CG5 - Phantom Dancing Lyrics

Deep darkness falls across the land.
Oh, no, no.
Nobody here to take my hand.
So cold, so alone.
They're watching wherever I go.
I guess I'll have to take a stand.
Here we go!

Every move I make, I must stay quiet,
Mamma mia.
Any moment now, these ghosts could start a riot.
No idea!

Phantom dancing, I feel it around me.
Murky mansion, can anybody help me?

Vacuuming every lifeless heart,
All away,
For the professor's works of art,
Day by day.
Still feel so alone.
I just want my brother home.
So I know I must do my part.
Here we go!

Every move I make, I must stay quiet,
Mamma mia.
Any moment now, these ghosts could start a riot.
Give me my freedom!

Phantom dancing, all I feel around me.
Murky mansion, can anybody help me?
Every second, all my fears prey on me.
Deliverance beckons. We shall be set free!

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CG5 Phantom Dancing Comments
  1. Aya Abdelmonem

    Mamma mia are you sure that you're not the voice actor of Luigi???

  2. Ben Celedón

    This song is the best vibe to vibe to

  3. Kekai Kanae

    Who's better?
    Luigi or the Ghostbusters?

  4. Gear Team O6

    This song makes Luigi’s mansion sound more scary then it really is👻👻👻

  5. Salty Saltmaker

    I like the pokeball wiggling sound

  6. PikaGames64

    1:17 my butthole when a drop of water drops on it

  7. João Garcia

    0:51 Smash Ultimate Reference

  8. Zoulaaa

    1:06 look luigi's mouth
    So funny xD

    I really love luigi he's my second favorit

  9. dominik bliege

    Cool music i like dis

  10. قناة أحمد أدب النعمه

    قناة حلوه

  11. Agent Aux


  12. Zoulaaa

    💕 Murky mansion 💕

  13. Valerie Topaloff

    Good brah

  14. Carmen Canela

    I like 1,5speed in the song

  15. robloxgamer 01

    2:43 I thought the boo on the right had a moustache. Then I noticed it was the eyes😅

  16. Embewie


  17. Jhayzie Fernandez

    Make another one of Luigi's mansion tree

  18. Tibbe Games

    *me when i play luigis mansion 2:*


    Also I like your voice


    Can you make a sequel?

  21. JP 63

    Me yes the luigi’s mansion 3

  22. Abdulmuiizz Jimoh

    There is no need for an Indian version, just saying

  23. Dannan Ross

    Casually switches to Waluigi song.

  24. Jaden TheGamer90

    0:41 it would have been cool if they made Luigi's shadow in this part when the lighting hits do the hanging shadow found in the game Nintendo said was a glitch

  25. mike

    Ghosts: be chillin :luigi wassup ghost: this the part were im gonna get hurt

  26. David Gomez

    #Luigi mansion

  27. Vanessa P

    i love your song is amazing and the best thing ever is that it that I have the game

  28. Angel Soriano

    Lugi:die boo!!!

  29. Nasir Perkins

    3:06 how is his holding mario in the painting reply and tell me how

  30. Jena Servilla

    i love luigi manishon and scerd

  31. Thumpeez

    Deep darkness falls across the land

  32. Josh Day

    The songs soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  33. Enzey Orlando 70


  34. Ryo Shoji

    You sound like luigi so it means your luigi
    (You : CG5)

  35. Blazer

    1:20 *closes door*
    Ghosts: we are not solid

  36. Julian Reyes

    I love that animation you should make a cartoon with this tbh.

  37. Super Bendy Gamer

    *Why is no one talking about the animation? It bootiful.*

  38. yavuz ovali

    legandary video

  39. Gummibär FanBoy

    Mario is better

  40. Toni Murphy

    I love the song very much

  41. My son Nathan's Videos

    Holy Crap this is great

  42. Yani Quispe

    Amo luigis mansion

  43. Dark Mute

    Forget my ghost aspirator

  44. Even gamerboi

    MMMMMMM this very catchy yesss 0:52

  45. Game Guy

    And so, with no Direct to be seen (not counting the AC one) the entire Nintenverse plunged into darkness, taken over by all the baddies of the Nintendo franchise. I mean ALL of them. With them joining forces, our heroes widowed down until there was no one left, except for one. Luigi. He sings this song as a way to distract him from the evils surrounding him, but with King Boo haunting Peach's Castle, and with the other boos haunting everywhere else, he would have to rely on his wits and undying love of his dear brother to get through the darkest of times. The only way to help Luigi is to hope the holy god of Miyamoto drops a direct to, quite literally, *direct* his way out of this unholy darkness. But until help arrives, he's alone. The only "weapon" he has is his Poltergust, a broken warp pipe, and an emergency Fire Flower.

  46. João Garcia

    Oh Jesus put the music in 2x speed

  47. Milanus Hartlandus

    The dislikes are the sucked ghosts

  48. ลองทำดู CH

    The animation is on POINT

  49. S0upy Nugg3t5

    In gonna try to start something:

    Deep darkness falls across the land. Oh no noo!

    Now let’s see if we can get through the whole song!

  50. Molten Freddy

    Who you gonna call?

  51. Smm2 Time

    This would be the perfect video if we saw Mario out the painting

  52. Samantha Csaszar

    I dare you to beat Luigi's Mansion, any kind, while only listening to this. I DARE YOU I HAVE LUIGI'S MANSION 3 I WILL DO IT ON THE WEEKEND. P.S I will comment when I finish the game.

  53. Kyron Burse

    wow thats your voice

  54. Nikolas jhorram Costa ataide Nik

    I'm like this misuc

  55. Nintendofan 345

    Best video ever!!!!

  56. Lily Davies

    CG5 your the best
    at singing

  57. Generation

    0:52 When your sneaking the cookies at midnight

  58. Ihatsue

    True bravery is shown while in situations where your not as confident and nervous despite the odds in this context luigi is braver

  59. Ranch_Cakes

    Me: (Does the Luigi Impression)
    Also Me: (Wondering if CG5 Can Do It)

    CG5: *Yes.*

  60. Defendedtwo88

    2:14 Luigi is having a seizure over 1 ghost tripping him

    I don’t think that’s how seizures work...

  61. James Binning

    0:54 me when im going to my moms room to get my ds back

  62. Power Gaming

    He run
    He succ
    But most important
    He gets his brother home

  63. steiner massey

    man the ending of this song should be the final boss

  64. Educated Turkeys

    Song: Rhymes no with no
    Random critic: 1/10

  65. Lilly Anna’s World

    I love it so much

  66. Commander Bartman

    This song reminds me of that one time I got soft locked at CastleMc Frights While using Gooigi to send Luigi up the elevator and I accidentally returned Gooigi to his tank

  67. jairo carrillo

    CG5 thx for putting this song in iTunes

  68. Aubrey audr I oh Cannon

    I love it it's so good I love luigi

  69. Troy Flores

    He sounds like he's Mexican

  70. bendy the fugly demon

    @CG5 I love this song so much that all of my family enjoyed it so much that I want to congratulate you on your hard and awesome work

  71. Maddan Alvarado

    Can you make a luigis mansion 3 song

  72. animation br 22

    Cool music ❤

  73. Kokos Hodjtouci

    So nobody's gonna talk about how CG5 can do an impression of Luigi while singing????????

    Just me okay 😣😣😣😣

  74. Daniel Castellanos

    This is so cool

  75. Daniel Thompson

    I love this song

  76. kevin caruana

    I sang the song by my voice

  77. Maria Vasquez


  78. Carson Masty

    its my favorite game to play

  79. Black Shadow

    Cool voice

  80. angela nazeer

    is that your voice

  81. Rita Forcelledo

    He suck

    He stun

    But most importantly......


  82. F. Martínez

    Yes is Like 😁

  83. João Garcia

    Phantom dancing...

    João Garcia

    I fell it

    João Garcia

    Around me

    João Garcia

    Murky mansion

    João Garcia

    Can anybody help me

  84. Catherine paredes calderon


  85. Robert Hall

    0:51 me when my parents come in to me watching memes a 3:00am

  86. damien smol wolf

    Whoever disliked, they suck

  87. Carson Masty

    I know your Channing and songs it’s cool

  88. LeaAnn Collins

    Song starts here 0:27

  89. Turdie Butthole

    Poopy butthole

  90. Edgy Eggplant

    Sing with me
    “Deep darkness falls across the land”

  91. chee leong

    Bruh that’s just luigi’s mansion dark moon you peanut sized brain :/

  92. landyn mcinerney

    2:30 was a total yeet oppurtunity

  93. Ash raf

    Pls make a tails song

  94. -gummys_guard in roblox-

    A m a z i n g

  95. sans pro ultimate

    Best song maker ever

  96. Илья Щетинин

    топ песня

  97. CG5

    Yes that's my voice

    Nina Stubbert



    You are a legend Luigi is my favourite character


    Hoi and ur Luigi voice is really good!