CES Cru - Hate Season Lyrics

Yeah, ahahaha
C-E-S, C-R-U
Fuckin' A

The Sacrificial Lamb is lampin' on 'em for sho'
If the mic's on like pipe bombs I gotta blow
Somebody outta the water oughta be automatic
For a rapper with a voice to be hollering " Let me at it"
Static is inevitable
Unable to accommodate
A whack motherfucker with commentary who gotta hate
I'm a great gamblin' good get on the bad foot
Lil' white boy with a skinny niche, a-ha, how that look?
Turn up the white noise
Listen to my voice
It ain't like I'm screamin' out 'I'm anti-pro choice'
Gon' kill it if you gotta, I'm in
But be able to live wit' it, if you do it, amen
The sinner is here, the villain is back, minus the henchman
Singin' what you got and waitin' to throw the wrench in
Swing for the fence, man, follow it through
And knock it back like it was an expensive bottle of brew

Because they hating on me even when it ain't no reason
So I'm hating right back 'em cause it's hate season
Break it down for me, I need at least 8 reasons
You wanna see me battered, and bruised, beat up
Bleedin', We in, needed, need if I say
That I'll bring back the real and silence all the haters
Bring back the real and silence all the haters (x3)

Fuck rap, gently, with a chainsaw
These Muuhfuckahs really try to kill me with paintballs
For no reason at all
I find it kinda funny
Cause none of these rappers making any kind of fucking money
For real, not excluding me either, I know the game, Won't
Dumb it down to the extent of a Lil' Wayne flow
Same soul soaking in melancholy merosmix
I don't argue online, i'm trying to be on that grown shit
Full of spit, when nobody listenin' to you
Your style's out of style like Wu wearin' FuBu
Boo-Hoo! You had a rough life as a kid?
What do you want a fucking hug homie? All of us did!
I know the game like the back of my hand, I air it out
Well oh well the haters already know where my whereabouts
I don't rap to motherfuckers whatever i care about
Cause if I expose her heart they gon' try to come tear it out


[Skit from the Katt Williams special "American Hustle"]

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CES Cru Hate Season Comments
  1. jonk

    Who here in 2019?

  2. Mark Winterling


  3. nicksttrs

    I don't know any rapper right now with godi's flow he could make Mary had a little lamb and make it dope as fuck, and turn it into gold!

  4. Aurora

    💜 agape this

  5. ThatMF Solo

    51 people be some mark ass busters

  6. Aurora


  7. Aurora


  8. Janna Lillie

    I like how you use America's princess, who makes Christmas wishes come true for her fans. I can already taste the puke coming up.

  9. Hyste F

    L-L-Listen to my voice

  10. Hyste F

    I love you.

  11. Randy Martinez

    "susan spanks" 😂 i love ces cru

  12. zinzor

    need the lady's name for science

  13. MVD MATT

    This needs one billion views

  14. Sean Wattsmoore

    LOL-the black bar at the beginning

  15. NotWhatYouExpect?

    Is it just me or does this video look alot like a couple of rittz videos, not hating just a observation..

    julius vidal

    krayzieArab it also looks a lot like the video for an old French rap song called "Apprends à te taire" by Casey .

  16. ArKane Truth

    "Little white boy, with a skinny nigga, how that look" 🔥 Damn dude, fucking love Ces, if they were signed to anyone but strange it be an issue. Bars out this universe.

    Jackson Wright

    I think he says ninja bro. :P

    Henrik känninen

    ArKane Truth

  17. Shon McClure

    3 years ago today

  18. Always In Second

    1:28 hop with dreads?

    Thyme jaksjaks

    Neh, Godi use eye lenses too.


    Godemis would destroy Hopsin.

    Anon Juice

    +Daniel Ellis Nah but that collab would be soooooo sick


    Daniel Ellis Agreed

  19. Genocyde666

    was that a dexter reference

  20. Daniel Wooster

    ubi was the first stranger I ever met and ever since then I always fucks with em

  21. Theresa Ramos

    i mean jay z

  22. Theresa Ramos

    shut up ces

  23. Thor Thoth

    "Any fool can complain and condemn and most do."

  24. visondragon rules all

    fuck Lucas Meyers

  25. lucas meyers


    lucas meyers

    +Zoldark1 Probably one of the most immature insult I've heard maybe you should notice that the song is called "hate season" and in one part of the video there's a guy who is typing "FUCK CES CRU!!" stupid..

    Ben Starzec

    +Zoldark1 XD dude chill. It's a joke. The dude in the video types this.

    Parker Lee

    +lucas meyers .... That's the joke

  26. Easy going

    Its Hate Season fuckaaaaz!!! :D

  27. Easy going

    I think i had not to say: underrated/ hip-hop isnt dead/ PUSH DIS GUYS HIP HOP IS BACK ^S^

  28. High Guy

    this has to be the best song with cow bell. im soo high

    olivia farr

    Appropriate amount of cowbell👌👌

  29. Miklo Maez-Garcia


  30. Tombes Gaming

    YOOO THOOOO; Godemis looks so different with out his hat.

  31. Neon9856

    i fell like ubi's part brought down the song...too much of a flow transition for me nut still love em both

    Drew Sylvester

    Two different songs

    Kacper Poseł

    Godemis song is "hate seasson"
    but UBI verse is from diffrent song - "LD stroy"

  32. MrsRotten

    I love these guys!!

  33. Owen Johnson

    I love the fact there's a random spoon sitting next to the knives, is it a reference to hourglass?

  34. Numb

    oh man that lil wayne bit had me weak! 

  35. A little weak, but i'll forgive them. this some of their earlier work

    Trust The Shooters

    lol naw son back when real artists dissed lil wayne not work with him

  36. Jessica Tatum

    Omg UBI Godi I love you guys so much <333

  37. ToMowNzU

    My mom does love this, she just doesn't know it.

  38. Mademow

    CES is my everything.

  39. Lawrence Timme

    whats going on with the hopsin eyes?

    Trevor Ypma

    Twiztid been doing it since the 90s lol godi and hop both late as fuck


    Look everybody. People did it before anybody you mentioned. Bands, musicians, rappers, whatever, have used contacts, make up, masks, etc. People that dont have any part in music do it too. It's not copying anybody, its just something that some people choose to do. It's not a big deal, if you like great if you dont I'm sure I'm not the only one who wouldnt give a fuck This aint high school.


    +Toki right death metal bands have been doing it since the 80's....



    Drew Sylvester

    MTG Sunstate godi been wearing contacts since high school

  40. Stephen Robinson

    ...these M F trying to kill me with paint balls...LOL...NICE

  41. Jared Kay

    The second part sounds like Zelda to me, awesome.


    Yeah dude! Def Zelda,Reminds me of of the goron tunes

  42. Jared Kay

    Love the beats in this one, sounds like Zelda in the second half.

    Clueless Drifter

    I thought the same thing lol

  43. Gabriel Lopez

    What's the track at the end with UBI

  44. Mace Windude

    these guys are great, slept on in my opinion! they so original

  45. 574reshgaming

    Lmao shit made me hella laugh!¡

  46. MrPsykotic

    -Respect,, CeS!

  47. Nernx Ultima

    that "wack motherfucker" kinda looks like Marmo himself o.o j/s.
    also, I can't be the only one who watches this video just to see the hot chick. really? her name is Susan Spanks ? lol

  48. Nernx Ultima

    hahahhahaah ooooh that dexter reference lol

  49. Jarod K

    i just heard of this dude and he is already one of my favorites. this nigga gos hard af

  50. Kamon Meadows

    Dexter! Fuck yea

  51. Felandis Marks

    It would be nice to "bring back the Real and silence all the haters" tho

  52. Welfare William

    Anybody know that girl's name?

  53. Vincent Gallegos

    Don't matter who it is, everyone under strange music's label fuckin kills it


    No kidding. Being part of strange music would be a huge honor IMO.. Utmost respect to strange music.

    Henrik känninen

    Vincent Gallegos that's right!


    Vincent Gallegos cept prozac n big scoobs bickin back in every rap lame asses...got rid of da baby killer an kept prozacs wack ass


    Vincent Gallegos ^§^


    Ubi's verse further perfects this video. Dope as usual CES!


    CES Cru = One of the greatest rap duos since Outkast.


    Von Zege Who TF said I was hating? I love Bad Meets Evil just as much as I love Ces Cru and OutKast. I just failed to mention them

    Daniel douglas

    That's whats up. You heard of aqualeo? They are dope as fuck. I would start with D.E.M.O.N.S or None realer. They deep

    Daniel douglas

    Check out aqualeo D.R.E.A.M

    Jari Viskari

    +PHXRXOH LAPACUS I was tallking about Daniel douglas hating on you...learn to read man.


    Daniel douglas yo I love bad meets evil and they are top notch lyrically but Ces Cru is on top when it comes to flow/lyrics/back and forth. They are just on another level

  56. Astral Activist

    Ces Cru needed market theyself like outkast ha

  57. b7sys

    he says he's a ninja BUT I SAW HIM THE ENTIRE VIDEO

  58. TheTrollWhisperer

    I love you Ubi, sincerely. But you make an excellent douche!

  59. Eric Olsen

    Godemis been around longer tho.

  60. Meslora

    Can somebody say CES?

  61. Diddlesworth

    All the people who voted down can HOLD MY DICK!

  62. Dirty Treehouse

    haha the spoon in Godi's torture kit.

  63. Connieandblyde Monsters

    if i saw godemis coming toward me i would either try to cop some loud or run for my life. he is one menacing looking motherfucker

  64. Chris Leonhard Nedergaard

    Yes Please :D

  65. Brandon Shea

    They've both been done. Er, kinda. Both 'live'

  66. hellzxking

    hey calm down, those girls have it hard, literally, whens the last time you took 10 inches up the ass to pay bills?

  67. hellzxking

    go watch the behind the scenes, he does lil impersonations whle hes dressed up like wayne that shits funny as fuck.

  68. VSGotNM

    bit of dexter with the plastic, table and knives

  69. VSGotNM

    2:10 LMFAO yes godemis, fk wayne

  70. astephen17


  71. OhhDannyBoy84

    Listen to the song... HATING FOR NO REASON. YOU

  72. Scarecrow Keyser Söze

    CES Cru is too fuckin dope

  73. maggot1111666

    Why is this considered a solo if they both rap in it?

  74. blink182izawsm

    Can you do a video for klick clack bang or Peter Parker pls

  75. blink182izawsm

    Best video ever

  76. 2Promise94

    Love the Dexter scene

  77. VII

    It's a T-shirt. How about you deal with your shit and let him deal with his.

  78. Zachel Charge

    really think he's the best i've ever heard

  79. coolkid10ize

    eminem wears a rag and i bet you dont have a problem with that

  80. Samuel LD

    3:00 8O

  81. Torenovski

    i've never heard of godemis & i must say i missed something...

    Dope as fuck this nigga sick !

  82. Antonius Deux

    love it haha, i think this track is aimed at you

  83. Roberto Houston

    hey, I still like the new Wu wear!!! haha for real tho. solid track

  84. derek d


  85. yeah bro i got snow

    You have just realized that godemis almost always wears a hat

  86. PeaceBeUponYou

    Godi <3 rispetto!

  87. Ray Brandon Dobbert

    This needs more views.

  88. Myokymia950

    Here Comes Tecca Nina has a video /watch?v=Od4vOAT5G6U

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    there is a video for here comes techa nina

  90. nick tisch

    Fuck rap gently with a chainsaw!

  91. KLoNe1

    I think Tech N9ne should do a 'Best Of' album, and release some new videos for some older songs. Imagine how much publicity he could get over the social networks if he did videos for: Caribou Lou, Areola, F.A.N.S., Shit Is Real, Suicide Letters, Here Comes Tecca Nina etc.

  92. stella_obscurum

    I think I'm in love with Godemis. Damn. I love his flow and lyrics, always.

  93. qwqwqwqw99

    I like this going back and making videos for older songs. I wish every body did that.

  94. Demon Eyes Network

    Fuck me on the dough!

  95. ALR DeeDeeDeeStudios

    Gotta love CES Cru!