CES Cru - Wavy Lyrics

[Intro: Godemis]
They say I
They say I should take better care of myself
Maybe they're right
But not tonight
Seven let's go

[Verse 1: Godemis]
Zoned out, turnt up
Shuttin' something down tonight
Kush, blunts, hash, bowl
Fuckin' with a pound of white
Order shot, shoot em down
Actin' like a drunk fuck
I don't know how I'm alive
Chalk it up as dumb luck
Drinkin' I ain't
Thinkin' I ain't
Eatin' I don't stop at all
Sippin something super saucy
Now I'm bout to cop a ball
Spendin' every dollar
I'mma make some more tomorrow
Clockin' out I hit the liquor store
And grab another bottle
Po'ed up with young prince
Now we're burnin' down a spliff
He said just keep this shit in check
Please don't let it drown a gift
I don't hear em choppin'
Just the sounds of bottles poppin'
Is it me or did you hear some motherfucking body knockin'
Pop another Molly
Rollin' trees like a lumberjack
Smokin' on that earwax
Call that shit that other crack
Sittin' in the K-hole
Starin' out the Cadillac
Yeah I love this liquor
But this shit'll never love me back

[Hook x2: Godemis]
Turnt up, zoned out
Shuttin' something down tonight
Kush, blunts, hash, bowls
Fuckin' with a pound of white
Pitchers, shots, lines, rails, bumps, stacks
All that
Wavy, maybe, bout to take a break
If and I fall flat

[Verse 2: Godemis]
If I work a double
I'mma gotta have a couple
Holler at the bartender
Tell her make this one a double
Swillin' down the ave
Sippin' dirty cash daily
Tippin' steady sippin'
I am fucked up, wavy
Every thing is gettin' drank
Everybody gettin' drunk
Smooth is on the way
He said he gotta baby in the trunk
Stoppin's not an option
I ain't poppin'
I ain't lockin'
Feels like all I really need
Is a motherfuckin' Oxycontin
I am rotten on the inside
A plane, vin slide?
Talkin' to a serpent
Feelin' like both of my wrists tied
No one should be this high
Double helix makes knots
Fuck a double D-V-B
Like everybody a shots
No one sets it off
Swilly and em, we go it's own
Turn it up an octave, and knock a bitch out of it's zone
Misery love company
If you ain't swill then get gone
I'm down to make a ralvage as soon as that other vince' gone?

[Hook x2]

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CES Cru Wavy Comments
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    Its nice but copied as #Hopsin but not given credit...

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  7. Fox

    Why do i feel like this isnt the original wavy?

    darkminilord no u

    This is. Strangulation isn't the original wavy, it's Techa N9nna over the instrumental for Gode's song

  8. Dougie Fresh

    is that R.A. at 22?

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    To this day, this remains one of my absolute favorites..

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    The end of this video always makes me laf

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    was that his PO that blew 00 for him at the end? lol

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    So it's cool to be a drug addict and get fucked everyday blowing your last dollar? Tf trash music

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  22. Bobbo Declay

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    I still love this after 4 years, Esspecially the end. Lmfao

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    The only reason i wasnt in this video was because i was locked ☝

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    love you all at S idk if i ever told ya :O

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    This hook is gold

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    It feels like all I really need is a mothafuckin oxycotin

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    Sin C. Ingram


    Sin C. Ingram Yeah but it was kinda half-assed


    before it was a thing aswell, and it still should be a thing

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    Big Boss

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    Why was everyone saying he's R.A, it clearly ubi

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    I'm genuinely surprised. Godemis made this song still sound good even when Tech made a cypher about with this beat. #Deevil

    Duncan Wright

    +Erick Chavez What do you mean by that?

    Erick Chavez

    +Duncan Wright (Terminado) Well I mean that Tech is one of the best in the strange music roster. And for that he made this song sound great when he used the same beat. But Godemis made it sound great as well

    Duncan Wright

    Oh I gotcha man! I was just a bit confused by the wording haha

  76. Guillermo Duarte

    and this videos damn near 2years old lol

  77. Guillermo Duarte

    everybody hatin on godi he is a lyricist

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    this is the best video ever. the muthafuckin story of my life!!!

  79. Sarah Womantree

    this is the best video ever. the muthafuckin story of my life!!!

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    why would you make children think this is the life...you're responsible for your influence

    Dawayne Clay

    This isn't music for children. Why do you think they have the Parental Advisory label on their albums?

    Theresa Ramos

    that's very true....but it still about CURIOSITY KILLING THE CATS

    Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho

    Theresa Ramos it's more about not being a shitty parent and talking to your kids regardless of what they get past you and educating them to make the right decisions.

    Dawayne Clay

    @Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho ayyy we have the same name

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    Sick emcees! Presented by Tecca Neez!
    Check it out!

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    dem strange


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    How they gonna challenge the tecca nina
    When your flow's softer than a velour scarf

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    darkminilord no u

    @Jeffrey K Ain't packed shit yet, this how your taint rap hits best. Tecca N9na ain't plastic, my bank's drastic, you can't match his checks. Lot of gore in the flow, and I’m born to go, got your whore in the door Taking your chick, 'cause a nigga been up on the Forbes list, now four in a row


    Dont like what this songs about

    Steve Queef

    Oh fucking no


    +Steve Queef ces cru is good,just wish this wasn't the typical club/drinking/smoking song

    Duncan Wright

    +SIX PAINS They really don't have a lot though...I would honestly say it isn't the typical club/drinking/smoking song bc Godi does it better haha


    +SIX PAINS I don't hear any drinking/smoking songs that sound like this man. Not even close! You can also tell that this is underground/independent shit too because you rarely ever hear mainstream people coming up with lyrics like this.


    strangeulation 2 cypher 1 tech n9ne took this beat off his homie

    First Surname

    for the volume 2 cypher they're all messing with different beats produced by Seven, Strange Musics in house producer, rather than them all use the same beat like last time.


    +Mitch McGregor Thanks for clearing that up. Because all the other beats were old Tech tracks and I was wondering why the man himself picked a random Godemis song instead. I was really confused about the connection

    Matt McKinley

    +NICHOLAS TE-AUTE you act like he did it sneakily... lol dafuq. and btw Who the fuck you think produced his album......


    dafuq. lol who do you think produced it bro? i know my rappers mate. worry bout yourself cuz


    lol shut up

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    Braeden Christiansen

    Same I had to revisit the original song

    Kierra Sealey

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    +HiiiPower_Glove glad tech sent me here cuz godi raw


    +Kierra Sealey ey im searching for it but not finding anything...

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    Steve Queef

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    +cockroachafro HAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHA just get hip to metaphysics nd shit and start rhyming... boom welcome to strange muzik ^S^

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