CG5 - Like It Or Not Lyrics

Welcome to the show
And like it or not it's time to play a game
Let's play a game
We don't want you to go
Cuz like it or not you'll never feel the same
Let's play a game (let's play it...)

One, two, three, four, five
You think you can survive? (survive?)
This is all a lie
Cuz your story ends tonight
And like it or not
You'll never feel the same

Don't run away
Just come to play
No fun today
This is what I have to say

Don't run away
Just come to play
This is what I have to say
You're stuck here everyday (everyday)

On my left and my right
I'm seeing quite the sight
Don't want to be a baby about this
But I'm probably gonna die
Feeling trapped and broken and traumatized
I just want to stay alive

On your left and your right
They want to pick a fight
But they don't know the truth about themselves
They never realize
Nothing more, than little children they are

Give up your spirits
They don't belong to you

Don't run away
Just come to play
No fun today
This is what I have to say

Don't run away
Just come to play
This is what I have to say
You're stuck here everyday (everyday)
You're stuck here everyday (everyday)

Welcome to the show
And like it or not
It's time to play a game
Let's play a game

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CG5 Like It Or Not Comments
  1. Fellipe br game plays


  2. :Mystic Moonlight:

    Captions: *[MUSIQUE]*

  3. Hillary Vasquez

    Like or not is on tik tok

  4. Viking Tomato

    Ladies and Gentlemen the first ever FNAF song I've ever liked

  5. Trevor Reese

    0:45 Tik Tok people came for this :3

  6. Drawer Panthere

    50% of people is from tiktok

  7. 素敵な SUGAR GLITCH!!!

    I love your music

  8. White Trap the snow boi

    I love it song!

  9. Kevin Galicia

    April 10 is my birthday.I had a bad birthday but this song made more happy.:)

  10. Elizabeth Olson

    I've been listening to you since 3rd grade so 3 or 4 years

  11. Chase Durand

    Idk which one is Dawko

  12. HowlsOfTheNight 1234

    Ok....i never knew Dawko did things like this till i sorta knew that 8-Bitryan did voice acting for a few games but Dawko my man!


    I only new he recorded calls in Five Nights at Wario's 2, but not singing

  13. saliorjuniper aj

    when you dont notice there 2 different voices:

  14. Jessica Lindsay

    This song, this version #always

  15. Herich Martinez

    or is just me

  16. Herich Martinez

    to be honest you CG5 and Dawko almost have the same voice

  17. frick oscar

    Soooo good!

  18. plush trap animations

    This was made when I was in third grade so I'm in fifth.


    me too!

  19. Funtime puppet YT

    AWESOME :3

  20. benj6770 benj6770


  21. benj6770 benj6770

    yea lil

  22. Harry Potter 099

    Welcome to da show

    To my front and front iam seeing quite a sight

  23. Rachel Terry

    Love it

  24. Terenikop Mobile games

    Wow!This song is wonder and very good!

  25. Anastasia Desersa

    And how it affects my life

  26. Anastasia Desersa

    When i heard this the first time I was so relieved about all my stress

  27. Jacoby Lampron


    Luliana Karina Cabellos

    YoUr MuSiC Is So GoOd*

  28. BadanimatorbutgooddrawerX3 DRAWZZZ

    Oh I always hear that song its my favorite song ever!

  29. DAsuper Gamer

    I’ve seen this multiple times and it hasn’t gotten annoying

  30. Lluigi Alonzo

    The song So Good you made me forget I was even listening to it I thought I was just thinking of something in my mind that's a good it was

  31. LilHexGaming ———da meme

    Like it or not I haven’t felt the same since I heard this song!! (In a good way)

    You’re _gullible ツ


    Vincenzo Bonadie

    Io lavoro in team

  32. Itz_ GoldTrap

    .... :)

  33. Danky Dorito

    The animation better be good!

  34. Lights, Camera, NIWA!!




    Cheemse Burger

    Y e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e S

    Kathleen Wentworth


  35. Daniel Aviles

    *i like it.*

  36. Zichu and lillipup147421

    Dawko is one of my fav youtubers

  37. Winter __

    Your collaboration with dawko is really catchy 🙃you two make gud music

    Maria Macias Do

    It wasnt a collab it was vocals "kid"

  38. Freddy Bear Universe

    2:19 I Love This Song! Especially The Ending!!

    Winter __

    Chandler1929 same

    the puppet is hyped

    I clicked on it and you gave me a hour and but it was skipped

    Freddy Bear Universe

    sorry about that.

  39. nozka 123

    Dawko and cgs good music

    Zig Zagoon

    nozka 123 agree

  40. Ethan Pettay

    Subscribe to dawko plz

  41. kittiekraze

    IM THE FIRST ONE HERE!!!!!!!!!

    Frances Palasik

    *in the comment section

    223p 223p

    It really doesn't matter

    Destabilize Nemesis

    Hi ....

    Was I late ????

    To be honest it doesn't matter who was first .

    Beth Gray

    How true...

    Jack O’brien

    Literally anyone could have been first it’s not exactly an acheivement