming


  65. Ninjaz Hyperz

    Aliens at 3 am:

  66. Jake Juarez

    Omg Area 51 started world war 3 LOL

  67. XxOceanCottonxX

    *In my head I was using my oc and different cartoons raiding Area 51 even those 90s cartoons and I explained with the lyrics with a random character*

  68. ChellatheFox 56

    *Everybody's gangsta until the Area 51 guards see the naruto runners, the kyles, and the rocks holdin' steady*

  69. packedgoku

    Watching this in 2020 still love it


  70. Derion DePriest

    I don't want to start world war 3
    Me: um yeah about that

  71. KuroCluber


  72. LittleMiss MCPlayer

    Everyone on September 20th 2019: Now this is my jam
    Me listening to this still in 2020: Damn, why this sound so good tho

  73. Ella Talan

    My brother: wanna play roblox?
    Me: no
    Brother: why?
    Me: I wanna see dem aliens

  74. Shark X

    this got the recognition it deserves but it needs more

  75. RattySundaze

    Homeboy predicted WWIII

  76. pimpachino dorito wine

    Wanna see Dem aliens

  77. Kane Hall

    Best song ever 1000000/1000000

  78. The Universal Cow

    After this they would not be friendly to us.


    happy 2020 boys. we shall try and raid the area once again with these dance moves

  80. Nemi Gaming

    2:24 bye bye jerry was you will be missed

  81. xXDaphneGrimmXx

    "I don't wanna start world war 3"
    yeah it's a little late for that 😬😬😬

  82. The Emotionless Squad

    CG5: *makes song*
    Dame cusita: *w0t*

  83. Twyla Beachy

    Alright people, we need a plan.
    When is the rematch?
    Who is gonna save Jerry?
    Who will be a Naruto or rock thrower?
    And most importantly, who will make the memes?

  84. Fausta Bonola

    You make really really really good music and your singing is really good 👍👌👍👍👍👍

  85. Jmcoolm

    Who else is here even know the raid is over

  86. Phoenix Rael Tumaneng

    C o d a

  87. MrBatzy

    CG5: “I don’t want to start WWIII”
    Everyone In 2020: WHAT A GOOD IDEA!

  88. Duolingo Bird

    SeND heLP

  89. DanFan123 - COPPA Sucks

    Fellow Raiders raid the facility now because WWIII has begun

  90. XxOceanCottonxX

    Lyrics:there goes jerry.
    Me:who’s jerry?

  91. xSody

    güzel video da bacım hangi kafa ile yaptın mq

  92. Aneta Růžičková

    thats not scary

  93. logan plays

    best song ever

  94. Infinite beast

    wow arethes the 3coolaliens called yow

    if u dont know them watch this

    thats the last ep though

  95. Islam Šakrak

    First they run at military now the military is running toward deploying us

  96. Frank French

    This song started ww3

  97. ace elite order

    Looks at nuke*looks at my army* hmm... what do I send to area 51? (Joke)

  98. CG5

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    Joy Stekkel

    What is this song

    Funtime Foxy

    When I type dem its says demos when I do Dem it does Democrats What's going on?????