CG5 - Kahoot Lyrics

Morning breaks.
Just another Monday.
Throwin' away
My life into another school day.

My eyes are heavy, despisin' every minute
Of this boring old Social Studies class.
And I'm not even list'ning, but then the teacher
Tells us to take out all our devices.

Kahoot, Kahoot, oh no no no.
Public humiliation.
I can handle my grade droppin' below.
But now I gotta fail in front of everyone.
Coming undone.
'Cuz oh, this ain't fun.

Circle, diamond, triangle, or square?
I'm thinking hard and long, with no more time to spare.
Everything I ever learned here is history,
In more ways than one.
Such misery.

Patience is thinning, I can't take anymore,
I can feel myself falling faster.
Can't I just forfeit? I'm ready to quit!
This is ending up in disaster.

Kahoot, Kahoot, oh no no no.
Public humiliation.
I can handle my grade droppin' below.
But now I gotta fail in front of...

All my classmates,
They know exactly what they're doing.
And one thing's certain,
I need to work on my Kahoot game.

Kahoot, Kahoot, oh no no no.
Feelin' the devastation.
I can handle my grade droppin' below.
But now I gotta fail in front of everyone.
Coming undone.
'Cuz oh, this ain't fun.

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CG5 Kahoot Comments
  1. sunsetgaming101yt

    Bro I am boss at kahoot I got 2nd place on my first time playing kahoot yay but school suuuuucks reee (edit I also had a full streak no wrong answer)

  2. DESTINY_ Skywing


  3. Abram

    You know I like kahoot but this song kinda represents how good I am at it in half the classes


    i love that game

  5. iiPineappleWolfieii

    Sometimes i play kahoot on school and its fun? I guess

  6. danny2 Danny


  7. Syahcute 987

    I was kinda impatient to wait for the chorus soooooo

    0:42 here

    I’m just gonna leave it here.

  8. Dylan Matthisen

    This. A. Bop.

  9. BV 10

    I heard if you say kahoot five times, school will be cancelled


  10. VirusTheGammer

    I wanna kashoot my self

  11. Lando Potatoe

    cant relate cuz im super good at kahoot

  12. -Jack the house cat-

    New intro sound XD

  13. Sensored

    can we talk about how good his voice is

  14. Joey The Dragon

    *Heartbeat speed 100000000*

  15. shyguyshow

    atleast it's kahoot

  16. Hunter And Kaleb

    How dare you make fun of Kahoot!

    Your the only one that hates it

  17. ShadowStar210

    im good at kahoot

  18. DoodlePlayz

    But there’s a button in the corner to quit...

  19. Sanad Collabz

    2:34 nice even the other parts!

  20. Sanad Collabz

    2:34 Nice even the other parts!

  21. Dallas Markowski

    *This ain't fun* The top 5 would like to know your location.

  22. Rezal Gibran

    This is the most favorite song

  23. Weird stuff Sorta

    Kahoot: oh you lost one question, *BACK TO THE 19TH SPOT*

  24. Serenity Now

    Everybody gangster til the Kahoot theme starts playing

  25. cupy cake

    I play Kahoot at school

  26. Cakey Wick

    Hey can you make it to where it was like a treasure to play? I'm challenging you btw.

  27. Neehara Thottupura

    I hate school because of math and social studies

  28. Arkify

    kahoot song: failing

    me: thinking about the kahoots I keep getting 1st place on every class

  29. Paloma Is a Physco

    I will commit suicide if anyone sees the bright red screen i have when failing

  30. THANOS Nut

    EVERYONE: >:[

  31. Kitty Aud

    *When classmaterandom is 1 point in front of you* *Stares at Classmate*


    did you just say kahoot isn't fun? have you ever played it?

  33. Amanda Cazort


  34. Amanda Cazort


  35. Erik Brady


  36. Not That Toy Bon!

    The fact I was playing Kahoot is shocking.

  37. Venom - Roblox

    i have a solution


  38. Mạnh Đức Trần

    everything i learned here is history...
    hahaha i get it...

  39. pepsir *-*

    You’re in!

    See your nickname on screen?

  40. The Ultimate Manager

    Imagine the Area 51 song was actually combined with this

  41. Haloboy

    Did you get permission for this xD

  42. Cutest Gumwin :3

    I'm never able to see the board when we play Kahoot.

    It's kinda a problem. So I just guess.

  43. Kcs77777 _

    True pain is when you're in first and get one wrong and your place just drops

  44. Alexandraart 25

    Nice cg5 I love your songs ❤️

  45. TheCookieCommander


  46. Orange_SpiderGuy Games

    your version is saying "kahoot is pain" in my school kahoot is awesome

  47. Rachel Álvarez

    Me: *takes out computer* Quizzes


    This is not the real kahoot

  49. Super Mario luigi gaming

    What color scheme is that the hospital or Windows 10?

  50. Ft. Slushie Studio

    Why is this so true?

  51. Jellie Michael

    I started playing kahoot like 1 week ago so yeah and l knew kahoot for 2 years? I think

    oh yeah l like playing kahoot

  52. Roger Amaya

    This would be better if the guy wasnt talking

  53. Henhen Giudice

    Dude u gay

  54. Debbie Denney

    Love this song played kahoot before

  55. Colleen Si

    Lol we played this in school

  56. Joseph Pootis

    Some people think they can outsmart me.
    But I've yet to meet someone who could outsmart bullet

  57. AnimuLuv

    Whenever my class plays Kahoot This one kid just screams the entire time...

  58. Sean Pollard

    When your in 1st place but you then get a question wrong and become last and end up walking out the class 😂😂

  59. Angelicom

    How tf does cg know that we use kahoot only in social studies...?

  60. Vasile Surchicin

    So cool

  61. Jake Alaniz

    Okay don’t judge me but I like school and Kahoot

  62. Dr Random77


  63. Salty Pyro Tato

    At least in Quizlet Live you fail with the team.

  64. FatigueSummer

    my life

  65. francis forest


  66. Nicole Ionita

    Kahoot got baned in my school because people put really dirty names like "bend over"

  67. Cameron Wilson

    One Thing A Nerd Is Good

  68. Cynthia Reece

    Back when I was in kindergarten which was 4 years ago you had to pray that you would get to play kahoot

  69. Dylan DaKing

    Imagine getting 4th or lower in kahoot

    *this was made by the kahoot medal gang*

  70. tara reed

    Are class loves kahoot

  71. Chloethedoberman

    Can we please get a kahoot DLC to include this song to schools Across the Nation they always say music helps you learn

  72. THANOS Nut

    Teacher: Take out you’re decktop’s because we are going on........

  73. Joseph Pootis

    I use more brain power to come up with a funny name than actually trying to solve the problem

  74. Catterbox109 PLAYZ

    I was in science and next door was math class (the next class I had on my schedule) and I could clearly hear Kahoot music. So when class ended and we went to Math I was excited. But for some reason we did a test on dividing fractions, not cool.

  75. Jakeopod - Jake Rush -

    0:56 BEST PART

  76. Frankpenguin116 372

    That's me everyday I wish I could pick up my electronics but I can't

  77. LookSon! ItzAFlyingFuzz!

    Doing we all get happy for kahoot?
    Not him

  78. Ada zickefoose

    My teacher 👩‍🏫 makes us play Kahoot at school

  79. Little muffins

    I love koahoot

  80. Phoenix Storm Jr.

    ironically im in history right now listening to this.

  81. Lily Sophie

    My class has school iPads and everytime someone has something wrong the teachers scream "WHO WAS INCORRECT?" I sent this to my best friend and she was like "seriously, there's a song for it?" 😂

  82. Doc

    In my 5th Grade class it was Literally Public Humiliation xD In a class with 5 Clowns with at-least three people who didn’t pay attention, there was a lot of Humiliation, even the Teacher dropped in! But don’t worry, it was mainly constructive criticism.

  83. anqst

    how does one come up with such a song

  84. Angelina’s Baby Alives

    Add the gong at the end

  85. Jeremiah Iturralde

    Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad song!

    Deidra Dunn

    Then why did you take the time to comment -_-

  86. Vex_Taku Okumura

    Ken: Alright guys Today we will be doing Kahoot...
    All others: UGH!!!!
    Yuka: I picked triangle...
    Yun: Well, I picked Square...
    Yashiro: Well, I picked circle...
    Matt: I picked Rombus...
    Ttam: I picked Aku!!!
    All others: ...
    Ken: Uhhh....
    (Ken whacks Ttam with a stick)
    Ttam: Ow! (Knocks out)


  87. Purrsport

    I play kahoot it fun and hard

  88. Ryan Holmes II

    this is so true

  89. XD Roblox gamer and more like vlogs

    R.i.p Ben Dover will use agin hopfully

  90. Fide-Eye

    when you are a person like me who created their own kahoot game but never had a single class play it

  91. Parker’s Views

    Red- 99% (correct answer)
    Yellow- 1%

    Teacher: who picked yellow?

  92. Joselito Tejada

    Kahoot has caused me to hate so many of my teachers. That's all

  93. Kaiden Barrow

    Best song ever!

  94. HiFreddy!

    If you are the intelligent kid in the class,you will both love and hate this song.

    Pd: I'm the Smart kid in class.AND TO PROVE IT...


  95. [ Content ] [ X ]

    It's official, CG5 can make any meme a song

  96. •Hêy Îtž Yøûŕ Bøî Lěvî!•

    Kahoot (Song)
    0:47 ------●----- 3:07
    ⏮ ⏸ ⏭

  97. •Hêy Îtž Yøûŕ Bøî Lěvî!•

    0:42 - 0:45 my favourite part!
    Reply your favourite part!
    I wont ask for likes

  98. I will eat you’re liver

    Is it just me who thought kahoot was fun?

  99. The Walking Bread

    *Listens to this on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday*