CG5 - Labyrinth Lyrics

It's a bright new day, and it's your time to shine
Time to take your career into your own hands
Spend all your money, and the stars, they will align
'Cuz you've become a part of Freddy's band
Just be careful about what you buy
You never know what's hiding inside
But we can't prove anything, no
So make sure you take
All responsibility
For whatever your new business plan will bring

It's closing time
Gotta clean up all the messes that were made
Order supplies, and advertise
Wait, I hear voices on every side

And I wonder where
I wonder why
Where do they hide?

I'm sorry, you've been misinformed
This is just a neverending labyrinth and nothing more
Endless circles of fear
Chasing cries of children that seem so near
Out of reach, you will never find them
Don't you see, this is where your story ends

Closing time
We're gathered here together just to play
All these souls, in one place
And this gift we appreciate

Come together, friends
We'll take them off your hands
Don't try to defend
Forget the money that you've spent
We will be complete
Your job is obsolete
We can now do what we were created to do

Father, I will make you proud

I'm sorry, you've been misinformed
This is just a neverending labyrinth and nothing more
Endless circles of fear
Chasing cries of children that seem so near
Out of reach, you will never find them
Don't you see, this is where your story ends
This is where it ends
Don't you see?
This is where your story ends

It's a bright new day, and it's your time to shine
Thank you for all you've done

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CG5 Labyrinth Comments
  1. Jens H. Ådnanes

    What are you supposed to comment in this vid

  2. Jessa Mae Ledesma

    2020ers be like: *hahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahaha*

  3. Obama Gaming

    amazing song -Obama

  4. TheStarFox

    I clicked this thinking that it’s just another fnaf song. It turned out to be my favorite song ever

  5. Thomas Kelly

    This legitimately HAS to be the best FNAF song.

  6. David Kessels

    from: 2:53 is my favourite part :v

  7. francisco Hernandez

    0:35 captions on: cuz you've become a part of Freddy's bed

  8. demiah Archie

    I love this song

  9. Crunchy potato

    Here it is put through google translate
    (English - Hungarian - Japanese - Russian)
    Bright new day
    And you gotta shine
    Time to buy
    Your career is in your hands
    Spend all the money
    And the star is tuned
    -Well it was you
    Part of the Freddy Group
    Be careful what you buy.
    I do not know what
    But we can’t prove anything, no
    Do not forget
    All responsibilities
    What a new business plan

    This is the closing time
    Eliminate all the confusion created
    Order and promotion of supplies
    Wait, I hear a voice from all sides
    And somewhere
    And why
    Where are they hiding?

    Incorrect information received
    It's just an endless maze, nothing more
    Endless fear
    A baby cry that looks inevitable
    Not available
    You will never find them
    This is where the story ends.

    Just play here
    It's all souls
    In one place
    And we thank this gift

    Come on friends
    Get them out of your hands
    Don't try to protect me
    Forget the money you spend
    Your work is out of date
    You can do what you created
    Dad i'm proud of you

    I received incorrect information.
    It's just a maze, nothing more
    Infinite fear
    Children crying so inevitable
    You can not use it
    You will never find them
    can not see
    That ’s how the story ends
    That ’s how the story ends
    That's it!
    That's it!
    You will never find them!
    can not see
    This is the end of the story!

    Bright new day
    And you gotta shine
    Thanks for everything you did.

  10. SnxwBerryz

    *spend all your money*

  11. Siren Head

    I am still alive..... I was survived in FNAF first.... I survived in SCP too..... EVERY SHOOTS..... EVERY PAIN............. IT MEANS I WILL SOON BE MONSTER....

  12. Siren Head

    Well, all SCP's breached. Now it's XK Scenario. All world is dead. No one is alive.

  13. FredToF


  14. thedarkgamings


  15. thedarkgamings


  16. ItsUrBoi 420

    Dang this song still a bop

  17. Czechball mapping

    *Thank You for all You've done.*

  18. conejo :0

    2020 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🦊🐥🐻🐰

  19. Caleb McIver

    Okay so the design for scrap baby is not cool

    Fr3d Merc0ry

    This was 2017, nobody makes a good Scrap Baby model yet

    Caleb McIver

    Yeah true.

  20. William Afton

    Me: Kills countless kids

    Police investigate

    Police: 0:50

    William Afton

    I’m just that good :^

  21. Viktor F

    thats a really god song. i like the song

  22. Gabriel Garabito

    What about ground zero

  23. fluffy sheep

    Hi this is on mkays r/bonehurtingjuice youtube playlist

  24. Pooply oops gaming

    To fnaf 1 to end

  25. Red Teddy Amazing Adventures

    Dawko - Helpy
    CG5 - Micheal Afton
    DAGames - Scrap Trap
    Chi Chi - Scrap Baby
    Fandroid - Lefty
    Caleb Hyles - Molten Freddy


    Finally someone that uses the youtuber name of the singer instead of their real name

  26. Oka Ruto

    "this is were the story ends!"

    *are you sure about that-*

  27. alean g

    I love your vids yo

  28. Raisin hook

    this vid: thanks for the games
    scott: you thought I was done

  29. Laura Isabella Acuña López

    This sounds me like a lot of words from the game, specially in the chorus...

  30. Dangerous Shadow

    Welcome back!
    Be honest this isn’t your first time here!

  31. Honey Lemon

    I listened to this song now and nostalgia hit me like a bat.

  32. Неизвестный Леон

    Actually, the STORY ends at FNaF : Pizzeria Simulator. Because UCN is just a custom night, VR (you understood, there is no story), AR (same as VR).

  33. Filipi Zacco

    Why do everytime someone make an fnaf song containing something related to "this is the end" the comment section gets filled with people using memes like:

    Song: "this is the end

    Scott: well yes,but actually no

    And other similar memes,why? just why?

  34. MõõnStar Låylå

    Song: "This is where your story ends!"
    Scott: *Little did they know...*

  35. Microd456

    Freddy: who wants pizza!
    Childrens: we'll have the freddy fountain drink!
    Freddy: 1:06

  36. Giovanna Carvalho

    1:45 gives me so many tingles

  37. Kallen Beal

    This is where your story ends
    Scott maybe for baby molton Freddy and the puppet and spring trap

  38. Strangerrthingslover

    Man I'm not even a teen and I love this XD

  39. Bianna and Friends!!

    Did anyone else notice that one of the patrons names is Bill Cipher?

    Gravity Falls vibes

  40. PokeFox Kun

    No one:

    Literally no one:


  41. Buwaneka sumanaweera

    these are all dialogs of of the fnaf franchise (smart)

  42. Andrew Romani

    Tbh I dont "THINK" Fnaf help wanted and ultimate custom night are canon to the story line and this is the actual end. If it is then ok then.

  43. Mr Automatic

    The Part I love the most

    Father,I will make you proud.

  44. Im_alexander

    Im epileptic but I really wanted to see it

    So I watched it 😎

  45. FKX Wolf

    This is where your story ends
    The story from the franchise

  46. Lørianna aka STG Remix

    Who else kept replaying this song multiple times in math class XD cause I did
    Love this song so much btw 2020 anyone?

  47. Sempre que você ler os comentários eu vouestarla

    Dawko as advertiser 0:15
    Charlie as Michael Afton 0:15
    Will as Henry Emily 1:56
    Chi Chi as scrap baby 2:37
    Fandroid and Chi Chi 2:53
    Chi Chi (father i Will make you proud) 3:29
    Caleb Hyles as Henry Emily 3:34
    Dawko as advertiser 4:30

    Like so everyone can see (If you don't somebody Will)

  48. Armando G. Méndez

    "This is were your story ends"
    William Afton: *goes to hell*
    Inside their heads: See, no more killer, no more souls. It ends

    Scott and Glitchtrap: *dying of laughter*


    THats was funny fam


    I think the song is best like 1.25 speed...

  50. bea ;;


  51. Renan Covre

    so portugues e posso dizer amo essa musica

  52. Rebecca Pleasant

    Pretty neat how it sounds when you boost it up to 1.5 on speed. Still such an amazing song. One of my favorites!

  53. BonnieElectric

    He always comes back.

  54. ꧁†_ღGhostღ_†꧂

    1:07 epic face

  55. GàçhãÑîghtŠtàr Fãłł


  56. TheColdBore

    like it o r not LIKE THE VID


    Omg everything is so cool...I mean COME ON......!!

  58. W.D. Gaster

    For some reason this song sounds different than before.

  59. CadyGamer Pix

    "this is where your story ends"

    Scott: *laughing with 200 more games*

  60. Da NOOB boi

    *This is where your story ends*

    Scott:How about no :D?

  61. Biznett Uni

    God bless. This is still one of my favorites, a true masterpiece.

  62. Harjit Kaur

    Whoever makes the like 100k is an og to cg5

  63. Kesler Salmons

    That was AWESOME

  64. Rokie

    Labyrinth: **exist**

    Geometry Dash: Hippity Hoppity THIS IS MY PROPERTY

  65. Circus Kayla

    2 years ago: This is where the story ends~

    Me in the future: well you see-

  66. Jet Francis

    who else is here from RE


  67. Taco

    Scott making fnaf 4: ok this is the end of the story.

    Scott literally a year later: okay one more game then.

    Scott in 2017: how about another game?

    Scott in 2018: okay lets make a spin off.

    Scott in 2019: hmm, that vr thing is getting popular now. How about a game for that?

  68. BAYG

    "This is were your story ends!!"

    Scott:"are you sure about that?"

  69. Travis Williams

    Fandroid, you did so phenomenal! What was it like being with all the other youtubers?

  70. Rokie

    Thats....thats perfect

  71. Fwiggle GD

    Ima put gameplay of this and this song with what the song says

  72. rainbow frogs1

    Wait, when it goes like this is where your story ends is it bragging about me dying?

  73. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    1:12 2× 👍

  74. crystal

    what the actual hecc, it’s already been 2 years since I’ve jammed to this song

    ngl it’s still a bop

  75. Inky YT

    I wish Fandroid had a bigger part in this..

  76. Chicken fried Waffle

    0:08 is anyone aware that Dawko worked on this

  77. Acen Dorscher

    That was beautiful I was crying almost the whole time

  78. Cat Raven

    Scott: *"This is the end of the timeline!"*
    Scott: *You ever heard of Girl Glitchtrap? oh yeah also i'll make a new fnaf game lmao*

  79. Plushtimefoxy Adventures with reactions

    OMG I

  80. Soulosus

    “This is where your story ends”

    Scott Cawthon: *posts a fnaf VR game trailer*

    sora somy

    Matpat:*cries in the corner*WhY mORe

  81. Daniel Gee

    Freddy's mouth looked like a butt at 1:05

  82. Téa Graham

    good job i managed to add this to a mmd 👌👌👌👌

  83. Eliza lozano

    What the freak Freddy

  84. Eliza lozano


  85. Eliza lozano

    I want r. Bonnie haha

  86. Double Leaf

    *But Your Fired*

  87. Carys Green

    What happened to scrap baby she's looks wrong when animated but the game pic's are good

  88. Téa Graham

    the song was really great i'm sure a great song maker like jt music would do a song with you guys, nice song good job👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  89. ?Mona Kool aid?

    1:10 freddy looks dead inside

  90. Deonté Henry

    FNAF 6

  91. The awesometoad Plays

    I like the beat drops in this song

  92. scapbaby fnaf girl


  93. Людмила Иванчина

    выпускай токие видио часта.

  94. Mastermike8200

    Scott: well yes but actually *N O*

  95. Dolvondo

    It was truly an honor composing this song, I got a bit teary eyed because it sounds like a "goodbye" song. I hope you guys felt the vibe too.

    Niamh O'Casey

    *Boy where you wrong...*



    Dashiel Raffy

    @Niamh O'Casey XD

    The Silence2326

    The Acursed One ?

    demiah Archie

    I love this song