CES Cru - Give It To Me Lyrics

I feel good about this one, B
Yeah, Ha

[Verse 1 - Ubiquitous:]
Praise goals, paid tows even if you play it pro
Player that's the way it goes, ain't nothin' to say no more
It's either that or feast, took a plate, only ate a roll
Felt regret, hunger that I kepper save me later though
Fire burn in my belly everywhere that I would turn
I was met with diversity and from that fire I emerge
Pen I felt along the way, never made it my concern
Took it as a lesson to the game and let the tires burn
Gassed out, gassed up, bout a pastor passed up
This to every faggot battle rapper that harassed us
Hard work, added up, perseverance paid off
Independent underground, grindin' no days off
Played a boss, paid a cost, rappin' then stayed lost
Now I need that prime cut, slathered in steak sauce
Matter fact I'm takin' all of that, then I'll take more
Livin' in the moment what you waitin' for, Good lord KC
Why you been actin' like some poor babies?
I get it crackin' never relax and doin' my chores daily
You got a fine wine well then my rhyme is the gourmet cheese
You're finally a guideline, I'm in my prime you been warned take heat
I got a list of accolades and I don't have to say
And I ain't talkin' now, I'm talkin' way back in the day
Headed up to now for real it's still nothin' to me
I'm finna top that, man I got that, y'all ain't fuckin' with me, boy

[Hook - Ubiquitous:]
Ayo what up though, what you lookin' at?
Took it from us and got pissed when we took it back
You pickin' up what I dropped and can't hold us
I'm plottin' on whatever you got now hand over
Give it to me, give it to me (Come on with it, all the way from the Midwest)
Give it to me, give it to me, give it to me (It's the Ces)
Give it to me, give it to me (Give it up, from the front to the back)
Give it to me, give it to me, give it to me (For the snake and the bat)

[Verse 2 - Godemis:]
Ain't nothin' changed, I still arrange to pack up in the civic
The frame of mind is ain't nobody fuckin' with the clinic
Ironically enough, you fuck with us and get the D- dick
Ya dig it? The faction back in action spinnin' Riddick
Oh is it, common knowledge I commit on the pivot
Killin' it, put on a show then we come in and steal it
Feelin' it, we bout to go bananas, can you peel it?
Cause U-B-I and Godi's like canvas and acrylic
But we don't know no limits, roll the credits, it's finished
Sit home and watch a chain, if they complain, I change the image
Heard opportunity knockin', hopped in the cockpit
Just another pissed pilot who's ready to drop ship
If death is certain, must mean the reaper is lurkin'
And his cousin sleep is creepin' in while we closin' the curtain
I'm working a fucking miracle out of the situation
To knock it back out of orbit and blitz the administration
So what do you want from ya dude? I gotta be ruder than Jude
The second I enter ya loo, I'm comin' to Rubiks ya cube
They lookin' at me like I'm food, been hurtin' to get em a meal
They wanna know steps that I took, been trynna get em a deal
Behold the murderous Hanzhong
I bring the death star to any planet ya land on
The prettiest in pink, I think you stuck in that Camron
With orange mocha frappe chinos and a man pawn, bitch


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CES Cru Give It To Me Comments
  1. Ash Mcsorley

    This song got me speeding ticket 🎫🏁😂😂😂!!

  2. Mademow

    Ubi and Godi are so cool.

  3. Janna Lillie

    I like how there are more white rappers, then there used to be. I think music should be for ANYONE who can perform or mix. God bless you. 😊❤

  4. Elijah Gardi

    I want that hat.

  5. Henry Garcia

    I dont know what yall mean but these brothas going way hard

  6. Stephen Chandler

    Fuck yeah, LETS GO BLUES!!!

  7. Micah Beaird

    jeez Ubi goin hard on this

  8. conntrabann _

    is it just me or did hopsin steal godi's style of dressing or vice versa

    Casey Dodson

    conntrabann 11785 they are both pretty different

  9. Z A

    My favorite duo forever. That chemistry is insane

    datboi 7

    amen innovative. sound bite is another great show of that.

  10. Thor Thoth

    Ces Cru rocks.

  11. yunggrinda12

    yooo!! Did Godemis really Cut the LoCCz off???

  12. TheShotmeisterP


  13. Bloody Pads

    Vincent Dickinson sent me here

  14. Damon Franklin

    That's me at 1:28. It's so an honor to be in a ces cru video

    Lifestyle Logan

    @Damon Franklin For a guy with no videos or even a profile picture I highly doubt that. But please be happy to prove me wrong.

    Damon Franklin

    +Logan Huntley add me on snapchat @damonfranklin and I'll send you a picture to prove it

  15. Ello Hem

    KC gives it to yall we love Ces !!

  16. jonanai vogrič

    so i've been listening to tech for a while,found rittz and decided to take a look at the other guys at strange music inc.this is so sick.godemis and ubi should be on wwc.ces cru are my favorite ones on strange.if you listen to strange,you can't listen to bad music.this is dope.

  17. Original People

    When it comes to flow I would say Ubi and Rittz, but lyrically I would say Eminem and Madchild are tied for second, But lyrically its shaygray. If you listen to Shaygray you catch another hidden metaphor everytime you listen to one of his songs.

  18. the2eyedcyclops

    godemis is tooooooo raw

  19. Mr. Turner

    Wtf! They were in Santa Cruz and I didn't know I want to die.

  20. pRroe

    Fuck i love ces cru

  21. Jim James

    I listen to this track every goddamn morning with my breakfast!!

  22. deathward15

    At 0:41 the first one is fixing a camel toe. But the third woman's ass makes up for the first two, so. Great vid :D

  23. Enigma

    I was afraid to hear them. ..started on Tech...then rittz...then mayday ..then murs...shit now Ces Cru...this song was pretty dope..first time listening...fkn enjoyed the hell out of it...the video is fkn hilarious too...hell yeah

  24. Brandon Fuqua

    dude ces is the dopest shit to happen in the rap game ever 

  25. Zack w

    The beat is so fuckin weak hahahah a it's like 4 notes on a bass guitar just sad

  26. Clash421

    They are at the arch!!! Up in the STL!!! Right here!!!

  27. Keenan Shaw

    godimiss skates? 

  28. Kimberly Banks

    coming to see yall in concy on halloween....hell yea...STRANGE!!!!!

  29. Kenmusik

    0:41 Shake that Ass :D


    0:41 was anyone else just kinda like wait what the fuck?



  32. blink182izawsm

    This tune is bangin

  33. Roger Schwarzinger

    Damn Ces Cru killed this shit! and at 1:37 Godemis' looks fucking awesome 

  34. Dat Harass

    1:31 straight fire. This man is a lyrical genius.
     Was a nice nod to Dizzy also Godemis.

  35. drippz123

    Lolol ima fuck this hoe with this song... Second time yee

  36. Hutch

    These guys better make Fate, Phineas Gage, Axiom, and Strange Creature!

  37. John Auner


  38. Solo Mander

    Do a video for Blindfold please! That song is the best song on the album imo!

  39. Alex Johnson

    I play this when  im gettin pumped for ranked in LEAGUE!!

  40. mrmastabaca

    Ces Cru, best crew.

  41. Eric Hall

    Every time that underground artists come out that are fuckin dope it is a strong reliance of down shit and Down people who will be be there in the end! Fuck yeah!

  42. StrangeSandMan816

    Star War's fan I hear

  43. EzK TheKing

    Ces Cru living the strange lifestyle!

  44. Jason McDaniel

    Id Like To Think Im A Pretty Good Judge Of Good Music...Regardless Of Genre...But This Song Leaves Me With No Feelings Either Way...Good Or Bad...Not Much To It...Or Them...Just An Average Crew Of Rappers Trying To Catch That "White"Lightning In A Bottle...I Would Devour Them...

  45. JuiceDigger

    The fuck is this shit

  46. Josay Olay Burrito

    strange is the new g-unit siynin a bunch of wack niggas.

    John Auner

    If you think this is wack you are either stupid or a troll. Make your choice. 

    Sushi Drew It Graffiti Art Calligraphy

    lol go back to your room kid

  47. thewtfcomedyshow

    Took me a min to get it but I am lovin the new record! Ces Cru the best crew! However...dont hurt me...you are rappin bout KC under St Louie Arch! Ummm...If you all are reading this...how bout puttin out vocals only tracks and lettin us fan remix some? 

  48. Gustavo


  49. Gustavo


  50. brandon meehan

    I like.

  51. HVx T E C H

    Rittz vs Ubi

    Who wins??

    mnb raps

    Ubi lyrically has rittz beat...rittz is hard but ubi has my mind blown

    Meh Sugaaar

    +HVx T E C H I will say Ubi

  52. Alex Leaman

    That's dope as fuck,Im from Santa Cruz California and I opened up for them in June of this year and there's footage from our show & at The Boardwalk our city's amusement park..

  53. RobM4209

    Hell yeah, Ubi kills this

  54. Jennie-DC4L

    <3 Every video, every song, y'all put out shows more and more what true perseverance is! Love you both long time ;-) XOXO <3

  55. Jennie-DC4L

    <3 Every video, every song, y'all put out shows more and more what true perseverance is! Love you both long time ;-) XOXO <3

  56. December1ne

    как же это охрененно!

  57. John B Badd

    Way to rep the arch and the Marvel Universe. Well done.



  59. Robert Powell

    Lol these guys seem so dorky and corny. I use to be a big fan of all strange music artist even big scoob lol but this sounds so damn lame

  60. Robert Powell

    Lol these guys seem so dorky and corny. I use to be a big fan of all strange music artist even big scoob lol but this sounds so damn lame

  61. Angelo Valdez

    In my opinion , ces cru is the like the old (better version) of Bad Meets Evil in the late 90's

  62. Darrel Kidd

    here is the list of best white rappers to me 
    2. rittz, UBI, yelawolf,
    3. every other rapper that cant come to my mind hahaha

  63. Darrel Kidd

    yess!!...yes....yes god damn it!! lol so glad i got this album

  64. B-Dizzle

    I feel bad for Ces Cru, they were killing it with Constant Energy Struggles, but this new album isn't good. Every song they've released on youtube (Other than Sound Bite) has been pretty garbage. Rittz is surpassing them in every way right now.


    and I HATE saying that, because I was a CES fan way before I was a Rittz fan, but they gotta step it up.

    Zack w

    The beats on this album are fucking terrible hey

  65. denraW eB

    Love this song!! Good video!!! CES CRRUUUUUUU!!!! Strange Music Represent!!!

  66. Project Kahli

    The best cru is ces ha would have liked to see a music video for blindfold can't wait this is also awesome tho you guys defiantly kill shit ha!

  67. Steve Waterman

    idk man i like the song but im kinda sick of these one syllable rhymes

    Steve Waterman

    eh maybe he will get better

  68. Cloud Avox

    Damn I need to know where Godi gets his hats from

  69. John Klemp

    Ems shouldn't even be mentioned... He's still a top notch rapper, but this is ces bitch! Stop with comparison, and shit!

  70. km4peace

    Been listening to CES Cru for some time now & their one of the best duo's... putt'n down raw lyrics with sic beat back'n em up. Another dope track! Peace

  71. SwizZzle Fish

    I dont know why but i dont like them

  72. david joost

    SUCK CES FULLY!... im 2 good

  73. Chanel Reid

    Fuck yeah! Love me some strange.

  74. E Pash

    hooooooeeeee shiiiiiittttt i jus fapped to this, not furrreal but 4real tho

    i think i just came to my senses ubi better than rittz and god better than tech

    noone better than tech tho chill


  75. Butters

    All of you can kiss my ass, Ubi is fucking SICK, he's up there with Wreck and Rittz. Stop hatin on the dude.

  76. wyattwords

    Why STL?

  77. Jordan Synakowski

    If anybody from strange music sees this...please come to upstate New York idc where just please come here. My wish is to see tech and ces cru live. Please!!!!! Lol

  78. Jordan Synakowski

    Good song...video was ehh though. I speak for all fans when I say this...we want and need like a total of like 6 videos from codename ego stripper. For sure please lol

  79. Cassie queenOfmayhem

    the cru is ces<3

  80. Skitzso Frenia

    Eminem isnt shit anymore cause all his fans no longer care about lyrics even though he still can make new shit and kill it but ces cru fan base listens ans support their music word for word and they come harder than their last hit with lyrics

    Jordan Synakowski

    It's cause eminem has been out for 2 decades and I'm sure it's hard to continue to be good.

    Aaron Beniz Boi

    @Jordan Synakowski Tech is still the best...

    conntrabann _

    Skitzso Frenia Eminem is still good the only reason people don't like him because he is not mainstream any more btw

  81. 123froozen

     Donnie "Godemis" King teeth are so yellow, damn.

  82. CreativeTechzTest

    Ces Cru is SERIOUSLY the Best Cru, bring it on.

  83. Corban Shipman

    Old shit is way better... This song isn't that great


    I really like this album It could have ended stronger but a really great album - the video they need to make is whips !! that song is crazy and would be translate to video really well - 816 all day welcome TO GATES can I help you kc insider style

  85. Matza Ren

    dont understand why tech has so much love for theese 2 besides lyrics , their sound is awefull. and annoying rapstyle and voices

  86. kenny burns

    Hellz yeah! Ces Cru is The only getting better and better!

  87. shane paramore

    Luv it.....CES all day

  88. ChampionOf TheUniverse

    i don't get the hype about these fu's.  They aint that good man

  89. Joshua Vila's Road To Recovery

    The amount of official music videos strange music puts out is unbelievable. This should be on the radio and mtv jams. I could listen to this track all day. Wish it was longer. It needed a feature. @Strange Music Inc should make a remix throw a rapper or two on it.

  90. Livin' Life Movement (BC) Official

    Omfg these guys are dope Af man


  91. Dad

    Give it to me! S T R A A A N G E !

  92. John Cena

    thats not how you pronounce acolytes  :O

    O'Neill Gallagarcia

    I'm pretty sure he said accolades.

  93. Nucci Guru

    Is that stitches at 1:27 ?? Anyways this is dope af s/o to CES! Check out my music sometime fools

  94. jtrafinchick

    I see Phatty L!!!!! Thats a dope ass tat.

  95. xstation720

    Not my favorite song off the album, but it's still a great song

  96. dark barbecue

    This one goes in :3