CG5 - Push Lyrics

Hey, you there
Why can't you just get your Spanish lesson done?
I guess they won't do the trick on anyone

How many times do I have to burn it in your brain?
Hola, amigo
It's been a little over 24 hours
Sure, you're distracted
But I think you underestimate my pow'r
Don't let the karma creep up on you
Hacer la lección
You don't know what I can do
We can have a little fun

Ha, ha, ha, ha...

Hey, you there
I think you'd better get it over with before
I end your family
I have them locked up in a tower, en el piso más alto

It didn't have to come to this, you only had to run the app
Oh, look at you, so eager now
Such an open book
So finish what you started now
You're not quite off the hook

Una pregunta
Hope you get it right
Everything you love is on the line
All you needed was a little push (Todo lo que necesitabas fue un pequeño empujón)

Hey, you there
Look at you, you've got your Spanish lesson done
I guess they don't do the trick on anyone

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