CG5 - If It's Too Hard To Forgive (Remix) Lyrics

Ten thousand reasons to give up
Too many words that piled up
But you refused to try and mend
Your broken past before the end

Your heart's too hard to understand
That sands of time slipped through your hands
And no excuses can erase
The scars of time left on your face

If it's too hard to forgive
Then just give
Let go of the weight that won't let you live

Why keep playing this sad game
Of who should really take the blame
The memories will fade away
They're growing further every day

You want the stream to change its course
Before it floods you with remorse
You only need to hit the brakes
To free yourself of your mistakes

If it's too hard to forgive
Then just give
Let go of the weight that won't let you live

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CG5 If It's Too Hard To Forgive (Remix) Comments
  1. Rixk!

    Imagine how many times he runs in and out of the barber shop.

  2. Juan Carlos Vasquez

    this super cool

  3. Mr. Shocker Anderson

    OMG i no have letters... this song are Beatiful really you are the best youtuber
    Nice Job ♡:")

  4. itstimetocraft green

    I like how you dyed your hair 💇‍♀️

  5. PAPA Drago

    Girl : damn I'm so sad now because I watched Titanic
    Me : wasn't that sad
    Girl : I don't think you even know what sad means
    Me : this song

  6. Seafoam Shimmer

    Nicole is the daughter of grumpy cat

  7. Taizo Michael

    First comment in 2020 on a random video for me? I think so!

  8. Ana Carolina Gonçalves


  9. jacob gamer bendy

    Everyone watching: 😐

    Me: 😭

  10. burnt dinosaur with wings

    What's up chicken little

  11. RobortStan777

    when the song that makes you most emotional is from a show about a talking blue cat and a fish with legs. (btw love your covers)

  12. Little Mario

    This is my favorite music!!!

  13. CryingChryslerPacifica

    guys, like his video. he's the best!

  14. Mad Don

    haha lol

  15. Genglord Youtube

    It is so sad

  16. Jroc1014

    What no! This is about all the Christmas presents they owe us!

  17. James Jenkins SR

    It’s you!🤯😱

  18. Allison Mclaughlin

    I love the Amazing world of gumball and the fact that one of my favorite YouTube singers make a cover on this is AWESOME ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  19. Sean Roberts

    This makes you realise how good TAWOG’s writers are. Especially with their songs.

  20. Teagan AnimalPlanet

    Awesome job, keep it up! <3

  21. Kinjabang OεO

    Hmmm... Havent Done Lyrics yet

  22. CG5 pet :3

    omg he's crying like I am 😭

  23. Nia Nalley

    how many times have you died ur hair?

  24. Yan Oliveira

    Hi I'm from Brazil, I love your songs and your remix you're top dude

  25. Andre Smith

    I'm sorry I just want to ask this question I dont want to offend u I love your music but does anyone else think his face makes him look like little kid?

  26. What2 Upload


  27. Mark Garcia

    Cartoon Network: I am inevitable.
    Gumball: Oh yeah, 75% percent of stair accidents happen on the stairs *snaps finger*

  28. TITAN riftz

    1.25 speed is sick

  29. Mark Gonyou

    rip gumball you will be missed

  30. Mark Gonyou

    <3 gumball <3

  31. Mark Gonyou

    i love gumball and this song

  32. Holly Dauner

    i love this song. it made me realize that family is important. thank you Charles.

  33. joaquin luna

    hiper mega duper hipe iper super z kai mega hiper trucha mega !SAD!

  34. Senritsu} {Jumpsuit

    this song is one of evidence that music done by some dude about a children's show is not a bad idea in the slightest

  35. MaskU Chan

    He looks like a sad chihuahua

  36. Jandro’s memes

    *no silly this is about the birthday presents they owe us*

  37. Seafoam Shimmer

    Me: *hears the last part sang*
    Also me: BEAUTIFUL

  38. Everything Darren

    when did I miss this episode

  39. wolfo slavy boi


    *Thanks to this Frikin amazingly sad inspirational song*

  40. Samantha Plott

    Well excuse me.
    I need to go cry in a corner after hearing this T_T

  41. Роберт Антропов

    Лол есть русские

  42. Râinbøw Playx

    Cool :D you look like a kool kid

  43. Amacsız samet

    I think you make very good music

  44. ThePhoenixBird

    White boy can sing so well dude!

  45. Garibubu Princess


  46. TheSpringledOne

    That was beautiful UwU

  47. Bootleg Dolphin

    i literally can’t go a day without listening to this song. i once fell asleep to it on loop because it’s so relaxing and beautiful. really great job, charlie! your gumball song covers/remixes are something that’s helping me with life right now.

  48. bendy girl :D

    CG5 are you crying 😭😭😭😭

  49. bendy girl :D

    Awww so cute :3

  50. D Hansdah

    the sound reminds me of Gorillaz 😇

  51. Kaya 123

    This is the worst thing I have ever heard you should shut up and drive your car into a lake

  52. Eclipse and Mila the furrys

    dis so sad *le epicly cries*

    (pretty good remix btw)

  53. Hira Chan

    My head is crying and my body’s are all crying

  54. Jaden OP The Ninja

    sadness emotion activated

  55. xx_Skarla Bloodmoon_xx

    Dude, play this at my funeral

  56. Caleb Villela

    I won't let you live

  57. Benjamin Wilkeson

    I feel like I’m going to cry when I hear this song. 😢😭😭

  58. bicthboi

    I'm sorry but i cant take u seriously

    u look like a depressed trout talking to his bully before shooting him

  59. Renamon 565

    I am so sad to see The amazing world of gumball end

  60. White_0 _Wolf

    Me after listening to the song

    Me: everybody leave the room or you're going to listen to some hecking sobbibg

  61. Нади Ст.

    Do you like "The amaizing world of Gumball"?

  62. Abrielle Ruiz


  63. Seafoam Shimmer

    Me: sees 197 dislikes
    Me: Hello, is this the FBI?

  64. Debbie Gay

    This is beautiful, human.

  65. Mylee Clark

    I played this when my Roblox friend didn’t want to be friends with me anymore 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Ben mahmoud Nadia

    How sad

  66. Fantasticbeasts04 04

    I know you probably won't see this Charlie, but how did you switch the colors of your hair? Did you dye it separately two times, and record the shots accordingly, or is it like, one of those heat activated dyes that change color? It's really cool the way you did this video, I was just wondering HOW you did it.😂

  67. L B


  68. Amy Scanlan

    You look sad while singing :<

  69. Boof. EXE_

    Cartoon Network should hire you my guy

  70. carlosmunoz23cx

    this song is beutafil😢😢😢😭😭🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️

  71. coolguy da boi

    This ain't good ITS BEYOND BEAUTIFUL!!!

  72. Candy Playz

    I cryed 🥺

  73. whatsaspace


  74. Evan Taylor

    This my ladies and gentlemen is proof that cartoons are deep and they do have meanings

  75. Ink sans the ink skeleton

    i really cried at these song!!!!

    Ben mahmoud Nadia

    We get it stop saying three timess

  76. Ink sans the ink skeleton

    i really cried at these song!!!!

  77. Ink sans the ink skeleton

    i really cried at these song!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  78. Joshy Gaming


  79. Lazy Oliveira

    "You want the stream to change its course before it floods you with remorse" That's exactly the feeling of somebody that is not willing to forgive.

  80. Miriam Smallwood

    I love your vids.🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  81. Josie Shardy

    For some reason this reminded me of my goldfish Anna. R.I.P Anna 2018-Feb. 2019 😭🤧

  82. Fire Nation

    crys why did she not give a gift we all know why

  83. •-JungKook’s Banana milk oop-•

    Amazing Charlie Good Job! I loved it 💙-Gumball 🧡-Darwin 💓- Anais 💗-Richard💙-Nichole

  84. Random Teen

    Nicole left her parents because they were too much into CEO jobs.

    Respect 100

  85. Jamew Binas

    😭😭😭 cool song

  86. Oof- Doodle

    i think CG5 won this round then gumball

  87. Pillagerzee

    Funny it's about presents

  88. trickytroyboy 1

    well if it isent young markiplier

  89. diesel gaming

    This is awesome

  90. Emmanuel Ricks

    Gumball: Mmm...Mmm..Mmm..
    Anais: :O
    Gumball: What?
    Anais: If Its to hard To forgive, then just give.
    everyone: -slaps Gumball-

  91. Jariya Baum

    Omg so good

  92. Irken Invader Space

    This is amazing

  93. Simcha the Pieface

    What episode is this from?

  94. Infinite Energy

    I like your Mix And Your song,Thank you CH5

  95. Dream Chaser

    Charlie how owes you Christmas presents🤣🤣
    Keep up the good work Charlie you have never disappointed me 😛❤️

  96. CG5

    Let me explain the symbolism in the shots of me singing.
    When my hair is pink in front of the teal background, the pink color represents Anais or Richard, and the teal represents Gumball and Nicole. When it switches over to blue hair in front of an orange background, the blue represents Gumball and Nicole again while the orange represents Darwin.
    I just thought that would be cool to do! That is all! I hope you enjoyed the song! :D

    inkloxillo ÓvÒ

    Hmmm smart >:D

    Moonlite Quimby

    You're very good-looking man

    Mar Mar

    CG5 it was amazing. Your amazing. This is just the kind of nostalgic things people need! I love all of your remixes and I hope you do more! :D

    Goofus The Grande

    Can you do a cover of the detention song? OwO