CES Cru - Every Weapon Lyrics

[Intro – Godemis:]
Info Gates on the track
Thank you brother
Shit like this drives most motherfuckers absolutely crazy

[Verse 1 – Godemis:]
I’m oh so cynical and don’t throw no subliminal
Disses, this is a warning shot to all of y’all who’s aiming at the
Flock, I cock and pop at kaka
Might even knock your papa
Off the top of the roster, we peeping c notes so stop us
Moving too fast to clock us
Man you’re slow as waka flocka
Flow proper so don’t jock a
Psycho who’s known to shock ya
Used to skip school, no locker
Then did two quick trips to copper
Grateful it’s on again, I’m going in, no one can stop a
Stoner from chalking out
I’m a loner, so long I’m out, I been walking for forty nights
You’re right I’m on a wronger route
Go hammer on a ho, the bong special is cani-blow
And y’all pussy can’t stand it though
Fuck your bitch and her cameltoe, oh

[Hook x2:]
Think it through ‘fore you push me, my plan is to get the that nookie
I’m seasoned to seize a rookie
Y’all couldn’t fuck with a pussy
Get wet with every weapon
It’s clear it’s for your protection
Get over here, you been living in fear of your own reflection

[Verse 2 – Godemis:]
Y’all must be fucking crazy
I’m hollering fuck you pay me
More dollars and duckets daily
What’s wrong with y’all fucking babies
I’m wavy to murk a boss
And since maybe it’s hurting y’all
I get faded with Info Gates and we wait for the curtain call
And only death is certain, y’all are inserted, inverted clawing
To your vertebrae, vision is Mayans tryna hurdle walls
Get wet with every weapon, a vision of sheer perfection
Two nooses to put your neck in, couldn't hang with us I reckon
The wettest shot, no method
All of my dogs go fetch him
Flow like a bat straight out of hell so folks go put your bets in
The blind must lead the blind
Step if you know the way
Remember shoot em down

[Hook x2]

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