CES Cru - Double O.T. Lyrics

[Verse 1 - Godemis:]
Ya mama, ya auntie, I'm feeling ya vibe
I need you on my team, I want you on my side
I never knew love, the way that they claim to
Could it be that veil's down or is it that I came to
Wherever you go go, I'm watchin' in slow-mo
I'm tryna undress that, record with a GoPro
You ready to go, oh, no pressure to kick rocks
No wonder they love you, more than I do Hip-Hop
Hold up for the pit-stop, My lady don't flip flop
I'm make her love come down and bathe in the drip drops
When I tie the slipknot, we're making our ends meet
Love you from a distance that's greater than ten feet
I'm head over heels hun, I never did feel one
Guess I had a fake bitch instead of a real one
If ever ya feel done, just let me know that then
Go from double O.T to all the way back in

[Hook - Ubiquitous:]
Ya on my mind
Ya play like I don't see you
When you're hiding in plain sight
We're looking good, only trouble I see (So I)
Is the way you run out of touch, call it double O.T (Oh woah)
All alone, waiting by the phone
Thoughts keep me wide awake at night
I look to you for the love that I need (So why are you)
You're hard to catch, why you running from me? (Double O.T)

[Verse 2 - Ubiquitous:]
I hear a motherfucker cussin' and such
And when I love on somethin' I love on it much too much
For your love I'm such a sucker punches bust my shit
I'm waking up to lumps, I'm wonderin' what the fuck I did
And for your punishment, I am a gluten feed me please
You never met anybody hungry as me believe
I'm taking licks, sores bleed on my face from kicks
Gettin' a taste of what it's like to be replaced so quick
Give me a break you're here today and gone the next
They call it wanderlust, I'm wishin' you would wander less
I try to stay strong, calm my stress
Play along but it's out of balance all a mess
And weighed it wrong, chess game
Either take the queen, or play the pawn
May your kindness be taken for weakness to played upon
Checkmate, heard her said actions affect fate
Prepare for the worst thing while I pray for the best case


[Verse 3 - Godemis:]
We're not gonna take shit, may work or it may not
We comin' in harmony, in rhythm with fate's clock
We take it at our pace, and if the brakes lock
I got you, you got me, inside a heart-shaped box
I'm not gonna force it, got nothing to force with
We smash when it's crunch time, unable to forfeit
It's good but of course it, may even be tested
You bring the best out me, the worst is reflected

[Verse 4 - Ubiquitous:]
Yeah, she has a certain affect, I put in the work and I sweat
But it's worth all the stress if I lay with her when I rest
This love burnin' my chest, I stop searchin' for sex
What she got I never found in any person I met
In the blink of an eye it all turned to a mess
I'm tryna iron out the kinks first, permanent press
Give me the courage to jet
I'm hangin' onto every word that I get
But truthfully, I haven't heard from her...yet


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CES Cru Double O.T. Comments
  1. Percius Westbrooks

    Back in the day I know I listen to this song more than 100 times

  2. Rye G-therz

    My go to song for every February 14th lol

  3. blveflvme

    Still a fucking hit!

  4. Officialsealey.darren sealey

    Niggas grindin...🔥💤🔥

  5. Officialsealey.darren sealey


  6. Angel Flores

    One of my favorites thanks Ces

  7. g m

    Shit 🔥

  8. Jeremy Johnson

    This shits hard... Ces Cru 4 life

  9. Actiminium

    I'm a new breed.

  10. Hecking Bamboozled

    Ces Cru is literally the first music duo in general that has ever made me feel longing for a certain type of feeling. With their tracks Confession and Double O.T. it leaves me with a strong sense of longing for the miserable but "beautiful" vibe that these songs have. I have no idea how to explain it any more clearly than that

  11. Ryan Vert

    Song is good beat fucking sucks. Thumbs down. Tech please teach these kids what a real beat is please


    Bro What are you talking about? lol this is fire

  12. GokuKushMasterZ

    Ces is one of the best. The 6.k likes and 184 dislikes say it. Fuck those 184 people haha

  13. Dahlia Anara

    Everyone on here like damn this beat is trash but it's one of their better ones lol When Worlds Collide is way worse my dudes c'mon now


    Imo when worlds collide was a good beat for that song as was this beat for this song. A good rap song isn’t about a banging beat. It’s the content. One of my favorite beats from their songs would be Lotus I believe

  14. Beau Willey

    this is my favorite ces cru song by far

  15. Chrome Burrito

    That's a dope song and video!


    ces cru west lol

  17. Ismail Ghedamsi

    Ubi singing in this song is amazing.

  18. nobby styles

    mysogney central, dragging hip hop back 20 years man...

    The B.E.S.

    nobby styles have you listened to other rap, really

    nobby styles

    ive been a dj for nearly thirty years my friend so yes.

    The B.E.S.

    nobby styles this is allot better than most current rap artists though, these guys have talent, there other songs are better but this is a good tune

    nobby styles

    the flow and teh sound of the voice is nice enough, id like to hear them on better bars. i will have a look at some other tracks. thanks.

    The B.E.S.

    nobby styles check out seven chakras

  19. Lonk

    Reminds me of Kanye Wests music video for Gold Digger.

  20. Big Boss

    1:55 UbiSLAV confirmed

    Piotr Temur

    He's left heel wasn't touching the ground tho lol

  21. DaGumpy

    The chick that hit Obi in the face was trained by RiceGum and FouseyTube

    Cal Gozmit


  22. The Kataclysm

    Nirvana reference, love it

  23. maarten van 't veer

    this song is getting me through some hard times, only love for you guys

  24. Toki

    This song resonates with me on a long term level. Been playin that game with the same girl for 10 years. Every verse applies, I couldnt put into words the feeling I felt when I heard this the first time. Thats a long fuckin time man...

    Jack Michael

    Word. I feel you homie.

    Jaythan is lost

    thats nic but one thing do you think anyone cares?

    Jackson Wright

    Do you?


    To be honest, no and I couldnt give two fucks.


    I bet you felt better after venting your thoughts, I do the same thing.

  25. Barbara, The Beast - Topic

    1:07 that bish just farted

    Israel Roller/Stricker

    look's like it............?????????????????????????

  26. Carlos Acosta

    Deff dope

  27. arginin creatin

    a like for the bitch

  28. No1

    I really love this song!

  29. Goofballhero

    I like Ces Cru, but it seems that most of the beats they use are just boring. Their rap flow and style is awesome, but without a beat that really sticks out it can be hard to listen. I do like the beat to this song though.

  30. Darren Winsett

    Is the white dude solo or are they always a cru?

    King Mutumba

    From what I can tell they're two ppl. like migos


    Godemis was rapping before ubi but eventually found each other and formed ces cru

  31. Lou EG

    There's always someone who doesn't like some shit lol

  32. Mista Jojo

    Ces cru and horse shoe gang dont get the respect they deserve

  33. Mr Frankz

    For some reason this track makes me wanna hear a Ces Cru D Why collab

  34. Darryl Gomez

    Sick as hell thank you

  35. CephalicSquared

    They keep getting better i love these guys. I hope they stay Ces Cru forever lol

  36. Humble Native

    I would love to see Ces Cru ft. Aqaleo, Wrek and Rittz do one

  37. DeeDiation1

    why the fuck is this not viewed more!!!

  38. TheSix94

    These guys are mad talented but I havent been feeling MOST the beats they choose, I really dug the way they sounded on klick klack bang and I was hoping they would go down that road a little more since that song was released but they haven't. But i still listen because they are both great lyricists and they are still playing around with beats and shit trying to find what style fits best for them I suppose. Who knows in a couple years they might do a complete 360 and get back to the kind of beats I like to hear them on. We'll see. I know alot of people do dig the direction they are going, so if it keeps working for them. Then more power to them... its obviously not for me to decide, these are just my personal preferences.

  39. joe doe


  40. Jesse Burson

    If I hear one more Yelawolf reference, He's a wigger ok. Southern bred Peice of shit. These guys are legit.

  41. 136kayz

    Dont hate. What does double ot mean

    Adam Atkins

    He says it in the course yo, "out of touch". Just your friendly neighborhood stranger, reporting for duty. Whitey out!

    Adam Hayes

    Double overtime. Put in more work. Ie the football pass at the beginning.

    Shanrick Mullings

    @136kayz it could be interpreted as both out of touch and double overtime but judging by them putting out of touch in parenthesis under the title in the beginning of the video i'd say they were going for out of touch


    @136kayz intro they put it below the title

  42. Paballo Mnisi

    This dudes keep touching my soul

  43. jose guti

    thr truth good video good lyrics good beat and the best the latin women in the video is all you need

  44. Ashley Sustaire

    Love this

  45. Spiegel Gun Gale Online

    I forgot about this song. I love this shizzz.

  46. Eric Deig

    I love it, I really want to see Ces in concert

  47. josh berg

    Sorry but this sux all I got to say

  48. DaOriginalLowLife

    IMO I feel CES CRU is hella under rated,but they are great and be spittin' on every track I hear them on!

  49. moriki55

    That instrumental reminds me Dilla... Awesome... STRANGE!

  50. Daniel Battle

    Y'all killed it!

  51. Chris K

    They should do a video for blindfold too!

  52. Jorge Ramirez

    This sounds exactly like a song ive heard before! Help! What is it?

  53. Bryan

    \THUMBS ME UP PLEASE\ & help support me and my friends hip hop music. I am currently really struggling in life and if someone could give me a little hope and take a minute of their time to check out our music that would be great. God bless.

  54. Ben Tullman

    some of the best from ces imo

  55. Richard Krzyzanski

    I just nutted in the most heterosexual way possible..

    Izaac Becerra

    Ur cool😂


    They're abstract, I mean, they're signed by STRANGE Music. I think Seven Chakras has an amazing beat, along with Klick Klack Bang. Their odd beats fit their odd lyrical content and unique flows in most of their songs.

  56. David Canaris

    What shoes is Godemis wearing?

  57. Jesse Cruz

    CES only sings about love and bitches. What you guys expect? Strange Music needs an RnB singer it can't ALL be bout aggressive street rap, it's business, here's a tip, don't like it, GTFO

  58. The Hyphy Penguin

    I need a video for "Whips" !!!!!!

  59. Joe Black

    Ces Cru needs to focus on quality not quantity.  There first gimmicky stuff was meh-entertaining but this new mass producing stuff is garbage. 

  60. Alexander White

    Is that me kickin three bars to his every one. G's up

  61. Danny Duarte

    I like that song it's awesome

  62. Niella D & iLLz the OG

    Hot love it!

  63. Darth Revan

    Keep it up CES Cru, you guy's are some of the few artist alive that actually have true skill.

  64. ArathiaN* BrightStar

    First time hearing this. Awesome song. Mean lyrics.

  65. spark dogg

    Ces is 2nd best to Rittz in STRANGE! Still dope!

    Dylan King

    Rittz..? Just no.... he has my respect, but just.. no lol. Not Ces.. maybe Murs. MAYBE. He's decent, as is Murs; they're just not amazing like Prozak, Ces, Tech, Kali, and even Brotha Lynch Hung when it comes to his creativity.


    @Dylan King LOL I actually laughed while reading your comment. 

  66. Trenovacane Casanova

    Hot New Music!!!

  67. Lord Wavy

    I really don't like it when Ubi tries to sing, but the song always turns out good. Oh and praise that unique beat , amazing.

  68. Marissa Traxler

    the bitches are nice , i throw props but the beat is kinda off with the rap. but i love you guys and support you. TechNine introduced.

  69. Qu iet

    Godemis made this song listenable

  70. Crucial Thoughts Prod.

    Yo ces this a good one mann i think im seein what tech see's in u u aint tryin to go hard at first but u goin to explode l8ter il. Be waiting

  71. J Skyler

    This is profound as fuck. I ready feel it.

  72. No 0ne

    Don't really like the hook at all but the verses are clean and the beat is smooth.

  73. komodo

    check my page.. if ur a fan of Strange you should like my shit!

  74. Gregory jr

    This shit slaps though CES CRU always bring it this is on repeat ^S^

  75. [[Positive]][[Vibez]]


  76. phillyrockz

    Beat is fucking dope. yall whining. stop it! :P

  77. Real Talk Gaming

    Despite all my negativity twords CES,  I wish all Strangers a happy  Strangegiving, yeah even you CES.

    God Bless and Enjoy.

  78. dammit dan

    2:30 could she be holding those guns any more awkwardly?

  79. dannass5

    Love the lyrics, love the flow. But god DAMN you guys need to stop with these beats. Maybe it's just me. i dunno. 

    Daniel Irvin

    sound bite is my favorite beat of theirs... juice and when worlds collide are dope too

    Slade Wilson

    @dannass5 It's for the ladies.

    Allan Morales

    no one cares tbh your no one important same with me just keep your opinion to yourself the songs beautiful

    Ricky Bartlett

    lol i love evertything about the beat singing and rapping in this track

    Randy Logan

    dannass5 listen to When worlds collide...

  80. Vaisakh Nair

    Ces cru is better than mursday

    A Solitary Soul

    You mean mayday?

    Vaisakh Nair

    Nope i mean mursday that album it was a disappointment for me

    Marc McKinney

    No way man mursday was a great piece of work.

    A Solitary Soul

    I respect your opinion. But I quite enjoyed Mursday it was a nice change of pace, Codename Ego Stripper was a dope album too.

    Willy G

    assuming this guy did not go see the mursday tour

  81. Real Talk Gaming

    There needs to be a Tech N9ne X Sublime crossover

  82. What is the message/meaning behind this song?

  83. will june

    straaaaaaange!! music

  84. Kapptiv8

    Hey I hate to be this guy but, I have to be. I am a huge Strange Music fan. I am also a rapper and would appreciate it if you would hit my Soundcloud up https://soundcloud.com/therealkapptiv8

  85. Nick Pierce

    Fuking DOPE!

  86. Bree' Money

    i love yalls music videos 

  87. Shady Wunda

    Dis Mah jam ryt hur...

  88. Darth Roman

    Diggin' it

  89. Phil Walker

    What's up with the dislikes wtf

    Orlando Blacksmith

    @Dylan King kid listens to ICP
    he wouldn't know what good music was if he was on kanye's label...

    Real Talk Gaming

    @Orlando Blacksmith
    If I was on kanyes lable, of course I wouldn't know good music....

    Alexander Miele

    Cause this sucks


    @Real Talk Gaming 
    >because it sucks....people are finally stopping being SM zombies and realizing that just because its from SM doesn't mean it can suck.
    I want to agree with you - but, unfortunately I know that isn't true.
    This song doesn't suck - but, it appeals to a different audience, this isn't for the "true hip-hop! SPIRITUAL LYRICAL MIRACLE" audience, more or so the easy listeners who listen to the more "poppy" stuff.. Atleast, that's what I'm getting from this song - from a specific point of view - this isn't bad, but it isn't the usual type stuff delivered from this duo.
    It's a much more "poppy" love song.
    It seems like a audience broadener, to be honest.
    I'm sure a few people were disliking it because they wanted that "REAL HIP HOP!".

    Asi Lou Mailau

    +OfficialiNOSCOURGEMUSIC but it didn't fucking suck?

  90. Sebastian TonelessAssasin Worth

    This is so good!

  91. Phuzzawuzza

    what happened to godemis voice? 

    Dylan King

    Softer song, softer voice.

  92. Solo Mander

    I approve of those asses, mhmmmm!

  93. Real Talk Gaming

    So was that 2014 Eminem cypher a diss to Tech?

    talking bout he sold 300,00.  And signing one hit wonders, and refering to klusterfuk?

    Dissing Tech I don't agree with, Tech signing one hit wonders and wack rappers I do agree with though.