CES Cru - Tidal Wavy Lyrics

We ain't rocking with you clowns never no more
It's going down a level, CES is on that deep shit
Tidal wavy so that shady gotta drown slow
I'm telling whoever could ever keep a secret
You hightailing, I ain't even tryna reach it
You only care about yourself and that's weak shit
Never mind that cosign, you can keep it
We not inspired by you liars in the least bit

Open non aggression, guess I had enough of static
I don't need a power circle, all of y'all can have it
I don't even wanna rap, I do this out of habit
The blackest magic, I can pull a hat out of a rabbit
It's a mystery, me and Ubi compatible
We making history silly you wanna battle who
We calling audible oughta knew we had a few
Life is a bitch with a lot of bit of an attitude
And I done seen it all around these parts
Growing numb to the bum bloody fucking retard
Never go to be smart, better know if we start
We hear to teach a rookie that the poetry's art
You can only see as far as the eye will allow
If you been rocking with us, then you feel it by now
I never met a copycat who stealing my style
Lot of rappers prob'ly wouldn't if they only knew how

We ain't rocking with you clowns never no more
It's going down a level, CES is on that deep shit
Tidal wavy so that shady gotta drown slow
I'm telling whoever could ever keep a secret
You hightailing, I ain't even tryna reach it
You only care about yourself and that's weak shit
Never mind that cosign, you can keep it
We not inspired by you liars in the least bit

Fuck your conspiracy theories just know that we conspire
I contemplate whether a man soul can be acquired
I'm walking on a wire, wonder what they desire
To see me succeed or tumble into a lake of fire
I'm in the same attire in the act got the lost
How can you do nothing but win and end up at a loss
I had to laugh it off, acting like he had the sauce
These hackers say I had a cross from the baddest boss
I'm sick as hell, pissing blood, used to have a cough
I hunt 'em down and hunt 'em all, same as Saginaw
We walk a war path, had to cross a dice road
Living for self and only self, you're prone to die alone
Rocking the microphone, CES is like a cyclone
Making the sky glow, turn up, call the dial tone
Get off your iPhone, boy I'm in the rhyme zone
Walking over pine-cones shining like a rhinestone

We ain't rocking with you clowns never no more
It's going down a level, CES is on that deep shit
Tidal wavy so that shady gotta drown slow
I'm telling whoever could ever keep a secret
You hightailing, I ain't even tryna reach it
You only care about yourself and that's weak shit
Never mind that cosign, you can keep it
We not inspired by you liars in the least bit

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CES Cru Tidal Wavy Comments
  1. Virtuosity

    This song under rated af

  2. incrediblebulge

    This shit, like all CES, goes hard as fuck while making it look easy. They're so so far ahead of rap, I think they dont get the appraise they deserve

  3. LRTRE

    This shit bang so haaard in the whip..

  4. Ashley Ramsett


  5. Colton Smith

    Who else here Knows K.A.A.N. and Bleverly Hills? They just came out with an album today with a song on it called E Money and I'm pretty sure it has this same beat just changed up a lil bit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luRtm7qU4GM

  6. John the Rapper

    Who were they referring to in the hook when they say shady?

  7. nick t

    Came from myth streamer

  8. Edin Kuduzovic

    Bro I'm eating a sandwich right now! THUMBS UP

  9. kai

    If you are from myth's stream you are really good at finding music lol

    Phat DOCT

    kawaii. Lmao. Thats how I found this song

    Dustin Pennyworth

    Ayee bahah


    deep shit


    Myth barz

  10. Young Royalty

    "Walking over pine-cones shining like a rhinestone"


  11. Kyle Lotus

    This is the shit! See you and my ninja G MO in MA!

  12. urdeath01

    Literally on replay all day!!

  13. kjswazy

    Look what you made me do

  14. Zach Elliott

    Without Ces, strange would be a bust.

  15. Adam Quinton

    FffffUCK yeah

  16. Yung Thug

    This song 🔥🔥


    UBI is fukin crazy on this song with is crazy patterns, flow, and word play

  18. Jeffrey K

    The black is magic i can pull a hat out of a rabbit

  19. Tiny Tina

    This duo right here, holy fuuuck.
    Mainstream gots to go, ppl don't know what they missing

  20. Tintifaxify

    fuuuuuuukkk that tune is fire

  21. Mike Reyna

    This even had my 55 yr old co worker bumping his head to this shit 🔥🔥🔥

  22. choctawndnjp

    If you are here reading this comment before 50k views.....welcome to STRANGE and we hope you enjoy this eargasim music you have just discovered. Enjoy!

  23. Jacob Sutton

    This beat is so beautiful and dope. So fire with those verses

  24. Bratley

    I have been a fan of strange for like 7 years + now and I showed my dad strange and tech like all the time but out of no where he searched up strange music and he found ces cru and hes like the biggest fan of ces we have seen them twice now . this is one of my favorite story's

  25. QuakoVide0

    horadric... nostalgia mode on... so stay a while and listen

    greets from poland

  26. gabrele.g Green

    They need other track with Mac lethal!!

    John C

    lmao that old ass clown? He is a washed up joke lmao.

  27. Sykoangelo

    is this a shot a icp? if so i love it lol either way i love it

  28. Dj Shadee

    Joyner Lucas

    Dacoda Frist

    Dj Shadee these dudes are way past joyner bro. Wake up

  29. doctordrizzay

    Ces Cru is the only thing out of Strange Music...thats actually strange. Even Tech is bland now :/

    Itz Swifty

    doctordrizzay you say that when you have wrekonize album new mayday album JL and two new tech n9ne albums coming after tech dropped his commercial album no-one liked much of


    I might get streams of hate for this comment, but Ubi is pulling Godemis down to rock bottom, Godemis would do so fucking good if he went solo - I still have mad respect for them, and for staying together through that many years

    See Ruse

    Tobias Kronow you are smokin' crack they are each unique. ubi carries his weight.

  31. Redant23

    Ces Cru is da shiit

  32. Yoshikage EHKOS

    Ceaselessly Executing Suckas

  33. Yoshikage EHKOS

    I'm in love with this beat

  34. Owen Maguire II

    they need to ask tech if they could do a song with cypress hill cus there back and I think a co op would be nuts

  35. Justin Love

    did hes dis tech at the begining

    Gilbert Grape

    What?......Naahh. Nobody disses Tech.

  36. Alex Carter

    I dont know how they can top this album, unless the next one is literally called "40 Fire Ass Rap Verses Over 20 Beats of Only Fucking Cowbell."

  37. Zulfy

    Where my Joyner Lucas fans at


    Just came from Myth's stream, I heard the instrumental and I'm like HOLD UP...is that LWYMMD?

    kinkle buts

    Shut up

    Gregory Agee

    Did Joyner have that beat out first or ces? I'm barely listening to joyners track


    Joyner sampled this song to make the beat to LWYMMD

  38. OpherOfficial

    Then Joyner bit the beat

  39. optimistically cynical .

    haven't watched yet know im gonna like it based on title

  40. Akinb Vinnelie


  41. Aaron Haynes

    Can we get a CESDAY album. My #1 request.

    Delon Agee

    that'd be dope asf



    Big Z BeatZ


  42. Ferta

    Ouuuh yeeaaahh!!!

  43. Ernie Jr.

    Fav song on the album!

  44. Russell Reihart

    Why did Godemis drop off the end of the Strictly Strange tour? Is he OK?

  45. chagis100

    This album is straight flames

  46. Parker Knepp

    Did you guys post this cause Joyner Lucas Sampled this?

    Mohammad Al- Blooshy

    Parker Knepp yeah that might be possible.

    Parker Knepp

    what do you think of that new Joyner album tho? Thought it was pretty good.

    Mohammad Al- Blooshy

    Parker Knepp definitely the album of the year for me. Shit was so hard Damn.

    Parker Knepp

    It's my 2nd Fav as of right now. I like Joey Badass's "All Amerikkkan Badass" better. All the Songs were thought out and played a bigger part in the overall concept of the album. You should check it out

    Mohammad Al- Blooshy

    Parker Knepp haven't heard the album yet but I def will.

  47. QuakoVide0

    this dope LP is unreachable for average people, you wont make lot of money out of it, but this is pure art, keep killin it

  48. alec hill

    i wanna throw a verse on this verse

  49. Hektik T9x

    Ninja approved!!

  50. juan juan

    needs better sum just cant get hand on it but its cool

  51. Pride909

    God... i can't like these 2 they are so bad to me.

    Jay Johann

    Ace Play based on his inability to use words that have more than one syllable I'm putting money on him being 5 and not understanding the lyrics or, him being a mainstream backpacker.


    yep you got me, that's completely the reason why. what a moron.

  52. Ti Nicole Official

    Underrated af🤦🏾‍♀️💯🔥❗️

  53. ZzHighVoltageZz


  54. Jesse Perez

    they probably put it back cause of one Joyner's songs has same beat

    Kimberley Gates

    Not the same beat. It samples this

  55. DahknessDondre

    I see that you uploaded this after Joyner's album came out with the same, or atleast an almost identical, beat on it ("Look what you made me do" is the song title for those that don't know)

    Jesse Perez

    DahknessDondre actually ces cru did it first that's why he post it


    Jesse Perez I know Ces Cru used this first, I have the album. I said that they uploaded this to Youtube right after Joyner released his album, which included a song with an almost identical instrumental.

    DemiGodZilla G

    yea, it's not like they were working on a video or anything to delay this songs release to youtube. Seems weird to me too

  56. Lorenzo Billy Begay


    When the rest of the visuals droppin'?

  57. Derek Ell

    dope song I know this by heart

  58. Derek Ell

    dope song I know this by jeart

  59. Derek Ell

    already done know this song by heart

  60. J0WNZ33

    Like Simply Cause It's Strange!

    kinkle buts

    J0WNZ33 TWAT

  61. arewhyinoh

    You owe me new headphones, these ones just caught fire.

    Marek Šajner

    mine were washed away by a tidal wave...

  62. thatonedude88 8


  63. word2yermutha

    needs more cowbell


    how much cowbell does it need? 🤔


    chiefsonic24 All of the cowbell! 🔔

    Thomas Parsons

    needs nothing but cow bell!

  64. Spoon Boy

    Waaaavvy! 🌊🙌

  65. casperog

    the only thing that fails ces cru is they never have good hooks.. its just unending verses..which to some is painful

    Yoshikage EHKOS

    Yeah, Power Play, Wavy, and Klick Clack Bang all have terrible hooks. /s
    I prefer bars every day of the week.


    casperog I can see the cyber bullying at siccness.net has taken it's toll... keep your head up, you miserable man.

    See Ruse

    casperog and by some I'm sure you mean the masses that are into mumble trash.


    listen to some of their older albums

    First Last

    I actually really like their hooks. Ubiquitous solo album was my favourite album of all time, plus the hooks were great

  66. Kid Buddy Son

    Best song on the album, maybe haha.

    Gilbert Grape

    Highlanders is my favorite.

  67. Chriz View

    godemis is so underrated

    Chriz View

    payne 132 true. I still love The Deevil though


    I would like to be so underrated, to be in strange music, making dozens of thousands $ , but I know what you mean

    ever never

    Chriz View i agree


    yuuuuuuuuup, hoping for a new solo album from Godemis soon. Just too dope


    My dude said “ the blackest magic, I could pull a hat out of a rabbit “🔥😳

  68. MrBrklyn212UndergroundHipHop


  69. ChiefSonic9

    wheres the cowbell dude? 🤔

  70. Yungstakz1

    This is dope still to this day I was surprised to hear Joyner Lucas use a beat with the same synth on Look what you made me do

  71. Highlander_420_ skyx

    Musica extranaña

  72. Jamal Ashley


  73. Summit

    fuck you Tekikizler

  74. high_reacher

    needs a triangle solo

  75. Collin Breidenbach

    who rocked the beat better? Ces or Joyner 🤔

    Eddie Harding

    Collin Breidenbach or stefflon don

    Gregory Agee

    CES my man. I'm literally listening to Joyner's sample. he goes off too but I gotta go with CES on it

  76. Arc Design

    old song, but still a banger 🔥🔥🔥 also first