CG5 - Never Easy Lyrics

Many years ago, we came into the show.
Altogether, it all felt so natural.
Nintendo 64, they opened the door.
Now we are so much more.

We are the stars of this production.
No, we don't need no introduction.

It's time to begin,
The battle of a lifetime,
And I came only to win.
Never lose, never losing to you,
Smash you to the ground.
No, I will not be pushed around.
This will not be so easy for you.
No no no, never easy.

If I crumble, stumble,
I will get back up again.
If I lose to you once,
I will fight you once again.

Collaboration was exactly what they needed.
With creativity, the concept was completed.
Mario, Link, and Samus, never allies,
But one by one, they all arrived.

We are what everyone's waiting for.
So get ready to switch on exactly what you asked for.
This is what you wanted.

It's time to begin,
The battle of a lifetime,
And I came only to win.
Never lose, never losing to you,
Smash you to the ground.
No, I will not be pushed around.
This will not be so easy for you.
No no no.

If you try to knock me down,
This fight, it will be over,
Before time runs out.
It's game, game over for you.
Just one little brawl,
The makings of your downfall.
This is too easy for me.
For you, for you, it won't be easy.
No no, it won't be easy.

Today, every bit of energy in me,
Will be focused all on your defeat.
I venture for a little action in my life.
Beware, I will take you down and win this fight.

Today, every bit of power that I have,
Will be centered on my best attack.
All I need is a little action in my life.
Watch out, I will take you down and win this fight.

If I crumble, stumble,
I will get back up again.
If I lose to you once,
I will fight you once again.

If I crumble, stumble,
I will get back up again.
If I lose to you once,
I will fight you once again.

I'll win this fight.

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CG5 Never Easy Comments
  1. Superior Doggy

    Every bit of every power I had will be focused on my pest attack AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Nine thousand years of death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kathia Diaz

    Smash is never easy.


    add a eeh urr lel

  4. Aaliyah Rosado

    that song makes me to never give up

  5. guitar noob

    5:00 SMG4 is in the background

  6. Eduardo Daber

    it's never ever hard to make this but good job this is very good at work if you did this

  7. Todd Wagner

    Going with the old smash bros aye

  8. Kole Howell

    Hard to choose I don't know if I like Phantom dancing better or this one

  9. Kole Howell

    The part where you were saying link and Samus and stuff you should have said Ben and Samus

  10. Dr Random77

    3:12 - 3:20 math teachers when they hand out tests

  11. King Creeper / Elijah

    This explains where Mario was during phantom dancing.

  12. Oren O'Neal

    I dont know if anyone noticed but i think there was a yoshi "figurine" with a red bottom, amiibo!!!

  13. Andrew Barnes

    good job

  14. Andrew Barnes

    nice I like it!

  15. cactus kaas

    Master hand needs a thanos arm skin and then just snap

  16. Imike Póti

    What inkling girl

  17. Rita Forcelledo

    Me during 2:47 battle music: RAVEYARD

  18. Olivia Godwin

    Kirby needs to beat the crap out of someone

  19. Jared Welton

    mario goes insane without his hat

  20. Photosynthesis Arrow

    You made Pit look like a girl

  21. JohnEBeGood5

    wario at 2:49 behind mario

  22. St3aven YT

    Goooo mario

  23. continouspraise

    Your songs are cool.

  24. XDLucas _gamer

    I love this song it is a great song this should be the new song for super smash;)

  25. PLAYZAwesome TV

    Oh Hello there
    Luigi: you must die

  26. Imelda Imelda

    I like this song

  27. Mr Boombastic smooth

    You forgot kirby

  28. Miroslav Folcan

    Intro is kind of long

  29. Neq _

    Love the song

  30. Ryan Washburn

    Super Mario 64

  31. Ryan Washburn

    Here wego

  32. Adam The Gamer

    U will get DMCA's by nintendo lol

  33. Jacob Ulrich

    Mario’s eyes tho 1:34

  34. Goldfox Gamer

    Is the song about super smash bro’s brawl

  35. Diojenes Noreiga

    1:32 time to begin 2:45
    3:04 he dies!!!!!no!3:04

  36. Justin Quilo

    To bad weegie is your in one part

  37. Trang Nguyen

    “If I crumble and stumble I fight you once again”

  38. Jez S

    Whoever disliked this song is NOT a Smash Bros fan,or nintendo,but me, I am. :D


    Add mewto

  40. Danielle Hernandez

    Go Nintendo 64 and good job making that show about Super smash brothers

  41. Danielle Hernandez

    You Gotta make the best song ever

  42. Vicki Randazzo

    Mario link and samus what about Kirby

  43. Faraaz Mcm

    I get it now, Super smash bros games are just interactive TOYS battling to death

  44. Melanie {{{{{}}}}}

    What's the name of that Angelboy?

  45. Carmen Copado


  46. gavin Barrett

    I call her Sam-us

  47. gavin Barrett

    Mario nooo don't kill Luigi your bro!!!!😰😰😰

  48. A little bird

    Easter egg at 2:49
    Something to do with WAAHHHHH

  49. Charmander Gamer

    Honestly I love this and if you don’t you have no taste in music whatsoever.

    Anyway if I was to make one tiny little comment (it’s a little nitpicky and biased I suppose but) when fighting master core the Charizard doesn’t have a tail flame. Lol

    Other than that 1000/10 song in all ways imaginable.

  50. Kai Rocks

    Ya boiiiiiiiiiiii

  51. Elvira muquia

    Is waluigi in smash yet

  52. Bendy The Ink Demon Plus

    2:49 D O R I H Y A

  53. Future Walker

    I love the part where it goes “today every bit of energy in me, will be focused all on your defeat, I venture for a little action in my life, beware I will take you down and win this fight. Today every bit of power that I have, will be centered on my best attack, all I need is a little action in my life, watch out I will take you down and win THIS FIGHTTTTTT” IT IS MY FAVORITE PART

  54. Hybones DX

    Say what you want about the DLC not being in this because I'm pretty sure some people would be mad to see byleth

  55. I Help Rap Artist

    Go link

  56. Steven Johnson

    this was a amazing song I listened to this like 5 times!

  57. Jack Murphy

    Nintendo direct:
    Sakurai- so now that dlc is done I can announcence... I'm taking a break. In fact it is a retirement. Here is a video to show that smash will still live on.
    This vid plays

  58. nicolezify

    Good song
    Wow Nintendo has such power

  59. Ian Moon

    4:05 what is this music from? Is from smash Bros? Which one? Please tell me because it sounds so familiar? And it is so dang catchy!

  60. Ice-Iain Sullivan

    Where the Fire Emblem Characters at?

  61. Lucas Assis

    Fas música do Rayman

  62. 8Oofers7 Animations ಠoಠ

    Never easy for Waluigi

  63. Angelo Joshua Thangarajah

    Waluigi is an Easter egg

  64. DJGP 64

    The Easter egg is waluigi I think

    DJGP 64

    @JeremyIsTheBoss it is bro

    DJGP 64

    @JeremyIsTheBoss I got very good footage of it

    DJGP 64

    @JeremyIsTheBoss it's obvious I found it

    DJGP 64

    I'm a YouTuber and your YouTuber dang

    DJGP 64

    Well I suck at YouTube 😔 lol

  65. Dominic Lee

    All of you are dead if sans comes

  66. Fernando Martinez

    It's been a year since I watched this video when I was 10, now I'm 12 barely gonna turn 13, time flies fast

  67. Anton M

    I love that Song, and Smash too.😄😄😄

  68. Robert Salvatierra

    AWESOME 👏😃

  69. Braiden Able

    0:55 oh, hey Nintendo 64

    And it has the smash bro’s cartridge

  70. Марк Венгловский

    In phase: Before time runs, and then the word "OUT" is a vocal break
    And word "GAME"

  71. Farid Malik

    Where’s sonic

    What’s that behind you?

    Farid Malik
    *Gone, reduced to ashes*

  72. AntiGravityPig

    Imagine if you could play the master hand as a fighter in smash. That would be epic

  73. Lucas Glass

    Jee awesome

  74. ethan philip

    *everybody gangsta until sans shows up*


    It wasn't easy for 870 people

  76. ProGuy Zac

    Do this song so Good play this over and over again I just love you okay 😭😭😭😍😍😍 I have to admit it's pretty cool 😎😎😎😎

  77. [ELS] Whiett Patsch

    In this entire video, Donkey Kong and Jigglypuff did not appear once, but the Inklings and King K. Rool did?

  78. Jennifer Linker

    Mario dose comohomah

  79. Marta Zamora

    This is what you wanted

  80. Terrible Person

    im putting thus here for myself

  81. Orlando Kendrick 30

    The clinic is at a time and

  82. Tsuyu Asui


  83. Mr. Stripes

    And, wow a really big thing for you and it, Charlie, very astounding. Quite a thing that could be useful for Karaoke, I think. Great work!!! 👏🏻👏🏽👏👏🏻👏🏽👏👏🏻👏🏻👏🏾👏🏼👏🏿👏🏼👏🏻👏👏🏻👏🏽👏🏾👏🏼👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏽👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏻👏👏🏽

  84. Mr. Stripes

    The title to this is so relevant to my life right now...

  85. Bendy exe

    Sans and cuphead: ima head in

  86. Neo Zero XZ

    Super Smash CRUEL Brawl Official Theme :v

  87. Owen Dowers

    can we all agree the easter egg was hard to see because of blur

  88. Amarylis Flower

    Lol, at 3:56 Link has 2 master swords

  89. Tim de Vries

    Secret on 04:31 team magma logo

  90. Nightmare Unknown

    I just realized there is a remix of another Smash song playing around 4:17
    I think it comes from Brawl but I could be wrong.
    Tell me it's name!

  91. Shwdsy

    Smashbros is the best anime crossover

  92. Samuel Haskett

    1:03 the start
    1:34 chorus
    4:38 epic

  93. Donathan Tunraq

    Someone let's chill and play game while some some weed eh come on boiis and girls sisters brothers around the world

  94. Hazelie Ganda

    This is Awesome

  95. Jaden St. Jean


  96. CG5

    Special easter egg at 2:49!

    Computer Joy

    waluigi confirmed *illuminati intensifies*

    Soda Plush

    Omg thank you 😂😭


    CG5 nice easter egg, we all want waluigi in smash :D

    Dynamic Boi

    CG5 i see him


    was the egg Rdley?