CES Cru - Radiate Lyrics

[Hook: UBI]
They try to play me close
Well keep your lady safe
Hoppin' the way we go
I'm super fly, aviate
Made for the radio
Feel my vibe radiate
Made for the radio
Feel my vibe radiate

[Verse 1: UBI]
They try to eat us up
They like the way we taste
They wanna trade me places
But they afraid of fate
They don't know a layaway
Struggle on a day to day
Juggle when I play with weight
Hussle for the paper chase
You slippin' and trippin'
As if you ain't afraid of me
They tippin' liquor bottles
While I sip upon an A to B
Eons beyond their capability
Skill I breathe and have em second guessin
I question their credibility
Movin' on em like a millipede
They slippin' under
Permanent slumber come from my soliloquy
I feel the breeze, blowin' in the open air
Check my destination, now they wonder why I'm goin' there
No where to go but up, they turn my ups to downs
Knowing what's around the corner
Turn a circle, fuck around
They call it luckin' out, I use a different word
Call upon me day or night, but never call my gift a curse

[Hook: UBI]
They wanna play me close,
Well keep your lady safe
Hoppin' the way we go
I'm super fly, aviate
Made for the radio
Feel my vibe radiate
Made for the radio
Feel my vibe radiate
Shootin' with devil dice
We playin' crazy 8's
Beamin' on em with my sunlight
I see their shady face
Made for the radio
Feel my vibe radiate
Made for the radio
Feel my vibe radiate

[Verse 2: Godemis]
They try to greet us but don't recognize the face
They want liquor and cases, you'll probably bump their brakes
They ain't so control evate? Ain't nobody holdin' weight
KIM and motivate, strangers strugglin' for a plate
I'm rippin' and clippin' anybody whose flyin' round
Sippn' KC teas, and Ubiquiti's bout fire around
Zero below, and they ain't feelin' me
Yes we got em crunchin' the numbers
And now they knowin' who the killers be
Wavy on em like I'm poppin' pills
They slip and crumble
Wonderin' if we will now that we got a deal
I'm blowin' trees, tokin' with a smokin' flare
Yes no hesitation, God is here and I'll be goin' there
Shit UBI's sobered up, I'm tryin' to roll a pound
Double tap the walking dead, and dip up out the fuckin' town
The Deevil dippin' out, even with vision blurred
Call upon me day or night, the Smith? is in my bitch's purse

[Hook: Godemis]
They try to play me close
But can't invade in the space
Up and away we go
It's do or die, aviate
Made for the radio
Feel my vibe radiate
Made for the radio
Feel my vibe radiate
Cuttin' the Devil thrice
Carvin' a figure eight
Wavy on em, wavin' in traffic
I see their shady face
Made for the radio
Feel my vibe radiate
Made for the radio
Feel my vibe radiate

[Verse 3: UBI]
They couldn't say she ate the hunger in my appetite
To ask me why I'm angry and not bat a eye is asinine
I stay a path a night, pondering the afterlife
Conquering my rapid eye, slomberin'? my rap disguise
They couldn't classify my purpose for perniciousness
Pest control, exterminate. Determination, it's a bitch
Searchin' for the certainty, tip a glass of Tanqueray
Kiss me and I kiss you back, kickin' ass, takin' names

[Verse 4: Godemis]
What the fuck is so great, livin' out a rapper's life
Tryin' to carve a niche in everything you love's a sacrifice
You're here and half the plight, somberin' the satinite
Bout to write the type of shit that makes you want to pack a pipe
Travelin' on the Pharcyde, laugh cab in Kansas City?
Strategines right outta my gotta rep for the 'mity?
I sing a song of solitude, serenade the audience
Run it back for simple jack, who never gathered all of it

[Hook: Ces Cru]

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CES Cru Radiate Comments
  1. Spartan2818

    Still trying to figure out if it's vibratiate or vibe radiate. I like the former.

  2. nora lewin

    Celestial extraterrestrial sensation

  3. Jim James

    One of their best!

  4. Cleo Jones

    U came to ME when I was all alone and I thank You. Keep Commin  Back!

  5. Cleo Jones

    Dew Drop In...PEACE.

  6. Miguel McQueen

    Does anybody know where I can get this instrumental?

  7. Brte Ter

    i see where you get all of the concepts in which your verses come from vibrations radiating

  8. Devon StrangeMusic

    Austin Roberts you got that wish. They releasing an album this month with 13 artists. Including wreckonize. He's part of !mayday! Now

  9. ColdProductAisle9

    Strange could you please release the instrumentals for that album especially this and Juice. I know it's probably a good amount of work to get everyone's consent, but I would love to just fuck around on these beats. Thanks for the awesome music anyways!

  10. Clap4TheMoment


  11. Cameron Cooper

    They just murder everything that comes their way.

  12. dirtmaop

    looks fuckin stupid...

  13. Corey Ensign

    It's a tag I use on everything ... Fb twitter it's not that serious

  14. Turtle Loner

    you sounded cool at first but now you just sound really lame with stupid hashtags on fucking youtube

  15. Lisa Martinez

    Capture Enemy Soldiers.... ;)

  16. texek095

    TROLOLO ))))

  17. VII

    Creative.... *sigh*

  18. Ryan Rob

    This album is actually VERY good

  19. thewtfcomedyshow

    I want to see a video for this too...in fact I have camera and crew and script...just not the ces cru....anyone....anyone for tennis....buller buller.....pm me...plz.

  20. TheStrangeJuggalo

    Cutting Everyone to Shreds. This album is actually pretty good.

  21. Zippi816n

    i didnt notice that lol

  22. thekidkiwin

    I want to see a video for this!

  23. richard johnson

    Crazy Euphoric Synonyms

  24. max lovelight

    Creative Enlightenment Sounds

  25. A Rip

    Can Everyone Stop?

  26. texek095

    Can Extra Suck

  27. Ambrose Wagner

    Or can't eat sweets

  28. billy

    nahhh ces = cant entertain stupid.

  29. Old School

    whooo! you a genius

  30. Meow .Oner

    hip hop lives <3

  31. PsyPhus MusiK

    It's not capture enemy soldiers idiot. Read the cover

  32. Blueberry Butt Rape

    "Capture Enemy Soldiers" = ces as well this is nothing new

  33. skillshappen87

    noooo reallly??

  34. mothug742069

    you can always tell when its Info Gates when it sounds like there are live instruments in it. Also sevens beats have a lot of variations in them. c'mon now ya'll

  35. yeah bro i got snow

    well then fuck you sir
    prozak is a good rapper

  36. N Word Joe

    oh really? i was just guessing cuz i heard them mention seven in a couple songs, ive heard some inf gates but not much. im sure im gonna be hearing more of him from strange lol

  37. Jewlian Rios

    because no one would have figured that out if you didn't point it out -_-;

  38. TheKCClassics

    actually its Info Gates from KC check him out

  39. TheButtweed

    i wonder how son of Sam will be

  40. TheButtweed

    @cocoa9270 Na not April fool, annual fool cuz prozak is fool all year not just a month

  41. TheButtweed


  42. TheButtweed


  43. doctordrizzay

    yeah most likely

  44. N Word Joe

    techs in house producer most likely. Micheal "Seven" Summers

  45. James Quint, Jr

    The synth leads in CES's beats are the smoothest and intoxicating i've ever heard. Anbody know what music instruments are being use here? Who's producing these?

  46. Agorist

    haha ALon3 in the url

  47. yeah bro i got snow

    you forgot april fools at the end man

  48. Meow .Oner

    my boys did it again ! it's CES CRU bitch!

  49. Burger Flipper

    Strange is probably doing this for publicity... They need it

  50. Real Talk Gaming

    i know what your talkin bout.....it just sounds....like people sayin shit and not music....

  51. andres torres

    ur ignorant as fuck

  52. brandon ciddio

    to myuch of a white boy, his lyrics are aigh, but too white
    sounds fucking gay

  53. TheButtweed

    Yeah, Fuck prozak
    He don't know how to rap.. He stands there and pretty much talks in one tone
    I'm not talking Shit!! I have paranormal autographed
    Wish I didn't cuz it was a waists of $10
    I mainly don't like him cuz he is a Dick hole I'm person

    Mikal Kirwin

    I'm sure anyone can be if they are having a bad day bro but to talk shit about his flow yall weak af check the verse in strangulation and eat your words punk

  54. DeadOnArrival45

    Tech, Travis, you guys need to.sign Twiztid next now that they are off Psychopathic. Do it!!

  55. INDIE Slays

    You're kidding me right? Prozak is talented and dope as hell, I love his style, his harder style. Hip hop and metal mixed together. His word play and everything is great!

  56. TheButtweed

    Like if you'd like to see tech n9nna with red hair again one more time

  57. TheButtweed

    Ces is Hella dope, strange music don't know how to sign and put out bad artists (other than prozak)
    Fuck Prozac

  58. Luis Aguillon

    maybe just one more replay

  59. Tyler Guthman

    Shit is raw. Would like too see more actual videos

  60. CerebraL


  61. Matthew B. Kelley

    Keep it strange

  62. Photi Karagiannis

    oh really?

  63. Austin Roberts

    I rap for fun in my living room home alone with the surround bursting instrumentals. ive been a strange music animal since way back.. ces, rittz, brutha lynch, n9neeee, and all the rest are the best in the music industries keep hustling guy you are my hip hop heros. if anyone from strage music reads this i hope you guys take this to heart and know that hiphop saved my life and i have some crazy lyrics. I cant wait for strange music to do a whole team collab with Wreckonize doing the co rouses

  64. Soplias

    Please dont upload every song like you did with Black Gold :/

  65. overkill1994

    Ya dingus.

  66. Narka720

    Ya don't say.

  67. Wild Boy

    Really? damn you are fuckin genius !

  68. sorin norris

    my favourite white rapper :D

  69. Southrydge Freedom

    Thumbs up if you pre-ordered it like me!

  70. Koltunn

    Dope Beat.

  71. Jeff The Pop Hunter

    fucking amazing

  72. Jaloppy911

    Ces Cru is going to make it huge

  73. InKa4484

    Hurry up and add Smoke i want to add it to my playlist.

  74. Janoy Cresva

    Constant Energy Struggles = CES

  75. Lorenzo Fliermans


  76. wybie the loner

    my ears enjoy listening to this :p


    sooo goood