CG5 - Scared Of You Lyrics

No face and, no eyes
Oh no, I'm paralyzed
Heart beating, repeating
It's just the beginning
He's here, and he's there
Oh no, he's everywhere
These pages, from the ages
This darkness rages

Slowly but surely
I'm sure he's reaching for me
Closer but further
His empty gaze upon me

He will never leave
The corner, look around, and he's there
Why won't he ever leave?
So eerie, so dreary, I fear that
He will never go
As I walk, and I'm in shock
'Cause he's always here
I don't even know what I'm gonna do
I'm so scared of you

One black suit, one tie
Looks like I won't survive
As long as I keep trying
With these tears I'm crying
Could this be page number 8?
Maybe it's not too late
I've worked way too hard for this
No time to reminisce

Slowly but surely
I'm sure he's reaching for me
Closer but further
His empty gaze upon me

He will never leave
The corner, look around, and he's there
Why won't he ever leave?
So eerie, so dreary, I fear that
He will never go
As I walk, and I'm in shock
'Cause he's always here
I don't even know what I'm gonna do
I'm so scared of you

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CG5 Scared Of You Comments
  1. AvengetheSorrow

    Tobuscus, You Have A Epic Voice, I love to hear you in other songs

  2. Judah DBHMM


  3. Elyzze Randomz

    *I keep coming back.*

  4. Not A Top

    This is why Mr beast had to plant so many trees😂

  5. SnaKe

    beats are on point as always!!!!!

  6. Lukes Powers

    What if Slenderman got added to Dead by Daylight?

  7. Yand MC

    Well first of all why did he come there in the first place?

  8. xd memes

    DO YOU LIKE MY SWORD SWORD MY DIAMOND SWORD only ogs will remember that.
    and i like this song :D
    and happy day to everyone
    bye guys i gotta sleep now

  9. braiden plays roblox

    2020 BOI

  10. Creepypasta demon a

    I love it 😍

  11. Ryker Karlin

    0:22 Tepilten

  12. XxInfInItYcalebxX dag

    one black suit one tie

  13. Stephanie Edgley

    God this song is amazing

  14. fnalt azul

  15. luigi killer

    a day before my birthday smh CG5

  16. gamer 6978

    no one going to talk about how good the animation was :D good job!!

  17. Jhonea Williams

    I love how the beat drops in the beginning

  18. Christian Jimenez

    Awesome song one thing that would make it better is THE TENTACLES

  19. Izzy Plays

    He doesn't have slender tentacles?

  20. Joe c

    0:54 slender + bendy + scp 106 confirmed??

    im from the future dont go raid area 51 even though it already happened

  21. faris hakimi

    A song about my teacher

  22. Trijosh


  23. john decarlo

    You can't escape your cage without the PAGE

  24. Beboby Jefferson

    1:35-“Could this be page number 8?*Grabs page number 8*maybe it’s not to later.

    1:45-*grabs page number 9*Are you-!?

  25. Jayden Gotcher

    Great song for an old game

  26. Lindsay McDonald

    Best song ever

  27. Lindsay McDonald

    Omg I'm obbsesed with this song now BYE BYE BATIM SONGSSS

  28. Szymon Szymon

    DO NEXT SLENDERMAN SONG but slenderman sings

  29. domokingawesome 16

    slender can take 7 sniper rifle rounds and die from it beause his face is so fragile

  30. Gamingwith Derek

    2020 anyone

  31. Silvia Bateman


  32. ẞrúttá Æ

    This man shoulda died at the beginning of the video.

  33. Mango Sweet

    Me At Night: **Watches Slender Song**

    Me: **Walks Into Mom And Dads Room**

    Me: Mom, Dad, I Cant Freaking Sleep.

    Mom: I Cant help You, Go To Sleep, NOW!

    Me: **Whimpers**

    Dad: What Do You Want?


    **Mom And Dad Goes into My Room, And They See A Tall Figure**

    Mom: Ok! Now Where Moving!

  34. Raffy Salas

    whos watching this at 2020?

  35. Marisa Marlow

    Fun fact slinder man is not bad you take the posters of his missing famaly

  36. Nelson Tejada

    Slender:damn my only weakness fire im melting

  37. Sandra Pena

    1:52 Roblox the mirror????????????

  38. BURN T.V playz

    <:3 simply amazing

  39. TNT 28

    0:14 when your mom get the belt

  40. Deanna Cutknife

    its dah end for slendy

  41. BURN T.V playz

    It's like slenderman is gltching when rocky got page 8

  42. Salty Kebab

    My math teacher at the exam: 0:22

  43. BURN T.V playz

    Slenderman: I am dead

  44. Armando Mendez

    Nice song look youre songs cg5 you make the best ones ok i loveeeee them

  45. Chen Baowen

    i always use this song as my theme when i play this slenderman game

  46. Tyler Halloran

    He suit Blacc
    He attac

    But most importantly

    He brought Toby bacc

    BURN T.V playz

    It's black
    And back

  47. Nelum Kulatilleke

    Veeeeeeeerrrerreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrtrrrrrrrrry butiful

  48. Nelum Kulatilleke

    I dressed like slenderman

  49. RFNEnder48

    Nice Bro

  50. lamya 9albhjar

    Tes slenderman

  51. Aqaqaqaqaqa Sqaqaaqaqaqaqaqaa

    I love how Slenderman doesnt look sad, happy, depressed, neutral, he just looks like nothing. It describes how he can murder within a blink. And how he can never take his eyes off of anything, and how he can never look at anything.

  52. Keven Bnx

    Só was that guy who burned Amazônia

  53. Jay Berto

    I wanna WAA-

  54. ThatOneGuy 06

    This is the return of my childhood

  55. Secretary Punnayur Grama Panchayath

    me who had a bs (botox shot):oh no, i'm paralyzed...

  56. Sarah plays games

    *Jason Voorhees vs Slender man who wood win?*

  57. _Cookiez_

    "Looks like i won't survive" Starter Pack:
    1 (one) black suit,
    1 (one) tie.
    0 (no) face
    0 (no) eyes

  58. Nitrome plays

    I think replacing the words HERE with near would be better

  59. Blek shot


  60. Michelle Palacios

    Sing with you

  61. Unknown Character

    That paralyzed face tho 100%

  62. Cameron Flowers

    I absolutely 💘 this song and I am a huge fan of slenderman. TEAM SLENDERMAN

  63. Kim Manning

    hi cg5 im a fan

  64. Ray Martinez

    Is this your real voice

  65. _Cookiez_


    Mint the smol bean


  66. Meko Walton

    He sounds great with auto tune
    He sounds great without auto tune


  67. Abiageal Hopper-Tracy

    been gone since the 2014 stabbing, it feels so good to be back!

  68. Akyanos

    Toby's voice isn't fantastic, but the WAY he sings in this is wonderful and I honestly adore this song

  69. Vanessa Walker

    Were's cg5

  70. R-D120

    ALREADY 1.322.071 VIEWS?!?!?!

  71. Coco Lopez

    I have had this song stuck in my head nonstop for the past week.


    Slender Man uses double team

  73. The Holy Potato

    Look at little Tim Tim sleeping so soundly....

  74. Anandi Das

    I'm kinda sad that slendy died I mean yea

  75. Amanda Porter

    Hi Charlie I was watching your video when you where making this song

  76. T Markle

    1:22 Cloths you sould wear if ya wanna be slender, and you have a not working well morph suit. (Don't forget the shoes, and maybe the morph suit could work with that help.)


    INSS não mais :O

  78. EmberLeeTV

    when the dog meets a new person

  79. Adam ZEG

    at the end of the video that was creepy that he burned i just don't know why

  80. Cheddar The Ocelot

    Wow, Slenderman looks so wrinkly in this animation, even his wrinkles have wrinkles. '_'

  81. aldo prieto

    when teacher says homework 0:15

  82. hyper sonic sicko mode

    this was the most best fricken song ever

  83. Roblox Gameplay and Max The Hybrid ._.

    all slenderman's story started with a meme from Eric Knudsen

  84. Uige

    i miss toby

  85. Cait McGilliard

    I Princess Leia am not afraid of you Slenderman

  86. Draconig Evolutions

    GOT EEM!!!
    I see the handy there, Slendy!

  87. Tabyoshi

    Back when slender was released I would have nightmares of slender man keep in mind that I was a child at the time, like a month afterwards I convinced myself to take control of one of my nightmares and try and befriend him. After that I didn’t have anymore nightmares regarding him, it was an odd experience because before I took control it was almost like I was a robot, not able to control myself and set on a pre set route. And then I basically broke my code and took control of my life from there

  88. Kiaju King

    That was amazing *clapping* well done

  89. Albert Tasayeva

    What an amazing song

  90. Paxy

    Wow! A slender man song without saying the word slender man

  91. Massimiliano Mereu


  92. Neo Metal

    The lyrics are just repeating he just changes a few of the video footage 999999999999999999 thumbs down

  93. Name 500

    Kids and there nightmares

  94. Goldenlambo88

    He actually looks more like agent 47

  95. Joseph Ignacius Galvero

    Simply beautiful /3

  96. SavageKittens gammer

    "One black suit, one tie, looks like I won't survive..."

  97. Yeet headbutt

    Still listening to it in 2019 baby!

  98. Samuel Haskett

    0:00 already getting me dancing

  99. Tophat Entertainment

    Slenderman trying to protect the Amazon Rainforest from the farmers

  100. Tobuscus

    Simply beautiful. <3

    Mr.DoggyXd Xd

    Viral song is better

    Carter Bruno

    Cg5 do you have two YouTube channels


    Me very scared

    Trinity Rainebow

    Oh my god the heavy scream murdered me 💘💕

    Justine Maille

    I like the vidéo