CES Cru - Power Play Lyrics

[Verse 1 - Godemis:]
Go head and move it, mama, I'm down to see you shake it
I live for money, honey, you make me wanna make it
I give a bloody fuck bout if you gots a couple rolls
I cut a line, you cut a rug, go head and touch your toes
And now we up in here acting like some fucking clowns
Tipping while we sipping, bout to order up another round
Spark it up to burn it down, ain't nobody's hurting now
Your bitch looking at me like I'm lunch, the tables turning round
W-A-V-Y, they can see why I be spazzing
The party go hard, we waking up, don't know what happened
From moody to laughing, to ready for action
Took another shot, sat down and watch that booty clappin'
She doing the back bend straight out of the Matrix
Something short of impressive the way she move them fake tits
Fronting like a slave, baby girl just want to take six
Cause she be the type of chick that I might wanna cave with
No mama, no drama here, I'm comfy without a care
Right after we get it in, we gon' get up out of there
Wouldn't bother teasing, baby girl ain't tryna play with ya
Six minutes, it's on and I got seven words to say to ya
Got her filling in the blaze like she filling out them pants
Niggas holding up the wall like they don't know how to dance
Ain't nobody as wavy the way we create in advance
We so Uncle Rico, we gon' stick them chicks up in their vans

[Hook - Ubiquitous:]
They think it’s all sun rays and sippin Alizé
They tripping off fame, game different now-a-day
CES all day, hit them with the power play
They better drop down when me weapon calibrate, yeah!

[Verse 2 - Tech N9ne:]
Let the song play and yes I'm read' to bone
Sexing weapon stretching, pressin' 'til ya epinephrine gone
Left impression on, it was nothing to give up after dome
That's a known threat, when Tech was on X, I went to the metronome
To the beat, what a week, for the peach I seek and I gotta go deep
On a beach, gonna reach lot of peaks, I skeet then I wanna go sleep
I'm the samba, run upon the nana
Gone like mom made bomb ganja lasagna
Got your mind in disarray, tripping of what a nigga say
Don't wanna make me get the K, take it away when you disobey
Left no life, we lose ya, rockets, rifles, Rugers
Thinking it blow and wouldn't be letting it
Cause you bite, no Bruiser
Better not a naan square nigga come and want some
Let her get your airfare, nigga, when the funk come
He fucking with family, I seen red
For reallies, we bucking, busting 'til everything dead
Off in my circle, everything red
Ballers, building bars, you better bring bread
Whoever wanna see me need a ticket
All the bitches got itches from me to stick it cause I'm wicked

[Hook - Ubiquitous]

[Verse 3 - Ubiquitous:]
Oh, you wanna play? Cool, I wanna play
I can come through and break it down any kind of way
Hulk mindstate, radiate like gamma ray
All day, what Speedy Gonzales say: andalé
Eh, say andalé, Del like Lana Ray
They act tough but they melt like Monterey
See how them rise and then fell like economy
Kanye West, welcome to my dark fantasy
I sacrifice rap crews, never quality
When I wreck the beat, boy, I make no apology
Hot air they blow like wind then they gone away
Ish that y’all tolerate, I cannot accommodate
Ha, it’s comedy the way I dominate
Nominate me for the modern day monarchy
Say what you wanna say if you wanna follow me
Know that the artistry pump through my arteries
Double O control, I’m so Sean Connery
In the game to gain my total autonomy
Eh, say la-da-di, flow till the water break
Hand over your heart and bow, namaste

[Hook - Ubiquitous]

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CES Cru Power Play Comments
  1. Hassan AlBalushi

    Del like Lana Rey

  2. Hassan AlBalushi

    Ubi's verse is the best imo

  3. Umar Khan

    Years later this song is lowkey fire now

  4. Daddy Didnt

    Ubi slays this

  5. Turtle Anton

    yeah the hook is terrible too

  6. Turtle Anton

    Killer verse from tech but aw ful beat.. Just horrible

  7. 7uck .Official

    I'll never understand why everyone rips on the beat. Do you really think Tech is gonna be on some weak shit?

  8. Woke Chels

    Every song just cant sound the same as the others. ya'll needa relax  

  9. Lucas J//

    Its a killer beat. its grime not rap so shut up.

  10. Jeremy Alderman

    I think this shit goes hard as fuck especially techs verse. Ubi did sound kinda goofy but it's unique.^S^

  11. GsQ Zeus - Da Moose

    At first I wasn't feeling this.. But now it gets better every time I hear it!!! (^S^)


    Ces cru is sick. Check out seven chakras. Sick track

    GsQ Zeus - Da Moose

    I've heard everything by them , I love Strange but just i don't know why i wasn't feeling this at first. haha but funny to see you hear!

  12. Tim Emig

    Rep that ces all day strange music for life

  13. Ryan boehme

    love you guys!!!!! holy shit....mind blown again.

  14. insanity lives in me

    Waited to hear this song til I had my pre-order in hand. But this song is just too dope. Though Sound bite is my #1 right now. Lol! Much love!

  15. Ron

    Mmmhmmm wavy ces is the best!!

  16. SuperBlack619 Oh Yeah

    I need to get that album, just hearing this song makes me wanna buy the damn album! Ces Cru & StrangeMusic for life!

  17. Squarestatehiphop

    We need this back in CO! Like, right now! Haha ces keeping it real with the snake and bat!

  18. Savvi Marie

    Much love ces cru
    R.I.P Bill Peters

  19. Jarod Baker


  20. Koda

    Seriusly ill ass spng fuckin dope man

  21. jeffrey king

    i want a poster.

  22. Robert Alden

    309-563 rockin' with it

  23. Nicholas Armstrong

    This is sooooo dope! Such a ill song! Keep on keepin on ces cru!

  24. John Reese

    Tech N9ne goes hard every time

  25. Jlh22100

    I'm usually down with anything strange, but this song is ugly as fuck.

  26. whereswaldo5

    Juice > what ever this is

  27. Dirty Treehouse


    Don't hate, it seems like everyone wants to hear different, but as soon as they do they hate on it or ask for the old shit.

  28. TheACE027

    I dunno about you guys but UBI's verse was fucking killer..same rhyme scheme the whole verse.

  29. Jerimya Edwards

    Fuck you bitch, this shit goes.


    absolutely terrible... what a shame for tech to waste his feature on this track an not another one

  31. Zach

    I've never heard Ces Cru before and this is just my opinion but it kind of sucks.
    I mean it feels like it wants to go in too many directions.

  32. T Waaka

    Im kinda fealn it

  33. fijianrocker

    This song is BEAST! 

  34. Mikey Hodge

    Im just not feeling any of the new songs. Hopefully theres some bangers on the album

  35. Kevin McClelland

    The beats on this new album suck. Nothing like constant energy strugles.. Lame.

  36. Devan Dashawn

    fucking sick!!!! tech killed it!

  37. MistaSynista219

    The Drum Kit on this song sounds just like the drum kit on soundbite...huge CES fan just ain't feeling this song though.

  38. Jotaro

    I dont know what people are talking about, ubi goes hard

  39. brand01231

    Haters fuel motivation, keep it coming. What artist doesn't make a track you don't like? Not every song is a hit. I like this song, it's different and you guy should be more open rather than just dick on them right away, keep it up CES!

  40. Tyler Reeves

    What's the sample ubi sings to?

  41. Tyler Reeves

    I loved it,possibly my favorite one ces has dropped for some reason

  42. Kristjan Robbescheuten

    am i the only one that thinks ubi had the best verse here? lol i love how he changed his voice and i find it very catchy. plus its not like he aint spittin, he kept the same damn rhyme scheme for the entire verse for christ's sake

  43. Orion

    I'm sorry...I've liked the other songs released...this is...

  44. Brandon Ross

    This track bumps. I can't be the only one that can't stop listening to this. The chorus is a little different, but I appreciate when an artist has the balls to take their music in a different direction. I'm too stoked for this album. 

  45. Mace Windude

    Love this! Even though people talk here about the beats being bad, I love them! perfect match with Ces Cru! thanks for being original! Hip Hop Needs more of this! Thanks!

  46. Nathan Garay

    Damn this song goes hard!

  47. Chester Field-Wolfs

    I'm depressed I'm a big strange fan but I do not like this song at all

  48. Travis M. Oakland

    Hey people if you think you can do better than do so. Stop wasting your time posting comments that no one truly cares for.

  49. Crucial Thoughts Prod.

    Look up......... girard 217 cypher ill noise

  50. Crucial Thoughts Prod.

    Look up......... girard 217 cypher ill noise

  51. DJShroud

    That rhythm is BEAST!!!!!

  52. Elliott Traill

    Artist's gotta evolve, their stuff has gotta have variety to it so you got something to fit every mood. i for one kinda dug ubi's jamacian thing, just because something doesn't please your ear doesn't mean you have a right to say its bad. im glad im not hearing the same ces over and over again.

  53. Maggot4Life555

    Ubi's verse was all one fucking rhyme scheme yah with the accent he kinda made sure the words worked but god damn come on pay attention to that shit that's awesome

  54. Charley Hegstrom

    ces flows so sickly

  55. julian valenzuela

    Stop complaining mother fuckers were here for the music not to criticize the artist we listen to.

  56. xstation720

    I love ces but out of the three songs they have released from ego stripper this is the weakest in my opinion but I still think the song is ok

  57. Nicolas

    wtf, so many are hatibg on this, but i pump that track all day xD

  58. watsae17

    forget what the haters say. this track is great and i love the way the chorus changes up the beat

  59. Joseph Zapata

    You guys not likin this song jut astonished me this song is dope everyone is just so used to hearing the same shit on the radio and figure everyone raps that way. Gotta keep it Strange

  60. TheShadowr34

    It's fire

  61. toccothegreat

    Tryin somethin different on this track, which is coo, but doesn't always work out the best. Not horrible or great to me. Im confident it'll b a dope cd tho. And if ur reading this check out my channel n me music lol I'm new to rap n experimenting wit beats n styles but ima keep it real no matter what

  62. hiphophead555

    love ces but this is whack sorry! sound bite was much better imho. i hope all their beats won't be like this :/

  63. Blasphemous DA

    I love haters!!!!! All I have to say to everyone is show me your kick ass beats, your dope rhymes, your impeccable timing to the beat, and then I'll take your opinion. Until then your lack of credibility as a critic makes you all sound like whining little girls all because you didn't hear what you wanted to hear, ahhhhh im so sorry ill get a side of tears for you band-wagon dick riders, cause when ces makes a song you like you'll be right back twirling.    

  64. trey0823

    I honestly like the beat and thought the chorus was enjoyable lol It might be something a little different from what we usually hear, but I don't see why people flip the fuck out and hate on it because it's a little different.

  65. Emin3misG0d

    ubis catching all the hate, i think he destroyed this track

  66. DerPolee

    D fc hh hl

  67. Johnny Mc

    I like it personally...

  68. propeldragon

    beat is good! maybe you need better speakers! sounds good to me!

  69. Walker Crocker

    Tech is the only thing that slightly saves this song even if that

  70. Tyler Chrisp

    Let's see anyone of u do better i promise you that you CANT

  71. Keith Kordish

    They all had amazing flows for real props to ubi though for coming out his comfort zone techs my favorite artist out there and lyrically he outshined godemis and ubi but ubis flow went so perfect with the bass on his verse its ridiculous

  72. dark barbecue

    sound bite > power play

  73. Yung Chief

    I do t know what yall are thinking.. This beat is bumping , one reason why why I pre ordered!! Gotta show love for my ces

  74. Tiizwiiz

    Kanye west; welcome to my dark fannasy

  75. skaterman425

    I don't see where the hate is coming from, I like this song

  76. Jordan Synakowski

    This is for all of you that say that this hook sucks...FUCK YOU!!!.

  77. Travis Black

    god damn godi and tech *killed* it

  78. Gooey Stew

    chorus is shit songs average but i have faith in the album. if you wana hear a sick song off this album search give it to me ces cru their best song yet shit fuckin jams still cant wait for this album ^S^

  79. Tiizwiiz

    It's kinda sad how you critics judge this song knowing that you'se haven't heard the rest of the album, wait till you'se hear give it to me, you'll regret being a fucking critic!!

  80. Wade Wilson

    Sound Bite>Power Play

  81. Razor Shrp

    Godemis kills EVERYTHING though. I literally haven't heard a single one of his verse's that he doesn't fucking murder.

  82. Razor Shrp

    I actually kinda like this song if you look past the not so good chorus.

  83. M B

    how the fuck do they come up with this dopeness... mind boggling

  84. Tom Joe

    Amazing song

  85. Blizzy Kangarizzy

    Honestly....I dig this song. Even the hook. The whole thing is crazy good. Yeah, I'll even go as far as to say that Ubi did fantastic on the hook. 

  86. Jon Olson

    i don't know what you guys are talking about this song is awesome. keep keepin it ces

  87. Tony Sauce

    Fuck this song is awesome, I hate when people in comments shit on awesome tracks like this

  88. Mia the kitty

    dont care for this song. sound bite is 10x better

  89. winslow pedro

    IDK care what people think bout this Song Keep It STRANGE

  90. jesus herrera

    Everybody who hates on strange music can suck a dick strange music all day

  91. Paul Bailey

    Not feeling it. I agree with the others, beat sounds generic. But ces cru still brings the lyrics.

  92. JBO Gaming

    i kinda liked the hook. the beat was ok. but still a good song

  93. SuicidalKiller4life

    Ces Cru has potential,but they need to stop with this constant battle rap/braggodacio.

    Yay we understand you great and you got haters after so many years of not shining,cool.Now make more songs like Skip,Wall-E or American Horror Story and less Juice,When Worlds Collide and Sound Bite,not that those are bad songs ,but I can only hear you rap about being awesome so many times before I stop giving a shit.

    Switching up your subject matter once in a while wouldn't hurt.

  94. SVT Dorian

    I'm sorry, but Tech was the only good thing about this song.. /: 

  95. Real Talk Gaming

    Ubi's chorus sounded more like

    Cotton Eyed Joe to me...idk....but Cotton Eyed Joe is awesome.

  96. StraightUpTrollin

    This song when you're blown>>>

  97. AnEmptyRedBucket

    holy fuck tech fucking killed it

  98. MikiDeFacto123

    the hook sounds like a children's song,lol
    but other than that,dope track

  99. positiveid19781

    I would like to hear some of the Emcees you go to school with then,do you rap? If can't prove or do better yourself,then don't be a hater,even though I don't think it is there best by far but still....