Cetera, Peter - (I Wanna Take) Forever Tonight Lyrics

Feel your breath on my shoulder
And I know we couldn't get any closer
I don't wanna act tough, I just wanna fall in love
As we move into the night I go crazy
Thinking how it's gonna be with you baby
I don't wanna play rough I've been loving you enough
Oh Baby

I wanna take forever tonight
Wanna stay in this moment forever
I'm gonna give you all the love that I've got
I wanna take forever tonight
Fill you up, fill you up with love
When we close the door all I need is in your eyes
ooooo I wanna take forever tonight

Touch my lip, I'm on fire
You're the only one I'll ever desire
Turn the light down low, make the world go slow
When I'm holding you tonight it's so easy
Nothing moves me like you do when you tease me
And to rush would be a crime
I just wanna spend some time with you baby

I wanna take forever tonight
Wanna stay in this moment forever
I'm gonna give you all the love that I've got
I wanna take forever tonight
Fill you up, fill you up
Give you all my love tonight
When we close the door all I need is in your eyes
wo ooo- I, wanna take forever tonight

And when I'm here beside you
I wanna see whay drives you out of your mind (oh baby)
I never wanna leave I only wanna be with you
'CauseI love how you feel your love is so real

oh ya know
I wanna take forever tonight
Wanna stay in this moment forever (moment forever)
I'm gonna give you all the love that I've got
I wanna take forever tonight
Wanna stay in this moment forever (moment forever)
I'm gonna give you all the love that I've got
'Cause I can't live without you

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Cetera, Peter (I Wanna Take) Forever Tonight Comments
  1. Kitchen Dancer

    classic romance otaku

  2. Hana Sione


  3. sher201447

    I shall share this song to my future husband see you soon taking forever always loving each other❤️❤️❤️

  4. Ramesh Jagaswaren

    When your heart flutters with feelings of inner peace and love listening to this....

  5. Lorna Bayot

    I love this song so much😘😍😍😍

  6. Kyle Williams

    Not many people know that Crystal Bernard was one of the lead actresses in the show Wings. Being a fan of the show and a fan of the band Chicago, I'm a huge fan of this song :)

  7. arthur bland

    My wife of 37 years, our 1st date I wanted it to last forever!

  8. arlina C

    I only wanna be with you 😑

  9. Roel Bacus

    Wow i love it this song

  10. Betty Manzi

    It only takes one night to love someone to know if you belong together forever.

  11. Dark Storm

    I had a dream once that someone loved me this much... I was only dreaming.

    Chryss S

    some dreams ... ends up nightmarish... like mine.

  12. Joseph Skuse

    From Peter’s 1995 album “One Clear Voice”.

  13. Mohd Amin

    I like this song , felling to me

  14. Marciano Costa

    Toco lá fundo do meu coração agora....

  15. Soila Cantu

    Perfect song...thinking about someone i love and would love to be with him...missing him very very much. Love you hermoso❤🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎙🎸😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  16. James Harrison

    This song is so beautiful, my fiancé & I chose this as our first dance song when we get married in october 2020. Can’t wait for that day.

    Chryss S

    awww😍 congratulations and best wishes🤗

  17. Manny Castillo

    Sayang, hinanap mo sana ako, ng me nakaduet ka, hi hi hi

    Chryss S

    yar 9 yirz late😂

    Chryss S

    tara sa smule .. 😂

  18. Liuba Yammine

    Muzica e fantastica. .. wow

  19. onny

    Cherising everytime i can be with u .
    Beyond whatelse..

  20. Wieke Alvernia

    Thinking how it will be with you ... I always miss you ... with towering walls, deep sea that stretches out, gaps that are too deep ... how can I have you ...😢😔

    Dorothy Voshell


  21. Paul Hampton

    I hope my girl sees this ! I love her forever !

    Chryss S

    awwww 🤗🤗

    Paul Hampton

    O_0 thank you 😊 she's meh everything and i simply couldn't imagine in 8 trillion lifetimes,"" ever living one second ! Without her in meh life / heart and sharing our souls bond so closely connected ! Ummm thanks for the kindness and positivity ma'am 😊 ! <: Maybe she'll understand if she sees this ! <: Wait o_0 J is this o_0 you ?

    Chryss S

    @Paul Hampton you're sweetness overload🤗🤗🤗

    Dorothy Voshell


  22. Jr meno Rios

    Ay mujer👦 =J to =D💃

  23. Mai Lê Thị

    Lộc làm quá người ta không đăng ký sao anh đúng là đồ mắc dịch ôn thần

  24. Mary Grace Alsaen

    been listening... many times!

  25. Estela Gonçalves

    Linda as cancoes dele peter cetera

  26. Sedney Gaweseb

    Golden voice..truly still in 2019-11-21

  27. Alexandre Alves

    Alguém ouvindo esta bela música em novembro de 2019?

  28. Anne Quintal


  29. Crystal Cooper

    I love you kellyray Hopkins

  30. เปรม เปรม


  31. Beverly Henry

    Rip Kawayne Bailey. This was one song u tried to sing but did it off-key (talk the lyrics lol). I wish you were here in present life. I cherish our moments. Love you forever Shugz❤

  32. Béláné Langer


  33. Don Donny

    Suara mereka berdua sangat merdu..I Like it so much..

  34. Olive Telan

    I'm still coming back here i will never get tired listening to this song.

    Steve Bortolotti

    Love me some Peter Cetera!

    Olive Telan

    This a perfect song for my future partner, can't wait to meet you.

  35. Sulu Kemunting

    Nice song and nice view........


    Very romanctics song, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmgwQqxeExQ

  37. castor Troy

    Love this song. I'm literally 27 by the way but grew up hearing this music on the radio. This song makes my heart melt and break. Just went through a recent break up.

  38. Ady Syahrir

    2019 anyone?


    me, Did not know until a year ago that Peter and Crystal married each other, but divorced in 2013, BUMMER!

  39. precy kong

    i love this Song so much

  40. Mr. Mellow

    Peter Cetera is the best ever.

  41. Glenn Virtudazo

    I will always adore the songs from 90’s and 80’s mostly this one I’m so Inlove with this song 🥰🥰🥰🥰💕

  42. Norma Estrada

    Soooo Romantic I love it ❤️💕

  43. TheMonarchgroup

    This incredibly beautiful song has been sent to me by someone who can never be mine but we share the same thoughts, feelings and emotions.

    Sally-Anne Selkirk

    Unrequited love. ... I know that feeling. ...

  44. Achour Salima

    Tres belle chonson damour

  45. Umul Ahdiatun

    🇮🇩 2019

  46. Daniel Antino

    This love is impossible today, the cell phones took our focus of the things that matter

  47. Scheila Rossi Rossi

    Essa música será tocada no meu casamento ❤️ Simplesmente amo❤️E me trará grandes momentos que estão na memória e que fazem parte do meu Amor ❤️

  48. Filipina Mom Homestead

    Wow! I'm 34 y/o now but i only here this music jst now... I really loved this song 1 of my favorite now! :-) Thanks for sharing..

  49. Linda Frangione

    I been lovin you to much for to long and I can't get to see you. I would explain, nothing moves me like you do my love. I want to take forever whenever we meet again?....?...Oh and we will....♥️

  50. Yusuf Hidayat

    Wanna falling in love again.. ❤

  51. Taputu& Léa


  52. J Ak

    3000 Gucci gang left the room

  53. Rifky Bregez

    Salam dari lapas narkotika bayur samarinda hendra tatto

  54. Maricel Duquiatan

    I really want to take you every night😘😘😘love this song very much

  55. Gwendolyn Gemeniano


  56. Edison Alpahando

    I'm still love song lover here in the Philippines ❤️

  57. miss vargaz

    OMG i love this song🙈🙈🙈🙈♥️♥️♥️

  58. odália costa

    top demais essa música

  59. broken Angel Dj

    If l have a boyfriend I want to dance this song for him and l wanna take to suck of love for kissing him tonight 😉😉😘😘😘😋❤❤❤❤

  60. Bitch Yup

    💋we have a lot to talk about...you can bring out all of you.

  61. Faridah Mohd

    This song memory me with someone now he leave me never tell me anything
    i still waiting for him to come back ....
    I MISS HIM SOO MUCH....I hope he will come back and stay at my side forever

    maddox97 maddox97

    Same to me..when i leave my ex -bf..I fell sorry and missed him so much now.😢😢

  62. tarheelredbone43

    The most powerful words in this song are the last ones...
    Cause I can’t live without you

    castor Troy

    My favorite part.

  63. Gillian Scully

    All his songs are absolute amazing n what a takent n voice....would give my right arm to see him in concert...biggest fan....thank you Mr. Peter Cetera

  64. Wallace Nunes

    Brasil, 2019.

  65. consciouswei

    Timeless song

  66. cherie ladaga

    Really love this song....

  67. Jorge Sanchez

    Que temazo por Dios
    Como me hace llorar

  68. Arbby Dutaa


  69. Sandy Naylor

    GREAT ARTIST'S AND SONGWRITER BRAVO. AMAZING LYRICS luv the storytelling in the song.😎

  70. soyitaliana78

    Vickie that is sooooooooo sweet. I just love love stories like this

  71. OrganicSwagg

    Okay I’m a straight guy

  72. Sixten lasseson

    Yess cryzy

  73. Marcelo Ali Vizier

    moment forever

  74. Janine Daylig


  75. Merry Joy Naca

    I like. This song very much. I fill it .

  76. avy bautista

    “The most painful goodbye was never said” I don’t know where are you now, I don’t what happen to you ? I’m still longing for you ...

  77. John Belwad

    Sad. This was my mom and her ex boyfriends wedding song. Well, It was going to be. He was reallg lazy, and all he did was sit around with no job playing the PS4. I miss him like hell though. He was so much fun :(. We'd always listen to this song, and do karaoke or something to it. Just listening to it makes me tear up. I was only 9 at the time that they broke up, and thought theyd just be having a far away relationship. He rejoined the Navy and is living his own life. I hope he remembers me atleast :(. I sure do remember him.

    John Belwad

    @Chryss S what?

    Chryss S

    @John Belwad i do hope he remember you ... do you have any means of comms with him so you can talk ?

    John Belwad

    @Chryss S No. When he left, he blocked my mom and I on everything. I see him on the news often for getting promoted in the Navy, or for participating in a special mission. That is all.

  78. johannababy143xo



    Soulmates 💫❤❤💫

  79. Chayki Gabule

    Oohh I love this song!!this is for honeymoon night!!one day I will used this for my future wife!

  80. zuyidin zulkifli

    kiki thank you so much bye

  81. zuyidin zulkifli

    why please tell I don" know please

  82. zuyidin zulkifli

    dear wanna marry me!!💍

  83. Meta Darmawan

    i love this song so much, one of the best love song of all time..

  84. kurčina Akrap

    I see you a lot over the big blue water that feeling

  85. Christopher Jimenez

    Favorate song

  86. kev c

    My husband love this song and enjoy it very very much! My husband has good taste in music and cartons...!! My husband is a very romantic man......!!!!!! He is the best

  87. John Belwad


    (inside joke w my crush)

  88. Crystal Cooper

    I want the whip and handcuffs daddy you no 50 shades of gray

  89. Chester t Hawkins

    so beautiful!!

    Chryss S

    the song is...

  90. Neimir Ramos


  91. Rama Geovani

    I like this song... Indonesia

  92. Lima Daniel

    Love this song

  93. Mai Vicente

    Me and my fiance song😍💖💝