CG5 - Let Me Through Lyrics

I want you to know
The ebb and flow of my own show
From head to toe
You will be scared
And not prepared
For what I have in store for you
I'm waiting for
My curtain call
Before I storm right through the hall
Knock knock, who's there?
Are you prepared
To finally meet your doom

Why do you close the door?
Come to me with open arms
There's so much we need to explore
I mean no harm

I sing my song all night long just for you
Please oh please, I'm on my knees, let me through

I, I understand
You want to play
But this is what I have to say
Your presence here
Fills me with fear
That's the extent of my career
I don't know why
You even try
To sing me your dumb lullaby
No I can't flee, calamity
Is everywhere I turn

Why do you close the door?
Come to me with open arms
There's so much we need to explore
I mean no harm

I sing my song all night long just for you
Please oh please, I'm on my knees, let me through

I will not let you through my door
I will not let you settle the score
Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no
The power, the power, the power
Oh no

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CG5 Let Me Through Comments
  1. bertoslavus XD

    last "oh-no" should be "is gone"

  2. Hᴅᴇᴡʏ

    Charlie needs to get 1 million

  3. Dóri & Móni

    Someone make an all night long version of this 😂

  4. Lizzie Westlove

    0:31 foxy has 2 toes
    2:01 Withered foxy has 3 toes

  5. Thələftýkîllər Animater

    2:41 when my mom slaps me with slipper xD

  6. Denis1255


  7. Yusuf Choudhury

    I have delivered a twisted bonnie toy ya know

  8. almina minjaz

    Varu scare

  9. Meow UwU

    Poor foxy 😭

  10. Melodic songs

    2:40 se arranca el labio
    But se lo pega con resistol 2:55

  11. Melodic songs

    Min 2:44 vive para bailar xd

  12. Lizzie Westlove

    Freddy: **pours slim on bonnie’s head**
    Bonnie: help let me through

  13. Alexander the great 123

    Night gaurd: closes door

    Foxy: I am once again asking for you to let me through

  14. BendyJolly1

    You're right 1 like=10000☺ hug

  15. Autumn S

    Wait is Funtime Foxy a girl or just Foxy as a drag queen?

  16. Kenneth Anthony

    I'm on my dad's iPad or device thing it looks like a iPad but my mom gave this to me for books but I also want to have fun so I went on here but I'm scared he will see this so I'm kinda scared and I was thinking of getting gacha life but I was scared he would see it so I'm really scared of listening to these songs

  17. jess paschal

    I love the song so sing the best song in the world

  18. Maurice Sheppard

    Foxy: I sing my song all night long just for you!

    Also Foxy: Dum Dum Dum Didi do Didi do Dum Dum didili Dum Dum Dum thee da Dum Dum du

  19. Cai Briggs

    1 like to let foxy to get through the door

  20. Aline Daza

    Me gustó esta música por foco por qué es mi personaje favorito y me gustó que el creador le pusiera u garfio y también por los ojos rojas y también el modelo de pesadilla de foxi

  21. Foxy Bot

    Best animation ever thx

  22. janet melville

    I will never see Funtime Foxy the same way again..😅

  23. Rachel Colclough

    Am I the only one who noticed withered foxy is missing is left ear, when In the actual game he has two?

  24. Of Plagues

    Foxy is my number 2 favorite. (My number 1 favorite is freddy)

  25. Of Plagues

    My favorite anam

  26. Ainsley Harriot 69

    Me:The old foxy has squares for hands withered foxy has cone thingys...

    Foxy:I mean no harm

  27. Courtney Simm

    1 like for rip to nightgaurd

  28. kc32005 lol

    i love your vids so much

    kc32005 lol

    i love your vids so much

  29. McKenzie Huck

    Us asking Scott to give us answers.
    Fans:please o please we are on our knees let us in

  30. golden bonnie

    This is super

  31. Ring Master777

    This is one of my favorite fnaf song ever💛🖤

  32. Boston Terrier

    Your good at singing

  33. Shadestep


  34. John Guzzo

    It has the foxes mostly

    Mangle:WHO AM I ANYMORE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  35. Beverly Spain

    This song is pretty cool.though Funtime foxy does not crawl through the vents!but besides that it’s amazing

  36. Ballora

    Why did Funtime foxy kill the others

  37. Buriru icicle

    This makes me feel really bad for foxy

  38. Chayse Petitt

    1:43 I know that’s Dolvando
    It’s simple

  39. N M


  40. stewaraj1320

    Soooo question.
    Is this three voices....or 1?

  41. Shadow Plays


  42. Catherine Burke

    foxy is my favourite



  44. Chayse Petitt


  45. Yt_ Gaming

    i love foxy because she fox pirate

  46. Daniel Leon

    This is so ducking demonic. Kids will watch this no good.


    your playlist is AAWWEESSOOMMEE!!!

  48. Lucia Villagra


  49. Lucia Villagra


  50. MKP-2206_ _Vlogs

    I love this song. It's so good

  51. Aiza Razaq

    Why does sound like a love Song.

  52. glew

    Remember when this was posted an hour ago? Time goes by too fast 😢

  53. DaviGamePlay 7420

    This is a great song. I really enjoy hearing it. Great job CG5, and also the SFM animator for this song. Keep up the great work! 👌

  54. ღ mangle-the-fox ღ

    I love foxy 🌚💕❤

  55. Maddux Stacy

    who does the voice?

  56. Jonah Richey

    The power the power

  57. Ynah's Vlogs

    The song is good fun time foxy why you tanggal your plastic thing

  58. Silvana Damnjanovic

    Wow like song!

  59. AaronSayz

    oh and ennard

  60. AaronSayz

    the only animatronics are classic foxy withered foxy springtrap funtime foxy

  61. Денис Валиахметов

    Вы тупые кто ставите дизлайки

  62. Memetastic Vondank

    *I like Foxy. He’s always been my favorite...*

  63. Angel Scott

    I love your channel and I love this song is my favorite song

  64. Liam Weber

    ballora:ima just yeet myself here.
    ballora:N U N I
    me;*closes door*
    ballora: ;-;

  65. Liam Weber

    1 like=1,000,000 hugs fro foxy :3

  66. bethany leger

    its a beautiful song plus i LOVE foxy

  67. G a c h a L e f t y O W U

    good animation!

  68. Cloudwalker MLJ

    When you close the door and your cat become dramatic cause she can't get trough

  69. Circus Baby


  70. Alia Begum

    Good song no joke i watch the full thjng🤩🙂🙂

  71. Eliska Sluneckova

    Is it s cooooooool CG5😄

  72. viuhutin *

    I hear "Im banana" XD

  73. Lauren Barbee

    Go. $!!!!

  74. Lil TicTac

    Foxy: I meam no harm
    Me: *Yeah, ok buddy*

  75. PUBG SONG and GaME

    Cam 1 ballots cam 5 freddy cam 3 foxy

  76. Kermit

    I can’t believe it’s been a year already Jesus I remember watching this for the first time and now it’s been a year damn time flies sometimes

  77. Jaylen Smith

    I love foxy do a Freddy song

  78. Lolbit SL

    I love it ^^

  79. MightyNighty7

    Was this written in 3/4 or 4/4?
    It sounds like 3/4 to me but then I realized you could hear it in two ways
    The chorus does sound like 3/4 but it could have changed

  80. Spirit Wolf Music

    2099 ANybody?

  81. Ø BEAST Ø


  82. Bella Cabral

    Do you think that liquid dripping was... THE NIGHT GUARDS BLOOD DRIPPING DOWN FROM THE DEAD BODY?!

  83. Bella Cabral

    Is it just me or is their some kind of liquid dripping in the background

  84. Ben Celedón

    This is the beeeeeest even in 2020

  85. Bruh Gamer

    It’s cool the animation and the song

  86. Veronica Gonzales

    i like that song

  87. Bon-Bon & FunTime Freddy

    lET hIM THroUgh

  88. Dorthey Ramsey

    Make a purple guy song

  89. Marvin Wriedt

    Best Song !!!!!

  90. the Minecraft bro

    Me looking at another players house

  91. Rosario Polanco

    Quedó bacanisimo foxsi

  92. Rosario Polanco

    Me gustó tu cansino foxsi

  93. Rosario Polanco

    Me gusta tu cansino foxsi