CES Cru - Sound Bite Lyrics

[Verse 1 - Godemis:]
Paint my face now you're hearin' a clown right?
The flow's Tyson, livin' fear in the sound bite
What the fuck y'all want, with a nigga with no marbles
Put hearts in a jar then swallow the whole jarful
Blind marksman in a ghillie suit, let off
With a grunt, while I murder in mini troops
They're miniature, many troops in need of a medic, they better rap gauze
I'm a heretic and never pray to a rap god
I fling blood on a door, whisper prayers in reverse
Cast curse sling blood on a whore
Slap the fuck out the Deacon, he's reachin' for that book
Set the pages to flames, your lord is a lame, look
I'ma invert the crucifix, feast on a virgin
Work the word thin, use Rittz for toothpicks
My Strange family crew's loose knit
The radio don't even give us no play and we don't give two shits
Jason Deevil, define his rhymin' illegal
While he's takin' warning shots out the eye of an iron eagle
Wavy, I battle goons, you mad at whom, you outta tune
But I ain't worried, they versed me inside a padded room

[Verse 2 - Ubiquitous:]
My vibe hummin' it come from inside a dyin' sun
Added to the Saturn moons, Pythagoras find a sum
Livin' by the sword, my strict diet is by the gun
Claimin' they not pussy but wet as vagina comes
Feelin' fresh off the bus, big trees on my brain
Run up in the spot, eyes freeze on my frame
They lookin' I ain't tryin' to duck
See what the club cookin' up
Bad bitch, heaven sent, hellbent on hookin' up
In the back of the venue, she puttin' pressure on me
No matter how much she push, it's never gon be
I swear this lifestyle was never for me
I swear to the god of war, I'll never tour free
Now I'm swimmin' in dirty women, let me backstroke
I could leave it to beaver, be the Eddie Haskell
Damn, now I'm comin' off like a petty asshole
But it's better than buyin' beers for Betty Bashful
Hah, What I'm tryin' to see is some steady cash flow
Rain down parade style, confetti the flag flowin'
I'm on a float flyin', with dope sinus
Sniffin' out the lames, I came with co-signage
Flame, don't buy in the game, Kobe Bryant
If they don't know why, they can blame the flow
I ain't afraid to show, shinin' my chain
Frankly a fraction of what you find in my brain
Lie entertained, eye on the game
Watchin' my environment change

[Verse 3 - Godemis and Ubiquitous:]
Where many have passed on, only I've remained
Livewire the game, prolly kick a hole in ya brain
If we spinnin' out of control, ya know I'm rollin' a plane
Ces so entertain(ing), Never sick with the Gan(grene)
Think it could be so wonderful, run with the A-(team)
I bet you sweatin' bullets from under the ray(beam)
Cause my penis and my pistol do sorta the same (thing)
You full of faith, fearful of shit that you ain't seen
Fans are reppin' Ces from here in the middi to Beijing
Is the sandman comin' to give me a daydream?
Puttin' y'all under the dirt and we gettin' away clean
I'm stickin' cool with karma, and bear the weight like I'm movin' in water
Illuminati's an illusion now use a comma
Show me a rap god, Tutankhamun is too uncommon
Pompeii when I'm bustin, I'm spewin' lava
And you ain't gotta ask why it works, or backslide your words
All you gotta know is we both back, dyin' of thirst
Every session is blessed, I'm baptisin' the verse
You better hold ya breath when you pass by the church
Uh, I put my people on Jack Ryan alert
Please pacify the perp in the back buyin' the shirt
Our core fans bumpin' this track ridin' to work
Mature fans classy as yours, we goin worldwide
Really we only came for packin' the floor mamps
That girl fly but she's mackin' the doorman
After the show it's back to the tour van
Pack Packed full of clothes, I'm back on the road

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CES Cru Sound Bite Comments
  1. Spyrohiphop

    These two just got perfect chemistry

  2. Kyle McCormack

    We want this back... make peace!

  3. Cocain Shack69

    When finishing people's sentences haha

  4. C. Washington


  5. ItsOnlyGenjutsu

    Man i have nothing but for respect for their craft, as I'm also a lyricist. And their synergy is always on point. But as a Christian the message just kills me. Even though I still come back from time to time to hear the sick delivery and sound lol. I lost my shit when I first found this. It had I was in the first 999 views.

  6. Jay Johnson

    Lost MY MARBLES Peter PAN

  7. Zach Rowe

    Yo did he dissed em in this..?

  8. Some Guy From The Internet

    I need a job so I can listen to this on the way to work.

  9. Westside Johnny

    2o19 anyone

  10. luis juarez

    When you realize it has no chorus and it sounds amazing.

    Roope Lokka

    many of ces cru songs dont have chorus.. wich makes the special !

  11. Lee MacWilliams

    Bare karma

  12. bobby armstrong

    Here in 2019 CES!

  13. Fish Man

    Sniper in the ghillie suit let off!

  14. Elijah Beasley

    2019 and this song still go hard af



  16. Ryan Puentes

    Somebody killlin 👍

  17. Sebastian Wiater

    Make more songs like that, that shit is fire !

  18. steven mckinney

    Damm majority of people see that thee guys are fire inn all areas of what defines good rap but are highly underrated but the feeling ofreceiving the deeper messages years and years after listening to them frequently your heart is on fire with gratification .as if to tell your self I told you so damn

  19. Hoss Cigar Reviews

    Did em even try for these guys? Probably not, em doesn't wanna fuck with strange music. They'd collectively put him down

  20. Cora Lewis

    Ces Cru - Sound Bite

  21. Andrew

    Pythagoreas finest sum 🔥

  22. Rob S

    That beat is just NASTY!

  23. Austin Vogel

    Fresh to death!!!!!!

  24. Dawg Bruiser

    did the oruginal video get deleted

  25. D awesome

    Ces cru. One of the most underrated group ever in the history of rap. Ces cru keep it up beat is tight lyrics are clever! One of my favorites!

  26. Miss Coexist

    This is a straight up Gem. Mad respect 💯💯

  27. BIG ShANK

    I can't believe they never got big man. They're so lyrical

  28. Unity Assault

    It’s 2018 how come you only have 2k likes.. disrespectful

  29. Ryan Ulrich

    Holy shit this flow is great! I can't wait to see them and G-Mo Skee next month!

  30. Mr_ Whitehair

    This song burned down my apartment, now im homeless please help

  31. Miss Coexist

    This is fucking hip hop #cescru

  32. Jthomaseh P

    That subtle rap god diss tho

  33. Robert Blakey

    Ces Cru does not lip synch if yall know anything about music production.
    You can definitely tell the difference just by listening

  34. Mr Pebis

    The rap god lines aren't Eminem disses. Ces said in an interview that they believe Eminem is one of the best rappers of all time, and they weren't disrespecting his claim of being a rap god

  35. Joe Kuszmaul

    love ces or die foreal

  36. Adrian dash

    These guys and audio push would be a good collab

  37. Ceas 804

    been rymin for years thought hip hop was dead but hearing ces is sparked something in my mentality good to hear something that makes sense and pushes these lost mindz into a new horizon of thought madd props keep em comin ill keep em bumpin

  38. Zubair Patel

    Only 234k views? WTF is wrong with the music scene.


    Zubair Patel to this day, I wonder the same damn thing bro

  39. Yung Dolo


    Miss Coexist

    Yung Dolo because people ain’t shit

    BzwaxX of deaFicit

    Definitely because the mob doesnt understand good music.

  40. Armondo STRANGE

    ubi is a rap god

  41. Emma Wow

    so sick y'all are my favorite 💙

  42. Miss Coexist

    Fucking love @ubiquitous

  43. Miss Coexist

    Meanwhile, in real hiphop...

  44. MumblzDelusional

    They flow off each other so well!!! CES \m/\m/

  45. merryjahwanna

    This song is SO lyrically ridiculous! I can't wait to see ces cru live on Monday!

  46. MrTHitta

    damn that fade in then out so genius

  47. wellknown257

    Fire as always

  48. Justin Hatcher

    Your Lord is a lame nook, invert the crucifix.
    Ces busting shots, mainstream down.

  49. James Foster

    that ain't rap it's just as satanic as the industry music..

  50. James Foster

    never again......cess

  51. Matthew Laupmanis

    this is what main stream rap should be

  52. Anotha One

    So underrated... 🔥🔥

  53. ItchyBallz

    Shit this beat poppin and the lyrics top it!

  54. Moe

    Which shoes does godemis wear?


    Moe he wears crocks


    RESILIENT562 thank you

  55. TheIlkofTheString

    all this love is so beautiful

  56. brandon kersant

    I like their synchronization. it's insanely smooth when they switch.


    brandon kersant
    It feels like a split personality. Like a mind debating with itself. The angel and devil on your shoulders thing. Hella clean.


    @jakedizzle bro thank you. That's exactly what it's like

  57. MaGiCMushroomClouds

    Use rigs for toothpicks! nice.


    ImaginaryGod I'm pretty sure he says ribs bro

  58. Taylor Buchanan

    Nice saturn references...

  59. datboi 7

    how the fuck did I miss this.

  60. Shadow

    Now this is real rap Fuck the mainstream rap

    Colton Gates

    This comment is so ignorant😂😂

  61. Shintaro _

    1:41 Godemis dabbed before it was a thing. Damn


    oh shit your right lol my bad

    Parkway Sleeper

    +Geddy Taylor nigga that's hopsin but it's all good :)

    Anthonie Silver

    Parkway Sleeper nigga no techs drummer is the judge in Ill mind 8

    Jthomaseh P

    Anthonie Silver That was after dabbing was a thing bud.

    Hayden Gary

    Skippa da Flippa did it before anyone

  62. Thor Thoth

    "Please pacify the perp in the back buying a shirt."

  63. John Thatcher

    This song is so underrated!

  64. Tyrique Coleman

    My headphones overheated thanks to these two.

    Insert Valid User Name Here.

    since when can headphones overheat..lmao

    Joe Huchinson

    +Prehban Fox since the cru is ces I guess

  65. Shintaro _

    There was a The Weeknd ad before this and I was like really... I came to listen to quality rap.

    Colton Gates

    Define real rap

    Psycho G

    Musicology Strange Music.

    Ash Stewart

    Dalton Triputra the Weeknd ain't even rap. Also theres a dope remix of the hills with Eminem.

  66. Theresa Ramos

    the ILLUMINATI fuck each other in the redwoods...boys only right?

    High Guy

    thats CLASSIFIED

    Theresa Ramos

    well...I saw the video

    High Guy

    +Theresa Ramos still classified. . . .

  67. Theresa Ramos

    CES is bodying BARRACK..he is jacking his thoughts

  68. Theresa Ramos

    just get away and leave me...it isn't like it hasn't happend before... you need to just go because I am not a game and you don't own me and if you own me...why did you neglect me like an old vacant piece of shit building.

  69. Theresa Ramos

    and that was the story of THIS WEEK WITH LAMAR ODOM...any questions?

  70. Theresa Ramos

    soon as they light me up I will hug them...please feed me gasoline ces...I will burst into flames and hug you till you cry...

  71. Theresa Ramos

    don't pretend you didn't just fill your cup...

  72. Theresa Ramos

    your jealous girlfriends are here to beat me up again...your life will change because I will not give you a scent to use it against me...you just car hop like it doesn't kill the tree...If you own the game, why do you just play me like it is right?

  73. Austin Clouse

    ik my stuff man

  74. Austin Clouse

    better w freestyle than em is no disrespect towards him but they got more dope lyrics than he does

    Austin Clouse

    +CheckMa7eyGB ik that i was just voicing my opinion out there.

    Michael Flint

    +Austin Clouse do your homework kid.

  75. Joe Dobson

    These guys are so fire man

  76. kikoredog

    ces cru fucking VEVO? i just died


    +kikoredog why


    +itzJipzy Cuz they got away with saying fuck, I think


    +mazemir1 VEVO censors it based on the viewership and discussions they see online about any profanity.

    TheFastest Nutt

    why? I'm interested to know

  77. rcu1995

    Bad bitch,
    Heaven sent,
    Hell bent,
    On hookin up....

    That's ridiculous word play....


    @***** No kidding!

    Evan Holmes

    rcu1995 explain please

  78. Daniel Mundt

    they make me want me to learn more about the skilled craft of rap poetry and spoken word ....ddm

    Peter pemrich

    its all practice. this level Is about 10 or more years practice.

  79. Brian Jones

    One! 1! Two less than Three!...thumbs down!...WTFFF!...your ears are broke!


    Their beats are always so unorthodox I love it

    High Guy

    thats because strange music producers and. . .them

    Andy McLeod

    Fuck yeah

  81. Matthew Johnson

    its kinda crazy how Ces has blown up. They have really come to the front as some of the biggest players in Strange Music.

    Miss Coexist

    Matthew Johnson most def

    Roope Lokka

    its all earned bro

  82. Kaleb Stafford

    Its not really an em diss...ubi talked about it...but he also said if it was took like that then so be it its called ego stripper and they strip rappers nekid on this one...em is no god, he been biting esham and icp for years and keeps an ear to the underground for new shit to jack...

    Jeremy w

    Everybody dogs ICP they're a joke.

    jonathan jacobs

    ICP is fucking joke.

    Kaleb Stafford

    There would be no twiztid, ces, etc.. without icp, they're the masters of the underground

    jonathan jacobs

    @Kaleb Stafford Kaleb please stop.  Em would still be rappin and CES would definitely still be rapping.  Damn Juggalos need to stop....

  83. acieee187


  84. BennyJoyTV

    I like it, unrated I think they are. But this sorta sounds like they dissed Eminem a couple times


    ya because they are definately better 

    Danny Sirota

    They wouldn't still be signed to strange. Tech wouldn't have that. It would ruin his career too.


    BennyJoyTV "Show me a rap god" it was a play on Tech N9ne's "show me a god" and Eminem's "rap god"

    Mr Pebis

    They weren't dissing Eminem. In an interview they said that there's no doubt that Eminem is one of the best of all Time and they weren't disrespecting his claim (claim of being a "rap god")

  85. yotam feigin

    CES CRU Flow Is Sick . Wow. So Underrated 

    kathryn Walker

    yotam feigin will