CES Cru - Pressure Lyrics

[Verse 1 – Ubiquitous:]
You know I just let that roll off
Yeah, it used to be I wasn’t brave enough to do it
So I’d lie and say I did it
Now I do it but I’m afraid to admit it
I know some people out there are hatin' pray that I quit it
Proving those people wrong is just part of staying committed
Pray I remain consistent, smiling and taking pictures
Making wishes, a change of fate could only take an instant
Pimping, I’m flying like Aladdin, I been Arabian knighted
The current in my life so strong I’d be crazy to fight it
Back in the day, recycled sounds and gave me consignment
I wish the end could see me now and the way that I’m shining
Wrestle with pain in private, still they can’t fade me at rhyming
Cause all that pressure that they gave me just made me a diamond

[Hook – Godemis & Ubiquitous (x2):]
They try and front, put the pressure on us
But y’all know it ain’t nothing for real
It’s all to the energy in this piece
I’m saying peace so you know it’s for real

[Verse 2 – Godemis:]
They're wavy, riding in the line with them cheapskates
Provide the murder with the word whenever the beat breaks
You, you got a better chance of winning the sweepstakes
Me, I’m playing chicken with a comet in deep space
Unaware who the fuck they fornicating with, I flash
You don’t feel what I’m spilling, pucker up and kiss my ass
Keeping it on the humble, they figure I’m a pushover
My PMC's never sober no need of luck from a clover
The opposite of Jehovah, I know they want to box me in
I shine inside of the darkness, a radiant human being
And seeing me working at it should make you want to get at it
Come out and support the music or maybe even get tatted, cause

[Hook (x2)]

[Verse 3 – Rittz:]
Yeah, I always dreamed that I would be big
Still shaking off the dirt that we dig
In the past, it’s too bad we can’t relive
Excuse the prefix, I’ve seen some kids get some dope and show off
Too much gets broke off, like a tree twig
Some street shit, you wasn’t cut out for no beef, pig
Mic got you some paper but you faker than an E-cig
I’m tryna piece it up, I finally made it bro
They’re playing me on the radio but they don’t know like Rico Love
To get to where I’m at was challenging
Talented vultures was flying down on me, trying to stick their talons in
I just drink gallons of Crowne with my gal and I gallivant around Atlanta
Bent like a nail, I'm rich and smile when there’s pressure
Jonny Valiant and the Ces Cru, yeah

[Hook (x2)]

[Verse 4 – Ubiquitious:]
Let me keep it real with you, this is the meal ticket
Couple homies still kick it, wonder why’s feel different
I’m livin in the moment, know one day it will finish
But what is the point of reminiscing while I’m still in it
I kill the mission efficient and chill with bitches
She been feelin interested getting twisted and stealin
Kisses if the pictures surface, chill the missus will misinterpret
I’ll end up in a ditch as a missing person, it’s the gift and the curse
All of that love and attention come with some tension
You motherfuckers bunt for the fences come to your senses
I ain't the one to mention, you’re livin in one dimension
It’s all to the energy and we frigid with numb intention

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CES Cru Pressure Comments
  1. Heaven Squires

    Good so far 👍❤

  2. Raymo_2_u

    Hey CES, I remember you guys giving me a CD a long fucking time ago in New York...I lost it a while ago and I cant find the same title to get the song again.

    The chorus lyrics went:
    You tell me you love me, then you tell me you hate me, its driving me crazy

    Dopes anyone know the name of that song?

  3. Marshal N9ne

    Love this song it’s a Masterpiece

  4. Suade shoes

    Mad props to Godi on this went off the grid purposely. Hard to wrap my head around it, so many skills.

  5. John Williams


  6. D. S. Duenas

    Three of the Goats 🐐!

  7. Ahmed DAV

    Yeaaaaaahhhhhh I'm hiiiiigh

  8. Christopher

    Must fly with that Dragon bc y'all Alwayz Spit that 🔥 💯

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  11. DrasticK RebEL

    Beat is whack song licks

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  13. ahmed alfarhan

    Who alsse miss ces cru

  14. Evilflexx Dirgee

    Mac and devin go to highschool vibes 👌

  15. kriz zirk

    Old or not still better than much that is new from other people. But this is very much a spread of a vibe. Let the energy be passed around. 😎 treat it well.

  16. Ronny Ortiz


  17. Lorenzo Billy Begay

    Can't wait 4 dat nu Ces ft. Mayday & Murz 💟 or even Twiztid 👀

  18. Angie Angel

    I remember this track. Oooohhh. Nice.

  19. chris franco

    People keep asking why they uploading old stuff. Well it’s for me, I just found strange music and my eardrums can’t get enough!

  20. Ilija Tur

    Rittz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Spoon Boy

    "I'm living in the moment, knowing one day I will miss it, but what is the point of reminiscing while I'm still in it.."

  22. tech killa24

    Maaan this soo is soo good broo wow 🔥🔥

  23. Josh Cahill

    Strange needs more rittz collabs . He perfectly fits with there style

    John Kanary

    Bro rittz was on strange for 4 albums theres plenty of rittz colabs with strange artist. Strange made rittz big. Yes he was with yelawolf prior but not as known

  24. Steven Vialpando

    This is a re upload

  25. Rap god

    god damn rittz bitch!

  26. SmellyMellys GamePlay

    Good song. Nice they finally uploaded it this isnt new but its good to get it out there. Hope Rittz does more stuff with Strange.. Was sooo heartbroken when i found out they were letting rittz go few years back :( rittz love ya bud!

  27. Dean Austin

    Strange Music have only released one album this year and it’s nearly August. WTF is going on?!?

  28. Coffee Music

    Cheerz, Keeping real thru it all.🤘

  29. James Isaac

    I can't wait till you make more music Rittz

  30. wessel zandvliet

    Van Ruytenburghlaan 4, 2263 KG Leidschendam

    Said so het ready to het him out and blow down the door 4 real

  31. IXXI

    *CES* is the best!

  32. Sub to You Know Who

    Old af but happy to come back and listen to this!

  33. wenweru1

    Why dey uploading this? Do they always do this with old songs?

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    Funky fresh

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    Seven never fails it dont matter what the project is and the rappers always come in clutch its strange music ...

  42. Roger Schwarzinger

    CES Cru the best Crew! Best Hip Hop duo in the game hands down! I feel like you guys should still do a Music Video for Blindfold and then Que Lastima because of the litness and hype up turn up track, but first Blindfold, LITERALLY this track with the Music Video would have blown up crazy, if it were released in 2014, by now it would have at least 10 million views easy, and Que Lastima would have like 6 million views or even more! Hopsin said he wanted to do a Music Video for an old track, because why not, there is no rule that says you cannot put out a Music Video for a song that came out a long time ago, and it can't blow up, because it can! Literally imagine if it were released on Lyrical Lemonade, it would blow the fuck up, I mean if Comethazine can put out a track called Walk and it get 44 million views in 10 months, I am pretty sure Blindfold featuring Wrekonize, Que Lastima, Recession Proof, Off the Hook featuring Joey Cool, Purge, Gridlock, all of these songs are tracks you should have done Music Videos for, want to know what they all have in common? They are all huge and big tracks, that's what's going to create a big buzz, but first go with Blindfold and Que Lastima, if you do a MV for Blindfold, maybe add in some blue color in the background in the MV, I don't know lol the beat just gives me that vibe of blue color, and add a scene of rain and at night because of the ending part of the song, and if you could just contact Lyrical Lemonade aka Cole Bennet and get the job done, also you could release it on this channel, but I feel like if you released it on Lyrical Lemonade it would get so many more fucking views lol not joking, don't you guys want to get more views and popularity? So then what are you waiting for? Do those things I just mentioned and it shouuld turn out amazingly and awesome! You shouldn't care if it costs a good amount of money to film with him, I am pretty sure the result would be even more than worth it! Good luck guys!
    Edit- The reason why all of these new rappers are blowing up could also be because it's a new era and generation in Hip Hop, back in 2014 there probably weren't these new kids or adults listening to all of these guys, but now every since 2016 it seems to have blown off, so please do it, release those two videos first on Lyrical Lemonade! It'd blow up like crazy, and then all of your other videos will go up in views so it's a ridiculously crazy win win and opportunity.

  43. Ese Luh

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  46. heather hill

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  47. Benjaplay94

    Glad to hear some rittz I haven’t bfor and good job Ces come to Madison wi , you guys usually go to Milwaukee but I guarantee you will sell out madtown and have a good time peace like this new Album cover

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    I mean, it goes to show even Strange's social media team is human x)

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    .0000001 seconds into the song I knew it was gonna be a swanger

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    Why are they posting this now

    And it came out years ago?


    They like to post older ones for their newest subscribers and fans

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    I don't get why this would be posted now. This album is a few years old. Lol.

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    God damn dude, that first lyric really hit me hard. But I want to make music for a long time but was too scared to actually put myself out there. Now after years of writing lyrics but either not knowing how to make a beat or too scared to figure it out, I just dropped an EP.

  55. J Lisinski

    Wish I wasn't hearing this for the first time right now

    Anonymous Persona

    Me too bro but the timing was perfect for me right now.

  56. Are you Serious? For Real

    I See CES Cru or Rittz I hit Like

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    Strange Music you are my FAM ❤. You guys keep releasing the perfect songs at just the right time in my life. I'm really looking forward to seeing you guys live in America when I migrate to Canada.

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    @Strange Music Inc
    The name of the song is wrong.
    It's supposed to be Pressure not

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    Edit: Hey!

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    This is old af

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    Antone Baker haters gonna hate......

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    I wrote a song to strange music. I hope at least a couple of my fellow strangers listen🖤 https://soundcloud.com/user-259798151/a-letter-from-danny-prod-47shots

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    Best duo in a long, long time! 🖤

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    I quote you on that - Bratley

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    this my jam

    Splitting apart from the rape in your ear. That y'all be listening. Feeling. Gelling
    Wetting. Frequencies upsetting.. My central nervous. Systems. Two spines in my mind. Two Geminis. In my minds eye. That makes 4 inside. Didn't you realize. I ate me twin so splitting is my gift. The curse the crusade of the last of the lost madmen.

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